Boon Odd Ducks 4 Pack,Pink Multi

Boon Odd Ducks 4 Pack,Pink Multi

Not your average rubber ducky. Kids are all different shapes and sizes, shouldn’t rubber ducks come that way too? Meet Slim, Bob, Jane, and Squish. We’re not trying to encourage a rubber ducky smackdown, but Odd Ducks are PVC free unlike those other mucky ducks. And ours do not hold water, so they won’t grown that black mold that kids always try to suck out.

Main features

  • Set of four ducks
  • Bath toys encourage water play
  • BPA free, Phthalate free, and PVC free

Verified reviews


Super Cute, Safe, and Different

Got these for my daughter for one of her first birthday presents. These ducks are really cute, and I love the fact that they are one solid piece – meaning no chance of dangerous molds growing on the inside of the toy. I was afraid, because they are one cohesive piece that they wouldn’t float head-up; my worry was unfounded, as it turns out. The ducks are weighted at the base, so they float beautifully – most of them won’t float upside-down even if you try (the yellow one will, since it’s so flat, but it’s a simple matter of flipping him over and he floats just fine).I’d highly recommend these toys for any new parents, they definitely enhance bath time, and they’re made very well.

Viola Chinchilla, PA

LOVE these!

We love this set of ducks. I’ll never buy those bath squirties again (mold eventually grows inside). These are the only ducks I could find that don’t trap water inside. I can tell these will be quite durable, since we won’t have to throw them away due to mold. My two daughters love these–I love that they are completely safe, durable, and colorful. A++++

Jeannette Berkshire, NY


No one likes a cesspool of disease inside their rubber ducks and thats exactly what happens when you use cheap rubber ducks with a squirt hole on the bottom where water can sit and ferment and EWW! Unless you bleach those ducks every time your child (or you?….lol) use them, they are only doing more harm then good. They just keep recycling the nastys into the bath water and your child could honestly get very ill and you will be scratching your head saying “All I fed him was broccoli and cheese, gave him a bath and now he is extremely sick, what happend?” Ill tell you, THE CHEAP SQUIRTING RUBBER DUCKS. They spread E-Coli like butter and you dont want that.**These ducks have no squirt hole, THEY DO FLOAT and they are PVC and BPA free :)So the kids are happy, you are happy and your wallet is happy. Because if your kids are anything like mine, some things dont last very long in their grip. These duck are durable, VERY durable. And you wont EVER have to buy a second or third set because they last. (unless you light them on fire)

Bernadette Barnard, KS

Adorable and safe!

I love these ducks! I got them for my 8 month old…he loves chewing on soft plastic toys and I worry about toxins. These are made from the safest kind of plastic and they are water tight so mold can’t grow inside. They are also brightly colored with super cute designs. They seem very well made and I think they are going to last for years…they seemed a little pricy, but they are the last soft plastic toys I will be buying. I threw away all the cheap vinyl toys we had and have these ducks scattered around the house. They have inspired me to get rid of as many toxins as I can in the bathroom…I replaced our vinyl shower curtain with a fabric one and got a natural rubber bath mat. Baby steps towards a safer enviroment, I guess!

Hollie Berwyn, PA

Not too pleased with this product.

Non toxic duckies that don’t collect water?! Sounds too good to be true- right? Well it is. These things are so expensive and yet poorly made. They have a disc at the bottom that has been glued in to keep the duck “air tight” and water-proof. Well like all the other reviewers have already stated- these stinkin’ discs come loose and then you have water getting between them and the duck body and if they come loose enough the water will enter the duck body. Mine got all nasty between the outer disc and the body. I wrote to the company and sent them pictures. They sent me the 2 ducks that were defective. I was amazed at how badly they smelled when I opened their fancy boxes. I’m pretty sure that smell is a big sign of bad chemicals being present. At least that’s what I’ve read over and over again on blogs about “off-gassing.” So in the end I’m just not sure about these ducks, but Boon does have great customer service. They really should since they charge so much for a single duck and make grandiose claims about their product.

Rosalind Lake Clear, NY

Great Concept, Stinky Packaging

I was very excited about this product. However, I hate it when I order a product that is -free, etc. and then when I get it it says Made in China. I don’t know how much I trust that. I guess I should have found that information before purchasing it.My biggest complaint with this product is that when I got it and eagerly tore into the packaging, I about fell over from the chemical stink that radiated from the ducks. While they may be PVC, BPA and the like -free, that apparently didn’t stop them from painting the design on them with spray paint (or so it smelled, definitely something along those lines!). YUCK. Kind of defeated the whole purpose of purchasing them, in my opinion. My kid will definitely be chewing on them in the bathtub, a plant based paint would be WAY more on target with the product.

Rena Church Point, LA


These are the best rubber duckies ever. We love almost all Boon products and these are no exception. They’re BPA free and they have no holes in the bottom where water would be able to get in. My daughter loves the fun colors and shapes. We even purchased a set for a friend’s baby.

Amy Witten, SD

Good ducks

Good ducks. A little pricy. They are big enough for kids to play with and very colorful. Kind of lean forward in the water but does not bother us. The main thing about them is that they won’t get moldy due to not having ‘squirt holes’.

Elena Austin, TX

Great purchase!

