Boppy Changing Pad Cover with Waterproof Liner, Blue

Boppy Changing Pad Cover with Waterproof Liner, Blue

This two piece set features sumputously soft minky fabric to keeps baby comfortable during changings. The cotton terry waterproof liner, with coordinating trim, keeps the cover fresh beween washings. For use with contoured changing pads. Additional liners sold separately.

Main features

  • Luxuriously soft cover with an elasticized bottom that holds cover securely on pad to maintain shape
  • Soft fabric
  • Sumptuously soft raised dot fabric to soothe baby’s skin during changing
  • Elasticized bottom helps to holds the cover securely on pad to maintain shape
  • Fits most contoured changing pads

Verified reviews


So easy to clean.

I love these. I had one in blue for my son’s (old) nursery and now one in pink for my little girl; it is pretty much the only gender specific thing I bought. The material is so soft and comfy, plus it cleans up really well — which is nice considering it’s purpose. I would recommend buying a 3 pack of extra liners, since they get dirty before the cover does. The liners are definitely waterproof.

Lupe Foley, MN

Yellow Pad is really “Cornmeal”

The cover is soft and it’s nice to have the separate waterproof pad, but the color is atrocious! I purchased the yellow to go with my baby’s yellow room, but it’s not yellow at all. It looks like the color of cornmeal, a real ugly boring color!

Kara Shallowater, TX


This is a wonderful cover. I have had mine for about a year. They do wash very well. I also like that it comes with the small waterproof pad. However, do not put the small waterproof pad in the dryer. I bought extra of the waterproof pads. It saves on having to change the changing pad cover all of the time.I highly recommend this! It even fits the flat kind of diaper changing pad. It also fit my cradle! I tried the cradle sheets first and they were too tight.

Gabrielle Centre, AL

Don’t really need it

This item looks nice but isn’t really necessary. The white "pad" that goes on top of the cover is very thin and cheap and provides no extra softness for your baby.I also got a few of the American Baby Company Organic Waterproof Quilted Multi-Use Pad Cover for when the changing pad cover was in the wash, for breastfeeding, and other things, and truthfully, if I had to do it over, I’d just buy the multi-use pad instead of this cover. Don’t really need both. And no, I’m not working for the American Baby Company!

Lilia Linn, KS

Very soft

This changing pad cover is really soft and cozy feeling. I really like the concept behind the waterproof liner. It is great to be able to just switch out the pad and leave the cover. However you can’t do that with this set unless you buy the extra pads. It is a little bit of an inconvience that the pads can’t go in the dryer. However if you buy the set of 3 extra pads you shouldn’t have a problem laying them to dry while using the others.

Carolina Tremont, IL

Great cover!

I love this changing pad cover! The best part is the white pads that go on top. They’re terry cloth type material with waterproof material on the backing, and you can change those when there’s an accident instead of constantly changing the pad!! My only issue was there was a hole in the packaging where you could feel the fabric softness and it was a tad dirty, but it washed right out. No need for a return! Overall, GREAT product!

Jaime Palisades Park, NJ

Comfortable changing pad cover

This is the first changing pad cover that I have purchased so I don’t have much experience with other covers, but this one seems to be pretty well made. We’ll see how it holds up with lots of washings. I wasn’t sure what to expect the liner to be, in the pictures it looks just like a thin terry cloth material. In person I see that is basically what it is, but it does also have a waterproof backing on it. There is no way to secure the liner to the cover though, so I imagine if you have a squirmy baby it might move around a little. The cover itself is pretty soft and the color is true to the picture, I bought it in the sand color.

Lavonne Richfield, OH

A bit slinky…

I wasn’t expecting this fabric to be quite so slippery and slinky. It feels very synthetic, but that’s to be expected I guess.It fits decently on the Summer Infant contoured changing pad but I don’t feel like it’s a firm, solid fit, especially at the corners. I did wash and dry (on med-low) the cover before using it so it may have shrunk a little.I would buy it again because the color is lovely!

Jimmie Lowman, NY

Fit Great, Very Soft

This fit the changing pad (Summer infant contoured changing pad) we purchased great. The material is very soft and held up well after one washing. Our baby is due in May so I’m not sure how long it will last but I am very pleased with the purchase so far.

Corine Kingsport, TN

Liner is pointless, changing pad is great

We love the changing pad cover very much! It’s very soft and seems to be good quality. We wish the liner would be completly waterproof instead of having that “towel-like” material on top. Feels like it defeats the purpose of a liner. Needless to say, we wouldn’t buy another one of these again.

