Boppy EntertainMe Play Gym, Flying Circus

Boppy EntertainMe Play Gym, Flying Circus

Create the perfect playtime! The new Boppy SlideLine? Collection is designed to support baby?s natural development. The patent pending SlideLine? system creates a customized environment for baby by allowing toys to be perfectly placed (and moved). The Flying Circus gym comes loaded with 10 adorable circus animal toys that are specifically designed to engage baby throughout his phases of development. The generously over-sized 35? x 36? pad provides plenty of room to stretch, scooch and roll. Boppy Play Gym – Flying Circus

Main features

  • Ten circus-themed developmental toys included
  • Unique open arch design for easier access to baby
  • Arches include twinkling lights and music to delight baby
  • Oversized 35″ x 36″ pad
  • Mini boppy pillow included

Verified reviews


Super Duper Cute, Love It

Wow! What an improvement from the first floor gym that I got a few years ago. I love the Boppy Flying Circus floor gym. It’s so cute. The colors are cute. Toys are adorable and a large size too.It’s a 36″x36″ floor mat with an attachable arch that lights and plays music. It has 10 toys: a seal squeaker toy, a lion stackable ring toy, a crinkly page book, an elephant, 2 monkeys and more: all totally cute.Best of all, it includes a boppy shaped pillow to support baby during back time. Love it, love it, this is the best one I’ve seen.

Georgia Tacna, AZ

Wonderful gift

This went to a 5 month old who initially just laid on the mat and looked up with no reaction. Then the kicking and smiling began! If one hour can be interpreted as a final result … this is a huge hit and will give her hours of entertainment. Great gift idea and high quality.

Gracie Eaton, IN

Stunning but faulty

This was the most stunning gym I found. We are on our second one now. The curved toy bar is not strong enough to support the toys and sags really bad. All the toys almost hit my son in the face. Next the lights and music are suppose to come on whenever the baby makes contact with any part of the gym. That doesn’t work. You have to hit right where the sensor is and pretty good. My son never gets it to work sobi have to do it for him. Way to time consuming. Plays the same song over and over again. While this gym is beautiful it’s simply unrealistic As a useful toy or learning aid. We are returning it for the kick b play piano gym which he loves!!!

Ashley Auriesville, NY

Baby Fun Town!

Since I am pleased to say there are no little tykes crawling around my place right now, I gave this as a gift to new parents, who report it is a big success. It is an easy to assemble little baby playhouse, with lots of fun flying toys to keep them occupied. A great product, they report.

Elma Chili, WI

I’m the coolest aunt

Even though she cannot speak or confirm my suspicions, I know that my niece agrees that I am the coolest Aunt. I was so excited to see this in Vine when my neice was born, so I could have something fun for her to do when she is at my house.The Boppy Play Gym measures 36×36, and is so vibrantly colorful with many detachable things (animals , balls, books, etc.) to attract her attention and keep her fascinated. And yes, the attachments are machine washable. It also has a pillow to provide additional support. I just love her gummy smile when she discovers something new. Apparently it is a great draw for dogs as well, as my beagle thinks that this toy is his!

Lana Coffman Cove, AK

Flimsy, boring toys

The toys that come with this toy are terrible, the arch is flimsy and buckles with you hang other toys on it (it can’t bear any weight other than very small stuffed animals), and the lights and sound are impossible to activate. I can barely get it going myself. My 6-month old child has not been able to get the lights to come on one time.On top of this, the first one we received was defective (missing the battery cover); it had obviously been purchased and then returned by someone smarter than me.Friends have other playgyms with more supportive arches that allow the toys to hang lower that are a much better value for the money.

Ina Williamson, GA

Sadly disappointed

I bought this activity center thinking that it would replace my Einstein Baby one (didn’t like that one either), but it has proven a disappointment. I did like the lights on the frame, but there was only one song that played with it. Also, the toys are super cute, but without purchasing separate chains, most didn’t dangle low enough for my 3-6 month to play with…and there are no hook holes on the toys. Also, the pad and frame are much larger than the other two centers that I have tried, and when I went to move it once (one handed of course with baby on other hip), the frame snapped. It was far less mobile than the Baby Einstein or the Fisher Price Forest one that I have now-and love. Both of the latter fold in half while transporting, which is essential because you need this to follow you all over the house with baby.

Imelda Biscoe, NC

Boppy Fun

This product was very easy to setup. The toys are all tactile, age appropriate. Very colorful and I like the fact that you can wash most parts in your machine. Having a boppy pillow is a nice added touch. Originally I thought that your baby would be able to turn on the lights and music by tugging on a toy. But the fact is you tug on the top frame to get that going. You can change up your toys, plugging them through the little holes in the top frame. Really you get a lot of value for your money. Would buy for any new mom.

Mariana Mc Louth, KS

Not What I Thought

Well I got the 1st Bobby sent to me and the lights didn’t work, so I sent it back and got another one! So i finally got it and set all up! It’s not what i thought it was going to be like! I mean i like the bright colors but it only plays one song and you have to hit the bobby pretty hard to get it too come on!I thought the lights would be brighter and play more than one song!! In my opinion it’s not worth the money!!

Lawanda Springtown, PA

Boppy is the best!! Very functional and many options to last…

I’ve tried about 4 play gyms and this one tops them all. There are 10 toys included, all fun neutral colors that detatch as well. The unique open arch design is much much easier to access your child, especially when they are at that squirmy age. The arches have twinkling lights and music which really get your childs attention. Most just have music, this one has both. The twinkling lights I really loved as did my baby. The mat is huge, its 35×36. We keep ours on top of a foam mat (for extra softness) in a play area. It is extremely easy to setup. I like the fact that most parts you can also wash in your washing machine! That is a really nice feature for moms. The set also includes a boppy pillow which is a nice bonus. Although this play gym has a nice price tag is definately worth the extra money. The toys alone, how interchangable they are, the ability to wash them, the music and twinkling lights – there is so much. Boy or girl, new mom or old, gift or not, this Boppy play gym is the way to go.

Victoria Davenport, NE

Very nice

This has so many little things to attract the baby’s attention… I love it….The one I had for my kids was so blah but this one has so many lights and music plus toys….. wow what will they come up with next… The babies can go for hours without running out of interest and on top of everything else they have the comfort of a boppy pillow 🙂

Esperanza Coatesville, PA

Pricey piece of junk

I registered for and received this item as a baby gift and if I could give it no stars I would! I loved the bright colors and theme and thought it would be a good if not great product given the well-known and loved brand. Wrong! Once we set it up we realized the lights and music did not work despite yanking it pretty aggressively as some of the previous reviews suggested. It wasn’t just the fact that we received a defective item that made me dislike the product, but the cheap toys and materials used. (1) The toys are sparse and do not dangle low enough for a baby to be able to grab and there are no holes on the toys to allow you to use other links to address this. (2) The arches are pretty flimsy and easily taken down by a boisterous baby. (3) The mini boppy pillow provided is made of a slippery polyester fabric which made baby slide right off – completely useless for what it is intended!! (4) The price is OUTRAGEOUS. If a company is going to charge this amount of money for an activity mat, it better be spun from gold…or at the very least be able to deliver on the basic functions it advertises! I am just happy that Amazon accepted this return because I was able to get an activity mat (Tiny Love) for nearly half the price which my daughter loves and is still using…the bonus? Besides the fact that it works it also folds up nicely for easy transport to Grandma and Grandpa’s house!

Madge Makoti, ND