Boppy Luxe – Clouds

Boppy Luxe – Clouds

Who would have thought a simple crescent-shaped pillow could provide such indispensable aid to mom and baby? The Boppy provides a comfortably soft place for infants to lie while nursing or taking a bottle as well as a nice place to be propped up and see the world (meanwhile Mom’s arms get a much-needed break). As baby grows, it’s the perfect support ring to lend assistance in those awkward and top-heavy efforts to sit up. This Boppy Luxe features white clouds on a soft sky-blue background. The fleece covering is not only warm and cozy, but also machine washable. Winner of a Child Magazine readers’ award for best nursing pillow as well as an American Baby Best of the Year award and a National Parenting Publications Awards Gold Medal. –John Moe

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Too cumbersome!!!

The bobby was way too cumbersome for nursing. It was given to me as a gift, a lot of people said great things about it and I registered for it before my baby was due. In the beginning, I would spend a lot of time trying to get the boppy comfortable around me and in place before someone handed me my daughter during feeding times. Now I just grab my daughter, go to a chair/couch and find a comfortable pillow and do just fine without a boppy! The boppy is collecting dust. Pillows work just fine!UPDATE: after 2 years and 2 babies, the Boppy is now my favorite for when the baby is around 5 months old-7 months: for putting behind them for sitting up! I still can’t stand the boppy for nursing, but I really love it for a cushion when they are sitting up!

Brianna West Long Branch, NJ

Luke warm on the Boppy

I’m not sure what the fuss is surrounding this product and why so many deem it a “must-have” I find that a regular firm pillow works just as well if not better. The width of the boppy is too narrow to support a bigger baby. The U-shape isn’t especially comfortable to me. The other problem I’ve had is washing. They come with slip covers now, but if you ever need to wash the pillow itself, it screws up the distribution of the stuffing.I much prefer the My Breast Friend pillow: it has a back support and is adjustable. Very comfortable and gives the baby a wider and flater surface to lay on. Mine is the inflatable version, which is great – when you take off the cover to wash, you can easily clean the pillow beneith with just a damp cloth. My baby also like sitting in it better than the boppy.

Etta Chualar, CA

Didn’t like it

I didn’t like it for nursing. I could never get it to sit right or feel comfortable using it. However, my daughter used it a lot as a back rest when she was learning to sit up and likes to use it now (at 22 months old) for watching t.v. or playing with her dolls. I’d suggest trying it out in the store to see if you like it before spending the $$.

Britney Somers Point, NJ

A disappointment.

Even though I ended up bottle feeding, I did try breastfeeding while using this pillow. I am not a huge person, but a little larger than average, and this pillow just DID NOT work for me. I tried it every which way I could, and no such luck.My son enjoys it as much as a 3.5 month old can. Even though it clearly tags the product to not use for a sleeping infant, it saved me at times when his reflux was especially bad.If you are a size 14+ you will want to look into a pillow that will fit you better, because most likely, this one will not be as helpful as it is for smaller women.

Letha Cave In Rock, IL

Good purchase

My daughter and I have thoroughly enjoyed the Boppy. I haven’t used it quite as much as I thought I would but I am definitely glad that we have one.

Jerry Granville, PA

Not just for baby

The best tip that I got when I was pregnant was to get a Boppy. Then, if you have a vaginal birth… SIT ON IT! Sure enough, I did and I did! It was so much better than the pillow that the hospital gave me for the same purpose.Yes, it is also good for feeding the baby. And it is wonderful when baby is three months or so and wants to be propped up a bit to see that ever-expanding world.

Cindy Widnoon, PA

Very handy item!

I find that the boppy pillow is very handy. It is soft and comfortable, our baby loves his. I gave 4 stars bc I found that it was difficult to breastfeed with (awkward). Our dog even loves to lay in the boppy. I recommend this product highly.

Reyna Premier, WV

You better off buying the bare naked boppy

And buying the matching cloud slipcover. I love it because as we all know breastmilk stains and washing the pillow isn’t easy. With the bare naked boppy you can find alot of slipcovers to go with your child’s room and different stores carry different styles and is so much easier to wash than the whole pillow. I have found different slipcovers at Target, Babiesrus, Target and Baby Depot.

