Boppy Bounce in Comfort Bouncer

Boppy Bounce in Comfort Bouncer

The Boppy Bounce In Comfort Bouncer features snugly soft fabrics for comfy rest and play. Features: Soft plush seat frame features luxurious fabrics that surround baby in comfort Removable head bolster supports smallest newborns and can be removed when baby has better head control Two comfort positions: recline for rest and upright for playtime Calming vibrations, five gentle melodies and three soothing sounds with volume control Removable toy bar with two detachable toys: plush bee with crinkle wings and plush baby-safe sun mirror

Main features

  • Removable headrest and integrated bolsters offer baby a total body support system when baby needs it most
  • Deluxe fabrics are gentle on baby’s delicate skin outer seat pad faux suede inner Seat pad poly-cotton blend bolster and headrest: lamboa
  • One hand removable toy bar glides back in one gentle motion
  • 2 position reclining seat for rest or play
  • Detachable toys include plush bee with crinkle wings and plush baby-safe sun mirror

Verified reviews


baby slept here for 2 months!

This was my old review until the baby loved it:Don’t buy this!!! First, while putting this together I noticed some little broken plastic pieces in the bag upon delivery. The pieces of plastic were so small and cheap-looking that I figured it can’t be important. While putting this part together I noticed the bar wouldn’t click into place like the other bars did. I then proceeded to put the back bar on. I examined it and there were no Right/Left labels, so I figured it didn’t matter. Well, it does! Instead of the top play bar going middle to back, it goes middle to feet now and there is no way of unlocking it once you assemble! I took apart over 7 screws and still couldn’t unlock it! Due to this, there is no way of getting it back into the box to return! I’m stuck with a $40 piece of crap with no toy bar for the baby!#2 Actually it works fine backwards. The baby was born with hip dislocation and sleeping flat was painful for her with her harness. She slept comfortably in this chair (without the toy bar) for 2 months and now still sits in it to watch Elmo at 3.5 months old. We love it!

Georgia Lincolnshire, IL

Wrong description on Amazon

This is the Boppy Bounce in Comfort Bouncer, however, the description on Amazon is for the Boppy Cradle in Comfort Bouncer. So, I didn’t realise they weren’t quite the same thing.I was just sent this package and had put together before I realised that the music/sound component wasn’t what I wanted. Aside from the ability to bounce and the softness of this device, the reason I wanted it was the soothing sounds. However, this item only has one selector so all you get is the music. Also, I assume that the music cycles through all 5 tunes that are mentioned on the package? I didn’t bother to listen as the first tune was just dire.Bottom line: If you like the idea of soothing sounds, don’t buy this product. I have returned mine and indicated to Amazon the incorrect descriptor on the website.Other than this issue, the product looked a good buy for the price. The colour of the material was a bit ho hum but that wouldn’t have caused me too much angst. At least it was neutral which was what I wanted.

Mercedes Hardy, VA

Happy with it

It is a good bouncer. For a while it the only place my child would sleep in,i can only assume it must have been comfy.

Kristine Cross Plains, WI

~*~Perfect Seat, it was a MUST HAVE for my TWINS~*~

My husband and I LOVE these, we used them more as a seat/bed rather than a bouncer.My twins were both less than 6lbs when they came home from the hospital so these seats were WAY too big for them. We folded a bunch of blankets and layed them on these so they fit a little better. My girls loved laying/sleeping beside eachother and these seats were PERFECT to do that. We could lay the girls in these seats side by side so they were snuggled together and the sides kind of cradled them and made them feel secure. Our daughters slept in their cribs at night but during the day they loved to be in these together.When they were young enough we didn’t have to strap them in(but also always watched them) because the shape of the seats are deep and perfect. This was so helpful with twins, especially when watching them alone. For instance, if I was holding Zoey on my lap while Madison was in her seat, if Madison started choking(she did often due to reflux) I could quickly put Zoey in her own seat & pick up Madison. I didn’t have to worry about Zoey being strapped in so getting her in her seat was fast & Madison wasn’t strapped in so I was able to get her out in a flash. I can not even express how important not having to strap them in when they were newborns was but it made our lives a whole lot easier. These seats were almost like a second set of hands to us.These were also easy to take places or from room to room so we took these everywhere with us.Once my daughters were a little bigger we started putting them in their own seats and they loved watching cartoons or napping, they never did mind being put in these seats. Also, they loved being put in the more upright position when they were older and if they fell asleep I could easily put the seat back into the recline position w/out disturbing them. They never payed much attention to the toys so I never kept that attached.We had 2 other different kinds of bouncers but they were no where near as comfy as these nor would they have been able to nap or lay together in them. Especially if you have twins I would definately recommend getting these.

Ann Dinero, TX

So comfy!

Very basic bouncer which was GREAT! Was nice and ‘bouncy’ when other baby bouncers seem stiff. It’s so incredibly soft! Easy to clean/wash! The toys left something to be desired but my son actually formed an attachment to the bee! Bought this WAY cheaper elsewhere so shop around for better price! Was not disapointed with quality!

Susanne Ortonville, MI