Boon Swap Baby Utensils,Blue/Orange

Boon Swap Baby Utensils,Blue/Orange

Swap 2 in 1 Feeding Spoon. We’ve got a couple of tips. Literally. Swap is a dual ended spoon with a soft end and a rigid end. perfect for first time eaters. (Your baby will let you know which side of the spoon works best). Both sides have a flat tip perfect for wiping off the food that inevitably ends up all over your baby’s face. Dual ended spoon offers two texture options. Flat tip is great for cleaning up around baby’s mouth and inside container. Perfect size for tiny mouths. Angled to easily scoop baby food out of jars. Hygienic food grade silicone and stainless steel. Dishwasher Safe, BPA, phthalate and PVC free.

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  • Boon is a leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of infant and baby products. They are driven by a strong desire to create modern products that help simplify parents’ lives while allowing them to retain their personal style.

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I bought them so grandma can use for my child. I guess they are useful as I got no complains so far form her.

Abby Chesterfield, IL


These are great little spoons. I actually bought them to give medicine. All of the medicine spoons out there were huge and deep … not good for little mouths. These work perfectly for that purpose. And I think they will be great once my son transitions to solid food.

Bridgette Tortilla Flat, AZ

Love these spoons

I have some of the regular munchkin or whatever type, and they’re OK. But these spoons do an amazing job of making sure the food gets in my daughter’s mouth, not the rest of her face (or lap). The size and shape are perfect for her mouth and for getting all the food out of containers and the weight is perfect for sitting in dishes without flipping over. I would highly recommend paying the price for them!

Kathy Canones, NM

Works better with chunkier foods

I like these spoons. The only thing you need to know is that they can hold very little liquid foods, too little in my opinion. But perfect for purees that you don’t add liquids to.

Jeanne Poplarville, MS

Worth every penny- Boon did it again!

I have been using those munchkin 100 in a pack for $2 spoons that every grocery store sells, they are just a regular spoon in miniature. Well, as it turns out, a babys mouth is not just an adult mouth in miniature. These Boon spoons have obviously been designed from scratch. They have been made specifically for a tiny mouth that is just learning to eat & is easily distracted. The angle is comfortable so your hand doesn’t start to ache, the width of the spoon is tiny & the spatula type shape means you can deliver a full bite everytime. The spatula shape is also PERFECT for making sure you end p with a clean bowl (or getting that last little bit in the jar) & for cleaning up around their mouth during meal time. I will be investing in more of these & never looking back.

Jeanie Paradise, CA

Great spoons

Great quality spoons! I like them for when i feed baby, but I like the sassy spoons for when she tries to feed herself.

Edna Piketon, OH

Love these spoons!

These are so great! We started using them at 6 months and at 15 months I’ll still use the, even when he can definitely handle a real spoon or his oxo spoon. I love the design and the silicone side.

Rachel Fernley, NV

Love these Spoons

They are the perfect size for food and the handles help scoop food off. They are not heavy and he also like to bite on them which is great since he is teething.

Erna Macon, IL

cute colors, multiple textures

these spoons are very cute, and have a silicon side and a stainless steel side for using with babies that prefer different textures. my baby doesn’t seem to care at all and eat from both sides.

Robbie Walbridge, OH

High quality, nice shape

The shape of the silicone end is really nice for cleaning up around baby’s mouth and getting the last little bit out of a container. It is a small spoon size, so you’ll have to go up to something larger when baby’s appetite and mouth get bigger. I kind of wish they made a bigger one.

Nancy Tivoli, TX


These are great!They are small enough to fit in my baby’s mouth, they hold just enough food.Normally the problem is the the "scoop" part is too deep so you have to wiggle the food off of the spoon, but these are flat enough that it can come off with just a little slide or wiping it on the top of her mouth.They look really cool too.

Molly Brewer, ME

Very good for the short time I used it.

These spoons are great for starting your baby on solids. They are gentle on gums and small enough to fit into baby’s sometimes hesitant mouth. I used these exclusively for my son when he was 4 – 8 months. When he learned to take bigger bites, I transitioned him to larger spoons. The "hard" side if the spoon was never useful to me. So my advice is get these, but you will only need one pair.

Sybil Lansing, OH

I like them

It is pricy but I like them. and my about 5 month old baby was ok with a spoon size.but once he started eating by himself they I think I need bigger and regular looking spoon.