Estella Zahl, ND

These were not made for nursing.

This pillow was originally created as something that would allow babies to sit up on their own to provide a soft surface around their back and sides in case they fall over. It was a marketing device to sell these as nursing pillows. The midwives and nursing consultants I’ve all spoken with hate this pillow for nursing. Unfortunately I thought this would make a great nursing pillow and so bought it before my baby was born and have wished ever since that I bought a real nursing pillow. What I ended up doing was putting this on my lap even though it comes too far around my back and so leaves a space between myself and my baby which she regularly falls into and then putting a second regular bed pillow on top so that she doesn’t roll around. Because the boppy is round my baby is very unstable on my lap without another pillow on top, it also doesn’t lift her up high enough without a second pillow. For a long time I only used two bed pillows and that was enough, so if you can’t afford a real nursing pillow you can just use a couple bed pillows.When using this to sit up please know that it cause physical problems for a baby if they sit up a lot before they can get up on their own. So please be careful that you don’t use this too much with your baby before they can get up on their own. I never used this for my baby during tummy time. I found she has gotten moving very quickly by just putting her belly down. She didn’t like it at first, but I’d just pick her up when she started fussing (even if it was just a few moments) and over the months she has liked it more and more and can now spend up to an hour on her tummy going all over the living room (she is six months old). So I really haven’t found much use for it except for forcing myself to use it as a nursing pillow since I don’t want to spend the money on a good one. Just know that it may frustrate you if you try to use it for nursing.I gave it four stars because it works great for what it was originally designed for – to protect your sitting baby in case he/she falls over, but they advertise it as a nuring pillow which it was not well designed for.

Olivia Grace, MS

Super soft boppy

I love the boppy, when my back hurts it’s the perfect way to nurse, baby loves to play on boppy!

Ivy Raymondville, TX

Can’t live without it

Excellent product. It makes nursing so much easier!! I suggest bringing it to the hospital. I wish I had. I will for the next one. Helps keep mom comfy during long nursing sessions. Can also be used to help prop baby up when they begin to learn to sit or for them to lay in when they are little. Great gift idea.

Edythe Hebron, IL

There are much better nursing pillows out there.

I registered for the Boppy because everyone said it was a “Must Have”. I am breastfeeding my baby and I do not think it is a “Must Have” but it is nice to have – just not for breastfeeding.I tried using it for breastfeeding and found that there are other pillows out there that work better. The reasons are:1) It is designed to fit around your waist but it keeps sliping out on my lap.2) The top is curved and the baby can easily roll off the Boppy, especially as he gets bigger.I later purchased a Tresor breastfeeding pillow that was recommended by a lactation consultant and found it much more useful. It comes with a buckle that can be attached around your waist so it stays put on your lap. Also it is much larger and flat accros the top. I do not feel like the baby is going to roll off the pillow, which is nice when you are trying to undo a nursing bra or grab a burp cloth.I do love the Boppy for other reasons. I have used it as a “nest” for my napping baby. He is now 8 weeks old and frequently I put him in the Boppy to curl up while I am doing other things. He seems really comfortable and stays put. I’m sure as he gets older we will use it more for sitting up and tummy time.The fleece cover is nice and seems to stay clean. It has washed well a couple of times. However the extra covers that we purchased came apart in the laundry.I recommend getting the Boppy for other reasons than for breastfeeding.

Eloise Salome, AZ

This has been a lifesaver!!

We registered for this item before baby arrived, and thank God someone purchased it for us! In the hospital we had problems with breastfeeding on day 1, day 2 my husband returned with the Boppy Luxe in hand and it has been smooth sailing ever since. When I am sitting our daughter is comfortable, content, and at the perfect height to feed. My husband uses the Boppy when he is cradling her in his arms for extra support. Our daughter if given the chance falls right to sleep in the softness of this product. Other Boppy pillows are cheaper in price, however one of the features all three of us enjoy that is unique to this one is the fleece covering. I would have given five stars, except for the fact that the fit on my waist is not always comfortable in every seating situation. Great product though!

Helen Franklin, KS

Nice but not comfortable…

This pillow was nice & did help a bit with breastfeeding but always slipped during the feeding. Fabris was soft & durable for our son when he was learning to sit & start to move during first couple months. More useful for child support than breastfeeding…

Lelia Arma, KS

Couldn’t live without it!