These ducks were bought for my daughter for Christmas (at 8 months, going on 9 months old). She LOVES these ducks. They are great for bath because they have no holes and won’t have a mildew/mold problem. They are weighted in the based and thus float well. She loves them out of the bath as well! She loves to play with them, pick up and hold the different shapes, and of course try to chew on them all. Great purchase!

Ingrid Magnolia Springs, AL

These “non-toxic” ducks smell like plastic, tip over, and leak!

I had been looking for non-toxic rubber duckies for my baby’s bathtime – she loves to chew on her traditional rubber ducks, which are made in China, smell like vinyl, and are probably covered with toxic paint. So I was thrilled to see these whimsical and supposedly non-toxic Boon Odd Ducks, and I ordered them with high hopes.However, they were a disappointment from the moment I opened the package. First of all, they had a very strong, nasty plastic smell. It was so unpleasant that I decided to leave them outside in the sun before I would let my baby play with them. It took a full week for the smell to lessen, and even now (two months later) it’s still detectable. Regardless of what individual toxins these toys have tested free from, they are obviously leaching chemicals of some kind, and I’m not sure I trust them to be fully non-toxic.Furthermore, they are not as much fun as traditional rubber ducks. Their tall, stiff shapes make them unstable in the water, and they tend to fall over and float on their sides (especially the orange-and-white one). Their lack of pliability makes them less interesting to my baby. She mostly ignores them.And then – as the final straw – one of the four ducks recently began to leak. I can hear water sloshing inside it when I pick it up. So much for supposedly the supposedly sealed and hygienic aspect of these ducks! Now it is even worse than a regular rubber duck, because I have no way of cleaning out the stagnant water.So, although I really *wanted* to like these cute and creative rubber ducks, they have not lived up to my expectations, and I would not recommend them. (I sure wish someone made a good-quality rubber duck out of natural rubber latex…)

Angelita Onawa, IA

Love it!

Theses ducks are the cutest, with high quality (no weird smell, non toxic product, water doesnt go inside!) , very well colored, amazing design! They are just ducks, but my baby love to play outside his bathtub and inside it.

Marilyn Frazer, MT

My little one LOVES these

My little girl,who is 9 months old, loves loves these. She is constantly teething on them in the bath tub (the fact that they are BPA etc. free made them so worth it!). She loves the colors and the different sizes. They are a bit more expensive, but I know she is not ingesting bad chemicals every single night when she chews on them. Highly recommend these.

Inez Laporte, PA

Very cute, but pricey

I like these ducks for the bathtub. The "no hole = no mildew" feature is what sold me. I wouldn’t normally pay this much for bath toys, but I’m too lazy to clean out the cheap ones 🙂

Maricela Colton, OH

My 5 month old loves playing with these in the bath

My daughter loves these ducks. The colors really keep her attention and for the past month she has been attempting to kick them and grab them in the bath. I love the funky colors and patterns. The 4 stars is due to the fact that I thought they were a bit pricey.

Olga City Of Industry, CA

I realllly love these.

These ducks are perfect, silly and cute but best of all bpa and mold free! They may seem expensive but just think about all the other moldy bath toys that need to be replaced after a few months. These don’t! My 10 month old has played with them in and out of the bath daily for the past 6 months we’ve owned them. great purchase.

Patrica Souris, ND

Cute ducks!

We’ve had these ducks for awhile now. We first bought the yellow one on its own and he was a nice alternative for the typical ducks that you can buy in the store. We brought him to the beach one day and he was stolen out of our bag from a loose dog and chewed up. So I bough the 4-pack to replace him so my baby would have a new yellow duck and others to play with in the tub. She loves them. I don’t recall ever smelling a strong plastic smell that other reviewers have complained about and the paint has never come off. I like that they’re PVC, BPA, and phthalate, free. We have other Boon toys for the tub and have been happy with them.

Eddie Guinda, CA

Unique and lovely little duckies

These duckies are so great, I love that I got them on a sale price and I love all four of them. My son now 1 month shy of turning 2 years old, loves them. I don’t believe he has a favorite though as he seems to line them up and play with them equally during bath time. I have the orange one out for the pool during the summer and he quacks along for it the whole time. They are high quality, and I recommend soaking them in a clorox bath to clean them every week or so to disinfect them. Other then that they seem well made and I think will last him as well as any siblings to come wonderfully.

Ina Andover, OH

Perfect rubber duckies

I bought these because all our other bath toys (duckies and other) were constantly getting mildewy, and I could never get the insides dry. Eventually they all had to be thrown out and replaced. These ducks seemed a bit expensive, but let me tell you they are well worth it because they do not have holes in them! No water gets in so no water gets trapped. A simple surface wash when you clean your tub is all it takes. They are going strong months after purchase. Plus, they are super cute and I love that they are different sizes and shapes just like people. My daughter adores them and so do I.

Agnes Noxapater, MS

Safe and fun

My son got these at 10 months old. I love them because I do not have to worry about water collecting in them and growing mold. He loves them because the float and have vibrant color. Very good quality.

Selina Silverdale, PA

Great Quality Toy

These ducks are a great, safe toy. My daughter loved them, and played with them all the time. We’ve actually gone through three sets, because the dogs also found they love them too…but aren’t as gentle as my child, but she loves her duckies, so we have to make sure to replace them as the dogs get ahold of them.

Brandi Bourbon, IN