Boon Saucer Edgeless Stayput Divider 3 Pack Plate

Boon Saucer Edgeless Stayput Divider 3 Pack Plate

399 Features: -Divided sections.-Slip-resistant base.-Top rack dishwasher-safe.-BpA-free, phthalate-free and PVC-free.-Recommended age: 9+ months. Color/Finish: -Unique edgeless design in 3 color set. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 7” H x 1” W.

Main features

  • Three color set; blue raspberry and tangerine; grape and kiwi; cherry and berry cream
  • Unique edgeless design
  • Divided sections and slip resistant base
  • Top rack dishwasher-safe
  • BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free

Verified reviews


Perfect for new self-feeders

These plates have been awesome for my toddler. We have been using them since she was about 15 months and she’s 20 months now. We put yogurt in the medium section and she can eat it easily. Yes, it smooshes over the side, but no matter how you do it, a toddler will ALWAYS make a mess while eating, so this isn’t an issue for me. The rubberized ring doesn’t really help in keeping her from picking her plate up and dumping it, but the shape of the plate somewhat discourages this as it’s more difficult to actually pick up off the table.

Michael Fishersville, VA

These are very cute and practical

I was reluctant to buy these after reading some of the bad reviews – but they have been perfect for us and our toddler, who is currently learning to feed himself! I must admit, I don’t let him have the plate on his high chair. I hold it, or put it on the table next to me, so I don’t have problems with him throwing the plate. But the plate DOES “stick” to the table, and is way more difficult for babies to throw than most other plates. The dividers are a good size. My baby has been using these from about 10 months, along with the boon cutlery, and we love them. They wash well in the dishwasher and the 3-pack is great value for money.

Janelle Anawalt, WV

No slip, staysin place

Pros:stays in placefun colorseasy to cleaneasty to stack/storeCons:Could be a tad larger, such as to fit a sandwitch and chips

Lela Denver, NY

Positive – great non-skid bottom is holding up well in the dishwasher …

Positive – great non-skid bottom is holding up well in the dishwasher (top shelf only) and is a little harder for my 20mo to pick up. It doesn’t skid as she pushes her spoon into the side. Negative – very shallow bowls. Only buy for very young eaters who eat very small amounts.

Marsha Roseville, IL

best dish ever

I love the portion sizes–they seem to be perfect for my little man. And I absolutely love the low profile, rubber ring on the bottom, and the fact that they aren’t easily tipped. Not as many dishes on the floor now!

Bridget Paxinos, PA

Cute, nice size, but fail at staying put

These are some of the best plates I’ve found so far. Unfortunately, I had high hopes that the non-slip and edgeless features would keep the food on the plate and the plate on the table. No such luck at all. (see cons)While they are easy for my 1 year old to flip, pick up, spin, and otherwise dump, they also are the ones she actually eats off for more time before she starts playing with them. They also actually get clean in the dishwasher (top rack, vertical orientation like a normal plate) which is super awesome!Pros:Perfect size for my 1 year oldGreat colors and good sized divided sectionsQuality product – no sharp plastic bits or rough seamsThey get clean in the dishwasher – the depressions are all curved so food doesn’t get caught in corners or suchMy 1 year old likes themCons:My kid pinched the section divider and picked it up in about 2.5 secondsTHEN she slid it to the edge of the table and flipped it casually[edited to add:] After about 6-7 months of use, the plastic is showing some wear and tear, specifically pitting. If I don’t rinse all the food off before they go in the dishwasher, the dish doesn’t get clean… so I’m essentially washing them by hand and considering putting them aside for camping/travel use only.

Luann Cambridge, KS

Helps with portions and won’t slip

I had no idea that I was making way to big of a portion for my toddlers. This is a nice indicator and seems right on the money for my 2 and 3 year old. Plus, it doesn’t slide all over the table. Pretty pricey, but I like them.

Maricela Castorland, NY

Perfect size, weight, and love the dividers!

This plate is different from an ordinary plate.. Not only is it lightweight so it’s great to take along with you anywhere, it’s dividers make it fun for my one year old to eat! When I was using the regular “kid” plates, my son would eat just fine, but with the dividers on this plate, he has fun finishing off one section then moving on to the next. It’s cute to see how he seems to be playing a game of “finish each section”! Another bonus, the plate has a rubber bottom so it stays in place when he’s digging around the plate.

Anne Washington, MI

Perfect first plate!

Lightweight, stay put and bonus cute looking. We like these as our little one’s first plate! Would def. buy again.

Veronica Esmont, VA

Great little plates

These are the only plates we use now for our nearly 17 month old. I love that they have sections so we can divide up her food a bit (not that it stops her from combining it all anyway!).They are rimless which is supposed to make them harder for little hands to pick up. It does make it difficult but it doesn’t stop her from trying! 🙂 Ultimately though that is why we bought these and they do seem to stay on her highchair tray a lot more than the other cheap kids plates we have.They are really easy to clean or we pop them on the top rack in the dishwasher. We only have the three plates and that seems to be more than sufficient (since we generally wash her things by hand every night).

Pearlie Cartersville, GA

I love the grip!

These bowls are great because they have good grip. Your tot is less likely to be moving the plate all over the place and spill. It has a good amount of space for a full toddler serving.

Beryl Beverly, WA


I find the small compartments on these plates to be too small and shallow. Also, the plates do not stack easily for storage.

Michell Silver Beach, MA

Smaller than expected and too small for a toddler

I thought these would be larger and was disappointed when I received them. Other than the largest compartment there’s not enough space for a toddlers meal. I kept them for my second child as they should be sufficient for when she begins eating solids.

Stacey Greensburg, IN

Best bowl so far for self-feeder

This bowl is not "no-slip", but it is skid-resistant and it is easy for my son to see what is in his dish and also easy for him to pick up the food. If he works on it for a few minutes, he can pick this up and flip it, but I have yet to see or hear of a dish that a toddler can’t pick up and dump if he/she works hard enough! This is easy to clean in the dishwasher- the only down-side I suppose is that this dish can’t be heated in the microwave.

Helen Allouez, MI


These are great for early foodies – perfect size dividers for main/sides & a little dip!The contour of these plates are great & rubber bottom helps them stay in place.Highly recommended & a great deal!

Natalie Madison, VA

I don’t like it

The plates are smaller in diameter than thought. The compartments are very small. Works best as a plate for pick up foods and not foods requiring a fork or spoon.

Mandy Lone Rock, WI

Pretty colors….

The plates are pretty and have a nice rubber bottom to stick to the highchair more. Those who say they were expecting the plates to not be able to be picked up by their little ones I am not sure why they would think that. Though the plates have the rubber bottom this helps more from the plate sliding not "sticking" them to the highchair. I have worked with my daughter not to pick up her plates so this is not a problem for me. The rubber helps when she is using a spoon or fork to keep it from sliding. I gave this three stars because of the price the plate is rather shallow. I find it difficult for some foods because of how little and shallow the cups of the plate are. Been using the $1.50 ones I got from Walmart a lot more than these so that’s a disappointment.

Corine Mc Queeney, TX

Too small for a preschooler

I bought these for my preschooler, and they are just too small. I like the design and the colors a lot, and the nonslip bottoms work well for us. The curved design is nice, but it does make getting that last bite a little difficult!

Lina Mc Kinnon, WY