Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow, Grey

Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow, Grey

The newly-designed Boppy Cutstom Fit Total Body Pillow is a pregnancy pillow that was developed with a physical therapist to provide customized support throughout your pregnancy. The flexible, three-piece design means you can use the combination that works best for you. Choose from: Head/Neck Support, Belly/Back Support, and Hip/Leg/Ankle Support. Extended length design provides support all the way down to your ankles, alleviating strain on hips. Machine washable for easy care.

Main features

  • The Boppy total body pillow is a pregnancy pillow designed to provide complete head-to-toe support
  • Its unique contoured design follows the body line to support neck, belly, back and hips
  • It is machine washable

Verified reviews


I can sleep again!!

So when I first received this pillow, I thought it looked kind of weird. I was like “hmmm” – I thought it seemed a bit flimsy and weird-shaped. (While pregnant I usually sleep with a big body pillow, which is way fuller and more poofy than this, so I was unsure if I would like this one!) I was pleasantly surprised by the color and fabric pattern – it is hard to see in the product images, but it is a light grey-ish blue color with a white floral/vine pattern (with white birds) with subtle yellow accents. Very nice and subtle.ANYWAY, of course I tried it out, and was really unsure for the first night or two. (Oh and here’s the other thing – I think the whole velcro thing is kind of weird – yeah it makes it customizable, but I really can’t find another way of putting it together that I personally like better than the basic way shown in the images!) BUT, after using this for a week or two, I realized just HOW much better I was sleeping with this pillow! I was really amazed. I think that compared to a big body pillow (which is what I had to compare it to) this pillow seems much more flimsy, but it really is the perfect size for supporting my belly and the rest of my body.I love the curve of the head and leg pieces – rather than a straight body pillow, this curves to naturally support your head and neck, and your legs while bent naturally and comfortably at the knee. The leg portion is the perfect “poofiness” to wrap your legs around. I usually still sleep with another pillow supporting my back. We have a queen bed and even with the pillow at my back I think this takes up LESS space than a big body pillow (my husband may disagree…but it definitely doesn’t take up MORE than a body pillow at least!).Also, the pillow is really soft and comfortable. I do wonder if it will become more flimsy after continual use, but after about a month of use it is still great.So, in conclusion, I really wasn’t that impressed when I received this pillow, but after giving it a fair chance I LOVE THIS PILLOW. I have been sleeping SO much better than I was previously – SO much more comfortably and soundly. I am 30 weeks pregnant currently, and I suspect that it will continue to help me sleep comfortably as I continue to grow larger 🙂 Highly recommended for all you pregnant ladies who are having trouble sleeping!

Corine Smyer, TX

Crackle, crackle while you sleep!

This is the second pregnancy pillow I’ve gotten my wife. The first one was this:Todays Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow – Espressounfortunately it was so dang heavy and big (even on a king-sized bed), it was not comfortable for my wife to change sleeping positions. Also it has a no-return policy :-(.This Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow is a better design with just one major flaw.First, no body type or pregnancy size is the same. The fact that you have 3 different pieces that are adjustable by where you put it on the VELCRO is a smart idea. This is comfortable for my wife to use and not heavy, large, static and cumbersome like the pillow mentioned above.The major flaw and the reason this gets 4 stars is that it is adjustable through the VELCRO. At night, this is pretty loud and disrupting. Crackle, crackle! When you put the weight of your belly on this or move your knees, crackle, crackle!There’s enough crackle that we simply do not use the Velcro and cover it so it there’s no more Velcro noise.A major product improvement/suggestion would be to use SNAP BUTTONS! If it’s good enough and comfortable enough for babies to wear, then it’s good enough to keep pillow pieces together. Instead of Velcro they could line a strip of snap buttons so that it is just as adjustable as the Velcro yet…snap buttons are sewed/pressed into cloth and therefore no crackle, crackle noise! [She will probably snip the Velcro out and stitch her own cloth strip of snap buttons on it herself]Lack of sleep causes a variety of unpleasant effects and anything I can do to help my pregnant wife sleep better, I will, because Happy Wife, Happy Life!Cheers!

