Boon Stem Drying Rack Accessory, White/Yellow

Boon Stem Drying Rack Accessory, White/Yellow

Wish your Lawn or Grass countertop drying rack had a bit more room? Try a little flower power. Plant Stem in the middle and use it to hold small, just-washed parts while you free space below for drying bigger items. Holds bottle and small sippy cup parts. For use with Grass and Lawn countertop drying racks. Provides more space for drying larger items. BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free.

Main features

  • Holds bottle and small sippy cup parts
  • For use with Grass and Lawn countertop drying racks
  • Provides more space for drying larger items
  • BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free

Verified reviews


Stylisht flower for my grass

I love the flower. It’s perfect with my grass! (I wish I got the lawn but that’s for another review.) The flower is a nice magenta/purple color. There are three “stamens” and I dry bottle nipples on it. I use Avent bottles and the vent collar fits perfectly on the petals. I can fit four or five vent collars on one flower. Definitely leaves more room on the grass for bottles and bottle caps.

Sophie Islandia, NY

holds a lot of nipples

I’m the type that like to buy baby products that are useful and at the same time, they have to look nice as well. I bought the Boon Lawn with this product and I love the fact that it holds a lot of nipples. I ended up buying two twigs since we had a lot of nipples to clean/dry. I think it works great. I’ve seen other drying racks/systems out there and they’re pretty horrendous to look at. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Ruthie Waycross, GA

Nice looking, but not as sturdy as I was hoping.

I bought two of these, in white and warm gray. With triplets, you have an incredible amount of feeding equipment and accessories, and look for anything to help save space. When we moved from bottles to sippy cups, I was looking to downsize our drying rack arrangments and thought these would be helpful. They do add some height to the grass drying racks, and are attractive, but they tend to tip over easily. I’m not sorry I bought them, but I wouldn’t recommend them as a "must have".

Nan Delhi, NY

great accessory for my grass!

i bought two of these because I was starting to run out of room on my grass and didn’t want to upgrade to lawn. I still nurse so I don’t always use bottles or pump, but occasionally when I do, it’s great having these trees on my grass so it can hold some of the smaller stuff and doesn’t crowd the grass space for the bigger items. I also like having them as back up supports for my glass bottles. I always get nervous that the glass bottles will fall over but having the trees there makes me feel a little better. Love these! so cute and useful!update:so sad I thought that i would sterilize everything that i have for the baby one day and put these things in the sterilizer and it totally melted. don’t make that mistake!

Alisha West Springfield, PA

If you have the lawn/grass, you must have one of these!

I didn’t know about these till I saw it on a baby blog. We have the Boon Grass. I would have gotten the lawn if I knew how many parts there were to my bottles! Anyway, the grass was always filling up. I bought this and it is awesome. It holds like 8 bottle nipples! I also use it to hold the little cleaning brush that comes with all Dr. Brown bottles. Besides, it is so cute!

Goldie Bridgeview, IL

Great addition!

I love this! It is so cute and really helps make the Boon Lawn drying rack be more functional. Small parts can easily be slipped. Over the branches and do not fall off. For this reason, I prefer the Twig to the Flower. The flower’s petals are too close together and you really can only put one or two small accessories balanced on it which easily fall off.

Marian Thacker, WV

whimsical and functional accessory

These flower drying racks are my favorite accessory to the Boon Grass drying rack. These delicate looking flowers hold all my bottle and pump parts, effectively corralling much more than they look like they would. Each petal and piston is a functional hanger and the flower itself forms a sort of basin to hold things that can’t hang.

Yvonne Huntingdon, TN

Makes a nice accompianment to the drying rack

I have the ‘grass’ drying rack for drying all of my babies bottles, nipples, sippy cup pieces and my pump pieces. I ordered this flower because all the little pieces get kind of lost around the counter. Works great! Snaps right in, and holds quite a bit.

Marva Reynolds Station, KY

Great addition to the lawn

This essentially maximizes your space on the lawn and helps organize the different parts of bottles as you wash them. Excellent buy, very pleased with it.

Molly Hampton, GA

Love Boon!

These accessories are the best idea! You can fit so much more on the lawns now. Looks so great in the kitchen, too, unlike some of the boring and cheap looking bottle racks on the market, which are almost the same price!

Margie Lebanon, OR


Super cute alternative to the traditional drying rack. Holds a lot for its size too. I bought the flower to go along with it.

Alfreda Strawn, IL

a necessity with boon grass

these are very functional and cute and hold quite a bit. definitely a necessity with boon grass. i bought two!

Rachael Andover, KS

good accessory

This product goes well with the lawn drying rack. you really cannot fit TOO much on there, but it looks cute. I am able to put pumping accessories, along with nipples on there. i also put pacifiers within the bloom.

Freda Rollins Fork, VA

It’s cute…

but it doesn’t hold all that much. We manage to squeeze three bottle nipples and their collars on this. Even then, it’s a bit of a balancing act to get it to all stay. However, it’s cute and it does allow us to get a few more items on the grass drying rack.

Graciela Irrigon, OR

Helps save space!

I don’t know what I did without this for so long – it saves so much space and I can wash more bottles now as it holds the little pieces! If you have a lawn I highly recommend this – it makes everything a bit easier!

Tia Warden, WA

Mommy Must have!!!

I love the Boon stems! They work great with the Boon grass. This is the best bottle and accessory drying rack by far, and it looks cute!! It’s amazing how much stuff fits on it! It’s a Mommy Must Have and also my go to baby shower gift!

