Boppy Changing Pad Liners, White, 3 Count

Boppy Changing Pad Liners, White, 3 Count

A three-pack of additional Changing Pad Liners, for use with the Boppy Changing Pad Set. Absorbent material with a waterproof backing protects the minky softness of the changing pad cover, extending the time between washings. Contains three liners, so there is always one available. Machine washable for easy care.

Main features

  • Waterproof liner for easy washing, because accidents do happen
  • Changing pad covers which are sold separately are available in a variety of colors
  • Machine washable
  • Waterproof liner for changing pad covers
  • A quality product from Boppy

Verified reviews


One of my favorite baby items

Now that my son is seven months, it’s time to write this review.I do consider myself a clean freak and unfortunately, I love the color white! So, I knew it would be a challenge keeping the changing cover bright white. However, when I stumbled upon this product, I was so excited.Thanks to these, my changing pad covers look brand new. I loved these. Every time there were accidents (there were lots, especially with a boy!), I would hand wash them with soap and water and hang dry them on my towel rack in the bathroom. While that one dries (which took a day), I would use the other ones. After a few months of hand washing them, I started to throw them in the washer, but still hang dry them and it’s worked out perfectly. They are still in mint, bright white condition.I read the reviews before I bought these and decided to never machine dry them and it’s worked out amazingly. However, if you want them in their bright white condition, I would recommend hand washing them with soap immediately after your little one has been taken care of.

Glenna Tynan, TX

Stays rolled up no matter what!

Don’t wast your money. These stay rolled up no matter how many times you wash them or try to keep them unrolled. Your better off just buying extra “plush” cover tops and changing those out instead. Waste of money.

Teresa Monterville, WV

The worst baby product I had

If you have a baby who poops, you won’t want these.Why? Because you can’t wash and dry them. Have you seen the reviews referencing ironing them? Are you kidding me…what new mom is going to iron the covers she bought so she doesn’t have to change the changing pad so often?SKIP THESE.

Kim Concord, IL

Not Great for Changing Pad Liner

I agree with previous reviewers. Anything that is designed to catch baby poop and pee should be able to go in the washer AND dryer on regular settings. I’m just not going to run a delicate cycle and air dry CHANGING PAD LINERS? These were a total waste of money. I ended up purchasing Dynarex Disposable Underpad, 17 inches X 24 inches, 100 Count and love them. They are the perfect fit for my changing table and no laundry required. I don’t change them out every diaper, just when I need to – so they are going to last a long time.

Jan Minto, ND

Easy to clean, I promise!

I was hesitant to buy these after some of the reviews but am so glad I did. I use these on the change pad area of my pack’n’play and they fit perfectly. If we have an accident on them, I just spray it with a little Oxyclean Baby and throw it in the wash with the rest of the baby laundry. I let them hang dry in the bathroom and I’ve had no problems with them keeping their shape at all. I’ve been using them daily for 3 months and they look brand new. I think they’re a great purchase and would definitely rebuy these!

Germaine Waukau, WI

Great for accidents

These are by no means the greatest quality ever, but they are fantastic for our newborn’s changing pad and save us from switching out the changing pad cover every time she pees or poops while we’re changing her diaper (which is several times a day, haha!). We go through them so quickly that I bought another set! I don’t think they’ll last very long as I’ve noticed some pilling every time I wash them, but hopefully the baby won’t have as many open air accidents as she gets older so we won’t need them as much.

Tia Grelton, OH

Great idea, okay product

Material is thin, but it does it’s job. Using this in pack n play changer and on changing table pad.

Viola Rockford, WA


These are great. Terry cloth top, waterproof bottom. Has saved us from having to change the changing pad cover many, many times already! We bought 2 more packs actually. The only down side is you have to line try them, but that’s totally worth it.The size and shape of these liners are perfect as well. And if you have Graco Pack ‘n Play with a changing table built in, the liner fits that perfectly. (At least on ours…)

Michael Saint James, MD


We love these and have been using them since our son was a newborn. When they get soiled, we put them in a regular load (with warm) and dry them in the dryer. No problems. Much easier than changing the whole cover 9and much cheaper than buying a bunch of changing pad covers (we only have 2!).

Laurel Park City, UT

Not worth it

My husband went to pick up some more Gerber waterproof multi-use pads for the changing table since he keeps throwing them away when they get poop on them… I wish he would stop since they clean up great in the wash.Anyway, he picked these up instead thinking they were better since they were a little more. Wrong. They are small first of all, they are pretty much the same size as the baby but since when does anything that comes out of baby contain itself to one small area? We dried them on low but the plastic is still a little melted. We use these in the kitchen now for drying pots & pans & they work great! We use the Gerber pads for the changing table, they are great, you can dry them on high & no piles or anything. After 5 months they have a little fraying on the edges, I can live with that.BTW… I gave it 2 stars only because I use them for drying dishes now & like them for that.

Erica Clifford, IN

can’t live without

These are fabulous! I bought 2 packs. The size is big enough so you don’t have to worry about major leakage and if there’s an accident you can just fold it over and keep on going. Also doesn’t get deformed in the dryer, which is very important given how much you’ll be washing them.

Melissa Hale, MI

Awesome product!

