Boon Loop Diaper Caddy, Blue/White

Boon Loop Diaper Caddy, Blue/White

Pee happens, legs slip, wipes fail, diapers move. Fluids go everywhere. Changing a baby requires a pit crew. That’s where Loop comes in. Organize all your essentials and stow them in an easy-to-carry, stylish piece of genius. Holds 24 plus diaper. Removable trays for organizing diapering accessories and wipes. Built-in handle. Slip-resistant base. BPA-free, phthalate-free and PVC-free.

Main features

  • Holds 24+ diapers
  • Slip-resistant base
  • BPA-free, phthalate-free and PVC-free

Verified reviews


Perfect gift!

Since a new mom receives a lot of similar gifts, this is quite unique. It is very sturdy and looks so nice on the changing table.

Sheri Judson, IN

Not worth the money

As one of the other reviews said, this looks fancy, but is rather unpractical. The removable wipe dispenser is hard to open and keeps falling out. All and any wipes I got would always get stuck in there. It’s not functional. The little trays for extra stuff like lotion are TINY. The only thing this has going for it is that it looks cute. MAJOR WARNING: When the tray keeps falling out, there were a few times when the wipes would get stuck and the entire tray would basically FLY out with the wipe toward the baby. Very very very dangerous!!!!

Elisa Princewick, WV

Very organized!

My daughter’s room seems more organized with this! It looks fabulous on her shelf on top of the changing table. It keeps me organized, and helps me keep only what I need on hand.

Kathryn Henry, VA

2 stars for looks. and that’s about all it’s useful for

flimsy, “organizers” keep falling out, and the wipes holder was broken out of the package. Shame of it is, we only opened it up to use it 6 months after the baby shower. Shame, because I love boon products, but this is WAY overpriced for what you get!

Darlene Gulnare, CO

Removable parts kept falling out

I unpacked this item in the dining room and carried it to the nursery. The removable parts kept falling out if I did not hold the caddy perfectly straight. Also, I thought it would have been better to have more smaller sections. The middle section is really really large, but does not seem suitable for diapers and other items at the same time because of its shape and the sides being only thin strips of rubbery material. There is a wipe insert behind the handle that is not well visible in the picture. It has a flip-up cover attached on one side with an oval opening with another cover in the middle. The caddy looks fancy, but did not seem practical.

Corine Birds Landing, CA

Looks better in pictures, cheap materials

The Boon Loop Diaper Caddy looks great in pictures, with is whimsical design and strip of color across the middle. But in person, it’s less impressive. When you lift the caddy by the handle, the cheap plastic sags like a pair of slumped shoulders. The catch in the wipe dispenser difficult to reach though, often ripping wipes. And the curved bottom makes it a little difficult to keep your diapers looking tidy.Otherwise, this caddy does what you expect. It holds a few knickknacks like diaper cream and nail clippers, and carries around your diapers and wipes. But for what looks like a fun little conversation piece, the Boon Loop turns out to be an expensive piece of junk. Not recommended.

Eddie Spinnerstown, PA