Boppy Infant to Toddler Head and Neck Support, Grey

Boppy Infant to Toddler Head and Neck Support, Grey

This 2-in-1 head support is crash tested and approved. Featuring a cushioned removable neck ring that provides head and neck support and can be used without the head support as baby grows. The reversible design features cozy minky for winter and cool cotton for summer. It is perfect for car seats, joggers, strollers providing safe on-the-go comfort and support.

Main features

  • Polyester 88%/Cotton 12%
  • Imported
  • 2 in 1 head support features a cushioned removable neck ring that provides head and neck support
  • The reversible design features cozy minky for winter and cool cotton for summer
  • Perfect for car seats, joggers, strollers providing safe on the go comfort and support
  • Crash tested and approved
  • Machine washable
  • 2 in 1 head support features a cushioned removable neck ring that provides head and neck support and can be used without the head support as baby grows
  • The reversible design features cozy minky for winter and cool cotton for summer
  • Perfect for car seats, joggers, strollers providing safe on the go comfort and support
  • Crash tested and approved
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


The best neck support for strollers!

I got this for my 4 month old, to use in a BOB revolution se stroller. This product is fantastic! It’s the best neck support for strollers I have been able to find. It was easy to attach securely to the harness, and my LO seems really comfortable with it. The neck pillow is detachable, and it’s is reversible. The other side is really soft and cozy, and the other is cooler cotton. Overall I think it’s a great product, high quality, I would definitely recommend it!

Judith Franklin, ID


My daughter has developed a flat spot on her head, and this does seem to be helping.When she lays on the floor her head is proped up well. The material is super soft, it seems to be made really well and looks just like the photo listed.However, If you’re buying this for a carseat, I would reccommend something else. This DOES NOT fit in our Graco Snugride carseat. I still love the product so far, it seems to really be helping.

Katie Bristol, IN

not as good as I thought

The picture look like have 2 whole pieces but actually only one piece. the neck support part look like attached but it is a separate piece. I am little bit disappointed!

Letitia Hepler, KS

PERFECT for torticolis!!!!

My little one has torticollis noticed since 3 months. I bought several head supports for use in the car seat, stroller, rocker, etc., and none was able to keep her head straight….until I tried THIS. The head support part looks similar to Boppy’s Noggin Nest, but the material inside is softer and there’s an indent where the neck should be. The neck support piece is PERFECT for keeping baby’s head straight. I read reviews and people recommended the Cradler for torticollis, but that does not work right. The pieces are too big to fit in a car seat, the material is too hot for summer, the material attracts dust and dirt, and the backing hurts. I am so happy to finally find a product that helps her neck.

Rosalinda Sandy, TX

Torticollis / Plagiocephaly

If your child needs extra head support or have been told that your child needs positioning aids for plagiocephaly or torticollis, this is the perfect support to get. The neck support is removable and their are two sides – a summer and a winter material, so to speak. We were unable to do a positioning helmet due to a VP shunt but this and positioning did the trick.

Carey Timberon, NM

LOVE, but what is with the oversized tag?

I love this boppy snuggler– I use it in my baby’s rock n play sleeper to help fend off flat head. So far I think it is helping. My only complaint is the HUGE tag on the cottony side with child safety disclaimer, etc (there were orig. 3 tags I believe, but I was able to rip the other 2 off). I understand the necessity of a disclaimer, etc but the location and size of the tag is a bit annoying and seems a hazard of sorts in and of itself. This particular tag is sewn into the lining, preventing me from tearing it off as to not damage the product itself. I suppose I could cut it but then I’d have an annoying little jag of fabric that might not feel to good on baby’s skin? I suppose I’m picky, but that’s why I gave it 4 starts instead of 5.

Lynn Bellona, NY

Much better than what comes with the carseat

I hate that my newborn folds like a pretzel in his carseat, and the infant insert the carseat came with doesn’t help at all. I bought this in the hopes of making him more comfortable in the seat, and it does keep him a bit straighter but he still looks crumpled. I use the large neck pillows to help keep his head up a bit, but it seems he’s still too small to wear them properly (he’s 6 weeks now and still hasn’t quite grown into them). However, it is an improvement on how he was with just the carseat alone. I think this will work much better when he is a bit bigger, so if you have a newborn or young infant it may not be the best choice for you. However, I will keep using mine just because it’s an improvement on what comes with the carseat.

Gladys Tilden, IL

Not necessary, but nice

I used this product for my son for about 3-4 months while he gained head control. It wasn’t absolutely necessary, but it gave me the peace of mind that his poor little neck wasn’t going to hurt while I was driving and couldn’t re position it.

