Boon Snack Ball – Snack Container in Orange/Blue

Boon Snack Ball – Snack Container in Orange/Blue

Boon Snack Ball Boon Snack Ball features a tight lid to keep snacks fresh for a longer time. You can unscrew its two halves for easy cleaning. The lid snaps in place to keep snacks inside. Why You’ll Love It: Boon Snack Ball is great for travel, as it keeps snacks from getting crushed and you can carry it along wherever you go. Age: 9 months and up Features Protects snacks from crushing Scratch-resistant Dishwasher-safe BPA-, phthalate- and PVC-free Two halves unscrew for easy cleaning Ideal for on-the-go fun

Main features

  • Fun, sphere-shaped snack container
  • Rigid form protects snacks from crushing
  • Two halves unscrew for easy cleaning
  • Great for travel

Verified reviews


Great for snacks, not for hands

We bought this as an alternative to carrying snacks around in bisphenol and phthalate laden plastic containers. All of Boon’s eating/drinking products are BPA and phthalate free, which is a must in our house.This is a great little product to carry around small snacks like cheerios or crackers in. We have it with us at all times.However, what I don’t like:The lid sometimes slides open in our diaper bag, which makes crumbs. The other drawback is the small opening. My 1 year old has a hard time fitting his hand in to grab a snack, so I’m guessing the problem will only get worse as he gets older. I would prefer he assert his independence and work on getting his own snacks. I don’t mind handing him snacks, but at this age, they’re all about doing it themselves, and I’d like to encourage that. I can’t really do that with this snack ball.

Claire Cotton Center, TX

It’s a toy not a snack cup

My son immediately tore the lid off the ball, then he shook it and threw it around, sending snacks flying everywhere, then he figured out how to unscrew the ball part and it was in two pieces. The Boon Snack Ball was entertaining for him but totally useless for snacks. Choosing design over function makes me feel like a yuppie idiot. (See my review of the horrid Keekaroo wood highchair). Lessons learned, I’m sticking with dorky uncool designs that actually work and make my SAHM life easier not harder!

Donna Harwick, PA

Nice idea but too many design flaws that make it impractical

The number one problem is the round shape. While it looks cool, it has no flat part at all to it so if you set it down anywhere, it rolls. Set it on a table and it rolls and falls on the floor. That makes it really impractical and you’re out and about. Second, the flip lid doesn’t always stay closed, so if it’s rolling around in your bag, it opens somewhat easy and spills items. Third, I think its use is mainly limited to transporting/storing the snack, not really to eat out of. The opening is big enough to pour but little hands can’t really get in to pick things out. Overall, waste of money.

Camilla Hebron, OH

looks cute, fits snacks but won’t stay in place

it just rolls and if you want to leave it on the table for a second (cos moms do need all of thier limbs all the time) forget it….

Kathrine Wallace, ID

Great Product

I love this snack ball…it is just that…it holds a good amount of snacks and keeps them fresh…and when it is closed, it is a great toy!Well wort the $$

Kellie Garner, NC

Easy to clean! Not easy to accidentally open!

The title hits 2 critical features of snack containers:It’s super-easy to clean! The two hemispheres unscrew for easy cleaning (and loading if you want).The closure is strong enough that I don’t feel like it’s going to come open in my bag.My 12 month old couldn’t open it on her own, but I suspect in a few short months she’ll have it figured out and have the strength/coordination for it!

John Platteville, CO

Fun but not perfect

This snack ball is very durable and great for travel… so much better than using baggies, which don’t protect the contents from crushing. I love the design, and so does my 11 month old son. The lid is easy to open and close, but it stays shut when you need it to. It’s easy to wash, too. The only thing I’d change is to include a flat spot… unfortunately it rolls off of counters as is. Works great in the shopping cart, etc., just don’t put it on a table top. Boon, are you listening?!

Rosemarie North Bonneville, WA

Nice design, not too practical.

Nice design and colors but not too practical. I dont want to carry a ball for each different snack I take with me.

Arlene Kilmichael, MS

Fun Snack Ball!

I am an avid fan of Boon’s products. I love how this snack container doubles as a ball to keep my son entertained. As others mentioned, the opening is small for little one’s to try to eat out of it themselves and I wish it had a small flat area so it would sit on a table without rolling off. I don’t mind the small size because if it was larger, the food you put in it might go stale pretty quickly. We always have it in the diaper bag to have snacks at hand!

