Boon Frog Pod Suction Cup Bracket

Boon Frog Pod Suction Cup Bracket

If you prefer not to use the adhesive strips to hang the Frog Pod or Bug Pod, this wall bracket mounts to the wall using eight suction cups. Using this option allows you to easily reposition the wall bracket as needed.

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Works great after 2 months

We recently received the Frog Boon Pod for Christmas but rent so we couldn’t install it with anything permanent. We also have subway tiles 2/3 of the way up our bathroom wall. The suction cups work great and have been able to hold a bunch of toys after 2 months of use – I definitely like the option of the organizer not being permanent as it would have been impossible to install screws into our tile walls.

Aline Pine Grove, LA

Glad I found this

We originally hung the frog up with the sticky pads that came with it. It fell down within the same day as putting it up and we hadn’t even put toys in it yet. I came across this and decided to give it a try. I followed the directions exactly and made sure the area was VERY clean before putting it up. It has now been mounted for months without any problems!

Greta Shellman, GA

Keeps falling off

I really wanted this to work, but it wouldnt stay up for long, before coming crashing down, usually in the middle of the night. Where we live, we are not allowed to drill holes or use adhesive so this was our only option.

Helga Phillipsport, NY

Great for our rental

We moved and didn’t want to take the chance of marring the plastic insert shower walls in our child’s bathroom. Works great but have to remember to remove and reinstall every month or so since no showers are taken in that bathroom. Otherwise the suction eventually fails. Common sense. We have our boon frog loaded with toys, wash cloths hanging from toes, and bottles filling the hidden shelf with no issues of hold.

Adele Terral, OK

Must work on 12′ gloss tiles only

This would not even hold the bracket up. I am thinking it may be that my tiles are a matte finish and not a gloss. It will not stick at all, not even for a second. I followed the instructions exactly including super cleaning it, using rubbing alcohol and letting it fully dry.Note to manufacturer…. List that you must have at least a 12″x 12″ full gloss tile or porcelain smooth finish for the product to work.

Angie Rice, VA

Great alternative

Much better than drilling into a shower wall! This thing has now been stuck for almost a year and hasn’t come loose once, even with kids pulling on it!

Nancy Elba, NY

Does the job.

This is one of those things that simply works or doesn’t. It works. We have it stuck to the glass wall of a shower, and I didn’t even clean the glass before sticking it up there. Hasn’t fallen once and the kids yank the frog off pretty harshly.

Bridgette Waretown, NJ

Better than tape

This is a necessity. The bath toy holder comes with tape to mount it, but this is a much better option. This way you can remove it for cleaning at anytime.

Marietta Idaho Falls, ID

Works great on some surfaces

We have tuscan tile around our tub and this does not adhere. Luckily, our tub shares a glass wall with our shower — and it sticks well to the glass. This product will work on shiny, smooth surfaces — but not on tile with texture or that is non-reflective.

Willa Castleton, VT

Must have for the frog pod

I purchased this upon the recommendation of another reviewer. So far, it works great! Not real sure why this does’t come as an option for the darned thing to begin with….. Had I not seen the review, I would not have purchased it and would have attempted to hang it by one of the other methods. My husband and I both prefer this option – nothing is screwed into the wall and no adhesives had to be used. The suction cups really do a great job of holding up the base, the scoop, 2 bottles of shampoo, and toys. It has been up for more than 48 hrs without falling down or loosing suction. I am quite pleased.

Lauren Whittier, AK

Doesn’t stick

I RARELY give a product a bad review. I tend to read both the high and low reviews before a purchase and usually assume user error on most of the negative reviews. This one really doesn’t stick as folks have claimed. I tried it several times in several locations on my new and very clean ceramic tile and it doesn’t stay. Let me be clear, it will stick for a few minutes with the frog attached, but not with any weight in it. It slowly pulls away from the wall and falls within 5-10 mins of being installed. I have tried reducing the weight. It didn’t work. This is unfortunate because I love this frog pod but I am not sticking double sided tape onto brand new tiles.

Beulah Portia, AR

Works great

Love this – let us hang up our Boon Frog Pod without drilling into the tiles in the bathroom. It has slipped a couple times in 2.5 years, but has always held up well again once we reapplied it.

