Boon Potty Bench Training Toilet with Side Storage,Green

Boon Potty Bench Training Toilet with Side Storage,Green

Sing it with us: “La Di Da Di. We Likes to Potty.” Cartoon versions of grown up toilets don’t make kids want to use the potty. They make parents want to throw out tacky baby products. We went for modern, subtle, and smart. Boon’s Potty Bench has two enclosed side storage spaces perfect for books, training supplies and wipes. The sturdy drawer slides out for fast, leak free, easy clean up. Close the lid and the whole thing turns into a large step stool. It even comes with a built in toilet paper holder and removable, soft deflector that flexes where it counts. (Guys, you know what we mean.)

Main features

  • Organizes potty training supplies
  • Simplifies clean up
  • Easily converts to a bench or step stool that supports up to 300 pounds
  • Soft flexible deflector helps guard against injury
  • BPA free, Phthalate free, and PVC free

Verified reviews


Safe for boys!!!! Soft flexible pee guard.

I spent the extra money for this item because it was the only potty I found that has a flexible pee guard for my son. I was worried he might hurt his privates with the typical hard plastic guards. Also, I read reviews for some seats that require kids to kinda of spread their legs to sit on the potty which is difficult when wearing pants. With this seat my son can just sit on it with his legs in front of him without removing his pants. It is a little high for him because he is a short 17 month old but I know he will grow into it. The only issue I have encountered is that my son sat on top of it with the lid down and peed and some of the urine went in the crack where the side storage covers slide up and down and it is impossible to get in there to clean, I had to lug this heavy, large thing in the tub and run water through it. Everything turned out fine and other than that it is a great product. You can’t even tell it is a potty when closed up. It makes for a great step for children to reach the sink. I also like how it has a toilet paper roll holder. It will make my son feel mature when he gets older. One more thing that is annoying but necessary is that the toilet seat comes off so you can clean it but my son likes to pop it off all the time and I always have to put it back. I’m sure this won’t be an issue for older children. Some reviews also said it might be difficult for kids to open and close the sliding side storage but if my child can do it I’m sure other children can. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone. The company donates a percentage to organizations that help children in need. This product also comes in a lime green color.Update: It’s been a year and my son prefers to use the Pourty Potty instead of this one. The splash guard has bent down so it doesn’t cover him anymore and I have to constantly hold it up which I am very disappointed about. For the money I paid for this item I am disappointed. The splash guard is meant to bend down when you put the cover down and because of this, it is now stuck in the bent position. I do like this potty still but I will have to wait for my son to mature more to teach him to put the splash guard up before he goes. Everything else on the potty is ok except the toilet paper roll holder which was pulled off by my son and I can’t put it back in. If I could do it over I would not buy this potty. So sad because it was great when I first got it. I changed my stars from 5 to 1.

Carmela Dormansville, NY

Best potty ever!

Having a 2 year old I’ve seen many pottys on the market. What I LOVE about this one is you can put TP in one section and books in the other. It is VERY easy to slide the “bowl” in and out and to clean. I am SOOOOO glad that I spent a few more dollars and got this potty. I also like tha it can serve as a stool when she is ready to get on the bigger potty. Which we have been using it for lately and it’s been great.

Deborah Luxor, PA

Great potty!

My daughter is still at the experiencing sitting on the potty stage, but it is a good size her to get on and off independently, and she likes to keep little “things” inside the compartments for when she is sitting on it. I also like how it can be closed and not look like a potty in the bathroom.

Andrea Dousman, WI

Great potty that doesn’t look like one!

We bought this for 1.5 year old to get her used to the idea of sitting on the potty, even though we are not seriously potty training yet. I had seen it at a friend’s house and loved the design and the fact that it doesn’t really “look” like a potty at first glance, when all the compartments are closed — I love that it disguises well in our bathroom and does double duty as a stepping stool for the sink. We also have the Baby Bjorn Travel Potty, but use this Boon potty bench as our main potty. Our daughter sits on it patiently while playing with the toys we place in the side compartment, and the other side conveniently holds two rolls of toilet paper.Very easy to clean, and the compartments all slide open and close with ease.

Fern Tow, TX


i like this potty but it is a behemoth. it can barely fit in the bathroom my kids use and they cannot use it as a stool at the sink unless the door is closed so it is slightly impractical.

Julie Hermiston, OR