Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder, Violet/Pink

Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder, Violet/Pink

We don’t mean to mouth off, but let’s be real about how mesh feeders can be a real mess and difficult to clean. Our silicone teething feeder has some bite to it; allowing for easy feeding with its interior firm stem that forces food out where babies can get to it. It’s simple to clean and more durable than mesh feeders. Boon totally has a handle on baby’s snack time and when something is this good, we think it’s okay to get a little mouthy about it.

Main features

  • Soft, food grade silicone cover allows baby to self feed on fruits and vegetables through small holes
  • Can be used with frozen food for teething babies
  • Interior stem forces food towards feeder holes
  • Quick snap ring allows for easy assembly
  • Small handle is perfect for baby’s grasp

Verified reviews


Miles better than your traditional mesh feeder.

Came across this and several other silicone feeders when looking for a solution to the mesh food feeders widely available (Munchkin 2 Pack Fresh Food Feeder, Colors May Vary), which to me anyway, were impossible to clean and which I considered disposable. I did order several silicone feeders including:Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder,Blue/Orange[Award Winning] Kidsme Food Feeder (Large size)Clevamama ClevafeedI really do like the Boon silicone feeder, the ergonomic handle is easy for my baby to grasp, and the holes are big enough that whatever you put in there doesn’t actually have to be pureed. I usually put a strawberry or banana (“slippery” foods that my 11 month old can’t pick up), and he will chew on it for a few hours.I like the rounder shape better than the other feeders, particularly the Kids me feeder, which is much longer and thinner.Clean up is easy, just rinse and dry, and the snap on/off silicone part is fantastic.Would buy again.

Teresa Fort Jones, CA

I have a hard time cleaning this

I wanted to love this, but I’ve only used it a handful of times. Although I’ve read the silicone feeders are so much easier to clean than the mesh ones, I have a hard time cleaning this one. Some foods clean easier than others, but almost every time I take it out of the dish washer I still have to hand wash it including using a tiny brush to get the food out of the holes. I know its not my dishwasher b/c it does a great job with everything else. Needless to say, it sits in a drawer mostly. I also feel like the mouth piece is a little big for my daughters mouth even at 8 months.

Eliza Penryn, CA

Bad design,can be dangerous for baby!

I really like Boon products, this was good quality material but a disappointment for following reasons:-top transparent cap does not clip in properly-my almost 6 month old baby took off the cap easily and could have chocked on the fruit inside of it if we were not supervising her.-space between the Handel and top cover inside is too small to hold food- couldn’t even fit in small half a slice of apple cut into small pieces.I would have returned this item if hadn’t used it.

Denice Eliot, ME

Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder,Blue/Orange

– Too bug for baby mouth- impossible to open and close- unclear what kind of food can be eaten by this spoon, because liquid food leaks fast dripping around, but it doesn’t work for semi-solid food

Lois Putnam Valley, NY

Perfect for frozen purees!

I just gave this to my 5 month old, she loves it! I put a cube (from my oxo tot freezer tray) of frozen pureed banana in it, she gnawed away for quite a while. It’s not a huge space for food, but really its for snacks and your kids should be sitting in a seat and being fed if you feel they need more food. I think this is and excellent tool for teething and snacks. I’m buying another one so I can have one for the diaper bag!

Alicia West, TX

great for baby popsicles!

This is such a great idea. Just put some frozen food in there and it’s a great popsicle. I haven’t tried it with non-frozen food yet.

Karin Adrian, GA

It’s okay

Not a good idea

Ida Nutley, NJ

Perfect Teething Toy

I bought this for my son’s Easter basket since he doesn’t have any teeth yet but is in the teething stage (so no jelly beans for him yet). He LOVES this thing. I haven’t even put any frozen fruit in it yet, and he’ll chew on it for at least 30 minutes before he gets tired of it. He probably won’t put it down once there is food inside of it. I highly suggest this and can already tell it will be much easier to clean than the mesh ones. Just seems much more hygienic.

Stella Jamestown, MI

awesome product

As my title states…awesome product. I thought it would be too big for my baby’s mouth when I first opened it. I tried it with his gerber banana pudding. He put it in his mouth and was a lil startled, but he got used to it quick. I’ve been mainly using it with crushed ice and he loves it. My baby is almost 8 months and still learning how to hold things. But I do want another one.

Betty Navarre, MN

great for learning to eat solids

i LOVE this!! my son is just starting to learn to eat solids and i am too nervous for BLW, so a friend suggested this. he is so obsessed with this now, he starts making crazy sounds when he sees me get it out and start putting chunks of food in it. it is small is the only thing. i don’t know how much longer he’ll be using this. but for a six month old just getting the hang of eating, i think it’s great.

Joyce Luana, IA

Haven’t used at all

I ordered this at the same time as the Kidsme feeder and never ended up using this. It’s awkwardly made and way too big for our teething baby who was about 5 months when I ordered and is now 9 months but still would not use it. You can not easily stick food or anything in it because of a stick that goes up through the middle. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I can’t figure out how this thing would be good. As others have said it just doesn’t fit much food either.

Angel Snow Lake, AR

So much better than the meshy things

Love this product. I’ve used the mesh things and the bags are such a PITA to clean that I give up on them. This on the other hand… I can fill it with something mushy (like mushed banana, yogurt, applesauce) and FREEZE IT. Best thing for teething, I swear… and clean up is a breeze.

