Boppy Cuddle Pillow with Cotton Slipcover, Sage Circles

Boppy Cuddle Pillow with Cotton Slipcover, Sage Circles

Specifically designed for pregnant women, the Boppy Pregnancy Comfort Cuddle Pillow promotes the recommended sleep position (side sleeping) for expectant mothers. It is kidney shaped to support the underbelly and keep the back aligned to reduce discomfort in the morning. Includes a 360-thread-count cotton slipcover with a light blue print. 100% cotton cover with fiberfill. Machine wash. Imported. 20Hx7Wx16L”.

Main features

  • All over support
  • Luxurious soft pima cotton slipcover
  • Cover removes for easy washing
  • Smaller-sized body pillow is ideal for side sleeping
  • Uniquely shaped pillow supports under the belly and helps to keep the back aligned properly

Verified reviews


bobby cuddle pillow

I ordered this for my daughter who is pregnant with her first child. She absolutely loves this pillow. She says it makes sleep so much more comfortable. I’m guessing she’ll use it even after pregnancy.

Lynnette Spirit Lake, IA

Still using it 2+ years later!

I got this Boppy pillow half way through my pregnancy and it made all the difference in the world. I had such bad hip and groin pain from 7 months on (along with the given back pain) and this worked wonderfully! Everyone knows you don’t get solid sleep the last trimester, so this made the times I did sleep much more comfortable. In fact, our daughter is 2 1/2 now and I still use it every night! I even take it on trips because I just can’t sleep without it. The stuffing is very loose which has it’s good and bad points, but as long as I fluff it before crawling into bed each night, it’s fine. I tried bigger, body-sized pillows and all they did was frustrate me. I could never figure out how to shift or roll-over in bed while easily moving it with me. Also, I’m a plus-sized woman, so between me, my sprawled-out husband and a huge pillow, there’s no room in a queen-sized bed. This boppy is just the right size and you can easily move around with it. I recommended it to other friends and they loved it too!

Alma Dickens, NE

Highly Recommended

It’s really comfortable for that extra support during pregnancy. Some people use regular pillow also but I think this particular shape makes it real comfi for a good night sleep. Price is good too.

Jana West Jordan, UT

Leaves a lot to be desired…

I bought this pillow when I was about 15 weeks pregnant. At first it was great and allowed me much needed sleep. However, now that I’m 38 weeks the pillow is sadly mishappen. The end that fits between your legs is completely seperated. It needs fluffed and reshapen every night before bed.The stuffing is cheap. I’ve had a hard time turning because there is too much of it. (It gets stuck on my cotton sheets and ends up waking hubby up) I know someone said they wanted more…but at nine months preggo more stuffing would push my hubby outta bed completely! Besides, the stuffing swaddled all around you gets mighty hot at night.My recommendation would be to go for something firmer. I saw had some new memory foam type pillows. They even have a nice wedge for your legs if you are looking for hip support – no stuffing less heat. Also, they have memory foam swaddle pillows but don’t know how huggable they would be. If I wanted to cuddle I would grab a pillow from the living room or guest room — and go for the support!! You’ll need it later!!I gave it a three because even though its:- hot- cheap stuffing- seperating- too big to turn comfortablyIt does get the job done. But, I think you could find something better for the money…

Mae New Haven, VT

Very Comfortable

This Boppy is very comfortable. I like the asymmetrical design; it allows me to tuck the larger part between my legs while the smaller part is wedged under my belly for extra support. I had been having hip pain while sleeping at night and this little jobby did the trick. The only negative comment I have on this is that it does tend to make me a little warm while sleeping but I think anything would. All in all this was a great purchase and I would suggest it to anyone trying to adjust to sleeping on their side (I am typically a stomach sleeper) or to anyone experiencing hip pain.UPDATE: I have now had my baby and have used this pillow to help prop him up during feedings!!! I have gotten my money’s worth out of this Boppy; I use it every day still.

Rachelle Summerville, PA

Falls flat…literally

I bought this as a Christmas present for my pregnant wife. At first, like many reviewers, she loved it, but as time went by it fell flat…literally. The pillow is filled with cotton fill, the kind you would buy at a department store if you were going to make a decorative throw pillow. This means the pillow falls flat and gets divots where there is constant pressure. My wife is petite so she is not wearing the pillow down, it is just poorly made. Not really worth the money, but it is a nice alternative to the larger pillows. My wife did like it before it fell flat and she does still use it from time to time.

Loraine Burton, OH


I love this pillow!! I tried the snoogle pillow and it was very big (took up half the bed), caused me to be WAYYYYYY too hot, AND you can’t use your own pillow with it. I bought it not knowing you can’t use your own pillow with it and when i slept with it the first night, ended up kicking it out of my bed halfway through the night and returning to my old faithful boppy cuddle pillow. I wanted to buy something bigger because i heard a lot of people raving about it, but i ended up returning the big one and coming right on back to my favorite, faithful, and comfy boppy cuddle pillow. It is a perfect size, the only thing is, when your roll over from left to right or vice cersa, it takes all the covers from your poor hubby. That is why I also bought the boppy wedge to keep on one side for when i flip and I have a pillow on each side without taking up half the bed.Wonderful pillow! also check out the boppy wedge. Both have removable and washable covers….

Pamala Paragon, IN

it is okay….

I bought this pillow early on in my pregnancy. Although it continues to help me (I am 26 weeks now), and I still sleep with it, the stuffing has started to separate, especially in the part that goes between the legs. Also, the pillow is not long enough, I have to use an additional pillow to put my arms around and cuddle with.

Katrina Winnetka, IL

A Must have

This pillow is wonderful, so beneficial for every pregnant woman…it helps me to sleep better..