Bonita Elba, NY

Not at all comfortable

The reviews on this pillow were positive and I thought I was getting a great pillow. It’s made by Bobby, so if the Bobby babies use was so awesome why wouldn’t this pillow be? Well it’s not. First of all it’s held together by velco so if you move in your sleep or change positions it automatically comes apart and you are trying to put it back together at 2am, not cool! That’s my biggest complaint. I am going to order a pillow that is all one large pillow. The concept behind velcroing it together is not smart.Second, now this might be a personal thing, but when I first laid down it was soft and comfy, but I woke up in the middle of the night with a strained neck and a sore back, probably because my body was not used to the super softness of this pillow. I’m not about to give it another night though. I’d rather just go back to putting my extra pillow between my knees.So I do not recommend this product. Go for the ones that are one large pillow, you’ll be much happier!

Flora Souris, ND

So much more than your typical pregnancy pillow

Having just given birth to twins I’m discovered the importance of a good pregnancy pillow. The thing that sets this pillow apart is the ability to detach the different sections and use them separately or together to best fit your sleeping needs during various stages of your pregnancy. Just as an example, I often detached the top portion of the pillow, used it behind my main pillow for extra neck support, then would switch it to support my bump when sleeping on my sides, and now that my twins are here, I use it to support my arms and babies for nursing. You can really get a lot of use out of this pillow, both during and after your pregnancy.

Clarice White Earth, ND

Not Just For Pregnant People

I ordered this product because my husband works away from home alot and I have trouble getting to sleep when he is gone. This pillow set is great. I had used a straight body pillow in the past but this is the ultimate ergonomic body pillow. Sometimes I find the head pillow too ‘puffy’ but it is very easily removed and the rest of the pillow works fine without it. The cover fabric is very attractive and looks like it will hold up well. The designers brilliantly applied all of the velcro that hold the pieces together so that if you take pieces off the main pillow the scratchy side of the velcro goes too. Leaving nothing to inturupt your pleasant sleep. I love it! I may even loan it to my daughter next time he gets pregnant. 😉

Lynn Berthold, ND

A Pregnancy Must

I’m 24 weeks pregnant at the moment and I’ve been using this pillow for about 3 weeks now. Around 20 weeks I developed the dreaded pregnancy hip pain while sleeping. It’s almost unbearable and to the point that I considered sleeping sitting up. Since I’ve been using this pillow it has gotten much, much better. Whatever hip I’m sleeping on still hurts some, but the other one is fine.I’ll admit that the pillow is a little odd. My sister saw it and said “What is that?!”, but it’s very comfy and that’s all that really matters, right? I haven’t used all the parts yet, but as my belly gets bigger I’m sure I will. I love that it’s customizable and that I can still use my regular pillow too. My only complaint is that I wake up every time I want to change positions, so that I can move the pillow too. I know that this really can’t be helped and it’s definitely not the pillow’s fault. I would be waking up much more if I still had such horrible hip pain.I definitely recommend this pillow, and not just for the pregnant ladies. Anyone that has back or hip pain while sleeping could benefit from this pillow.

Monika Deshler, NE

Finally, I can sleep comfortably!

This has been a lifesaver especially since I have children who need me to be alert and a husband who needs me to be somewhat pleasant. Let me start by saying that we do have a king size bed so adding a body pillow has not been an issue. But since I am sleeping on and essentially around it I do not feel a lot of extra space is needed if that is a concern. The pillow is adjustable since the pieces are attached with velcro which is what makes it so great as your body changes. I had a large body pillow for my first pregnancy that was bulky and not adjustable so I could never really find that sweet spot to ensure all night comfort. This pillow would be great for people with other issues that prevent a good night’s sleep. I can already tell that I will continue to use this pillow past its intended advertised purpose which makes it a good investment.

Marylou Johnstown, CO

Good for people who aren’t pregnant, too.

Because I have done physical work as a landscaper for many years, I have a number of small, niggling body issues such as problems with my hip alignment, and knee soreness. My chiropractor recommended that I look into a pillow that I could place between my knees to open up my hips while sleeping or something to place under my knees when full extension proved painful.What I like about these pillows is how adjustable they are. The Velcro lets you move things around and figure out the best positioning for each thickness of pillow. You don’t need to use all of the pillows included, so it is very customizable when you are having different body issues.I have two small complaints about this pillow. One, it doesn’t come with any kind of a pillow case. This is unfortunate, because my experience with pillows in general is that the more you wash them, the more lumpy and uncomfortable they become. I did have to wash the pillow when it first arrived, because it smelled strongly of the vinyl bag it was stored in, and I will say that I noticed no ill effect from its first washing. It remained fluffy and comfortable.The second complaint is that the Velcro can be a little bit noisy if you shift around when you sleep. It’s a very stiff Velcro and kind of crackles a bit. While this isn’t a huge issue, there are definitely softer Velcros out there that could have been chosen for this product.Overall, if you look at the product photos and think that any of the positions recommended look like what you need to get a good night’s sleep, I highly recommend this inexpensive body pillow set. While it’s not the highest quality product in the universe, it certainly functions as advertised and if it can get you a good nights sleep, it’s certainly worth the purchase.