Cecile Wellfleet, MA

Keeps his head cushioned and straight

I got this head support on recommendation from my chiropractor so that my newborn wouldn’t end up with his head bent at a weird angle in the car seat. It did the trick! Now at 6 weeks old he is able to hold his head straight, but it does offer nice support while he is sleeping in the car.I did take off the optional infant neck support, as he seemed to find it very restricting and would fuss if I put it on him. The outer support itself has a well in the center for the back of his head, so it doesn’t push his head forward at an uncomfortable angle. I also like the two-sided fabrics–one for summer and one for winter.

Maggie Rensselaer Falls, NY

Helps keep her head from going crazy!

We use this in her car seat and stroller. It’s comfy for her and helps keep her head in place. We’ve used it since the day we brought her home from the hospital.I do like the 2 sides since one side has material to keep her cooler in the summer and the other side is for keeping warmer in winter.We’ve never used the neck pillow, but as she gets older I’m sure we will.My favorite is that it’s velcro to attach them to seat straps easily!

Elba Zellwood, FL

I really like this item!

I am a mom of three. With my third baby I am using a Babytrend FlexLoc Infant Seat. Baby #3 is 5 weeks old and has had nothing but problems keeping his head upright with the included infant head support in the Flexloc. My first two kids used a chicco infant seat and I don’t remember having this bad of a problem. I knew I needed something, especially when he started to “outgrow” the infant headrest at about a month old and was slumping so badly, with his head at a serious sideways angle.I purchased this based on reviews and was NOT sorry! It arrived and was packaged nicely. I love that it is reversible cotton or minky for warm or cool weather. My guy sweats a lot in his carseat (even though it’s November in Illinois) and I think it has something to do with the type of fabric lining the flexloc. With this headrest, his sweating has REALLY decreased and I am not even noticing it. This is good because we have two siblings in school in two different towns so we spend a lot of time in the car!When I put this in the seat I was thrilled with the way it fit and the fact that the padded piece that goes over the shoulders was removable. I was sad because although that particular piece worked really well to keep his head upright, he screamed as soon as he was buckled and wouldn’t stop. He also tried constantly to latch on to the fabric (he is breastfed and for some reason having that rounded fabric pillow right near his cheek kept triggering his latching instinct, even though he had just eaten) As soon as I removed the shoulder pillow piece he stopped crying and stopped trying to latch, and luckily the head support piece that goes around his head was able to keep him upright ALL DAY LONG with three different car trips and naps. He never slumped to the side or forward even once. This was fantastic in itself.I do think that as he grows he may be able to use the shoulder rest piece and I am glad to have it, but happy that it removes because baby was not happy with it right now. I also love the construction (sturdy, soft) and the pattern and colors are great and match my carseat, carseat cover for winter, and jogging stroller. I never expected to be this coordinated with baby #3 🙂 Wish I had this with the first two!

Lina Sweet Home, AR

Doesn’t work for normal sized babies.

Unless you have a less than 6 pound baby this is useless. My son was 8 lbs 14 oz at birth and could NEVER use this insert. It was a waste of money and it was too late to return.

Julia Chestnut Mound, TN

These are ok, prefer the Nest Noggin better

These are very bulky so they’re hard to put in a car seat. They are ok for play time, but not my favorite. The boppy best noggins are smaller and thinner and go in put car seat nicely.

Paula Livingston, NJ

Better without the neck pillow

My daughter seems to be smooshed with the neck pillow, so we just use this without that attachment. She doesn’t like it when I have it in there, and it won’t keep her head from slumping forward without that pillow though, obviously. It is still much better of a head support than came with our infant seat. It is also very easy to remove and wash.

Marilyn Lake Geneva, FL


we use this in the car seat carrier (not while we are in the car driving) but when we use the car seat in the stroller. It really prevents her head from bobbing around. I have 2 and use one in the rock n play, the bouncer that she’s not quite big enough for yet, etc. Love it.

Melody Loretto, MN

This is wonderful comfort for my little one.

My baby is 7 months old and she has so much room in my jogging stroller. I bought this and it will add some comfort for her on the run. Well made and soft.

Suzanne Longville, MN

great head support

I’ve had one of these for almost two years now. I still use the neck wrap on long trips when my toddler is going to fall asleep. It is the only head support I have used that keeps their heads from flopping over. When we took our baby home from the hospital we had it in his car seat. I bought this one for a friend’s baby shower. This is now going to be my go-to baby shower gift.

