Boppy Newborn Lounger, Seed Row

Boppy Newborn Lounger, Seed Row

The Boppy Newborn Lounger is the perfect place for wee ones to coo and kick in comfort. It is uniquely designed with a recessed interior perfect for a newborn’s bottom. A convenient carrying handle and lightweight design make this pillow a portable must-have. And because babies are cute, but messy, the easy-clean fabric means you simply wipe the cover clean after every oops.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • convenient carrying handle
  • lightweight and portable
  • easier to manage than a swing or bouncer
  • easy-clean, wipeable fabric
  • shower gift favorite

Verified reviews


Great for reflux, baby loves it!

We bought this after trying to find a way to get our newborn cozy on the couch with us. This is a great flexible option. We even used it for her to sleep between us the first few nights when we couldn’t stop staring at her…she is so comfortable in this she often falls right asleep. I know it says not to sleep in it but until she is mobile it seems safe enough.Unfortunately we learned that she also has reflex and is prone to spitting up after she eats. This is made worse if you set her in any sitting position; bouncy seat, swing, carseat. This works like a charm as she is more reclined and doesn’t spit up when we lay her in it.I would also suggest the cover that you can purchase for this as well. It is fleece and makes it very cozy for winter,

Lynda Bagley, MN

my son loves it!

I had been using my regular Boppy to lay my newborn son in for short periods of time and he always slid down into it and I had to re-adjust him every minute or so. Then I found this!! It is so awesome and he loves it! He will stay content in this for a good 30 minutes at a time. When he’s not using it I have to make sure I keep it propped up on end or my cats will be sleeping in it in no time.

Ingrid Greenock, PA

Good but with a major flaw

Great for baby playtime and daytime snoozing (although I would,’t let baby sleep overnight in this for safety reasons).The two sides are slightly different in indent height so smaller babies can feel comfy on one side and larger babies on the other. Really comfy for baby and at the right angle for baby to lean up at so that baby is not flat. I think this will fit babies up to a maximum of approx 4 months depending on your baby’s size.The major problem is the lack of a removable cover so if it gets dirty, it’s difficult to clean – although technically it is an ‘easy clean’ cover but I can’t see spit-uo (or worse!) being cleaned off if easily! Why would you not have a removable cover for when baby invariably makes a mess?! Do the manufacturers really expect this to be wiped down only? I don’t understand manufacturers that don’t make baby items such as this without removable covers.It can be put in a front load washer if your washer is big enough but that’s not possible for many people.Overall, a reasonable buy but like a lot of things someone didn’t think this through properly!.

Kasey Nashville, GA

please make an adult size one too

I love this pillow. I got it for as a baby gift before my daughter was born and we use it every day now. My daughter is 6 weeks old and wakes up every time I put her down, except when I swaddle her, put her on the newborn lounger sideways and I also heat up the top where her head goes on the pillow by putting one of those microwavable rice bags adults use for headaches then take it away when I’m about to put her down. The pillow says not to let the baby sleep or be on his or her side or tummy while using the pillow, but she doesn’t sleep well anywhere else except when someone is holding her. I always make sure to that if she were to roll off she wouldn’t fall far or land on the floor or hard surface and I make sure to check on her a lot. My cousin borrowed it the other day for her 6 month old, who can roll over, and she loved it, stayed on her back the entire time. I think it might be a bit hard for even a baby who can roll to get out of it since they have to roll up hill first. The pillow is very firm so it isn’t as much of a suffocation risk as a regular pillow. Plus, it’s so portable. I can use it in the crib, pack and play, on my bed, couch. I took it to a picnic last weekend. My daughter also prefers this to her swing and bouncy chair when she is awake and happy. It’s perfect for taking pictures in. I wish the cover came off so I can wash it. The washing instructions say to put in it in the washing machine,which I wouldn’t do. The material wipes clean pretty easily. My daughter spits up all the time and I just spot clean it. It could get gross if she ever has a big blow out on it though.

Iva Three Rivers, CA

Great..must have for moms!

I loved this for my new baby. I kept mine on the kitchen counter till he was about 4 months. Its great to have a place to set them down when you are doing a million things. Of course once they start getting mobile you can’t use it but it was great to have. Get it!

Marion Hitchita, OK

Nice pillow

My baby was only 8 weeks old when he first rolled out of this pillow. We have the boppy (nursing pillow) and use it to prop him up from time to time, but wanted this for safety. I still use it on the floor when I’m right there and he enjoys it for a short time.

Lorraine Colorado City, TX

Not for newborn

My baby is 1 week old whenever I put him in this it looks like he’s slouched over & not comfortable. I put a pillow under the feet side to make him more straight.

Gina Country Club Hills, IL


Conceptually I like this lounger. If my baby slept in it, as other reviewers note, I would absolutely love it. But, sadly, my baby does not sleep in it and after 3 days the chemical smell remained. I bought it to help elevate my baby to help his stuffy nose but I never ended up using it due to the smell and as a baby seat, I believe babies would be on the floor to help develop motor skills. Does not work for me.