The Boppy was recommended by a friend. It was also recommended in a breastfeeding class that I took. I got this before my baby was born. Didn’t take it to the hospital & my arms were killing me from holding my little baby-regular pillows didn’t help. When we got home I used the Boppy-what a difference! It gives me the freedom to do other things while feeding the baby. It’s also great for propping the baby up in a sitting position (supervised). Hope this review helps!

Katelyn Faison, NC

Indispensable for the new mom!

The Boppy pillow is the one must-nave item for you and your baby. Use it around your waist to help support your newborn while he nurses … mine is asleep on ours after nursing as I write! At a few months of age, use it under his tummy to work on tummy time. Eventually, he can use it as a support when he learns to sit up! With so many covers to choose from and so easy to care for, it’s something every new mom should have.

Tabitha Orlando, FL

My son loves it…

This pillow was a wonderful help during my breastfeeding time and helped prevent the back pain that comes with that slouched position you get into while trying to keep the baby comfortable. Now that I have stopped breastfeeding my baby loves being propped up in this pillow so he can sit on his own and look around the room at everyone.

Jasmin Belle Rose, LA

Boppy Overrated

Another MUST HAVE I was told. I think not. Pillows are much more effective in my opinion to prop up the baby while nursing. The boppy just wasn’t comfortable for me, it was too stiff. I didn’t feel like it really fit me – and I am not a big woman – size 8 before pregnancy, size 10-12 while nursing. I really think it is overrated and not necessary.I have heard good things about “my breast friend” I might try that one next time. But still felt like the pillows did the trick.

Shelby Sultan, WA


I have two in different parts of the house. After my C-section these really helped me to feed my son.

Trudy Ulysses, KS

Love it.. Dont feed without it!…

We just had a new baby boy and I feel like a new mother! My older son is now 14 years old and boy have baby products changed since then! I seriously considered comments and reviews when deciding which items I wanted, which I could live without, and what was an absolute must have. So I hope you find my review just as helpful when deciding on your purchase. I LOVE THE BOPPY! At first my husband thought to was a joke, well until he used it for the first time. Now he won’t feed without it! It allows your baby to lay in a comfortable position and makes mommy very comfortable while feeding too! It gives the perfect support for your arm and babys back. This is definitely one of our favorite purchases!

Melinda Clemons, NY


I love my Boppy pillow. The luxe cover is the way to go–super soft and stays that way after washing, too. I use it nursing and to position my 7 week old in when we’re just lying around. Though I use this often and really have no complaints, I gave it four stars because of one issue. Because of its size, it is very difficult to use with a glider. At night I don’t use it for nursing because it does not fit between the arms of my glider and, when positioned on top of the arms, my son is too high to nurse. I’m a petite person at 115 lbs, so I can imagine that other mothers might also experience this difficulty.

Marla Judson, IN

Love It!!!!

Not only does it make holding and feeding your baby easier, but it also good for proping her up on the couch or floor. My 3 month old daughter loves to sit in it on the couch or on the floor and play with her toys or just look around.

Elvira Spearville, KS

Great Product

We have used our Boppy for 3 mo’s. We don’t breastfeed but we still find Boppy to be indispensible. When Isaiah was born, Daddy made a special trip home just to get our Boppy for us to use at the hospital. Everyone loved bottle feeding with it. It has just the right smooshiness for supporting Baby and helps old Mommies and Daddies like us avoid those numb arms and crimped necks. We enjoy it for tummy time and sitting practice, too. During pregnancy, it was a mystery to us when friends told us to register for a Boppy and it seemed expensive but, once Isaiah arrived, we learned very quickly that a Boppy is worth every penny. Other friends have tried the Boppy competitors and not been satisfied. It’s hard to believe that the smooshiness, shape, size, fabric type, etc. are so critical but, when you feed a baby round the clock, they are, and Boppy has them mastered.

Sherrie Bricelyn, MN

The BEST invention ever!!!

