Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon, Orange

Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon, Orange

The Squirt baby food dispensing spoon allows for convenient feeding, one bite at a time. The easy-to-fill bulb holds up to 3 ounces of baby food and attaches firmly to the spoon end. Just squeeze the bulb to dispense just the right amount of food. Squirt comes with a protective cover to seal food in and keep the spoon clean between feedings. By combining the spoon and food container into one product, Squirt makes one-handed feeding a snap.

Main features

  • Dispense baby food one bite at a time
  • Great for on-the-go
  • Protective cover keeps spoon clean between feedings
  • Large easy-to-clean bulb holds up to 3-ounces of baby food
  • Convenient one-handed feeding

Verified reviews


GENIUS! but slightly impractical.

LOVE BOON! And I loved this spoon while my baby was into rice cereal and maybe applesauce…but that is where it ended. Food with ANY even slight tiny chunks in them will get stuck and could result in a blowout. If you insist on getting this, be more practical, get 2. That way, you can store your leftover cereal/food in it for a later meal and still have a backup. Leftovers are great with this because a dirty spoon isn’t double dipped into a jar over and over…I just feel better giving my baby leftover baby food this way. If your baby eats all of his/her food in one sitting, it is more convenient at home just to scoop the food out of a jar than to scoop the food out of the jar into this, then still have to clean it after. But, when traveling, this spoon/container is a gem. That is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 3. Anytime I only have to find one thing in a diaper bag instead of 2 while traveling is a lifesaver.

Yvette Fort Pierce, FL

Great idea, but some limitations

I read all the reviews on the Boon Spoon and had to buy it for my baby! In fact, I bought two, because I got a good price at the grocery store, then bought another at a consignment sale. The first time we traveled with our son, we took these. I make homemade baby food, and unfortunately, the Boon Spoon does not work well with homemade food. If you make your own food, you know that it’s impossible to get the purees completely lump-free (I tried one spoon filled with banana puree, and one with sweet potato puree). Well, the lumps in the food clog in the hole and cause a back-up. I had to keep shaking the food back down to unclog it and squirt more food out with the lumps out of the way. I suppose if you strained the homemade food through a mesh strainer, it would work. The next three times I traveled with my son, I just decided to bring along store-bought food and had no problems with dispensing (my son just doesn’t care for the taste of store-bought food very much).It really is a great product – awesome for traveling, works well, easy to clean, does not leak, and holds a decent amount of food (though having two is better than one).

Leonor Hayneville, AL

Great feeding tool

This product is very easy and fun to use. Works as promised and it is easy to clean.

Miriam Schleswig, IA

Works well but the spoon is too deep

I am overall impressed with the quality of this spoon. I figured it would probably leak but I could feed my son soup out of it if I wanted without any leaks. Very easy to clean too.The problem is the actual spoon part is too deep for my 7 month old to get the food off of. It is like leveling a measuring spoon every time I give him a bite. Maybe when he gets a little bigger he will have the coordination to use his upper lip to scoop the food out of the bowl of the spoon… I just wish the tip was a little flatter

Dorothy White Oak, SC

It’s ok

I have a couple of these, but I find myself using a bowl and spoon most often when feeding my baby. The spoon itself is a little hard and deep so it is difficult for him to get all of the food out of the spoon. Also, you can’t get all of the food out of the container part, so you are wasting more than if you just use a bowl and spoon. I do think it’s really cute and my baby thought it was neat too!

Tracy Kokomo, MS

love it

i almost registered for it but then thought it wouldn’t be all it’s cracked up to be. i was wrong! i only wish i had not only gotten it sooner, but that they were around for my older boys too! my little guy is the type who gets impatient while you are trying to load up the next spoonful so this is perfect. if he could he would just suck it right out of there.

Sheena Verdon, NE

Love it!

This is awesome! I use it everyday to feed my son. It is so much easier and much less messy. I already bought a 2nd one for us and one for a friend and I will get one for my sister-in-law when my niece is a little older. I am really impressed with this one!

Latasha Coello, IL

Boon Spoon

Great product. Easy to use and clean. I would recommend making sure that the food is as smooth as possible otherwise food will get stuck in the opening. We love it for travel.

Annmarie Panora, IA

Great spoon for on the go!