Sonja Flat Rock, OH

NICE !!!!

I wanted the whole piece and not in 3- velcor- pieces I am sure it will work for others but daughter wanted the whole piece, so that’s is what she wants although she is the one expecting and not me.

Chrystal Brownville, ME

Not made well enough for regular use

I had really high hopes for this pillow when I bought it from a large retailer (for much less). That said, it is NOT worth the money in the long run because it does not withstand the test of time. I started using this in my 2nd trimester and it lasted for a few months. It did help with the hip pain I was feeling, but quickly the stuffing started to flatten and shift around. Then the fabric ripped between the leg and hip cushion parts. Because I had detached the head part (I always found my own pillows more comfortable), I started to use only that piece between my knees, but found the velcro to be scratchy & bothersome. Since there really is no real way to reconfigure it to be “custom,” the velcro is kind of pointless. Snaps would have been better, quieter (as yes, you can hear it crinkle when you move around sometimes) and would have avoided the scratchy problem when detached. Not to mention, having it be a single pillow makes it difficult to roll over in bed, which is already difficult in pregnancy! Halfway through my 3rd trimester, I started using regular feather pillows and I’m much happier (plus I can roll over more easily). Bottom line, this pillow is just not worth the money as it is just not made well enough to last through even half of a pregnancy.

Ollie Milesburg, PA

Maternity MUST HAVE

This pillow is the most comfortable thing in the world for a pregnant lady. Period.I am a belly sleeper and had a hard time adjusting to side sleeping when the time came. This cured all sleeping problems (other than frequent bathroom trips) throughout pregnancy and can actually be used like a boppy infant pillow for nursing after baby’s arrival, just fold it in half. I used it for nursing almost exclusively, even though I had the baby boppy pillow, which was too rounded to lay the baby on.The area between the knees helped with my sciatic nerve issues.My only complaint is that you cannot purchase the covers separately. I had to wash all the sheets and get them back on the bed in one night because I couldn’t go without this pillow.LOVE IT.

Lois Bradfordsville, KY

Very comfy

Love that it can be one pillow or two! So comfortable. I like using it as two separate pieces and a belly wedge.

Coleen Jacksboro, TX

Flimsy, no support, ridiculously noisy – hated it.

I was 24 weeks pregnant and traveling, therefore my Leachco Snoogle Loop could not travel with me (much too large to fit in a carry-on). So when I arrived in my destination city, I knew I needed some kind of pregnancy pillow to help me sleep while I was gone for 5 days. I headed to the store and got this Boppy pregnancy pillow as it was all that was available. Though much smaller than my Snoogle Loop at home, it seemed similar enough in shape to suffice for 5 days — I was wrong.This pillow immediately felt much flatter than my Snoogle Loop. It’s nowhere near as supportive in any of the key areas (head, tummy, or legs). It especially left much to be desired for stomach support at 24 weeks. I’d been suffering from mid-back pain when sleeping on my side and desperately needed support. This gave barely anything at all.Additionally, I really hated the velcro attachment design of this pillow. I think it would have been a much less flimsy pillow had it all been one piece. I didn’t really see the value of detachable parts. Aside from it being flimsy, the velcro would crackle and pull apart if you moved at all overnight. It not only jarred me awake, but bothered my husband, as well. It was incredibly noisy for A PILLOW.All in all it barely worked in a pinch while traveling, but I would never recommend this to any pregnant woman at all for a long-term solution for a pregnancy pillow. I left it behind with my mother to use in any way she could figure out. I would have rather paid the money that I spent on this pillow on checking my Snoogle Loop on my flight to/from home. The Snoogle Loop is about $30 or so more than this, but it is BEYOND worth the extra money over the Boppy Custom Fit pillow.

Hester Crookston, NE

Extremely difficult to wash

I bought this product, but ended up returning it because I couldn’t see how it would ever stay clean. There is no separate cover, so you have to actually wash the pillow itself. The pillow does break up into 3 sections, which makes that possible, though difficult. I bought a $20 body pillow with a washable case instead.

Billie South Portland, ME