Nannie Ashville, NY

Washes well

We use this with our stroller to help keep 2 month olds head straight during a ride. We do not use the neck support since she does over heat with that, but the rest is great. We have had a few drool or spit up issues while using this and it washes well. I took away one star for the fact that it is hot and has a huge tag on the the cotton side.

Roseann Seaside, CA

Great product

Love this.. though the "warm" side was way to warm for FL. I also took off the neck part as we had something on our straps and he hated it, but used that part for the jogging stroller to give him something to rest his head on and he loves it there! would buy again

Carly Garden City, SD


one more perfect product from Boppy. It fits my baby very good, he is 7 weeks old now, was 6 weeks when we started using this. I put it in car seat and in Nap Nanny recliner. I like both sides, but using mostly cotton, it’s hot here all year long. not using “shoulder piece” , it’s too bulky right now, maybe later..

Stefanie Geff, IL

Perfect for twins or busy parents with two car seats

These were the perfect size and price for newborn twins. Twins are normally small when born, so we will be using the Boppy longer than babies of single births. Having protection for the head and neck in one unit is a plus. They are well make of quality fabric and should be easy to clean. I gave them as a gift for my grand babies.

Shawn Cane Valley, KY

Works better separately

First of all, the picture is a bit deceiving because it looks like you are getting two head boppies. 🙂 It has 2 sides, one fuzzy and soft, the other more cotton-like and cooler. The neck piece is removable. To fit both in a car seat, I find it a little too tight, as my car seat already has thicker parts around the head area. I use one in a stroller to keep my 3 month old’s head steady, thus skipping the bassinet or carseat attachment. I have found that the head boppy piece is a bit large for car seats, and pushes the head forward, which I don’t like. I use the other neck piece to help stabilize her head in a convertible car seat. The fit is a little snug, but it keeps her head straight. I had the pink head boppy for my firstborn, and the material on this one is a little nicer. The utility of this product goes down after probably 6 months. I have not used it for any prolonged periods in swings or sleeping, so I can’t speak for "boppy head", but this has not caused any abnormal bumps during short periods (ie max 2 hours at once).

Annette Summitville, OH

Helpful for stroller rides

My son still needs a little support in the stroller and this has helped! I use the neck rest on the side of him though as he sometimes leans to one side. 🙂 It states the cotton side will keep him cool– I live in Hawaii so I don’t think anything really keeps kids from sweating out here other than A/C. His back is still sweaty… But the design is great and I think it was a good purchase!

Julie Malvern, AR

Very soft and cushiony

I was worried the head support wasn’t going to be thick and cushiony enough to have any effect when it came to preventing flat-head syndrome but these are definitely much thicker than they appear in the picture. The body part is really not cushioned at all, but that’s okay. I love that the neck "wings" can be converted into a travel pillow for a toddler, making this more multifunctional than just a baby cushion.

Kathi Aurora, NE

A must have for the car seat!!

I recently put this in my baby’s car seat to keep his neck and head supported. I. Hate when I see his neck bent when he falls asleep and when he is in the seat in the stroller, I like knowing his head isn’t flat. I also really like that this has two different fabrications–perfect for year round comfort!

Lila Chester, NJ

Couldn’t use for our newborn but good once older

We couldn’t use this with our newborn. The padding in the "inner circle" was too much and pushed his head too far forward when his car seat was in the car. Once he got older and had some head control, we were able to use this and continued until he was about 6 months old. Haven’t used the neck pillow yet but I’m sure we will.

Peggy Graytown, OH

It gives a good neck support for my baby

I purchased this neck support because the original head support of my baby infant car seat is way too big for my baby’s head. I like this product very much since it is reversible for summer/winter, and my baby stopped sweating around his head since I placed this on his car seat (it’s summer now). He is now 3 and half months and his neck will be settled soon, so I do not use the removable neck support at this moment (and he hates it for some reason), but the infant head support give enough support for his head. I recommend this to everyone!

Isabella Holtwood, PA


I’m so happy I found this. The head rest fits perfectly in my Graco car seat and helps to support my little guy’s head.

Camilla Cannel City, KY

This is a life saver!

This head support is a life saver. I used to look around desperately for emergency parking spots so I can stop and check me 1mo’s breathing as her head would always be dangling beside her! My baby girl is 2.5mo now and I haven’t worried about her head support ever since I started using this product. It’s a must have.

Eloise Hardin, MT

Works great

I gave this product 4 stars because the pictures make it look like you are getting two when you are only getting one. I put this in my citi mini and supports my 4 month olds head

Lorena Wakefield, MA