Boppy Cotton Slipcover, Safari

Boppy Cotton Slipcover, Safari

Boppy slipcovers are machine-washable and fit every Boppy pillow. So it’s easy for moms to keep things clean even with babies new to this whole eating routine who may have an accident or two.

Main features

  • Check out many other cotton polyester designs
  • All Boppy slipcovers fits all boppy pillows
  • Machine washable
  • There is one certain to match your sense of style
  • Get a couple and always have one fresh when the other’s in the wash

Verified reviews


Love the boppy!

I have both the Boppy and the BreastFriend twins pillow, and when it comes to single breastfeeding, the boppy is my favorite. These slipcovers work great, and trust me, you will need at least two!

Angela Buckland, OH

Cover was fine but Dont Care for the Pillow

I don’t care for the Boppy pillow but I felt bad giving the boppy cover a bad review. It’s a good cover doing what it needs to do but not impressed with the Boppy Pillow at all. Read my other review if you’re interested in why.

Stella Conover, OH

Great Cover for the Boppy

Good price for a cute cover for your boppy. Not quite as soft as the plush covers, but totally reasonable softness–like a crib sheet. This design is not mommy-chic but it is baby-cute.

Lina Ford, KS

Thin and waxy

This material was so thin that the pattern on the pillow showed through. It also had a waxy feel which may have been for waterproofing, but not what I wanted. I have a softer organic cotton cover that I greatly prefer. Would not buy again.

Cortney Leesburg, IN

Very cute

I bought this slipcover for my Barenaked Boppy before I knew whether I was having a boy or a girl. Her nursery was done in safari animals since we didn’t find out until she arrived. This is a very cute neutral slipcover.

Kristen Iowa City, IA