Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub Blue

Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub Blue

Sleek, smart, and made to support your growing baby in numerous ways, Naked is a bathtub like no other. You can count on it from newborn to toddler. Recline it, expand it, drain it, collapse it and hang it up to dry. Slim profile for easy storage. Recline position cradles newborn, which helps keep their head above water. Fully-expanded basin accommodates infants and toddlers. Collapsible design and hook make storing easy. Drain plug for quick, complete water drainage. Simple, one piece design makes transitioning between stages easy without losing parts. Rotating support brace for quick and secure positioning. Stable, slip resistant base. Provides two support positions for stages newborn to toddler.

Main features

  • Provides two support positions for stages newborn to toddler
  • Collapsible design and hook make storing easy
  • Rotating support brace for quick and secure positioning
  • Simple, one piece design makes transitioning between stages easy without losing parts
  • Drain plug for quick, complete water drainage
  • Boon is a leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of infant and baby products. They are driven by a strong desire to create modern products that help simplify parents’ lives while allowing them to retain their personal style.

Verified reviews


Perfect from newborns on up.

I purchased this tub as a replacement for a foam pad that mildewed after just four baths! We are very happy with this purchase. It doesn’t smell like plastic like some tubs do, collapses down flat enough to hang it on the back of our bathroom door after it has dried, and it’s certainly worth the extra money! For newborns, I suggest placing a hand towel under their head so they don’t slide down with the tub at an angle. We’ll be using this for years to come! Buy this tub!!!

Nona Sheridan, AR

I really like this tub: grows with your baby

Our bathroom is small. I needed something that was easy to clean but easy to store. This does both. I used it flat (collapsed) with a towel underneath my baby when my baby was a newborn and only needed a sponge bath. When he needed his first bath, I kept the towel there but filled it with a little water (this helped keep him warm and also kept him feeling familiar). When he got a little bigger, we used the incline (here is the tricky part – there is a locking latch and you need to verify that it is secure and clicks in place because if you don’t hear the click, it isn’t locked in place). The is roundish so you can’t just assume your baby won’t move or wiggle around. There isn’t a locking mechanism that keeps your baby anchored in place. (I looked at those contoured tubs and it seems like a pain to clean and a pain to deal with when you baby is older and wants to move around.) So don’t put too much water in (just enough to soap your baby up). There is a lovely plug that you can then lift and it keeps the water nice and low as you rinse your baby.Now that my baby is six months and sitting up, I use this both at an incline and in its regular non-collapsed state. Again, I don’t fill it up with water, but he loves the feeling of “deepness” and being able to hold on to the sides. Once we’re done, I drain it and hang it to dry.The tub is easy to clean. I used a green cleaner and give it a gentle scrub and then a thorough rinse.I would recommend this to others but just be aware that the shape does not hold your baby in place. You should always have a hand on your baby anyway.

Aimee Crystal Springs, MS

Finally, a bath time solution that works for all of us!

This is the tub that solved our bathing dilemma. My baby is now 8 months old, but she is quite little and was not sitting on her own when we purchased this product. It has finally made bath time fun and safe for me and my child. I had kind of a Goldilocks experience with various bathtubs – tried the collapsable foam bath, but it was too small to use for very long, didn’t fit in any of our sinks and eventually the soft foam literally ripped apart. Then we tried the popular Primo – it was too big, awkward, a huge pain to store in our small apartment, and so deep that my infant would just float off to the side of the infant seat. Then we tried a bath seat, which necessitated filling the whole bathtub, and didn’t have any features to hold my child in place so I had to keep a hand on her all the time, which hurt my back and usually meant I would just give up and get in the bath with her. Finally we took a chance and invested in this tub, and it is fabulous. Its smallish in circumference which makes my baby feel safe and contained – she can grip the sides if she wants, and and I can fill it very quickly. Its deep enough so the water covers her legs and belly, but base of the tub is rounded and smaller than the upper rim so she never gets fully submerged, even if she scrunches her legs down, rolls, or loses her sitting balance. We still use the reclining position and have never had a problem with the prop collapsing – you just have to make sure the prop is correctly positioned in the slot before you fill it with water and put your baby in the tub, as per the directions. After the bath, it collapses to flat and we hang it from our towel rack. Best of all, it is the first time my baby has truly loved her bath. She used to be nervous and skittish in the water, but in this tub she can sit, recline, splash, and kick, without fear. I agree with some of the other posters that this tub does not have enough support for a floppy newborn – I would probably get an additional bath cushion for a newborn. However, it is perfect for my slightly older infant, and I anticipate using it for at least another year.

