Boon Trunk Snack Box,Gray/Blue

Boon Trunk Snack Box,Gray/Blue

These snack boxes are perfect for on-the-go. Compartments inside keep food divided and the snap-seal lid keeps it fresh. Compartments keep food divided. Air-tight seal lid keeps snacks fresh. Handle for easy carrying, great for travel. Easy to clean two-piece design. Top rack dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free.

Main features

  • Compartments keep food divided
  • Air-tight seal lid keeps snacks fresh
  • Handle for easy carrying, great for travel
  • Easy to clean two-piece design
  • Top rack dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free

Verified reviews


Elephantasic Lunch Box

This lunch box has four different compartments of varying sizes. The largest one will only fit a full sandwich if you cut it into four diagonal slices (like in the picture), but for now my two year old prefers to eat his that way so it works. There is another semi-large compartment that is useful and then two tiny ones that can fit a small handful of goldfish or maybe 8 grapes. I wish they would have combined the two smallest compartments into one so it would hold a bit more food, but it is easy to clean, easy to carry, and my son just loves using it. The lid snaps on easily and has a nice, tight fit.

Angie Newington, CT

This thing is huge!

This 2-piece box is very cute and perfect to keep lunches and snacks separated with one big lid. But, it is bigger than I imagined. It is 9.1 x 2.5 x 7.8 inches! I guess I was expecting something a little smaller, so check your child’s backpack to see if it would fit.

Lily West Enfield, ME

The cutest!

Used for pic-nic and everybody loved this! Nice in a backpack also.Good material, design, color.Have fun with this!

Aimee West Dover, VT

Not durable

One wash in the dishwasher and it warped – it won’t close properly now. Rather disappointed – I had really hoped to use it.

Avis Cooke City, MT


love this! very cute, large and lots of space for fitting both lunch and snacks. made of durable plastic with good fitting lid.

Margo Ouray, CO

Awesome. My boy loves having this with him when …

Awesome. My boy loves having this with him when we go out for the day as it is like a tasting plate of goodies. He now goes straight to it when he wants something to eat. Nicely designed Boon.

Eddie Torrance, CA

Two units were defective (Update: 4 units were defective)

I purchased two of these for use for my twin girls’ lunches. One arrived with a slightly bent lid that never sealed again after being opened. The other appeared to be straight upon taking it out of the box, however I was still unable to close it after opening it the first time. I tried everything — pushing on multiple sides at the same time, turning it upside down on a table and pushing it down, and trying to get one side closed and then the other. Nothing seemed to get this thing to close again. I just ordered two replacements and I’m hoping that these work because the size is a perfect fit for their lunch bagDabbawalla Bags Blushing Monkey Lunch Bag, Magenta/Pink/GreyEdit 1: Just received a replacement for one of the units, and it too is defective. The lid does snap on, however, there is a lot of wiggle room after pulling it off and on one time. In addition, there is a defect/slight cracking in the blue plastic rim around the edge of the top piece.Edit 2: Just received my other replacement unit (4th item), and it is also defective. There is a ton of wiggle room on the lid and it just doesn’t seem to stay closed. The tolerances for closure are way too low (it just barely has enough overlap to click on, and even then, it does so without enough gripping power to stay put). I contacted the manufacturer to inquire about a defective lot or manufacturing problems and they weren’t aware of anything. They suggested returning the items through the seller (already done, thank you Amazon!). Interestingly, the manufacturer has no other snack boxes in stock currently and their next release date is scheduled for July (hopefully, their processes are updated between now and then).

Kellie Wolfforth, TX

Bigger than it looks!

When we first gave this to her, our daughter carried it wherever she went. We love how large the compartments are. She can get the lid on and off easily but it doesn’t come off when being carried or when put into our bag.

Johnnie Croton Falls, NY