Gladys Sterling, UT


Keeps the snacks fresh and uncrushed, but it is smaller than I thought it would be, and the opening is tiny, making it hard to help your tot get a snack out if they can’t just yet.

Georgina Toledo, IL

Love it

The Boon snack ball is a wonderful product. I’ve used it everyday since I got it. The color is fun and it makes a great toy for my son, when it’s not being used to hold his snacks. It unscrews at the middle so it’s really easy to clean. The size is small enough to fit in your diaper bag without taking up too much room. It also keeps snacks fresh for a couple of days. I will probably be buying a couple more of these in different colors.

Michaela New London, NC

Awesome snack holder and toy

I love this snack ball. It’s cute and matches our awesome Boon sippy cup. I love it because it holds a great amount of Cheerios for a day trip. I love it because it keeps whatever snack is in there pretty fresh and secure. I love it because it’s a freaking ball and rolls around and rattles, and my baby loves it like a toy! It’s cute and multi-purpose, and I’m sure even the dog will enjoy chasing it long after it’s run its course as a baby snack ball. Simply awesome! I love Boon!

Mari New Bloomfield, MO

great idea, but wouldn’t buy it again

It is great for small snacks for when we are out and about. But make sure to throw away leftover snack after a day of being in the ball. They become stale! And crumbs fall out of the ball, into my diaper bag, in my purse, on the stroller, and on the couch. My daughter likes it as a toy though.

Rosario Blue Diamond, NV

Not worth it

This container is extremely small. I’m sure if I’d read the fine print a little better I would have known that. However the opening to which the snacks come out is also very small. My son can’t stick his hand inside to grab the snacks. He has to turn it over and dump it into his hand, and you know what that means! Food everywhere! I’m pretty bummed because it’s cute and fits in my diaper bag well.

Elvia Mascoutah, IL

Perfect for little hands!

I was somewhat worried about buying this Boon Ball after reading the reviews, but we wanted the cup and the ball was a steal when buying them together. My son LOVES this snack ball. He’s 9 months old and it is perfect for his little hands to hold and grab the snacks inside. Easy to clean also. Works very well. Would buy again and recommend highly!

Diann Cheswick, PA

Boon Ball

Well, I got this snack ball free from my diaper rewards program and thought I would try it. I think it’s a good concept. I never intended to give it to my babies to let them get their own snacks. They were not even one at the time I got it so it was more just for me to put snacks in and throw in the diaper bag. I really liked the convenience of it but it doesn’t fit a whole lot of snacks. It is also not safe to give toddlers and expect them to “neatly” eat their snacks. So if you are going to use it more for just carrying snacks in it would be fine. I took it to church and just dumped the snacks out on a blanket then so it worked fine for me. The lid comes off very easily and we lost our lid so I am not using this again and no, I would not buy another one but it served the purpose for the time.

Jessie Lobeco, SC


After having repeated spills with the snack trap (due to my son ripping off the lid), I decided to try a snack container which screwed together. So far, this has been a winner in our book. The lid stays on and most of the snack stays in, due to the smaller sized opening (which is perfect for small hands).EDIT: These snack containers only lasted two months for us. Lids will no longer stay on or closed. Not worth the money.

Elba Proctor, WV

Boon Snack Ball – There are better brands of snack ball

I already had one snack ball made by a different company that I really loved, that is why I ordered this additional one. It is similar but not identical to the one I already have. This one is sturdy and closes well, but it doesn’t have a flat bottom, so if you sit it on the table, it WILL roll off. The other one has a flat bottom so it doesn’t roll. This is a major design flaw for a container for small snacks. I liked the color of the ball, and I love the concept, but no flat bottom equals poor planning on the designers part.

Rosella Minnie, KY

Not convenient

Love Boon products but this one missed the mark. My toddler was never able to use it for snacks. Opening is too small and slightly rough. We use it as a bath toy instead.

Betty Port Washington, NY

Great design, but needs improvement.

