Boppy Garden Patch Play Gym

Boppy Garden Patch Play Gym

Create the perfect playtime. The new Boppy Garden Patch Play Gym features the patent pending sideline toy adjustment system so toys can be perfectly placed for baby’s enjoyment. The Garden Patch gym comes loaded with 7 luxe accessories that are specifically designed to engage baby throughout her phases of development. The generously oversized 41″ x 40″ pad provides plenty of room to stretch, scooch and roll. And with a mini Boppy pillow included, play time has never been so comfy. The unique open arches are reversible to keep the scenery changing. And the musical bee with light-up wings is sure to harvest a fun time with baby.

Main features

  • Polyester 67%/Polypropylene 33%
  • Imported
  • Features the patent pending Sideline toy adjustment system so toys can be perfectly placed for baby’s enjoyment
  • Includes 7 toys designed to engage baby throughout her phases of development (musical bee has light up wings)
  • Oversized 41″ x 40″ pad
  • Mini Boppy pillow included
  • Arches are reversible

Verified reviews


I love this play gym!

This is my second child and, with the economy being the way it is, I never make a purchase unless I know I’m getting the best value for my dollar. This boppy play gym is amazing and my infant loves it! The fact that it comes with a mini boppy, the toys can be hung for back play or secured at the end of the pillow or different spots on the mat itself for tummy time makes it so worth the $54! Over-all amazing product 🙂

Dorothea Richfield, UT

Fun for baby and eye-pleasing for mom

My favorite things about this playmat/baby gym:- The colors and patterns are vibrant and gorgeous (and matches my son’s aqua & green nursery perfectly).- The vegetables and the bee are all very cute (there are a lot of ugly-faced baby toys out there!) and the bee lights up and plays a short song.- I love that every part is detachable.- The different parts are made for different milestones in baby’s life.- My 3-month-old LOVES to kick it, and he’s just started grabbing for the toys too.- The small boppy is great everywhere to prop baby up a little – the couch, in his crib, at grandma’s. It’s small and portable.- I often take the arch (it’s very bendable) and place it in my son’s crib, tucking the sides between the crib and mattress so he can play with it in there (and the dog won’t lay on the mat, or lick his feet if I step out of the room, as she sometimes does when he’s on the floor)- You can add other baby toys to it with rings, and move them around the arch, or on the mat or boppy.- The whole thing comes apart for easy washing.- It folds up (when in 3 pieces) into a 14×14″ box in our Ikea Expedit bench.- Very lightweight and easy to move from room to room.Dislikes:- The almost scratchy cheap-feeling material on the bottom of the boppy. They should have put the softer material on the whole thing.- I wish the mirror was a little more “real,” instead of a plastic sheet which makes things distorted (of course, this is the “mirror” used on ALL baby toys).Overall, I am very pleased with the Boppy Garden Gym. I don’t think I would have liked another play mat as much as I like this one. Baby seems pretty happy with it too!