Debbie Schaller, IA

Perfect tub

I have been using this bathtub for the past 3 months. My son was under 5 lbs. and 17 in. when we brought him home and we felt safe bathing him in this tub. At first both of us would bathe him with one holding him up and the other washing him, mostly due to us being new parents. I have given him several baths alone without issue. The tub is secure if you use the lock. I use this bath on our kitchen counter and have no concerns regarding its safety with proper use. I love that it is collapsible.

Annabelle Providence Forge, VA

Just right for our big baby and tiny bathroom!

I won this as a prize from a local baby boutique and it has completely replaced the other infant bathtub we had been using. It is just deep enough, and just long enough, to fully bathe baby without wasting water (our other baby tub is so long you could really fit two kids in it, and it takes a lot of water to get any kind of depth in it). We received it when she was about 5 months old and could sit unassisted, so we have not used the newborn setting. However, the legs have always seemed firmly situated and very stable. The legs also lock into the standing position, as an added safety measure. The only thing worth considering is that, because there is no support in the base of the tub, if baby grabs the side and tries to make a run for it, she may slip. But this is why babies don’t bathe unattended!The design is awesome. The drain is very close to the center, a common sense measure most designers fail to implement. This helps the tub drain quickly and evenly, and we can hang it to try from the shower head almost immediately. When it’s dry we just hang it on a hook on the back of the bathroom door. Our bathroom is tiny and we don’t have room for lots of baby accessories in there, and this tub is a perfect fit. It would easily fit, say, behind the toilet if we were even more cramped for space.

Georgia Michigantown, IN

Sleek and modern meets functional!

I love the recline feature on this bathtub. It allows baby to be in a cradled upright position that makes interacting with baby easy and enjoyable for everyone. This makes bonding with baby during bath-time a breeze.This is a bathtub that will grow with your child. The recline feature is great for bathing a baby and gives me a sense of security when bathing my baby who cannot yet sit upright unassisted. But that is not the end of it; the NAKED baby bathtub can also expand and be used as a small bathtub for babies who can sit upright as well as toddlers.Boon Inc. solved the dilemma of where to store the baby bathtub when it is not in use. This bathtub collapses into itself creating a nice flat product that can be slid under a crib or hung up on the back of a door or a towel bar until it is needed again.I am a fan of the sleek modern design. I think this is a very good looking baby bathtub, and I don’t mind looking at it hanging up in my bathroom when it is not being used. I love the bright green color and the fact that it is smooth and easy to clean.I was given a sample for the purposes of a blog review (Mom Mart), regardless all opinions are my own.

Tamra Burlingame, CA


We purchased this bathtub after trying the Safety 1st Turtle Complete Bath Center (the middle plastic part where the two parts of the bathtub meet sticks up and out and hurt our baby’s back and should honestly be recalled) and the Prince Lionheart Flexibath Foldable Bathtub (its great that it folds, but its not big enough-very deep but not long enough). Well, three times the charm…the Boon Naked bathtub is a sleek, modern design that conveniently folds up for storage…its very smooth (nothing sticks out to hurt our baby) and its plenty roomy to grow with her. We love it! Only thing is that it is a little slippery (even in the tilted newborn position) so we just temporarily put a folded handtowel in there for now and that fully supports our baby from slipping. We plan on purchasing some stickies for the bottom of the tub to make it less slippery. Nonetheless, absolutely wonderful bathtub!