Karina Stearns, KY

Baby Loves It!

We purchased this on a recommendation from a friend. My 6 month old loves it. It is easy to grip and offers a soft texture for his sensitive teething gums. He absolutely loves it. We have put anything from avocado, banana, or even just baby food into this. It does create a mess if you do just baby food, but it is just so darn cute. 🙂

Crystal Severn, NC

Love the silicone feeders… but a bit messy.

We have multiple silicone and mesh feeders. I really prefer the silicone feeders. They are easier for me and hold the shape very well for a baby. This one is great! The only downside is my little girl likes to hold it right on the silicone with both hands and shove it in her mouth. It makes a complete and total mess. We don’t really worry too much about the mess as an extra bath for all of us never hurts but definitely would not give it to her at her age (5.5 months) in her carseat or any place that was difficult to clean.We also have the Kidsme feeders. I like those as well. She is able to hold those by the handles but will stick various parts of the feeder in her mouth and does not limit herself to just the part with food.

Selena Paoli, PA


We love this product! It is great for letting kids learn to put food in their own mouths without choking. It is also a good teether for them to chomp on

Deann Oxnard, CA

pretty crappy.

doesn’t work all that well, hard to get the two pieces to attach. i thought it might be easier to clean than the little mesh baggie types, but it isn’t and my son manages to get the two pieces detached quite easily. save your money, or get the mesh baggie types that munchkin makes… harder to clean, but they don’t detach.

Zelma Portland, CT

Best Mesh feeder!

So easy to clean and the handle pushes the food up so baby can suck it out better. I threw my old mesh feeders away! Also great for teething babies. I put cold fruit in it and my baby loves it!

Sheryl Piedmont, WV

This is too cool!

So glad purchased this. I put pureed bananas in it and freeze it. My son is six months old and whenever I pull this out of the freezer, his eyes light up and he goes to town. I am going to buy another so I have one in the freezer at all times. It has been great for teething as well as going for walks when it is hot outside. Wonderful product. Would make a great baby gift as well.

Justina Green Cove Springs, FL


Didn’t use these very much, the silicone pod is kind of too big for a small baby’s mouth, and by the time they are big enough they are already eating actual solids. Easy to clean.

Pearlie Gower, MO

good thought…

the middle part is supposed to push food down to make it easier for baby to eat. BUT, food easily squishes back up to the top after a couple bites and it is a mess trying to get it back down to the bottom. There are holes most of the way up the sides, but it is still a mess.

Charity Rock Hill, SC

A little stiff

I had the mesh bags and my kids never liked them. So I decided to try this and was hopeful that this would work better. It seems big for a tiny mouth and quite stiff and hard to chew on. My kids never really like this one either. Maybe its just my kids but they seem to just go from baby food to small solids quite easily. Bummer I was hoping they would like it better then the mesh bags.

Rae Cove City, NC


We tried the ones with the net first and what a mess! Not to mention impossible to clean! This one by Boon is perfect! Easy to use, baby loves it, so easy to clean. Highly recommend. We use it with both fresh or frozen fruit.

Rocio Marietta, NY

Not as good as mesh ones

I really wanted to like this. The mesh feeders are a pain to clean and I hoped this would be the answer. It is easier to clean, but my son (6 months) doesnt seem to get as much out as the mesh ones. Also, the stem is way too long and he gags on it. Not thrilled.

Veronica Farlington, KS

Too Big

This is too big for my baby’s mouth and there don’t seem to be enough holes on it. The[Award Winning] Kidsme Food Feeder (Large size)is much better.However, it is easy to clean and has an attractive look to it.

Alissa Monmouth Junction, NJ


loveeeee it! my little niece has one and it makes eating solid food a breeze. the mesh ones just get dirty and don’t look appetizing after a few pieces of fruit.

Jan Hockley, TX


What are you supposed to fit into this thing anyway!?? Thought it would be an easier and cleaner alternative to the mesh bag we have, but it’s far less of a product and doesn’t get used at all.

Carolyn French Lick, IN

Good size, poor craftsmanship

We bought this item as an alternative to another silicone feeder which we really liked. However that other silicone feeder just wasn’t big enough for our growing boys. We like that this one was bigger and held more fruit. The bad part is, this feeder has no method for locking handle to silicone. It has a plastic ring that clicks everything together, but within seconds of using it for the first time my (at the time 11 month old) sons were able to take it apart and mashed up banana was everywhere.In addition all feeders for infants/toddler should have some opening for a tether or lanyard so that the feeder can be held/attached in place. As soon as my sons are done with their feeders they are thrown or just dropped and when we are using them in the stroller that means the feeders are generally. After the few times this happened and we lost feeders we finally started looking every 5 minutes or so to make sure the boys still had them.Overall I was disappointed in this products use, but the size was good.

Elisa Newhall, WV

Fun, useful and design

This is a fun way to give food. My baby loves to "control” his spoon, so he loves this feeder. Easy to use and clean and well designed!

Florine Elmer, MO

My baby loves this!

I don’t give it 5 stars because I wish it was made bigger. My son eats the fruit inside within 5 minutes so I have to carry around several. He hates being in the car so I give him one of these and it keeps him busy…. but again, they’re too small.

Tori Molina, CO

Fun way to feed

I like this item and so does my baby girl I would have given 5 starts but it is a little tricky to clean

Rhonda Beedeville, AR