Adelaide Princeton, AL

The baby seal of approval is definitely stamped on this gym …

If you purchased the Boppy Play Pad, you’ll be amazed at the ingenuity put into the Boppy Play Gym. You’ve got everything from carrots that “shake, rattle and roll” to a musical queen bee with light up wings. If you’re a first-time parent or caretaker who read constantly in preparation for your little one, you are well aware of those developmental milestones and will be quite pleased with this gym. You’ll be able to do everything from encourage early tummy time to watch your toddler sit on this spacious pad and pretend to read books.Your pediatrician is likely to discuss the importance of tummy time and will let you know when to start. When I reviewed the Play Pad I had a few suggestions:
• Take off your baby’s socks so he or she will be able to push and reach for the toys on the edge of the mat. This mat is designed for easy cleaning and if you leave those socks on it can be slippery. Babies start to reach for objects beginning at two months.
• Start slowly and put your baby on the mat for only a few minutes at a time, gradually increasing the time. If you start early enough it will seem like a natural position.
• Don’t put the baby down on with a full tummy as it can be very uncomfortable.
• Rotate toys on the mat to prevent baby boredom. When the baby is older you can alternate sides of the arch.
• Every baby is different so watch carefully to see what is liked and not liked about tummy time and work with your baby so the time can be a happy one.Pros:++ The over-sized pad is 36″ x 36″++ Both the pad and the pillow are wipeable for easy cleanup and machine washable.++ The toys are specifically designed to match developmental milestones. For example, they are designed for when the baby responds to sound, recognizes faces, grasping items, they encourage the baby to reach, etc.++ The pillow and bright colored toys make tummy/play time fun and easy.++ When the baby gets to be approximately three months of age or older he or she will be able to bat at all the toys on the arch.++ The toys are can either be attached to the pillow, arch, or the pad and will encourage your baby to reach. Additional toys can be purchased or you can be resourceful and add a few of your own.++ You won’t have to hold your baby all the time … hands free and your baby will be busy learning those important motor skills.++ The pad and pillow tuck away easily and are very portable.++ Easy assembly and the toys can easily be rotated.Con:- – Would like to see a bit more padding. It’s fine if you have the Play Pad on carpeting, but if you have hardwood floors or something similar you’ll want to add a blanket beneath it.This is an excellent, vibrant and fun gym. When your baby is younger you’ll be shaking the arch, but before you know it you’ll probably see a little foot kicking it. When they are much older you can remove the arch and attach the toys to the edges of the mat. I’m impressed with the design of the Gym and the “fun” factor. The baby seal of approval will certainly be stamped on this gym. The gym is durable and because the toys are attached they will be less likely to be lost in the shuffle so the entire gym can be handed along to another baby. If you want a great baby shower gift (or want to hint for one) this is a perfect choice!

Jacklyn Alzada, MT

Didn’t hold up

We bought this play gym for our son 2 years ago and I absolutely loved it. The colors are great, the material was easy to clean (good for a baby with reflux issues), and the toys entertained him. My only real complaint was that the arches were fairly flimsy and he could pull them down onto himself when he grabbed a toy. As with any activity gym, it becomes much less useful once your baby becomes mobile. So when our son started crawling we packed it away. We recently got it out for our second child. Unfortunately, within 2 weeks the tubing that gives structure to the arches broke in half, rendering it completely useless. We will keep the toys as they are adorable, and we can still use the mat for tummy time. I contemplated buying another, but for the price I will go with one that seems more stable and likely to last longer.

Herminia Umpqua, OR

Great concept, flimsy support

I actually loved the concept of this activity gym and appreciated that the colors, while still playful, were not in your face blaring like many of the other activity gyms. The mat is easy to clean and I really like the toys (the bumble bee is a favorite!). Bonus because you can frequently rotate them or just give them to play on their own.All that said, if the structure is flimsy then all of this doesn’t matter. The activity mat has NEVER looked like it does in the picture. It has always sagged and I noticed after the first couple of weeks, one of the plastic poles that holds it up had snapped in two. It still held up, but you had to be careful where you placed the toys. The design could have easily been made where you could at least remove the plastic tubes to duct tape areas that snap and put them back in, but alas they did not do this. (For reference – the tubes are similar to straws in diameter, but thicker, and are on both sides of the arch. That is the ONLY thing that holds the arch up.) Now with another snap, the gym is hard to hold up on it’s own. Even before another piece snapped, 8 times out of 10, my babies (I have twins and would put them down on it a separate times) would pull it down on top of their head. Fortunately it is soft, but it is extremely disappointing.At this price, this should have been built much better. We got a few weeks use of it before attaching the arch, and the twins can still play with the toys, but there are better options out there. Even if they explode with colors.

Debra Carmel, CA

Good Product

My son loves this play gym! The Boppy pillow and mirror are great for encouraging tummy time. The colors are vibrant and the toys are appealing to my 5 months old. However, it is easy for my son to knock it over as he pulls on the toys hanging above him. Also, the slippery material of the Boppy pillow and underlying mat make it easy for it to slide off the mat when I put my son on it. I have been using a blanket under it to cause some friction so it doesn’t slide so easily.

Tisha Lakota, ND