Lee Redding Center, CT

love the look

I love the look of this drying rack accessory however the pedals are a bit too close together to actually hang much from it. I mainly use the inside of the flower to hold the membranes for my pump parts. I also can hang a couple of the pieces from the inside of the flower. It is fairly sturdy on the boon stem grass.

Cecelia Comstock, WI

I’m so glad I have this for my smaller baby items

I have to say, I’m in love with my whole Boon setup. I purchased the “Lawn” and love it (if you’re unsure of whether to get the Lawn or Grass, go bigger if space will allow). I also bought the twig and the flower for my lawn. After a few months of use I have to say I like the twig better, but I’m still happy I have the flower. Here’s how they stack up in my humble opinion:Twig: It has 9 little offshoots to put things on. Two of them are parallel to the ground though and are difficult to use because things get bumped off easily. The sticks that are angled up work perfect for nipples, collars and pacifiers. My smaller Medela collars and nipples fit much better than my Avent and Tommee Tippee. My Medela collars can even fit 2 per stick and on a few of the sticks I can also put a nipple. The very wide collars don’t really fit well and often bump things of the neighboring sticks. Making me have to rearrange everything. I can also hang pacifiers on the sticks and put my Medela valves on them (although I usually just put them in the lawn area).Flower/Stem: This is about half as useful, but twice as cute. It doesn’t hold much at all. The petals are too close together to put much on them and there’s the 3 little things that stick up in the middle (sorry I’m not good with my flower anatomy). The petals I use for my pacifiers that have rings on them, but my collars don’t fit unless the have an empty petal between them (only my Medela fit). The nipples don’t fit well either. I basically just use this to put my lids and I just rest them in the middle of the stem and then collars on the inner pieces that stick up. I am still happy I have this though since it makes my lawn look cute.Overall, I LOVE the whole Boon system. It’s VERY functional. I can fit a ton of baby stuff on here. I also am more motivated to put things away when they are dry because it’s also almost like a decoration. For me it’s like having one of those Zen gardens you rake and rearrange. I have since bought two friends this set up for baby shower gifts and they love it!

Lawanda Ringgold, VA

Very usefull

I find these not only usefull for her bottle nipples and pacifiers but also to dry ziploc bags. It also helps create more space on the boon grass for other items.Recommend? Definitely

Eunice Reedy, WV

Really cute but…

These are really cute looking but I don’t know that they serve too much of a purpose. Everything I out on it falls off except if I put nipples on the white middle pieces. But that means I’m drying 3 nipples only… I guess therefore they do serve a purpose (cute and somewhat saving space) but just a small one.

Blanche Lake Wales, FL

So cute with stainless appliances!

I bought this to put in the lawn and I just love it! We have stainless appliances and prairie grass walls so the whole thing looks adorable. I can’t wait to use it!

Belinda New River, VA

Neither necessary nor particularly useful

This stem is aesthetically pleasing but isn’t particularly functional. I’m hard pressed to get a nipple on each of the stamens without one of them falling off. There just isn’t enough room. I think it would have been better if the stamens were a little bit longer and more splayed apart. I use Playtex bottles and can fit 4 to 5 rings on the petals but the petals are shallow and very close together so the rings tend to pop off. Because the stem holds so little, I don’t think it ends up saving you much lawn space. I think you’re better off buying the twig.

Rosemary Jackson, LA

adds extra utility to drying rack

takes up minimal space on the matching boon drying grass lawn and creates space to hang/place smaller items. We put the breastpump nipples and other small parts on this and use the petal slots for spoons. When not in use, it adds a fun element to the decor.

Donna Cameron, WV

perfect accessory

cleared up a lot of space on my ‘lawn’ and is perfect for all the teething rings we’re going through.

Gloria Social Circle, GA


We use to hang bottle nipples and rings after washing. Looks so cute on countertop and get compliments all the time.

Pat Lincolndale, NY

It does the job

I like being able to hang rings and nipples on these, plus they are cute. We have three of these, along with two of the grass racks.

Audra Deadwood, SD


This is one of those products that I was hesitant about because it just seemed gimicky and another one to add to the LONG list of not needed baby products. BUT, it’s actually one of the products we use most! We love our Boon Grass dryer; it keeps baby’s stuff separate from other dishes, plus it’s functional and cute, and the twig is very complementary and wonderful for drying nipples and collars. The Grass is somewhat on the small side (which is good – you don’t want a huge thing on your kitchen counter), and the twig maximizes (and obviously increases) it’s size and functionality. Great product! Thanks Boon!

Jeannine Sedalia, IN

GREAT for pump parts!

I pump for my son so we have lots of little pump valves and also the bottle nipples, collars and caps. We got “Flower” and it’s great! It really increases the space by containing lots of the small parts on a higher area and leaving the lower area for the big stuff.

Alejandra Walkersville, WV

Great Accessory to My Grass

I have the Boon Lawn and this stem. I really like this stem because it is attractive and functional. I use it to dry bottle nipples as well as my pump valves and membranes. I like that it adds a little flair to my Boon lawn. It is easy to clean, and really does make drying the smaller bottle and pump parts that would otherwise get lost in the grass a breeze.

Estelle Clyde, NY

Wouldn’t recommend

I just don’t find the Boon Twig all that useful. Very few of our bottle and pumping items fit/stay on this. It’s not all that sturdy. We use the large lawn in combination with the Munchkin Sprout drying rack that has a cup in the middle – I find that to be more useful for small parts.

Monika Wolcott, NY