This was our life saver for our sons first 9 months!!! We used this for ever bottle feeding. Our son was super comfortable and relaxed during feedings. Was especially great those first couple months during the night feedings. I could sit up in bed and feed on this him well I was still relaxed!!! The fleece cover is the best too. Super soft!!! The other covers feel kind of scratchy and are definetly not as soft as this one!!!!

Maricela Wawarsing, NY

A must have.

Definately a good thing. I actually ended up receiving the 5-in-1 boppy pillow gym and that is many great things in one. I used it in the beginning for feedings and it’s an arm saver for sure. Now the little one uses it for entertainment and tummy time. It’s a nice change for her to be elevated once and a while instead of laying flat on the floor. Soon she will be able to use it to help her sit up.

Gladys Lowry City, MO

Can’t live without it!

I am so pleased with my boppy; my son and I have used it every day and night for the past 12 weeks (since day one). Breast feeding did not come easily to us, but having this pillow made it much easier. I didn’t have to worry about supporting his weight while we figured it out – I only had to manage his head. After all, it took a while for me to build up my arm muscles in the beginning (he is a big baby!). If you get one, take it to the hospital with you!! I met with a lactation consultant who not only recommended that I get a bobby, her office was full of them.Other things I like:- The boppy puts him at the right level and I don’t have to bend over.- Now that we both know what we’re doing, I can even sit at the computer and have both hands free while he feeds!- It seems to be very comfortable for my son. He will sometimes fall fast asleep after a meal and has stayed there cuddled up to me for a long time.- I have machine washed and dried both the bobby and the cover and it has come out very nicely.- My husband also uses it (although it is a tight fit around his waist) for bottle feedings, since it brings the baby up nice and close comfortably.- It is also a comfy way to prop up my son so that he can see a bit of what’s going on.What I’d change:- The fleece cover is quite warm, especially in the summer.- It doesn’t really fit within the arms of the rocking chair that we have. I feed him mostly in our bed or on the sofa, so this hasn’t really been an issue for us, but if you plan on mostly using this in a glider rocker (or any chair with arms) you may want to try it out first.

Jade Leavenworth, WA

Makes feeding easier!

I love my Bobby pillow. I have little arms so it was much easier to rest my daughter on the pillow than try to hold her the whole time while nursing. When I’m giving her a bottle I like to prop it under my arm so it doesn’t get sore. The cover is soft and fuzzy and it washes up beautifully. I consider this a must have!

Marsha Morehouse, MO

Much better than the regular Boppy

I purchased the regular Boppy first. I misunderstood the description and thought it had a removable cover which it doesn’t. It is washable but you put the whole pillow in the washer/dryer. The directions say to dry it with a green tennis ball (strange). I decided to return it and get the Boppy Luxe which does have a removable cover. I like the fabric much better too. It is soft and warm whereas the regular Boppy material is more scratchy.Although I haven’t used this product as much as I thought I would, when I have used it it’s been great. It’s good to remember to use it for those long, sleepy nursing sessions in the evenings. Keep a book by you…I’ve found I can nurse and read at the same during these long dozzy sessions. Since she’s been 3 months old I have occassionally put her in it like a little seat and play with her. She likes this for short periods.

Jamie Holt, MI

must have for nursing mom and bottle feeding dads

the boppy is so useful that i bring it to my mother’s house when we visit because a regular pillow just wont do. puts my daughter at just the right height for nursing and/or bottle feeding. Also, my arms, or my baby’s head, did not rest on the arms of the rocker and made sitting in the rocker for longer periods a lot more tolerable. when my daughter was a newborn i felt like she and I were both well-supported and very comfortable. also, as a newborn it brought her within eye range while we were sitting, without much effort on my part.

Aurelia Swansboro, NC

Love It!

My mother’s a lactation consultant and bought this for me. I was having major problems breastfeeding and this was wonderful. My daughter and I had to use the football hold for the first two months or so and this was an absolute lifesaver. Now that she’s bigger and we’ve advanced to the traditional breastfeeding position, we don’t use it for nursing. But it’s great to prop her in and let her see what’s going on. It’s a nice alternative to her swing. And the fleece cover is so soft and comfy. As a sign that she’d outgrown her diapers, one of her poops leaked out onto the cover and the pillow. Both the cover and the pillow washed great in the washer & dryer. The Boppy is great!

Megan Rogers, MN