I bought this because it looked really cute, and was BPA-free. There are lots of problems with it, though. First, it truly is a ball – no flat edges at all when the lid is shut. Meaning, it rolls across the table, your car, etc. If your toddler is like mine, the Boon Snack Ball will be gleefully chucked across the room for you to fetch. Boon should make one flat edge for this item so that you can set it on a flat surface without it rolling away.Second problem is the lid. It seems cool, because it slides to the side, instead of flipping up, but the mechanism that they use to attach the lid to the container is poorly designed, and my child easily popped off the lid.The hole in the container is kind of small. Once my kiddo ate about halfway down, he couldn’t reach the rest of the food without difficulty, and would end up just turning the container over to shake out his snack, scattering food everywhere.I ended up buying and usingMunchkin Snack Catcherswhich is FAR better designed. It works far better than the Boon Snack Ball.

Elva Leesburg, FL

It’s okay

Great durability and a variety of colors to choose from. Not spill proof which can led to snacks everywhere instead of eaten.

Erna Windsor, NY

LOVE this snack container!

This is perfect for toddlers who are careful enough to hold it without spilling but also interested in the novel design (about 2 yrs. old+)! My almost 3 yr. old has not tired of the fun design after using it for a year and loves to snack from it on walks and in the car. I thinks it’s the perfect size; not too small as others have commented — it is a SNACK ball after all! It fits great in my diaper bag — you can always grab it in an over-stuffed bag, and it never lets crumbs out! My 1 yr. old loves it, too, although I of course can’t give it to her unattended (but even snack traps are no match for a determined baby!). I have 4 and am buying 2 more since I’m constantly using them. The added bonus of this container is that you have a spur-of-the-moment toy for when you’re waiting with the kids somewhere and need a diversion… DEFINITELY RECOMMEND.

Charity Cantril, IA

Good in theory

I purchased this beacause I liked that it’s made from a safer plastic unlikey to leach dangerous chemicals into my toddler’s snacks. It’s a cute design, easy to wash, and my son loves it for car rides! As others have mentioned, the hole is very small and my 18 month old isn’t able to fit his hand in. This frustrated him at first, but he just learned to stick his fingers in to get his raisins, organic o’s cereal, etc. He also got the hang of opening the lid on his own after a week or 2. My only complaint is that my son sometimes thinks he can throw this container since it is shaped like a ball, and we often have to fish the Boon Ball out from under the seats in our car.

Naomi Beaverdam, VA

cute idea but highly impractical

like most the other reviewers stated it’s a cute product and at first glace, you think, “hmm, this could work.” but, after many, many attempts to use it as a snack container- we end up with snacks everywhere but in my son’s mouth.good things-safe plastic-cute design-good color choicesproblem-the lid just rotates and doesn’t really snap or stay put-the lid also pops off with a slight tug and snacks fall out-it’s a BALL, so it often gets thrown like the other baseballs we have [not really the products fault just something i didn’t consider when getting]-very, very small opening toddlers can’t reach in, so they dump it on the floor. something i could have done in the first placenow i simply use it to hold snacks in the diaper bag, but i dispense them and hand them to my son. sort of a waste because i wanted something he could do alone.

Mai Hazelhurst, WI

Get a different snack container.

The opening on this is too small for even an average toddler to reach in, the lid has to be slid to the side to open(too difficult for little ones to do on their own), its obviously a ball so it can’t be set down without rolling and the lid snaps off quite easily. Get another snack container. No wonder this was on clearance where I purchased it. I’m very glad I paid so little for it.

Katina Naknek, AK


I purchased these Boon snack balls in both available colors and they are the perfect size for toddler snacks. Just fill and toss in the diaper bag! They are durable too, as I discovered since they have been dropped many times and never cracked or broke. I only wish the opening was large enough to accommodate my baby’s hand.

Carey Neskowin, OR

Great for kids to snack themselves

I bought this product on a whim (without seeing any reviews) and have to say that I am thrilled with it. My daughter is 2.5 years old and granted, it did take her a couple of tries to learn how to slide the lid open, but I couldn’t think of a better snack container because she can open and close it herself.I do agree with some reviews that the container could have a flat bottom, but it’s not like my daughter needs to put it on the counter and fill it up herself. So, the round bottom actually cups quite well in the palm of her hand.Also, I don’t find the container too small. My daughter doesn’t need to fit her hold hand/fist into the container to get snacks out. We’ve used them for goldfish, popumz, cashew nuts, dried apricots etc. and she has no problem getting them out.It’s also great for saving on plastic snack bags which land up, unnecessarily, in the landfill.I do recommend this product.

Zelma Nellysford, VA


This item is completely adorable. All of the Boon products are sensible, reasonable priced, cute and useful for every day life.

Lakeisha Fairfield, WA