Boon Odd Duck – Squish

Boon Odd Duck – Squish

Yes, they have hip, mod graphics and bold colors, but these ducks are more than just fashionable. Odd Ducks are completely PVC and phthalate-free, and no BpA either!

Main features

  • Fun designs grab baby’s attention
  • Completely PVC free
  • Four different shapes
  • Air tight to keep from trapping water and growing mold

Verified reviews


Cute & great for little hands to hold

Our now 1 year old son can easily hold this slimmer duck in his hand. He likes to chew on it which does not make me nervous because it is pba free. The negative is that he is not as attracted to this one as much as he is to the fatter orange & white one. I think because, eventhough to me this one is cuter, for him it might be the contrast of the other one that gets his attention. Now if they made a slim one w/more contrast then that one might be perfect.

Leila North Berwick, ME

SAFE rubber ducky!

Boon Duck Bob is so cute! We purchased this for our son as a stocking stuffer. Bob is free of harmful chemicals found in other plastics. His design is flawless; he floats perfectly in the bathtub. He’s a hit with our little fish!

Imogene Scottville, IL

Jane: Cool Looking Duck, Totally Appealing to Kids

I bought Odd Duck Jane a couple of months back, she was the extra $5 I needed to spend to get free shipping on an order, and I was intrigued by the idea of a bath duck that didn’t contain PVC. It seems almost all bath toys – ‘rubber’ ducks especially – are made of PVC. So, while most of our bath toys are unconventional, we do have the obligatory vinyl ducks made by the untrustworthy company Schylling. When my daughter developed a strong attachment to our scary vinyl ducks and wanted to carry them all over the house, I figured it was time to pull Jane out and give her a try.She was an immediate hit: My daughter passed off all the old yellow ducks in favor of this brightly-colored, excitingly decorated alternative, and she’s been carrying Jane around the house for days now. She’s also been for a few swims in the bath without the leakage problem others have spoken of, so I guess we got lucky on that count. Jane measures about 4″ long, has a weighted bottom so she will float nicely in water, and is even able upright herself if she is knocked over. Which is pretty cool; you’ll never find her doing that dead-duck-on-her-side thing. She has a rigid non-pliable head and beak, and her body is somewhat squishy, though less so than a traditional PVC duck.I noticed, on first opening the packaging Jane came in, an odd smell. Sort of like an uncapped Sharpie, and I immediately flipped her over to look for the recycling code. Nothing. No details on what plastic she’s made of on the packaging either. Luckily the smell faded, and I – who am extremely sensitive to smells – can no longer detect it. Consider that I’m paranoid, so that’s actually a point in this toy’s favor.I did, however, want to know what kind of plastic they made this toy out of since it is phthalate-free and PVC-free, so I asked.Boon ducks are made of Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene (SEBS), a subtype of synthetic rubber that was created by the Shell Oil Company in the 1960’s and is marketed under the trade name Kraton-G (there’s actually a Wikipedia article on this). It’s used in everything from tires to medical devices and gloves, and – of course – increasingly in toys as a PVC alternative. Its main benefit, of course, being that it is pliable but does not require the use of the dangerous plasticizers that are used in the manufacture of soft PVC. It is known to have a strong odor, as I can attest, but Greenpeace in a 1996 article stated it was a viable and safer alternative to PVC. It does seem to be a safer alternative – so far as we know at this time – though I’m surprised how little real data exists on it, whereas you can find a wealth of information on many more commonly-used plastics. The Material Data Safety sheet documents this plastic as a low hazard in all areas.While I don’t think it’s wise to trust a company (particularly one with China manufacturing – Odd Ducks *are* made in China, like most things) just because they say that a product is minus known toxins (not all alternative plastics are created equal), in this case the alternative seems to be an improvement over the current standard.The duck herself is sweet, and I’m glad to have a potentially less toxic option available, as bath duckies seem like one of those ‘must-have’ toys for little kids. I can certainly see collecting the others in the future, and would – based on all current information available – recommend these ducks to anyone wanting a safer bath toy for their children.**UPDATE**:We now own all the ducks (my youngest has taken a particular liking to them), and so I thought it would be worthwhile to comment on a few things.1. The best floaters are Jane (pink) and Slim (blue). These ducks will always right themselves if tipped, and thus never float on their backs. Bob(orange) tends to float with his bill in the air, at a slight backward angle, and Squish (yellow) floats with his bill toward the water, at a slight forward angle. Both Bob and Squish can be upended, but Bob will most often right himself. With Squish it takes a bit more activity to upend him, but once he tips over, he’s a back-floater.2. The first Bob we ordered had completely separated from the weighted disk on his base during shipping. I’m confused, however, as to how some people’s ducks filled with water underneath, as Bob’s underside is still sealed. Nonetheless, Bob only floats on his back when he is minus-the-disk, so we wrote Boon and sent them a photo of our defective Bob (after all, my three-year old had actually done chores to earn money for Bob, and he’s not cheap for a little duck). Boon’s response was prompt, friendly, apologetic — and three days later a new duck arrived on our doorstep. So anyone who hesitates on the premise they might get a faulty duck? Fear not. Document it, and send it to Boon. This is one company who will stand by their products — and that is worth the extra money. Unlike a company(ex. Schylling) who I emailed about a defective product two months ago and *never* received a response from.