Jasmin Cologne, NJ

Great it you dont want to drill holes

This is a great prtoduct it you do not want to drill holes to hang up the Pod by drilling holes in your tile. I am so glad I found this. Great suction and holds strongly. Hasn;t fallen off in 4 weeks and the sticky things that come with the pod would fall off every day. Would definitely recommend.

Jaime South Pasadena, CA

It works!

The sticker that comes with the frog worked for about a month on our drop in style fake tile shower. However this one has stayed up for months with no problem. It came off once when I loaded the frog with four bottles of shampoo/bubble bath but it went right back up and hasn’t fallen since.

Ladonna Joyce, LA

Frustrating and didn’t work

I was so careful and meticulous to follow the instructions very carefully. Placing it on dry, etc… Anyway, it stayed there for a good 15 mins and just popped off. I tried again, then I tried it wet. Needless to say our frog is still on the floor next to the bathtub. I’m tempted to just drill some holes in the wall but I don’t want to get in trouble with the landlords.

Staci Lahaina, HI

Holds great so far

I read all the reviews about the frog pod and knew I wanted it, but didn’t want to put permanent tape on my bathtub tile. So far the suction cup wall plate is holding up. We’ve had it on the wall for a month now with no problems whatsoever. However, I do not load the frog up with heavy stuff like soap and shampoo, just toys. You have to be careful about where you put the suction cups–it can’t go over the grout between the tiles, each cup has to go on a tile. I put one over the grout the first time and believe me, it was tough to get the wall plate off to reposition. The cups really held their grip so I’m hopeful that it’ll last the duration.

Deirdre Piedmont, OH

Perfect if you move often (military)

I know that sounds silly, but we are military and move every couple of years and I don’t want to fool with reordering those sticky tabs every time. After this last move it took me 6 months to get online to reorder those things, and that’s when I saw this suction cup piece. So far, so good! We just have the lightweight, standard squeaky bathtub toys, nothing heavy duty, so I can’t speak to its durability with heavier toys (it says no more than 5 pounds).

Kathrine Glen Richey, PA

Should have come with the Frog Pod!

Works perfectly!My only wish is that it came with the unit when we purchased it originally.Easy to install and use – Most definitely reccomended!

Alisha Little Suamico, WI

Very good suction

I got this for my son’s frog deluxe since I dont want to stick anything to the bathroom walls and it works pretty good, has not fallen or move since I placed I followed the directions literally, I have all the toys that come with the frog wich I recognize they’re not heavy but also I have like 3 more plastic small ones in there too, and two 8 ounces of California baby bottles full, where you’re supposed to place them, so it’s pretty sturdy, I’m glad I got this.

Estella Warsaw, OH

Followed the instructions and this works great!

I was apprehensive to use the adhesive strip backing that came with our Boon frog and was glad I found this!Other reviewers have commented that this doesn’t stick well for them on their tub, however, we have had this up for about 3-4 months now in our child’s bathtub, and it hasn’t budged, even with the occasional smack from my 14-month-old. The instructions indicate to adhere this to a dry tub wall (I had always thought you were supposed to wet suction cups previously so not sure if this explains anything) and make sure the suction cups do not sit across any grout lines (so it has a solid surface to create the proper suction). I like that you can easily remove this for cleaning without having to worry how you will get it back on!As for the weight of the toys inside, we have a set of stacking cups, bath thermometer floatie, 4 squirters that reside in it. Will be buying some more toys to put in it, but do not foresee much of an issue with the weight of the toys – they are all pretty light since they are meant to float :)So glad I got this!

Lula Harrisville, NH

works great and way better than the sticky one

we had the original sticky one on our tub in our old house and literally couldn’t remove it when we moved so we left it there. I purchased this one a little nervous that it wouldn’t be able to hold up the toys like the sticky one did, but it has worked great! have not had to re-stick it at all and its been over a month since I hung it up

Mildred Waterford, WI

This thing works perfectly! Frog Pod should have come with it.

Our Frog Pod kept falling and falling with the plate that came with it… this suction plate is a lifesaver. We have it full of toys, with lots of bottles of shampoo and soap on the top shelf, and it hasn’t fallen once. This thing works wonderfully! I can’t imagine why it has not worked for others. I just made sure the suctions were not sitting on top of any grout lines for a tighter fit.

Minerva Highlands, TX

Didn’t stick!

Have an older bathroom with tile. Hoped it would stick, but after several attempts (And reading the instructions a few times) it didn’t hold its own weight let alone the weight of the frog.

Ericka Tecumseh, KS