Boon Splat Floating Ring Toss

Boon Splat Floating Ring Toss

Make bath time fun with this floating ring toss game. Includes one floating post and three colorful rings. Details Fun floating ring toss game. ◦Includes a floating base and three rings for tossing. Recommended ages: 9+ months BpA-free Phthalate-free PVC-free  

Main features

  • Fun floating ring toss game
  • Includes a floating base and three rings for tossing
  • BpA-free; phthalate-free; PVC-free

Verified reviews


Fun bath toy for both children and parents

I think I like this bath toy as much as my son. I have fun playing ring toss when he is busy playing with other toys. I love how this is a safe product, it doesn’t retain dirty water, and is easy to clean. Very happy with this product!

Elisha Oakman, AL

Just Great!

My soon to be 6 month old grandson took to this immediately. He loves loves the rings. The rings are beyond feather light! My grandson loves teething on them. The splat floats really well, as do the rings. This will be fun for me as too!Keep it clean and non toxic…no holes and good material!

Jennie Lecoma, MO

An okay toy with not much to it.

I needed some nontoxic bath toys for my toddler because I’m pretty concerned about her bath water. I like to keep my kitchen and the bathtub pretty chemical free for my baby. I chose this even though it’s plastic, because there’s not a lot of choices out there. This seems to be a safer plastic that others so I went with it. The toy is not very exciting as you can see from the image. My little girl likes to put the rings on her wrists, but that’s about it. I kind of doubt that when she gets older she’ll engage in an exciting match of ring toss, but we’ll see. The thing I do not like about it is that my toddler turns the splat thing over and drinks out of it. If you could see the bottom you would see a hollowed out portion about the size of a thimble. Just right for drinking! Ugh. I’m always taking away cups and things once she starts drinking out of them, so this is just another one to watch.UPDATE: My daughter is now 21 months and still doesn’t really play with this toy the way it was intended, which is totally fine. However, the other day I put all the toys away except for the blue splat thing that the rings catch on, and my daughter was standing on a mat in the tub. All the water had been drained from the tub. Before I could react, she sat down really fast directly on the point of the blue piece! Fortunately, she didn’t sit down very forcefully and it only hurt her a little bit. I wish I had noticed the thing was in the tub after the water had drained, but all events happened to align for that incident to happen.

Gloria Mascot, TN

Easy Entertaining

My 16-month old really enjoys this toy. We’ve had it for about 2 months and she’s just figuring out how to put the rings on the base. As with all Boon products, it’s well made, easy to clean and does not collect water or mold. I’d buy this again and give as a gift.

Priscilla Viola, ID

Fun toy!

My daughter loves this bath toy and I love that there are no holes or little crevices to hold water or allow mold to grow.

Flora Big Creek, MS

Great fun bath toy for any age

We love this toy – my baby enjoys putting each ring on the base (she can’t throw them on yet) and we combined it with the Boon bath net toy too. I have one tiny quibble – the base is concave and holds a bit of water. She figured that out and tries to drink out of it every bath. I usually end up putting the base on the counter to stop this behavior, but the rings are fun.

Mercedes Ignacio, CO