Latoya Panola, TX

Plenty of bathtime fun

We bought Bob for our daughter when she was a little over a year old, and we’ve now had him almost a full year now. He was instantly a hit because of his bold design and different shape. She does have several other rubber duckies, but Bob stands out. He is usually the one she reaches for, and we have had many bathtime adventures with him.We have not had the problem of him taking on water like others have mentioned. He seems to be good and watertight. He will loll over to one side if tipped over, but most ducks do. It actually is a source of amusement for my daughter to tip him over. He is very easy to clean – almost no nooks and cracks for mold to grow, and very easy to wipe down. He’s held up beautifully and still looks as new as the day he arrived in the mail.This has proved to be a wonderful bath toy and I recommend the Boon ducks to everyone. It is very comforting that he is nontoxic as well. We look forward to eventually adding some friends for him from the other members of the Odd Duck family.

Robbie Addison, TX

Jane is a good duckk and PVC free to boot

I wanted our daughter to have as many safe toys as possible. A PVC free toy is safer the a regular plastic one at the same price so I was sold. The baby enjoys playing at it and clutching it w/ both hands. Eventually we will use it in the bath. For now it’s a safe toy w/o bells and whistles w/ no small parts that is safe for an infant. I love the bright color and am ordering Bob next!

Ivy Springboro, OH

Great bath duckie!

I bought this for my daughter when she was a year old and she loves it! I was looking for a nontoxic bath toy that didn’t get moldy inside, like other rubber duckies. It floats very well and she likes chewing the beak and playing with it in the bath. Sometimes when I shake it, I think I hear a little water in it, but it doesn’t appear to leak out so I’m not too concerned – it’s got to be better than the other squirties and rubber ducky toys. I would recommend this bath toy to others.

Molly Rillito, AZ

Cute duckie

Great rubber duckie if you’re looking for one free of nasty chemicals, bpa, etc. I wish it were a bit softer or made a squeak, but I suppose then it would fill with water and collect mold. Fun alternative to the typical rubber duckies.

Fanny Bean Station, TN

Good eco-friendly duck

This is a fun bathtime duck. I bought this duck since my 10 month old can’t get enough of bathtime rubber duckies… The grocery store variety gets moldy inside, which is no doubt unhealthy. Plus, he always wants to put the ducks in his mouth and if left up to him, he would eat all of the paint off of their beaks. So this was a “rubber ducky” option that I could feel good about. It doesn’t have a hole for water to get in, so we don’t have to worry about moldy bathwater anymore. I’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5 since it tends to float upside down.

Karin Soldotna, AK

Fun and safe duck

I’ve had the pink Odd Duck, Jane, for a year and a half. It’s a great bath toy! Jane has nice, bright colors and floats upright. There are no holes to collect water and mildew. It’s also PVC, BPA, and phthalate-free, so I didn’t have to worry about my daughter putting it in her mouth.My daughter loves this duck. After many baths and being carried around the house, it still looks like new.

Ollie Chelan, WA

Nice rubber duck

I bought Bob for my 5 month old son’s easter basket, which of course I have already given him =) But he loves to play with Bob at bathtime, the bright colors are a definate plus with the swirls, my son will stare at him forever and loves to kick at him and send him spinning around the tub. Great purchase, will probably be purchasing more odd ducks as he gets older.

Esther Chrisney, IN

LOVED it until it started to leak

I love this duck! I feel safe putting slim in the bath with baby knowing he is free of toxins. The duck is cute and floats well. Only problem is his seal started to loosen after a few months

Camilla Readfield, WI

Great duck

One of my daughter’s first identifiable sounds was a “quack” sound she’d make at the sight of a duck. She fell in love with a bunch of rubber duckies her nana bought, but when she put them in her mouth the paint came off instantly. This officially freaked me out and sent me on a hunt for a safer rubber ducky. That brought us to Boon and to Bob and Squish the duckies. We love them and so does my daughter. They both float well and neither of them have taken on any water. We do, however, make sure to remove them from the tub after every bath. I’m also sensitive to smells and neither of the ducks had an odor when we took them out of the package.

Alberta Commerce, OK