Boon Mush Manual Baby Food Processor, Tangerine

Boon Mush Manual Baby Food Processor, Tangerine

This human-powered chopper turns fruit, veggies, and boneless meats into magnificent meals. No need for batteries or plugs, just pull the handle to make the blades spin. Channel your inner-Julia Childs and start whipping up your own baby food. Bonus: This processor won’t wake up your sleeping baby! No electricity needed. Stainless steel blades. Patented blade mechanism. Bowl and blades are dishwasher-safe. BpA-free.

Main features

  • Quickly and easily prepares fresh and healthy homemade meals for baby
  • Hand powered baby food processor efficiently chops fruits, vegetables, and boneless meats
  • Simply pull the handle to chop ingredients from coarse to a fine puree
  • Compact design is great for travel and storing, Capacity: 33/4 cups / 24 oz
  • Bowl and blade mechanism are top rack dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free

Verified reviews


Blades are tricky to clean

The Boon Mush works pretty well. It is the only manual food processor I have tried, so I can’t compare it to anything else. It does a good job of chopping up most foods. It chops fruits and veggies into very small bits. The more times you pull the cord, the smaller the pieces get. Adding liquid (milk or water) also helps the food chop into smaller pieces.It does not chop meat very well. Chicken and steak get stuck between the blades and the canister unless you cut the meat into very small (seriously, VERY SMALL) pieces first. That defeats the purpose, in my opinion. Otherwise, it chops food well.My only complaint is that the blades are very hard to clean. Two of the blades are only about an inch apart, so it is hard to clean between them. And the blades are SHARP! This isn’t a bad thing, it just means you can slice your finger off while you try to clean the blades. I would recommend keeping a toothbrush handy to clean the blades.

Leta Milan, OH

Nifty, handy little device for chopping up (baby) food.

Although we usually feed our 9 month-old baby organic, store-bought baby food in pouches, I wanted a simple food processor that we could use once-in-awhile to make homemade baby food, or to add finely-chopped fruits and veggies to ready-made purees for an extra nutrient boost. I didn’t want to plunk down over $100 for an electric baby food maker that would only be used occasionally, and which would become virtually useless once my baby started eating table food. But it was extremely difficult to find a regular electric food processor that’s BPA-free. So I started researching manual baby food-makers, and came across the Boon Mush. This is a deceptively-simple device consisting of 3 sharp metal blades that the user spins within a bowl by pulling on a ring connected to a string. At first, I was skeptical about how a product resembling a child’s toy (minus the sharp blades) could possibly dice and chop fruits and vegetables finely enough to make baby food. Well, the Boon Mush made a believer out of me! Its 3 blades minced everything we put in it, from steamed carrots to mangoes, efficiently and effectively. The consistency of the finished product depends on the amount of time and power you put into pulling the cord mechanism to rotate the blades, and of course, the type of food you start with (juicy vs. dry). On that note, the Boon Mush will not make 100% smooth purees like you might get with an electric food processor or high-end blender. Rather, as its name suggests, the finest consistency you can get is a textured “mush” containing very small bits of food. Therefore, this product may not be ideal for making baby food for an infant who’s just getting started on solid foods. But once your baby is ready for textured solids, the Boon Mush is likely to become one of your “go-to” baby food-making devices. It’s BPA-free, which is a huge plus. And, as an added bonus, it can be used to dice and chop fruits and veggies for “adult” food once your little-one has outgrown baby food.Grade: A

Cathryn Gales Creek, OR

this does not puree – merely chops and shreds

i have a one year old that cannot chew meat or chicken so i bought this hoping that i would be able to mash up meat for her. this merely shreds chicken and even to do that, it needs a lot of liquid. i put chunks of cooked beef in here, that i had cut up and it did nothing. the meat chunks just got stuck on the ends of the blades and all that happened when i pulled the string was the meat wiping the bowl. terrible product. excellent idea, but poor execution. what it did do well was with noodle soups – the noodles were cut into bitesize pieces but i don’t think that it justifies the keeping of this product.i can see how this would do well with very soft foods with considerable liquid – but if foods are already that soft, i don’t need to use the boon mush for it.use at your own risk, make sure you can get free returns. also, clean up is not as easy as it claims. any liquid splashes out, gets inside the top of the lid, and sometimes on the inside of the lid. when you chop up hot foods, the lid has a tendency to get stuck from the suction. so either you need super strength to undo it, or wait until it cools down.i will be returning this. i’m surprised by all of the good reviews.

Carole Little Rock, AR

Love it, but…

I really do love this, but over time the lid has become really difficult to get off at times. I must admit, I do panic sometimes thinking I won’t be able to get it off. I have used mine for about 6 months and it just seems to have become a tighter fit over time. I did order another one so that I could have a second, so I am not saying that I don’t like it. It is a better price and more of a convenience than many other food processors.Update: After about 8 months of use, the top and the bottom of the lid together, came undone. I am still able to stick it back together for use, but I have to be very careful when using it to not turn it too hard. I think my biggest issue with this item is poor durability.