Greta Panorama City, CA

Great for newborns

My baby hated to eb flat on her back when she was first born. She is now 10 weeks and still not crazy about it. I had a regular boppy for nursing, but I couldn’t really sit her in it since she would just flop over. So I got this one. It’s a little indented in the middle so it cradles them nicelyand they don’t lay completely flat.It worked great as a quick item to carry around for a quick place to set your baby down wherever you are. Don’t ever leave your baby unattended it it because there is no strap to buckel them in, but if your sitting on the couch and want to have your baby on your lap, this works great. It’s worth the purchase. It also makes it easy if you have other smaller chilred who want to hold the baby. You can put this on their lap and the baby in it and it makes it much easier for them.

Lauri Torrance, PA

Our go to gift now

We didn’t originally register for this. We wound up purchasing it after our shower. We used this lounger more than the rest of the gadgets. We loved it so much, it’s our go to gift for our friends with newborns!

Marci Camp Sherman, OR

Nice in theory, will not substitute being held in practice.

My child is one of those high need newborns that has wanted to be held at all times since day 1, and has hated any other surface. I bought this in hopes of getting some respite from wearing/carrying my child in my arms around the house. He will tolerate being on it for a few minutes when awake, but that’s about it. He certainly hasn’t dozed on it, or anything of the sort.This isn’t to say that the product doesn’t work. I’m sure lots of babies love being on it (our cats certainly try to use it as a cat cushion, and they’re pretty picky when it comes to soft and cushy!), it’s just not going to please a baby who’s intent on being held at all times like mine is (alas, by the time he grows out of it, he will have learned to roll, which will make this product not safe for him anymore).

Josie Gunnison, MS

BABY loves it

Really, isn’t that all that matters?! I do not know why, but we have a daughter with acid reflux, and this is her favorite place to lay. We wish they made covers for them (my only complaint), but we have multiples now and use them for changing her and for her to sleep in when we are there to watch her.

Penny Alexander, KS

Nice option for newborn, but slight issue when received

I was excited to see this option for a newborn while I was looking for a boppy pillow cover replacement. I ordered this and when I received it part of the stitching was already coming loose. I think this may be a fluke, but still a little disappointed.

Dixie Elkton, OR

Baby loves it so I love it

These are super soft and cozy, it gently hugs the baby and he doesn’t slide out of it like he does with a bobby u-shaped pillow. Definitely recommend it.

Jeanie Richardsville, KY

Best Idea Ever

I used this everyday, all day, everywhere! I recommend this and have purchased it for all my friends that have become new mothers.

Leona Angus, MN

My 6 week old loves this

This pillow cradles the baby and kind of “hugs” them as they are in it, It props them up a little so they can look around but keeps little wiggly babies that cant stay still safely in it still. My daughter loves it occasionally she even naps in it. When my daughter is super fussy most of the time putting her in this where she can look around calms her down and she seems to enjoy just being placed in it.its very well made and the pink print is really pretty. One thing i would say since the cover doesn’t come off lay a folded receiving blanket on the seat before putting your baby in it if they tend to have blow outs other wise it will end up stained. So far this hasn’t happened but i know my daughter has a tendency to do that so i right away figured i would do that and so far the only time it happened it was covered.

Suzanne Parlier, CA

Love this pillow!

I love this pillow. My newborn sits in it daily and loves it. Definitely need to be supervising the baby when he is in it though, as my baby is getting longer I can see that he could roll out of it.

Cathy Alderpoint, CA


I used this for my baby since he was a newborn and he’s 5 months and still uses it. It’s very plush and soft. We coslept with my son in it til he was about 3 or 4 months.

Bonnie Spelter, WV

Perfect portable infant seat!

I love this pillow. While it is not recommended for use while the newborn sleeps, it works great as a portable chair. I like that it props baby up well enough for bottle feeding (with no hiccups afterwards! Didn’t even need to burp him!), and is light enough for me to carry withut help after delivery. Print was cute and sweet.

Trudy Germfask, MI

Great product to have

I use the boppy lounger for many different things. I use it for my newborn (since the day he came home from the hospital) for him to lounge in and he loves it. I also had a very difficult recovery postpartum and I used it to sit on around the house and it was a big help.

Candy Moraga, CA

Big and bulky

Definitely not a boppy for breastfeeding. Also make sure you are placing this on stable grounds, not a small bed or couch since it is very elevated and can easily fall off. Propping the baby seems easy and comfortable enough, but they don’t like to stay propped as newborns for a long period of time anyway, I would invest in the Boppy.

Anita Taylors Island, MD

Boppy Newborn Lounger

You may not be able to use this for nursing, but the babies fit so much more comfortable in the lounger than the original boppy. I was never able to get the original boppy to work for nursing (to big of a gap between me and the pillow- a regular pillow worked better) and my babies would always slip down into an uncomfortable position when laid in it. The lounger hold the babies perfectly.

