Boon Swap 2 Count 2 in 1 Feeding Spoon, Blue/Green

Boon Swap 2 Count 2 in 1 Feeding Spoon, Blue/Green

297 Features: -Set of two swap utensils.-Dual-ended spoon offers two texture options.-Flat tip is great for cleaning up around baby.-Perfect size for tiny mouths.-Angled to easily scoop baby food out of jars.-Hygienic food-grade silicone and stainless steel.-Dishwasher-safe.-BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free.-Recommended age: 4 months. Color/Finish: -Color: Green / Purple.

Main features

  • Dual-ended spoons offer two texture options
  • Flat tip is ideal for cleaning outside the mouth
  • Spoons are ideally sized for young, tiny mouths
  • Angled to easily scoop baby food out of jars
  • Hygienic food-grade silicone and stainless steel

Verified reviews


Perfect for Little Mouths

I really love these spoons! They are perfect for little mouths because you can "scoop" the food into their mouths!

Priscilla Perry, NY

Great size for first feeding stage

The spoon has just the right size of quantity of food for baby at the first feeding stage. I started using it when my daughter was 5 months old, and now she’s almost 9 month, still works great for her. Also, the design is so cute with high quality.

Susan Ono, PA

Super spoons

These spoons ate fantastic! They’re the perfect size for little mouths. The rubber side is great for scraping out the very important last bits from the bowl. I liked the spoons so much that I ordered a second set to be sure I always had one handy.

Addie Tea, SD

Fantastic spoons!

I love that these are dual-ended. I freeze cubes of baby food so I find the metal end is best for mixing. My LO prefers the rubber end but I’m sure once gets teeth, we’ll switch to the metal end for her too. Super ergonomic fit in my hand and in turn perfect placement into her mouth. Feeding portion isn’t too big or too small. Love the colors.

Etta New Middletown, IN

Works great, nice and small for first timers

They’re silicone covered on one end making them soft. They’re very small, so they fit well in small mouths. Plus you’ve got the metal side for when they get older. Just about perfect.

Bernice Greenwich, OH

awesome spoons

We started using these spoons with our child when she was 6 months and she is now 9 months and they are still working great.The long reach of these spoons is fantastic–you don’t have to lean too far over to reach your child’s mouth. We typically feed our child with the rubber end and use the metal end to get the bits on her face that don’t quite make it into her mouth.

Bethany Fairview, WV


This are my favorite spoons! They are long and easy to handle, they are also soft for my baby’s mouth.

Sylvia Masterson, TX


These are really great little spoons. I used these when I introduced my son to solids and they were the perfect fit! They hold just the right amount of food for a 6 month old and the spoon has a really good shape/depth to it. The soft side is surprisingly durable – they survived my son’s first bout with teething without a scratch. I know this sounds weird but they have a good weight to them and are a good length so it was really nice to hold.I will say though, now that my son is 10.5 months old I no longer use these spoons because they don’t hold enough food for him. So though I only used them for a short period of time, I still think they’re worth it.

Concepcion Glasco, NY

Best baby spoon to start solid feeding

I do research pretty much on every baby products for my son. I like the size of these scoops which are perfect for his mouth. Especially when he was learning open his mouth at the beginning of solid food introducing. This is the spoon that can goes into his little mouth without leaving mess all over his face. Well, the scoop will only hold right amount food to fit his baby mouth too.It is cool to have two different materials on one spoon. My son loves to chew the silicon end recently. He also like to feel the metal end in his mouth some times. Best baby spoon to introduce my son to solid food.

Lara Woodville, VA

OK spoons

My baby likes being fed with those spoons as they fill well into a mouth of a 5 month old.UPDATE:Once we started using different brand spoons, I see how overpriced those are. They are small and we could use them only for a month or so. I’m changing my rating two two stars.

Lora Gerlach, NV

Works well.

I love this set of spoons. These work really well and were the first spoons we used to feed solids to our baby. The shape is nice in that it holds a good amount of food but is also "spatula like" to scrape the food off the baby’s face.

Lilia Harpswell, ME

Love these

These spoons are great. Just the right size and I especially like the silicone side for wiping across our daughter’s face to catch all the food that didn’t quite make it in her mouth. It works a bit like a squeegee.

Shanna Hatfield, IN

Great spoons

These spoons have been great for our daughter. We started giving her solid goods around 5 months old. These spoons are small enough to easily fit in her mouth and are more flat than others we’ve seen, so easier for baby to eat off of. Highly recommend!

Mallory Edgemoor, SC