Kaitlyn Jenkins, MN

Great tub for newborn and younger babies

This is the 4th tub we have purchased over the years to bathe a newborn baby in. And it is the best. We had the Eurotub but it was too deep and uncomfortable. We had the sink Pujtub which is a great concept but hard to use in some sinks. We also had a regular tub which is again too deep. The Boon Naked tub is great because you can adjust its depth and it also angles for bathing newborn babies. Finally a tub that actually does what it’s meant to.Update: After using this product for several months, I realized it has one big flaw. The legs aren’t too tall so the base of the tub with the water drainage hole touches the bottom of the bathtub and so the soapy water doesn’t drain well and the tub fills as I try to give my baby a bath. Every minute or so I have to lift my baby and turn the tub upside down to empty it. Otherwise, the design of it and how it folds flat and hangs with a hook to dry is great. Too bad because otherwise I loved this tub.

Kimberley Helix, OR

Small and handy

I bought the Euro bath first and I just don’t have the space for it right now (I do like it a lot though, great support for newborns – just wish they had a texture to it so that the baby won’t slide down, so use a towel under baby). Easy to use and clean.

Lizzie Mount Morris, IL

Great for small spaces/storage!

We were in need of a tub that could collapse. We have one small bathroom and a kitchen that isn’t big enough for a bathtub. I ordered two different tubs before this one- all too big and finally decided to spend the money on the Boon. It is still quite large, but it collapses so we can store it over the tub on a hook. There is nothing fancy about it- no temperature, no toys, etc, but it seems to work so far. We have only used it once with our 3 week old and bathing is still a two person job! We also bought the infant bath sponge which I think is necessary so baby has something soft to lie on.

Margaret Hanover, MA

Great product

We are very happy with the tub. Works great, looks sleek and folds up small for storage. Plus BPA, PVC and phthalate free…one of the only tubs I’ve found like that. A lot of people say the bottom is too slick, but if you don’t fill it too high with water the baby won’t go underneath it. You can buy a little bath sponge to put on the bottom if you really want. Otherwise I really like it.

Bettye Bennington, OK

Good Product

This bath is very easy to store as it folds down to a nice size. Easy to use. However, even with the safety bar on the bottom in place as per instructions to hold the basin on an incline for an infant, it still fell down while bathing. Good product overall and much easier than a bulky tub.

Lorena Surprise, NY

Love hate…wouldn’t recommend it…

I love Boon products…the modern, clean, simple designs and colors. I fell in love with the look of this tub and I liked that it could be used for a younger baby using the incline and then collapsed to be stored away when not in use. It all sounded so good in theory. But in reality, I hate it. I do still use it for my 9 month old because I’m too cheap to invest in another tub that won’t be used for very much longer and this tub works for her…now…sort of. Here are the reasons why I hate this tub:0-3 months: We used this at an incline, but it still did not provide enough support for my baby. I tried to keep her up by holding but she’d still slip and I could not hold her in place and bath her properly at the same time. We had received a $10 mesh support seat/bath sling from BRU at our baby shower, so I used it on this tub so that my baby was still in the tub at an incline with the mesh seat on top of it. This worked out fine but defeated the purpose of having a collapsible tub that could be stored away when not in use since we had to keep the mesh seat/sling with it.3-6 months: Still using the tub at an incline with the mesh seat, but with the weight of the water and growing baby, the metal support bar (that is used to set the tub at an incline) would give out under the weight startling me and the baby. Scary! And dangerous! As mentioned in a previous review, I thought it was user error so I tried few more times getting the bar in place until I realized that it wasn’t user error…the incline design wasn’t made to hold up that much weight. Note: my daughter is pretty small for her age. She started sitting up unassisted at 5 months but still preferred to recline in the tub. I understand that I wasn’t using the tub correctly by using the mesh seat, but it was the only way I could safely and comfortably bathe my baby.6-9 months: Still using the tub and mesh insert but no longer using the incline position. At 9 months, she prefers sitting up in the tub (and standing! so scary!), but without the mesh seat she sort of sways around in the water and slips. I still use the mesh seat so she doesn’t sway in the water and so I can lay her down to scrub her footsies! Without the mesh, her head would be submerged in the water.I hate this tub. And I forgot to mention, when the tub is fully expanded, it sits basically on the big tub floor so the water doesn’t drain! The tub legs need to be about a 1/2 inch longer so that there’s room for the water to escape. I have to hold my baby and lift the tub to drain it and replace with fresh water. So dangerous! For baby #2, I will purchasing the tub I had originally wanted, the4Moms Infant Tub Clean Water Flows In, Dirty Water Flows Out 4M00201.***UPDATE***9-almost 11 months: At somewhere around 9-10 months I finally removed the mesh insert and my daughter would sit and stand in this tub but because of the curved bottom she’d sway (and slip when standing!). Just last night I finally tried bathing her just in the regular tub and it feels so much safer! So glad to be done with this tub!