Lucile Sipesville, PA

Where have these baby spoons been all my life?

Okay, that sounds like an exaggeration, but I have 4 kids spanning 16 years. Every baby spoon I have found was short handled and most had spoons that were too large and round for a baby learning to eat solids. This baby spoon is perfect, from the length of the handle down the the size of the spoon. You have to try it, you won’t be sorry!

Lynne Edwall, WA

Boon Spoons

These are great spoons for little ones that are learning to self feed and works great for those who are learning to eat solids.

Janelle Detroit, MI

Work great!

I bought these and the Dr Brown spoons. I like the Dr. Browns for not having a deep pit to collect food in but these fit in her little mouth better. She also loves to use the rubber side to massage her gums with.

Vera West Leyden, NY

Great spoons!

I can’t really compare these spoons to other products because they are the only spoons I have ever used with my son. That said, we have been using them for a couple of months now and we love them. They hold up really well even though I run them through the dishwasher almost every night. The size of the spoon is perfect for their little mouths and the length is great for feeding. Another huge reason I got these is because once our baby has teeth, I can just turn the spoon around and feed him from the non-coated side. Brilliant. I got them for a friend of mine and will definitely be getting these for other baby shower gifts. They are the only spoons to have for your baby. And they look great too!

Daphne Marceline, MO

Seriously awesome spoons

I was intrigued by the glowing reviews for these spoons, which are on the pricier side. Well, they are worth it. They are awesome. They fit your baby’s mouth perfectly and create so much less mess on their face and clothing. My husband will ONLY use these to feed our 9 month old. I had to buy a second set of two so that we’d always have some clean. We have a bunch of unused spoons from our first child (Gerber soft-tipped infant and toddler spoons, take and toss, etc) because we reach for these every time. They are the best for oatmeal, rice cereal and baby purees. Even the chunkier stage 2 & 3 foods work great with these.

May Eldersville, PA

Not all baby spoons are the same.

Okay. I never thought I’d find myself reviewing a spoon. But these spoons actually did make a difference when feeding my baby; so here goes. Starting solids I tried three spoons. A little coffee spoon from my regular dishes, a Boon squirt spoon and these Boon 2 in 1 spoons. The coffee spoon is pretty good. It’s just slightly too wide for baby’s mouth. So feeding time was a little messy. But if you want to save some money, just use little cafe spoons. The Boon squirt spoon way too deep and made feeding difficult and messy. Plus the squirt dispenser is a little gimmicky and hard to clean. But these Boon 2 in 1 spoons are perfect. They actually made feeding time a lot easier and cleaner. The soft end holds the perfect bite for baby’s first solids. It’s enough of a taste for him to enjoy, but not so much it comes flowing back out. The spoons are nice and shallow, so the whole bite comes out in baby’s mouth easily. And now that he’s teething, the soft end seems nicer to chew on. I came back to buy a second set today.

Earlene Mirando City, TX

Perfectly sized & love the colors

The bowl of the spoon is deep enough to hold as big a bite of food as your baby can manage while the rubber cover protects his gums and lips. I like that the rubber runs up along the length of the spoon so that food doesn’t get a chance to get stuck between rubber and the metal. The length of the spoon is also great: not too short so that it’s awkward to handle and not too long that it doesn’t rest inside the baby food jar.And I love the colors. So glad I decided to invest in spoons that were a little pricer than some of the others available on Amazon. Figured I would be using it multiple times a day for months with at least two kids so might as well get something I’d enjoy using everyday.

Tamra Daggett, CA


If you’re on the fence trying to weigh out the cost for 2 spoons… I was too! SO SOO glad I bought these! They are great and gentle on baby! Perfect shape so I don’t have to balance food to keep it on the spoon (stage 1 foods are almost liquid.) These are great and quality!

Michael Unionport, OH

Best spoon ever!!!!

I have a difficult time feeding my baby. He did not want to do anything with spoons until I bought Boon Swap Feeding Spoon. Perfect fit not too big and no too small. I’m extremely happy!!!

Earlene Calvert, TX

Great spoons!

These I love! They work wonderfully, are double sided and long enough to mix baby food without making a mess. They are cute too.

