Boon Saucer Slip Resistant Plate, Pink

Boon Saucer Slip Resistant Plate, Pink

Saucer’s unique edgeless plate design helps prevent little hands from lifting it off the table. The divided sections keep foods separated and a slip-resistant base grips the tabletop to keep the plate in place. Details Unique edgeless design Divided sections Slip-resistant base Dishwasher-safe Recommended ages: 9+ months Diameter: 7″ Depth: 1″ BpA-free Phthalate-free PVC-free  

Main features

  • Edgeless to make it difficult for baby to pick up
  • Slip-resistant base
  • Three divided sections
  • BPA and PVC free
  • Dishwasher-safe

Verified reviews


Lightweight and not at all slip resistant

I bought this primarily for the slip resistance and because it is BPA-free. Unfortunately, the slip resistance is all but nonexistent. The rim around the bottom of the plate has the equivalent of a rubber band to keep it from skidding. I suppose it does offer a tiny bit of resistance, but I’d say it is maybe 10% less likely to be thrown on the floor than any other lightweight plastic plate. It is extremely light, just like any cheap plastic baby plate.We have been using it for our baby anyway, and she does seem to like the added scoopability with this plate, as it is a bit easier to grab things from the rounded compartments. Unless your child has a lot of trouble picking things up from any other plate or bowl, though, I see no reason to buy this plate.Edited two years later: We’ve discovered a much better use for these plates! They are a perfect paint tray for my children while they are sitting at the table and painting on paper. With a blob of paint in each compartment, and with relatively no slipping (the children know better than to pick them up, but could if they wanted to) these are great for little ones who are into painting. I’d really recommend them for that.

Iva Burlington, TX

not the best

bought this hoping it would replace the placemats i brought to resturants. here are the flaws:
• the plate is hollow on the bottom, so it can flip easy
• because of the hollow bottom the non slip rubber is just a ring. it rips easy and bites even easier. and once there is a tear, the rest comes off easily.
• doesn’t wear well
• easy to pick up which leads to it being on the floor food and all
• made in chinagood things:
• colors are nice
• divided area is good size and keeps it seperated
• good price for a few uses
• claims to be made of safe plastici mainly just keep it as a diaper bag staple, not that worried if we lose it or it breaks.i would NOT recommend it, nor would i replace it if ours broke.

Jamie Grayson, GA

Very good plate

I really love the design, colors and simplicity of this plate. The colors aren’t loud, it isn’t full of cartoon characters, and the size holds exactly the amount of food my daughter will eat. We have been using the boon plate since she was about 10 months old. Yes, she can pick it up & she can even throw it. But unless you’re going to glue it to the high chair, or tie your kid’s hands down, nothing will deter a toddler from picking up and throwing a plate full of food off the table. They are, after all, toddlers; learning about cause & effect, boundaries, and how to eat! Fortunately, my daughter loves to eat, so plate and food throwing only occurs toward the end of her meal, when she is full. We have all kinds of plates in the house (some with suction cups, some are just plastic) and this is our go to plate. It is easy for my daughter to grab food with her fingers or practice using utensils. Great product!

Jill The Sea Ranch, CA

Great plate!

Yes, this plate can be picked up, but it’s much harder to pick up than most and it won’t slide around on the table. When we first tried using it my daughter (then 9 or 10 months) was also just interested in picking it up and dumping it, but we put it away for a little while and brought it back out when she was more interested in the food (11 or 12 months) and since then she hasn’t done it anymore. I’m not sure if there are any plates out there that can truly deter a determined 10 month old! Since the profile is so low to the table and there’s no rim for her to grab, she doesn’t even think about it as long as she’s got food. She only turns it over when it’s empty. So for those of you who have had trouble, try with a slightly older baby. The size is great for a younger toddler, it’s perfect for finger foods, the design is cute and it cleans up easily. I especially like the separated compartments and the price is great compared to many of the alternatives. We have two now.

Aline Zephyr, TX


It doesn’t work. Our 8 month old picked up that plate so fast I was in shock, I thought he would at least struggle a little so I could stop him before food goes flying, but nope.The plastic is very thin and it feels cheap. I was disappointed when I took it out of the package, but figured it’s worth it if it works.It doesn’t work. It wasn’t worth it. Will just use highchair tray.

Velma Denver, CO


Just got this plate in the mail today. Tried it at dinner and we loved it. I love the design – how it is plain white so it doesn’t grab baby’s attention. I think that helps with them not wanting to pick it up. My daughter slid it a little bit once but she wasn’t interested in trying to pick it up. I have twins who are 9 months old. I like how it has the 3 different sized sections and since my little ones aren’t eating too much yet, it’s perfect. I want to get another one for my other daughter.

Bridgette Barling, AR

Boon saucer – works fine as a divider plate, doesn’t prevent baby from picking up

These divider plates (I have 2) are a great size for a toddler, and work very well as divider plates. The slip resistant feature is fine – I do appreciate that the plate doesn’t slide around while my son is trying to use his fork and spoon. The plate’s design certainly doesn’t encourage babies to pick it up (as another plate I have does, with a lip that begs to be grabbed), but when my son decides he really wants to pick his plate up, it’s easy enough for him to do it. So that feature is not terribly effective. But overall, a good plate, and definitely worth it for the sale price, maybe not for full price. The Boon suction bowl though is much better overall.

Lindsey Attleboro, MA

Too small

Yes, it’s nice because my son can’t pick it up off the table, but the compartments are so small and it’s awkward to carry, so I rarely use it.

Callie West Salem, IL

Excellent first plate for babies learning to self feed

I purchased this saucer plate to use with my 10 month old who has been showing interest in starting to feed herself and it has worked beautifully. The plate has a very low profile so it sits very flat on the table – this is nice because, while it can still be lifted, it’s much harder to do so. The sections have nice, low and smooth rounded sides, which makes scooping food out quite easy for her. It also has a great, rubbery bottom edge which keeps it from sliding around a lot while she scoops, which means she has good success while self-feeding.Overall, Boon has created a beautifully designed plate, which works wonderfully and is really helping to facilitate self-feeding. It is also BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free, which is very important to me. I love it and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a simple first plate for baby.

Ellen Jeffrey City, WY

Slip-resistant but NOT flip-resistant

This plate is nice because it is divided. It is, in fact, slip-resistant, but definitely not flip-resistant. I thought the fact that it didn’t have a rim would make it difficult for my 9 month old to pick it up. But she didn’t even miss a beat the first time I put it out- she immediately picked it up and tossed it on the floor. So the rubber on the bottom makes it more stable on the table, but don’t be fooled into thinking it will stay put. I have only used it a few times because of this and have chosen to use the kind that are suction-cupped to the tray (she can still yank it off, but it takes longer.) For her ages up until now it has not worked for us, so I would probably not purchase it again.

Lacy O Kean, AR