Maria Beaverdale, PA

Good looks, but bad product.

I love how the tub closes up real flat, makes it easy to store. The item is very stylish and cook looking. However, I had to return it cuz my child kept slipping down the plastic and got water in his ears! It was so hard washing him while having to hold him up constantly.

Daisy Beaumont, KY

Great tub, just a little bit slippery

This tub was perfect for us after our daughter outgrew the sink, yet wasn’t big enough to sit in the tub. We put the whole thing in the tub or used it on the floor (though that was obviously messier). I absolutely loved how it folded up and could hang on the bathroom door, as we are short on space. The only complaint is that the bottom is pretty slick. We had to sit/lay our daughter on a washcloth to make her a bit more secure.

Janna Warrens, WI

Wonderful tub.

This tub is great. It can be propped up when the little one still needs support and can be laid flat when they are a bit bigger. The drain hole allows water to run out if you want to keep fresh warm water inside. It folds up and stores up nicely.

Leeann South Colton, NY

excellent design, very functional

This is a fantastic tub. I didn’t want one of those huge plastic tubs to deal with so was excited to find ths collapsable tub. We did pair it with a sponge for our newborn which works well. It is easy to setup, clean and restore. I appreciate that because of the clever design, it will accommodate our baby for a very long time.Contrary to some of the other reviews, I found the materials and construction to be very high quality. If you follow the instructions, there should be no way that the bottom would pop down.

Elena Kimball, WV

Broke after a couple time of use

I don’t know what I did wrong but the legs broke the second time I went to use it. Bummer, it was expensive. The angel are turned out better for my 4 month old.

Jillian Ringgold, VA

Not that great.

I don’t know that this product is unsafe, like other reviewers say, I expected to have to hold my baby with one hand the whole time (especially supporting her neck), but it’s definitely awkward. There are more supportive tubs out there, and I guess mine is defective because the legs don’t actually collapse now that we’ve unfolded them once. While the tub does collapse, without folding the legs it takes up as much space as it would not collapsed, so there goes one of the main features.

Patti Clearbrook, MN

love this baby tub!

i got this before my baby was born because i loved the way it looked, it seemed like it would function just as we needed it to and it folded up when not in use.i have loved this tub since the first time i used it. it felt really secure with my newborn in it. i did lay a little washcloth down before setting her in it to keep her from slipping but i would have done that regardless of which tub i used.she’s 16 months old now and i still use it! it’s the perfect size and it’s really easy to rinse out – no little crevices for hard water to build up looks cool and modern, which i like –i can fold it up and it hangs right off the towel rack in the bathroom.i would highly recommend this to anyone wanting a nice looking baby tub!

Tamra Herrin, IL

best newborn tub but expensive

This tub is the very best newborn tub. It is easy to use and safe. The only downside is the price.

Evangelina Cumberland Furnace, TN

Ideal and looking forward to using with the Safety 1st Splash Infant Bath Cushion

I really love the look of this tub and the reasonable price for the great quality. I appreciate that it is collapsable and that there are the two settings with or with out incline depending on the child’s age. Smiles…

Rosetta Horton, MO