Zelda Hazelton, KS

I love this thing

This is my third baby food making solution and only one I’ve kept. It’s simple, easy to clean (no tiny nooks and crannies for old food to get stuck), and works great. I love how you can vary the chunkiness, unlike with a food mill, and it doesn’t take superhuman strength to operate. I agree with some other reviewers that if it were a bit smaller I’d pop it in the diaper bag, but maybe they should come up with a travel sized version.

Verna Pinson, TN

Adorable, Functional, Fun!

I admit I was a tad skeptical before I bought it but I figured for the price…I wouldn’t be out too much if it sucked and it could be used as a storage container at leastBoy was I right to take the gamble!Ok this thing is too cute first of all, but cute doesn’t get things chopped .The blades really are super sharp and totally pulverizes whatever you put init 8oDIt is not hard to use either , I thought since it was manual that it would require a lot of muscle but it doesnt.ok so it totally does what it is supposed to..but wait theres more lol… it is super easy to clean…that is a huge deal to me since when running after baby you usually dont have a lot of time to devote to cleaning appliancesI think it is fun to use…some people may differ in opinion on this but for me it made me feel a bit like a kid…totally if your on the fence and your going to be making baby foods go for it (when shes no longer eating baby food i intend to use it for our foods to, chop nuts etc)and hey…if the power goes out…you can still give your baby fresh puree! 😉

Corrine Meadowlands, MN

chops not puree

i love boon. i love how this product looks. i love the idea. but it just doesn’t do what it says it’s supposed to do. prehaps more appropriate for a toddler but certainly not for baby food. the poorer reviews already say it all. i just had to put my 2 cents in so that the overall reviews aren’t skewed. when i bought it when i was still pregnant i think the reviews were 5 stars. i didn’t even bother reading the reviews in detail. bygones.bottom line. it chops. soft items only really. can’t handle meat. and even with a ton of liquid, you end up with wet chopped food. does not puree. additionally, the size of the container is quite large. my 9 month old can really only eat about 1-2 ounces of solids at a time. and it doesn’t chop well unless you have around 10-20 ounces of food. so making ‘fresh’ food that i have to freeze for my child doesn’t work great for me.

Gabrielle Folsom, WV

Great for making baby food quickly!

The Boon Mush was an absolute life saver in our house!Pros:
• No electricity needed – just pull the cord!
• Quick and easy to clean up (although it has a number of parts, they’re simple to wash)
• Blades are very sharp and chop through food very easily
• Simple to control how liquid you want to make your food – just pull the cord more to make it smoother, or less for chunkier food.
• Doesn’t make a lot of noise, so you can easily make baby food while your baby sleeps!
• Easy to store – a good, medium size that slips easily onto a shelf.Cons:
• Lid cannot be submerged in water and has to be wiped clean – most of the time this is not a big deal, but if you make something sloppy (like a fruit smoothie, for example), it can be difficult to get food out of all the nooks and crannies.
• Have to be very careful not to set your finger in the path of the pull cord or you’ll give yourself a nasty rope burn.
• Size is too big to put in a diaper bag to use at restaurants.I would definitely recommend the Boon Mush. It’s a great product! Ours got a lot of use before my little guy got his teeth (and after, as I made fruit/yogurt smoothies!). I still pull it out occasionally to smoosh up a banana to add to yogurt and other little tasks like that.

Alyce Comstock, NY

Good for soft foods

Purees very soft food such as cooked potatoes and pearsNot good for meat, no matter how much liquid is added

Susanna Beecher Falls, VT

Love this

I make my daughters food every day since the first day that she was born. She is 16 months old now and this processor came very handy in the busy process of making food every day. It is small, dishwasher safe and very easy to use and clean. The only down side is when you use it for a warm food it is very hard to pop the top out due so suction from the inside.

Nell Valparaiso, FL

Does NOT easily puree

I bought this to make pureed baby food and was sorely disappointed. It is great for quickly chopping and might be good for making cracker crumbs for a breading but it would take a week to make pureed food. I ended up getting a super great deal on a vitamix shortly after buying this so I gave up on the food processor quite quickly.

Ann Painesville, OH

Love it!

This is so great – great for quick purees that you don’t plan on making a huge batch of. Great for fruit and yogurt combinations and it’s so much easier than pulling out the huge food processor.

Jill Glenns Ferry, ID

Too Large for Travel

Ended up returning this because it was much too large to take out and about. I thought it would be nice for use in restaurants or when visiting family, but it’s just too big. I’m not sure if it works well or not, because I never used it.

Ingrid Homestead, MT


This is my first ever 1 star review. It is difficult to pull the mechanism, and even with much effort (like trying to start a very old lawn mower with many pulls) it doesn’t chop well at all. It is hard to hold it still and pull the string too… poor design, waste of money.

Simone Alcolu, SC

works awesome!

We bought this to chop up out baby’s food. It works great and I dontt have to pull out the big electric chopper. Buy this!!!! You won’t regret it

Belinda Paden, OK