Wendy Ocean City, MD

ok pregnancy body pillow – not so great

I got this about 3 years ago and used it through my last pregnancy. I started using it again for my current pregnancy and am recalling the frustrations I had with it. (who needs the added frustration from a pillow when you’re pregnant and uncomfortable?!?) The shape of this pillow is nice, but the widest part is a little too wide & takes up a lot of space in bed – bulky. The slip cover is nice & washes well (gentle & cold).I agree with others – the stuffing separates and clumps up. It’s also too soft & squishy to give enough support. I expected it to be firmer, like the regular Boppy pillow, but it’s no where near. It quickly flattened-out in the areas where I needed the most support, so I end up fluffing the stuffing every time I try to use it and then folding over the widest part to get more support.I tried it for nursing, and my son just sank down into it – WAY too soft. I used it under the regular Boppy a few times when I needed him a bit higher than just the Boppy would support. I like it best as a back support while sitting up to nurse in bed.I got the other, bigger Boppy pillow for pregnancy, but it was also way too soft, and took up entirely too much room.I’d recommend to get this if you don’t need much support and like a squishy & very soft pillow. For most people, I’d say to try something else. A regular, comparatively inexpensive bolster pillow combined with a small toss pillow under the belly has worked best for me!

Rosa Hedrick, IA


I love this pillow… my back pain is gone! I am sleep all night without waking up… it is great!I am 5’2″… so I guess it is perfect for me!

Christina Haynesville, VA

love it

i bought this pillow when i was newly pregnant in early 2007, it helped me sleep comfortably through my pregnancy , the stuffing would gather together at one end but i just gave it a shake and it was fine. i’m looking to replace my old one now since the stuffing has seperated and it doesn’t feel as comfortable. but i think i got my money’s worth since i have been using it for 2 1/2 years.

Helen Abbeville, LA

Pregnancy lifesaver

This pillow is the only thing that allowed my to sleep through the night during the last couple months of pregnancy. It slips nicely between your legs and under the ever growing belly, right where you need the support. Also, I washed it in my washer and dryer several times, it came out fresh and snugly each time.I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 for two reasons:1)There is not nearly enough filling in the pillow. After a couple months of use the filling has mushed around in the pillow to the point that it really isn’t providing the same support it did originally.2) If you decide to roll over or get out of bed at night (which most ladies late in pregnancy will do a LOT,)this pillow is very bulky to move around and re-situate. It also clings to the sheets as you move it, so you will most likely pull and disrupt the sheets for anyone else in the bed as well.HOWEVER, as I said in the beginning, this pillow is the only thing that helped me get a good nights sleep when I needed it most. I highly recommend it!

Marguerite Deerfield Beach, FL

WONDERFUL for breastfeeding using football hold!

I had to breast feed exclusively using the football hold for the first few months due to c-section; this pillow was my BEST option to do that. I spent weeks using other pillows in all shapes, but this pillow is perfectly curved and tapered to hug your hip. It provides an excellent elevated, angled and cozy platform for your baby to eat! It saves my back and shoulders. I place it next to me on the couch with the small end pointing at the back of the couch and place the large lobe on my knee. Since it is slightly tapered, it angles your baby into your breast so they don’t roll away if they turn their head, a problem I had with regular pillows.For traditional style feeding, in front of you on the lap, it works great too! I put my feet up on an ottoman or footrest to have a bit of elevation, place the large lobe of this pillow under the breast my daughter is going to eat from, and it angles her into the breast so she can be cozy and snug while nursing and I can have my hands free.This would be a great shower gift for any gal, especially if she is going for a c-section! I like this shape so much better that the regular U-shaped one, two thumbs way up!

Jimmie Bay City, WI

Great for side sleepers

I bought this pillow shortly after I first found out I was pregnant, in anticipation of needing it later. I decided to try it out the first night and it seemed to fit well between my knees. And then, on a whim, I put the biggest part under my head, with the small tail curving towards me. It was amazing. I have always been a side sleeper, and this pillow is so much more comfortable than a regular pillow. The small tail is perfect as a natural arm rest and the pillow is not so thick as to create a crick in the neck. I have been sleeping with it for several days now and have never lost it over the side of the bed, and it is small enough that it doesn’t crowd out my husband.I already have plans to buy a second one for the belly/legs later on when I need it. I’ve tried a full body pillow before, but I’m too hot natured. Even with a fan blowing on high and the temp set at 69, I would wake up burning up and sweating. I think the smaller size of this pillow will help with that and will provide the support I need without feeling like I’m pressed against a furnace at 3 in the morning!

Vilma Pescadero, CA

If you need something really supportive, look elsewhere

This is an okay maternity support pillow, but I’m sure you could find something much better. Several other reviewers have mentioned that the stuffing tends to separate over time and bunch up, and this is all true and really annoying. Initially, it was really nice and provided good support between my legs and the larger, “belly” support section is nice and squishy and is comfortable under/against my belly. The pillow seems a little wider than necessary – it takes up a LOT of room in our full size bed, and turning with it under the covers is an event which wakes me up every time (I suspect this is true of all maternity pillows, though).After using it for 2-3 months, and despite nightly fluffing and shaking, the stuffing has become separated and a little flat in spots, especially in the area that I place between my legs – so flat and unsupportive, in fact, that I’ve started sleeping with a second, regular pillow on top of the Boppy pillow to try to keep my hips level. Coordinating two pillows to turn from side to side is much worse than just the one.Overall, this is an okay pillow – it’s not great and if you really need support, I’d recommend looking elsewhere. If you just want something squishy to provide very light support, this might work for you.

Sybil Westfield, NY