Boppy Luxe Newborn Lounger with Slipcover, Pastel

Boppy Luxe Newborn Lounger with Slipcover, Pastel

Discovering a brand new world is hard work. Babies need a place to kick back, too. The Boppy Newborn Lounger is an ideal place for you wobbly little one to relax. Featureing a recessed interior to support baby’s bottom and a cuddly fabric to comfort baby all over, its the only support pillow created especially for preemies and newborns. Baby can rest safely in this cozy and comfortable pillow, giving mom a few minutes of supervised, but hands-free time. With all the products available for mom and baby, it’s nice to know there’s something as simple and comforting as the Boppy Newborn Lounger.

Main features

  • A cuddly fleece fabric to comfort baby all over
  • Baby can rest safely in this cozy and comfortable pillow, giving mom a few minutes of supervised, but hands-free time
  • Recessed well supports baby’s bottom
  • It’s the only support pillow created especially for preemies and newborns
  • This product is appropiate for infants up to a maximum of 16 pounds

Verified reviews


multi-use boppy

This Boppy Luxe is really great! I’ve used it for myself as a prop up pillow (but its very thick and firm), babies love to lounge in it, but I would have to say that my two cats are constantly FIGHTING over which one gets to lay in this pillow! I do not have children yet but my cats are obsessed with this. If you have a baby and cats, buy them each their own!

Rachael Piper City, IL

A must have for a brand new baby!

This is a must have for the first 3 months of your baby’s life.I found this especially useful since I had a c-section and couldn’t really bend over to pick the baby up out of his bassinet, so I would put this in the bassinett and had hi sleep ontop of it. He loved it because he felt snuggled and I loved it because I didn’t have to bend down so far to pick him up with the fresh incision!

Madeline Cleveland, MN

This saved us

We can’t say enough about the Newborn lounger, we truly owe our sanity to it. We used it exclusively for the first two weeks, always supervised, and then for months after during the day. Our little one had reflux and this helped keep him a little upright after meals and also kept him contained and comfy. We have purchased several for friends and all have been very happy with it.I will add that when we bought ours, there was no cover included or available. I see that they now are included. We had to cover ours with a little blanket to help with cleanup, but didn’t find it too inconvenient.

Lakisha Conda, ID


AMAZING! my son is almost 7 months and we’re still using it (although with supervision)this is NOT like a regular nursing boppy, it’s a big pillow that nestles your babywhy i love it:great for preemies. my son was 5lb7oz and it was perfect. I think he loved it because it was cozy and kept him in a “tight” environmentit’s elevated slightly so your baby isn’t lying on their back and just staring at the ceilinggreat for transferring a sleeping baby. my son would fall asleep in it, then we’d move the boppy to his bed, and pancake scoop him out onto bed, easy transition!helpful for tummy time – forces him to work on his neck muscles since the center is dipped in but the pillow supported his check and pelvic areaeh…the lounger, when dirty does need to be cleaned, the down time it takes to clean it is tough since we came to rely on it so heavilythe covers are expensivei’d recommend this product to anyone. it gets great useage, and gives baby visibility to their surroundings. my son had a blast seeing his feet for the first time. when your baby outgrows it, make it into a dog bed! my dogs try to sneak onto it when the baby isn’t in it.

Elda Holcomb, KS

Boppy Luxe Newborn Lounger

Purchased as a gift for our daughter during her pregnancy, we had no idea how much she would love it. She uses it during nursing and many times during the day to cuddle the baby when she is not doing so herself. Our little one loves the way it feels and is immediately satisfied when in it. The baby is bundled as well and the Boppy must be a good replication of her comfort in the womb.

Octavia Grove City, MN

Best baby shower gift ever

I absolutely love the Boppy Luxe Newborn Lounger. I use it all the time, and my son seems very comfortable in it. I got this as a baby shower gift and have bought several for other expecting moms, who also love this product. You will get a lot of use out of this.

Maritza Pray, MT

Great product, not very useful for me though.

It is a very well made product and very simple to clean. My son is very active, so we haven’t been able to use this that often. Sometimes he enjoys lying on it and looking up at me while I’m talking to him, but it is rare he can stay still that long. He’s around 16-17 pounds at three months old, but he still fits on it fine. If you don’t want to buy one of these, you can use a regular Boppy in pretty much the same way. It was given to me as a gift, but I wouldn’t go out and buy one.

Margery Gray Hawk, KY