Boppy Maternity Support Band – Medium/Large

Boppy Maternity Support Band – Medium/Large

With the Boppy Support Maternity Band you can easily transit from regular clothes to maternity clothes and then back again. Breathable elastic lace provides support for your growing tummy. Eases back pain and provides abdominal support. Gently lifts belly to reduce bladder pressure. It provides postnatal support also provides gentle abdominal support after any delivery. Eases discomfort after a c-section. Helps you return to normal activities and wardrobe earlier.

Main features

  • Breathable elastic lace
  • Eases back pain and provides abdominal support
  • Lifts belly to reduce bladder pressure
  • Provides gentle abdominal support
  • Eases discomfort

Verified reviews



the sizing on this is very awkward. i ordered according to the sizing chart – a s/m. i am 5’4", was 145 lbs prepregnancy and usually an 8/10, so this should have been fine.i am now nearly seven months pregnant with twins, and 180 lbs, all belly. i have a very supportive belly band tube that was a takeaway from the hospital from when i was there for monitoring. i find it very comfortable, and was looking for something else to mimic it. i though the boppy maternity support band would work, but when i tried it on, the velcro only just matched up. the serious stretch to get to that point thinned the side of the band that has the softer velcro on it, so that the super fierce side of the velcro had unmatched edges hanging off. and i mean super fierce. it would tear apart any clothing it came into contact with while wearing it, and scratch any unprotected skin. the unmatched softer velcro then had a weird ripple to it. after trying and retrying a couple of times to get it to lay right, i heard a distinct snap of a stitch letting go, and took this off.i will hold onto it for postpartum as it is marketed as a binder of sorts as well. perhaps it will be more helpful on that end of this journey, but it definitely isn’t getting the job done right now.

Susanna Fruitland, WA

Helped my wife with lower back pains

My wife has purchased this band when she was 35 weeks pregnant. At that time, she was getting lower back pain by the end of the day. She stands a lot at work. First day when she wore the band for the full day she came home without back pain and was very happy about it. She now uses it almost every day even when she is at home.

Laurel Hebron, KY

Pregnant moms with back aches must buy

I have had sciatica now for almost twelve years. In fact I have always had a dislocated pelvis not more than two years ago so when I was pregnant it was but natural for me to have severe back aches. I do have the world’s best chiropractor but then I cannot avail her services at all times. In addition to icing my back from time to time I started wearing this belt and man did it help. IT somehow takes all the pressure from my back and helps me sleep well at night. There are days when I do not use it and go for long walks and I can feel how much my back hurts. It also depends on how well you wear it. Do not make it too tight just enough to support your belly and pull the pressure off your back and then relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

Marylou Bloxom, VA

it does it’s job

I got this for a friend of mine, who is a teacher, She stands all day long so this gave her some support that she needed. I also got one even though I had one from my previous pregnancy but I liked this better then some of the wider ones that I had during my previous pregnancy because this did not snag on your clothes and it’s softer fabric so it was not painful or uncomfortable when you were sitting with it on.

Leona Carthage, NY

Good idea, but cheap material

The band rolls up and doesn’t stay in place. The Velcro has a hard plastic underside or backing that wrinkles and is uncomfortable against your skin. Also the gel insert that you can freeze or microwave does not stay warm at all. It stays warm for like 3-5 minutes and then you have to keep reheating. Glad I got it on sale for $20, but still a waste of money. But you get what you pay for.

Fanny Malden Bridge, NY

Save your $ and don’t buy this

This product is useless, uncomfortable and unfortunately they sent it with no receipt so apparently un-returnable! Save your $ and don’t buy this product!

Crystal Lantry, SD

Fine, but no miracle

This band does offer me some support when I’m doing housework, but the necessary tightness to offer belly support makes it rather uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time. It’s easily visible under lightweight summer maternity fashions, at least for me. (I received it toward the end of my second trimester.) I’m carrying my pregnancy very low, and I’m not sure there’s any product out there that could make walking around comfortable. This product at least makes it a little more bearable to take my dog for a walk around the block. I have not worn it to work since I sit at a desk all day and fear it would be very, very uncomfortable in its tightness.

Letha Lebanon, ME

Affordable supportive option

I bought this in week 35 of pregnancy when i started to feel a lot of ligament stretching in the pelvic area. My yoga instructor highly recommended I get a maternity support band to alleviate that. I picked this one because of its price point and relatively good reviews. I am a US Size 12/14 (pre pregnancy) and I find the L works just fine now. The velcro part is not that well designed so if you don’t velcro it actually in the mid line, the sharp point end will be jabbing into your abdoment. Not fun. I now get my husband to velcro the ends for me so he can align it up perfectly while I hold the other end in place. It is fairly comfortable and I do feel like it supports the belly better. The edges of the band are not invisible so you don’t see it under light colored clothing but I don’t really care. What do people expect? I’m pregnant!When I get down to using this post-partum I will update again.

Flora Anacortes, WA

Definitely helps for being on your feet!

I got this for my 7-9 month stretch. I get constant Braxton Hicks whenever I walk and this was able to help me walk for a bit without getting any. The first time I put it on, I walked the dogs, upright no less! I wasn’t slouched over, holding the belleh, and shuffling along. I can’t wear it sitting down or for very long, as baby does not like being squished. But I would definitely recommend it for when you have to be on your feet!

Socorro Marble Falls, AR

Not enough suppport

I had another support belt with my first pregnancy and this one fails to support much at all. It makes little to no difference therefore I will be returning it. Going to look for one that is mostly elastic like my first one. I was able to make it real tight and feel very supported.

Julianne Denmark, SC

Still loving it!

I bought this in hopes that it would give me better support in front and back. I am 29 weeks along with twins so I am sure you can guess that I am fairly big. The product looked exactly like I was expecting. The velcro can be a little bit of an annoyance but it does not bother me much anymore. My back does not feel as bad as it use to, and it is nice having something pushing up the front a little bit. I would buy this product again.

Silvia Bogota, NJ

Overall it works

I was 8 months pregnant when i bought this band. I used to wear a size 6 pants, now I wear size medium in everything at Motherhood. When i first tried the band it fit just fine. It’s pretty comfortable to wear when i’m walking around at the supermarket or mall. It feels too tight when i sit down to drive, but its so easy to take off, so it’s not a big deal. I wear it on the thightest velcro setting, so I wonder how it will fit after the baby is out and I use the band for post-maternity. I hope it still fits snug and helps with the sucking back in part of post pregnancy. I’d recommend it to my friends!

Neva Orinda, CA