Luz Todd, PA

best starter spoons out there!

we started spoon feeding our bebe at four months (when she was still pushing food out with her tongue), and after trying several different kinds of spoons, these are by far the best! they are smaller than others and have a deeper bowl to the spoon, and for whatever reason it just fits in bebe’s mouth and allows her to gobble up the food a little easier.

Barbara Magnolia, MS

Perfect for narrow mouths

Yes, this spoon is ridiculously expensive and that part sucks. However, my son opens his mouth like a little birdie- tall with a very narrow opening. This is the only spoon we can get in his mouth without a huge mess on his cheeks. The straight edged silicone tip is firm enough to efficiently wipe the messes that do get around his mouth. It far surpasses our other baby spoons for scraping.What I don’t like about this spoon (other than price)?- Because the spoon is so narrow, it’s difficult to get much food on it- especially runnier foods like pure fruit purees. By adding some oatmeal or cereal we can thicken it up enough to work (although we do that anyway to avoid prune or mango induced explosions!). However, this means than for anything but the thickest purees it takes much longer to feed than the standard wide spoons.What I’m ambivalent about:- The double ended spoon. I don’t feel like its really necessary- especially with one silicone, one metal. I typically use metal end to scoop in cereal/oatmeal, and feed with the silicone end. I wish it were one solid surface for cleaning purposes- you can lift up the silicone edge slightly which means food can squeeze in there too.Our son is almost a year old and has been using these spoons since about 8.5 months. We also have the hard plastic Munchkin spoons (hate them- very long with overly deep spoon bowls and way too wide) and the silicone “love” spoons by Munchkin (like these, but they’re a little too wide… At some point I expect to transition to these from the narrow Boon spoons since they hold more food and hopefully my son’s mouth will eventually get a little wider”).Overall I highly recommend these spoons for narrow birdie mouths, but I would choose the 2 pack Muchkin silicone “love” spoons for wider mouths in order to feed more efficiently.

Sheree Volga, SD

Great for little mouths!

I needed a spoon for a little mouth and these are great! The other baby spoons we were using (cant remember the brand) were too wide for our little guy’s mouth. Now that we own these though, I love them for more reasons. Firstly the soft tip side is great for his gums but the hard side is GREAT for scraping food off his face. They also scoop food out of jars and bowls nicely. As an added bonus I think they look really nice.

Kari Paint Lick, KY

Perfect size

I use the silicon end for most foods and the stainless steel end to scrape bananas and avocados into puree at the table. Have seen a bit of discoloration after using with carrots and sweet potatoes, but not enough to bother me. Prefer these to plastic spoons. Would definitely recommend.

Dionne Brice, OH


Nice set of spoons maybe too small though…. Thy might have been good for the very beginning. Not comfortable to hold as you have to hold the metal part. I prefer my Bambu baby spoons.

Justine Winigan, MO

Perfect Double Ended Spoons

I bought these after buying the multi-pack of Munchkins spoons with heat sensing tips because after just using those one time, I realized they were completely worthless. Sure the Boon spoons cost more (you get half the number of spoons for double the price) but these are truly excellent. The spoon picks up just the right amount of food–not too deep or shallow. The perfect size for baby’s little mouth so that you can get the food all the way in because when you can’t deliver the food towards the back of the mouth, especially when babies are still learning how to swallow, you will end up wasting all the food and your effort as the natural reflex of the baby’s mouth and tongue will just push the food out of the mouth and it gets all over the baby’s face. These are double ended so you can choose which side works best for you. There is a stainless side and a soft silicone side. When you’re new to feeding and afraid to hurt your baby’s delicate gums the soft side really helps you practice feeding your baby without fear. I find that the silicone side also works great as a scraper to get all the food off from around the mouth as well. Like a quality silicone spatula. Perfectly angled, good weight, and length of spoon is easy on hands. Gives you great dexterity to work around the small mouth of baby. Keeping the mess to a minimum. And your baby actually eats more food, more efficiently.The Munchkin spoons lacked all the good things about these spoons. They are just left in the drawer unused. I only reach for the Boon spoons now and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good utensil. Having the right tool for the job really makes a difference.

Pauline Madison, VA

Just a spoon – but we’re in love!

These spoons are great! They are so comfortable to feed our daughter with (6mo) and the size of the spoon is great. We currently are using the silicone end so it’s comfortable on her gums. They wash up well and look great as well. Would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for spoons to begin feeding their little one with.

Olga North New Portland, ME