Stella Trout Lake, MI

absolute luxury but totally worth it

My newborn is 4 weeks today and we use this daily ever since he came home. In deciding to purchase this, I talked to a coworker and we came to the conclusion that it may not be worth it since we could use a blanket for a similar effect and if anything it is a complete luxury because he won’t be in it for too long. In a spur of the moment decision 2 days before his arrival, we decided to go for it. We are so glad that we did!Whenever I am working on the computer (like right now), I can stick him in the newborn lounger. Even though he is always supervised, I know that he will not roll out of it because he doesn’t have the strength to get out of the indentation. And, he is upright and slightly inclined unlike how he would be if instead doing tummy time on a blanket. It is also very cushy so he is not on the hard floor. He always looks peaceful and content when in it. It makes me want to get a beanbag chair for myself! However, we know that he will not be able to be in this for the long haul. He was 22″ when born and his legs can only get to be another 6 or so inches longer before they hit the ground as they are at the edge of the top right now. His head is about 4 inches from the top edge now. However, I think that we still have several months of use we can get out of it.The only thing I don’t like is that there is not a slipcover on it. We didn’t research to find out if they are offered since he won’t be in it forever so didn’t want to mark it down for that. Though, it could be information a potential purchaser wants to know. We really liked the seed row pattern and the softness of the material. We could just toss the whole thing in the washer but I would prefer a removable cover that I can throw in the washer instead to take up less room. However, the times that he has spitup in it, it has wiped right off with no staining. With peach, 2 shades of blue, green, and brown, it is also neutral enough to use for any girls that we have in the future.—Update: He is 9 weeks now. He had spit up on it a couple more times but it always wipes right off. We have not thrown it in the washer yet and it doesn’t need it. We throw a small receiving blanket over it as a layer of protection from spitups. The receiving blanket is smaller than what we would need for daily use but the perfect size as a makeshift slipcover. We take it with us to choir practice. While we practice, he just lays in it completely content. It is way lighter and easier to travel with than the bouncer or another place that we can put him while we need to be hands-free.

Marian Universal City, CA

Great Product

The usefulness will vary baby to baby but this has been great for my daughter. She is in a phase where she likes to be propped up rather than flat on her back so we are using this quite a bit. My baby was 7 1/2 pounds when we brought her home and initially did not use this although we tried. She just seemed too small for it and her head was at a weird angle when we sat her in it. Once she got to about 9 pounds she seemed to fit in it perfectly!

Miranda Claiborne, MD

Our newborn’s favorite perch

I received the Newborn Lounger as a shower gift. I hadn’t registered for it and didn’t give it much thought at the time. Now that my daughter is one month old, however, I would say that it’s been one of the most useful baby items in our arsenal. The shape of the pillow allows newborns to lay comfortably on their backs with the upper half of the body slightly elevated so they can look around in a way that they can’t while flat on their backs. While our swing is great for fussy times or when she’s asleep, the Newborn Lounger is my favorite place to lay the baby while she’s happy and alert because it puts her at a perfect angle for “face time” with me. The material is super soft and comfy, so it’s also a great back pillow for the couch or an arm support for holding or breast feeding. I highly recommend the NEwborn Lounger as a must-have for any new parent!

Genevieve Chadwicks, NY

Great for newborn, but quickly is outgrown

Also, there’s no way to wash the cover except spot cleaning. Strange that a removable cover is not currently available.

Brianna Cashtown, PA

Much more than a glorified pillow

When I received this as a gift at my shower, I wondered what this could possibly be good for. It’s a $30 pillow, right? What’s so special about it? Then baby was born, and I fell in love with him…and this pillow!This lounger is great to set next to us on the couch or floor to nestle baby, and is especially great for babies with reflux because it’s slightly elevated. The shape is very comfy for babies. This isn’t meant for sleeping, but our son has taken a few naps in it (with us right next to him, of course). I use this primarily for feeding my son while I’m pumping. It’s definitely made my life easier.One thing that I wish they would change is the cover. It’s not removable, and anything around babies needs to be so it can be washed. I put a blanket or receiving blanket over it to protect it, but it’s still gotten some baby spit up on it. The fabric does wipe clean pretty easily, though. Other than the cover, this pillow is perfect!He’s starting to outgrow it now at 5 months and about 17 pounds/26 inches.Bonus: it makes a great dog pillow, too. Our black lab, who has turned down every other dog bed we’ve purchased for him, loves to curl up in a ball on this pillow.

Trudy Cooper Landing, AK

Mixed feelings

Our baby seems to enjoy being in the boppy. It’s snug and feels like an extra pair of arms to hold your child when you need your hands free. However, our baby (5 days old) already squirms and manages to move herself into a horizontal position. Probably returning it soon.

Eunice Montrose, PA

I love this pillow.

I wish that I had known how great this pillow was while I was making my baby registry. And I wish that I had owned it as soon as I brought my baby home from the hospital! It is so nice to have a place to set baby that is slightly elevated (to help with that pervasive spit up) and allows me to hold something else in my hands while interacting with my baby. And my baby seemed to think that it was very comfortable! I am definitely going to recommend this to all new moms.

Elisabeth Seneca, PA


This is what I will be getting people for a shower gift from now on. Love it. Sturdy yet soft enough for baby to snuggle into. Easy to clean and very pretty.

Jeri Cross Fork, PA