Boon Whale Pod Drain and Storage Bath Toy Scoop,Blue

Boon Whale Pod Drain and Storage Bath Toy Scoop,Blue

An ocean of bath toys fit inside the Whale Pod so they can be easily stored and left to drip-dry. Kids love how it playfully scoops water. Parents love less bath time mess. Wall-mounted base and built-in shelf. Mounting options included: adhesive strips and hardware. Stores and organizes bath accessories and toys. Removable scoop makes bath time clean-up fun and easy.

Main features

  • Removable scoop makes bath time clean-up fun and easy
  • Stores and organizes bath accessories
  • Wall-mounted base with built-in shelf
  • Reduces mold and mildew
  • Mounting options included: adhesive strips and hardware

Verified reviews


Perfect bathtub organizer

Love love love this item! I used the Velcro strips provided and it is secure and holds a lot. I love that there is a slot for other items. I use it for shampoos and cups that my toddler plays with. It holds a lot of toys and is easy to take on and off. I also really like the design. Although bigger then I expected, it takes up little space in the back of the tub because it is pretty slim. I hate baby clutter and was hesitant to buy the blue color for fear my only bathtub would look like a playroom but it is a great modern design that looks perfect with our white marble and shower curtain.

Jenifer Richland, TX

Didn’t work for us

Super cute product and I love Boon for the most part, but this didn’t work for us. Followed the instructions to a T to adhere to the wall but it came down after the first use. I refuse to drill holes into my shower tiles and there are no suction cups so this goes back. Ordered the Brica product and like it much better. Hasn’t slipped once, holds a ton of toys and takes up less space, at half the price.

Frances San Manuel, AZ

Very fun-ctional!

It’s cool looking and works well. I like that it has a shelf on the top to store shampoos etc, and that the tail serves as a towel hanger. The bin holds a lot of toys (although I can’t fit all of our in it – but we have TONS) and does allow for easy scooping out of the tub. We have had ours on the bathroom wall for a couple months now and it is still holding tight – I even goofed and had to pull off the strips during installation which I was sure would make it fall after a few hours. We mounted it high enough where our son can’t grab it so it is working out really well for us. I am very pleased I got this and spent a little more $ rather than going cheap and getting the net, because like I said, it now keeps the bottles out his reach too.

Kelley Snow Lake, AR

Works Great and So Cute!

This work great and is so cute! I love the shape and color of the whale. It matches our deep ocean bath theme perfectly. The scoop is easy to remove and use. Once you scoop up all the toys, just run them under fresh water to rinse then hand to dry. The little shelf is so handy. I put the baby’s body/hair wash there and the little water scopp. It’s big enough for two items. Maybe 3 smaller items. I hand the washclothes on the tail which curve upwards slightly and can be used a bit like hooks. I live in Souther California in arid climate and so far, everything dries quite thoroughly from day to day. This is a nicely designed all in one caddy.For mounting, it comes with double sided super sticky foam tape and two screws and anchors for mounting. I didn’t use the sticky foam tape. I didn’t think those would work well in the long term with the weight of the toys, bottles of toiletries, and wet wash clothes hanging from it. I decided to mount it with the screws and anchors that it came with. It was easy with a power drill/screw driver. I didn’t want to drill and damage my tiles so I found a space with decently size grout lines and drilled through the grout and anchored it to whatever is behind the the tile/grout. Most likely hardee backer board, I’m assuming. It’s holding up fine and works and looks great. Definitely cleared all the baby’s bathtime toys and clutter from the rim of the tub.I love Boon products. What till they think of next? I highly recommend this.

Cherry Holly Hill, SC

Functional and cute

Ok, I am the mom who can’t stand all of the super plastic tacky toys. This is quite big, but you need all the space for toys. It was easy to install and matches our decor (grey/white bathroom). I have it right new to the facet, so it gets tons to water on it every day and there has been no issues with it staying put. The top section is great for baby shampoo, soaps, etc.

Lakeisha Evanston, IN

Great purchase

Very happy with this purchase. Have had it for 6 months now and it is loaded with toys and shampoo/soap bottles and there is no way it is coming off the tile. We have ceramic tile. I followed the directions exactly as listed. The toy area is very large, you scoop up the toys while they are still floating in the water, give them a quick rinse, then hang it up on the hook. The top part has a shelf which could probably hold 3 shampoo bottles. Nice sleek design too.

Marsha Villa Grove, IL

Splash splash fun.

This is a great thing to have in your wash room. It is durable and cute and has a spot for shampoo and bubbles. It makes toy clean up after a bath easy.

Kate Irvington, VA

Sleek, clever design

This doesn’t take up too much space, doesn’t feel intrusive. Since we currently only have 1 bath in our house, it’s nice to not feel that we’re in the "kids’" bathroom. Especially when we have guests. And our daughter loves playing with the whale tail bucket!

Fay Troy, NH

Cute and functional

Just got it a week ago. We attached it using sticky tape provided. We have real ceramic tile in the bath and it holds well. Useful and cute. I am guessing people complaining that it does not stick attached it to porous surface, like plastic or paint.

Erma Stryker, OH

Just what I wanted

This is working great for us- plenty of room for toys, a little shelf on top for shampoo bottles, and even though we used the adhesive and not the bolts, it has stayed up more than a month without incident. I did feel like it was a little overpriced, but since it matched our other bathroom accessories and looked nice and big, I ordered it and I’m glad I did.

Cornelia Stacy, NC

sturdy and love the scoop

my daughter loves putting all her toys back in the scoop, it looks unobtrusive and i like that it has a shelf for shampoo etc. all though it did fall off the wall once when i had it full…but maybe i was too hasty sticking it to the wall and i didnt prep the surface well enough. it hasnt fallen since and it is really full of toys. i reccomend

Antonia Custer City, PA

So cute & functional

We’ve had this Whale Pod for a few months now and I have nothing but good things to say about it. It looks so cute in our daughter’s bathroom and is so functional. Installation was super easy & it has stayed put/sturdy since we put it up several months ago. The tail portion detaches to scoop up the toys which is so easy. I love that there is a little shelf on the top of the whale to store bubble bath & shampoo bottles. Product is made well. Great quality.

Edythe Wooster, OH

Great bath storage!

We have had the Boon ladybug storage pod for a few years now and have been happy with it, however we needed additional space for storing bath toys. Hence, we now have the Boon Whale pod storage hanging next to the ladybug in the bathtub!Overall, this is similar to the ladybug in that you can scoop the toys up and it has drains for the water. However, it has a couple of additional features. You can hang washcloths from the tail to dry which is great and it also has a shelf to sit shampoo and body wash on. Really great for small bathrooms. We are very happy with this purchase and it matches our whale baby bathtub, whale knee cushion, and whale faucet cover!

Edythe Bath, MI

Stylish and functional

This was easy to install and it works great…I love the modern design and it holds all my son’s bath toys perfectly!

Jesse Perryton, TX

Modern and Sleek

Another great design from Boon! We only have one guest bathroom that is also baby’s bathroom. I didn’t want it to be cluttered with baby stuff and have is scream children’s bathroom. This nicely blends in with our color scheme, looks sleek, and stays out of the way. I’ve even had people ask me what it was. No one would guess baby’s bath toy holder. And it’s pretty darn cute!

Billie Highland, MI