Robbie Arlington, MN

not the same color

I love everything about this cover….except the color! It really looks like a much darker “light green” than it is. I looked at it on 2 different computer monitors too. When I received the cover, it was about half as light in color as what you see in the picture. Other than that, this is a great product!

Margo Abington, PA

Very soft

So soft, easy to put on the changing pad, and washes well. Love the color and fabric also, glad I purchased.

Rosella Sipesville, PA

nice cover and liner

I am pleased with the cover and liner. The cover fits the changing pad perfectly. It is nice and soft. The liner is great. I recommend buying several liners. The liner is waterproof and keeps the cover and pad clean. The liner has been washed many many times over the past 6 months with no problem. It is machine washable and air dry. It doesn’t take long to dry.

Meredith Union City, NJ

sooo soft and cuddly for changing baby

My baby is 2 months and two weeks. I got a simple changing pad to put on top of a low dresser and I got this boppy cover to put on it. I’d advise buying two so that you can toss one in the wash. It’s really really soft and my baby loves it. He coos and babbles and kicks while I change his diaper. I put the liner down lower so his head and back are on this soft boppy cover. I bought a pack of extra liners too so that I can switch them out each day to start fresh. Also, it washes well. Mustardy-poop stains come right out of the cover with no stain remover needed. The liner I throw in and launder with soiled cloth diapers with a tablespoon of bleach and they come out white as well.

Jessie Oronoco, MN


I liked this changing pad cover and the top pad that came with it. After a while didn’t use the top pad as much, but still a good cover. Very soft too. Would recommend.

Tessa Linn, MO

Super soft

This pad is really soft and a really nice sage color. It fits easily to our contoured changing pad, the only thing I was misled on is in the picture it appears the waterproof liner is attached, but it is not. Not a big deal, just wanted to clarify for others. I guess it being detachable is a good thing so you can wash it on its own or move it to fit where your baby lays.

Tanisha Central Valley, NY

Soft changing pad cover

We could have just went with the plain changing pad but only the best for our son! We added this soft cover which provides for a more comfortable place to lay our son down for diaper changes. It is really easy to clean and we can basically wipe it and throw it in with the wash. It is very soft and alot more visually appealing than a plain changing paid.

Jill Lakeville, PA

Very Soft

This is exactly what we were looking for in a changing pad cover! We use it with theSummer Infant Contoured Changing Pad Amazon Frustration Free Packaging, and it stretches to fit. It’s very soft and washes well (wash cold and hang dry); it looks and exactly the same six months after getting it. That it also comes with the waterproof liner is a bonus.

Saundra Aquasco, MD


I really like it! Except they sent me the wrong color. The color part is really soft, and the white layer is nice if your child isn’t a wriggler. Keeps you from washing the whole thing. My only dislike is the huge tags the company puts on all of their products… Boppy, scissors required.

Elvia Childersburg, AL

Love love love

Ordered this for my son’s nursery, the color is perfect and matches well with all the other decor and walls. Smooth and comfy for the baby…love the waterproof liners.

Nichole Ansley, NE



Lakeisha North Bloomfield, OH

Soft, well made, a great purchase

The color of this Boppy changing pad cover is a beautiful green, which is gender neutral. The material is so soft and I love the way it feels and look in my baby’s nursery. The waterproof liner is small, but definitely works. I still use a "wee wee pad" and paper towel over this (and under the lower half of the baby) because I wanted to avoid washing this after every accident. Doing this keeps the pad nice and clean. Of course there have been times where I needed to wash this and so far, it holds up well.Overall a great purchase…

Juanita Dennis Port, MA

Love this!

I love this changeing pad cover. It is so soft and the color is just like in the picture. It fits in with my nursery very well. Plus I love how it comes with the insert that can be easily washed. They even sell a three pack of the white part now. I bought those as well and fit just the same as the one that came with it. This is a great buy!

Kenya Fort Edward, NY


Very happy with waterproof liner, since it lies very flat, unlike other liners I’ve used. I’ve subsequently ordered 3 more liners!

Barbara Selma, NC

Very soft!

This changing pad set is very soft. I like it a lot. Baby seems to like it too. I with the while liner was bigger! Or maybe cover one half of the pad. That’s why I gave it 4 stars.

Heidi Rescue, CA