I use it at home but find it more helpful when I’m out and about with the baby. I find it hard to get all the baby food in at times. Be careful because the caps are easy to lose in the garbage disposal or diaper bag. I had to order replacement caps from Boon. Overall I’m pleased with this purchase. I have two so far and thinking about ordering another one.

Daisy Ford, WA

Nice in theory but not practical for a few reasons

I bought this item based on the reviews and was disappointed. I thought the concept was great for on the go feeding but a few things to remember – when you open baby food the food cannot be un-refidgerated for too long so depending on when you are going to use this item you will probably need to take the baby food and the food dispenser separately. Not a huge deal but something to consider.When the food dispenser gets low the food is hard to get out. The food has sprayed all over the place and all over my son’s face. Also the food at times get stuck in the dispenser so you have to check the dispenser to ensure you are not wasting food.When the dispenser is full the item works the best. Also it is convenient if you have an impatient child that cannot wait between scoops into the food jar.The dispenser is average but all in all I would say a pass and not needed.

Stefanie Hillsboro, TX

My Favorite Baby Item!

This is the best invention ever! We love the Boon Squirt Spoon! I have 3 kids, and this has made #3 so much easier at feeding time. I just fill the spoon, close it tight & feed. Most of the time he doesn’t even get his bib dirty because it’s completely mess-free. Also, it eliminates all the frustration my hungry baby feels when he has to wait for me to get another spoonful. I recommend it to other moms every chance I get 🙂

Berta Arena, WI

A great spoon, an extremely helpful solution to feeding time

Our daughter is now 2.5 years old, so we no longer use this spoon. But when she was younger this turned into an invaluable and essential part of our feeding routine. When our daughter started on the first cereals, feeding time got real messy really quickly. She was too young (and wiggly) to sit upright in a high chair, so the process originally was holding the baby, having a bowl of cereal nearby, and then trying to feed her by scooping cereal with a spoon, getting it near her mouth, and trying to have her eat it without kicking over the bowl (or us knocking it over) or dump over the spoon, etc.With this spoon, we would make the cereal, load it into the reservoir, pick up the baby, and simply feed her by squeezing small amounts of cereal out to the spoon when it was close to her mouth. Much simpler, much cleaner, and a much more fun task than trying to wrangle the bowl-and-spoon-and-wriggling-baby circus.We have also started giving these out as shower gifts to expectant parents, and have gotten universally enthusiastic feedback as well. This is a small solution to a small-ish problem, but it made our lives much easier when our daughter was young, and we highly recommend them to new parents.

Hallie Rocky Point, NC

Almost Perfect

We bought these for our baby after my husband saw one in use and dubbed it the Mary Poppins spoon. 🙂 It works fabulously. My only issue is as a previous reviewer said, if you make your own baby food a small chunk may clog it briefly. This hasn’t been an issue for us with most things, but bananas – for example – will have this issue at least a half dozen times per feeding.We just solved it by keeping a clean bib/napkin/etc. nearby and if we feel resistance to squeeze it onto that and then scoop up any spray. At the end we use that for the initial wiping of baby’s face that is always necessary for a learning eater.It is extremely easy to clean and much easier to carry than any other container I’ve used so far. I can tuck it spoon up in the side pouch of the diaper bag with no worries of leaks or forgetting to pack a clean spoon. Plus I don’t have to keep track of baby’s hands relative to grabbing the spoon and bowl, just the spoon. I would recommend it to anyone to have on hand.

Margarita Hanover, VA

Boon Squirt

When the spoon is almost empty it splatters in the baby’s face. There is stil several spoonfuls left. Otherwise a good product.

Melba Albany, WI

Literally a meal-time life changer

This is definitely in my top 10 best baby products EVER. It is so handy for travel and for when I know I won’t have a highchair (which we do a lot of). But I also use it a lot at home. For some reason, my baby will reject baby food on a spoon some days, but if I put the same food in this, she will down it in a jiffy. Sometimes I have to change things up a bit for her to re-boot and agree to eat. I love that this is one-handed, as more hands is something I could always use. I just tap it on her tray for the food to come to the end, and then squeeze. I have had more people ask me about this than any other baby product I have. It’s seriously genius.The only downsides are the deep spoon (my baby can’t get all the food out of the well), and the waste of food (once it gets too low, it just spits out and the rest of that food won’t come out.) But seriously, I don’t even care. This thing is the only reason my baby eats some days and I would buy it again and again and again!!!

Jenny Beaverdam, VA