This is a product that should be on every baby registry! They are great for those changing table accidents. Instead of taking off the whole changing pad cover you can quickly swap these out and have a new clean one. This is a great product that not enough people know about. One piece of advice – after washing, allow them to air dry – the backs of them will melt a bit in the dryer (but they’re still usable)

Judy Birdsboro, PA

Love these pad liners

We bought a couple of these pads and thank goodness we did. It saves us from having to wash the changing pad cover all the time. We jut put a new cover over the changing pad and we re good to go!

Winifred Alger, MI

Great Product

We have the boppy changing pad cover and these liners. I LOVE that I can just throw these in the wash instead of having to take off the whole cover. It means I only have to own one full cover. I wash them in warm water and dry them on low or medium heat in the dryer. I haven’t had any issues with rolling, wrinkling, etc..

Pearl Brookville, IN

It will suffice

They are ok – much smaller than I expected but will do the job. Probably won’t buy any more of these.

Martina Nicholasville, KY

Works Great

I like to put these down on the couch, bed or rug to change my baby. Already avoided a couple of would be big oopsies thanks to these guys. I know a lot of people were upset you couldn’t dry them but it does say that in the directions. I just hang them up and let them air dry so its been no problem for me.

Nola Red House, WV

so glad we bought these!

Didn’t realize how useful they would be! If it weren’t for these liners, I’d be washing the changing pad cover daily. I think I might get a few more

Iris Roxbury, PA

the best

These are the best. Easy to wash and switch out. Loved them so much I bought 2 3-packs. I keep one on top of my changing pad cover at all times.

Jenifer Morristown, MN

Great Solution, Easy to Use

Using these on top of a changing pad sometimes saves you from having to change the entire changing pad cover if an accident happens. It’s way easier to just pick up a liner and replace it with a new one than to change the entire changing pad cover. I haven’t had the dryer vs. air dry issues that other reviewers have mentioned, I just throw these in on the dryer on low heat and they dry just fine. They do, however, come out of the dryer more wrinkled and creased along the back than when they are brand new, so I’ll probably end up replacing them sooner than if I had let them air dry, but for the ease of use I think it will be worth the replacement cost.

Vicki Unionville, PA

Saves the day

We use the water proof side on our bassinett instead of the cloth side if there is accidents it’s great to wipe it up fast. The cloth side stains so easy

Billie Bolton, CT

Great buy, but found something better

At first, I used this all the time. Had one on BOTH changing tables, one in the nursery and the other one on his play pin changing table, then I had one spare one. It was great until I discovered disposable changing pads. Honestly, I like the disposable ones better, only because I don’t have to wash it and wait for one to become available. The disposable ones are easier to have TOGO and I can throw it away after I use it!

Evelyn Geneva, TX

Ideal for newborns

I got a lot of use out of these when when our daughter was a newborn. It seems like every time we changed her she would go again while diaper was off. We probably changed these pads 1-2 times per day but it saved us from having to change the cover as well. We will be reusing them when our second arrives.

Lauren Phippsburg, CO

Good, practical purchase

I purchased these to go with another changing pad (ie not the boppy) and have decided to purchase another set. They are great to line the changing pad and when baby makes a mess, it hits these pads first. It’s like a first line of defense. Like another reviewer wrote, I actually either hand wash these (especially if it’s a big mess that involves poo) or pop them into the washer, then hand dry them. So far, so good. I like that it comes in a set of three because inevitably, my baby will soil one and we’ll need another immediately.

Marta Tenmile, OR


They’re pretty durable after many washes. I would recommend them on the top of the changing pad cover. However, they’re a bit pricey.

Sara Stillwater, PA

Love the thin, absorbant material!

I bought this package after buying the 2 piece changing table cover and pad set. I really liked the pad that came with that set so I decided to buy 3 more pads. The terry cloth on the front and plastic on the back have a neat trim that gives it a clean look. I washed them and they are hang dry only. I put one on our 2nd changing station, one in the swing, and one in the newborn napper. I have a Graco pack and play that has a changing station on the top and this happens to fit on that perfectly. Very happy with purchase!

Robbie Elco, PA

Awesome idea! We use these and now we don’t …

Awesome idea! We use these and now we don’t have to wash the changing pad cover as often. We just change these out.

Elinor Lone Oak, TX

Nice to have, fairly durable

With our first child, I bought 2 packs of these. They are fairly durable. The problem is that the backing gets a little melty in the drier and sticks to itself, which can lead to tearing when you try to pull it apart. However, I still would not want to be without them. I had about half of them 2 years later, which is not bad. I just bought another set to use in our second child’s room.

Daphne Canovanas, PR

Work great!!!

My husband and I bought these to use with our daughter. Now, we just bought more to use with our son. These are thin, water-proof, and have saved us on several occasions from having to wash our changing pad cover day after day after day. We both totally recommend these!

Maggie Buckner, KY

Great for protecting your changing table cover

Easy to wash, but it’s kind of a bummer that you can’t put them in the dryer (they do hair dry quickly).

Grace Sherman, CT

Great Product

I liked these liners rewashable but take it from me DO NO DRY they totally melt. I did like them though

Kathy Belpre, KS