Boppy Newborn Lounger

Boppy Newborn Lounger

Discovering a brand new world is hard work. Babies need a place to kick back, too. The Boppy Newborn Lounger is an ideal place for you wobbly little one to relax. Featureing a recessed interior to support baby’s bottom and a cuddly fabric to comfort baby all over, its the only support pillow created especially for preemies and newborns. Baby can rest safely in this cozy and comfortable pillow, giving mom a few minutes of supervised, but hands-free time. With all the products available for mom and baby, it’s nice to know there’s something as simple and comforting as the Boppy Newborn Lounger.

Main features

  • Recessed interior support Baby’s bottom and offers safe positioning
  • Created especially for preemies and newborns
  • Cuddly fleece fabric
  • Gives parents a few minutes of hands-free time

Verified reviews


Great product, fabric could stand to improve

My son loves this pillow! He will nap in it often. It is inclined enough for him to get a different view of what is going on around him, although the incline is probably not great enough for those little ones who have problems with gastric reflux.I agree with a previous poster that this pillow was much larger than I expected. My son is 14 lbs and 25 inches long and he still has a lot of room left on this.The one thing I am not crazy about is the fabric, it has pilled quite a bit in its less than 3 months of use. The pillow also can only be spot washed. It would be nice to have a removable washable cover. Otherwise, great product, would purchase again if ever needed.

Cecile Morganton, GA

Great pillow….

I wish I had this with my first son. Our baby is 3 months old and he loves it. He is inclined in it and he’s quiet for long long periods of time when I put him in it. I guess he finds this new view of the world fascinating. He’s also very snug in it, so no chance for him to roll over.I do wish the cover came off. It is a flannel type material, very soft but it can only be spot cleaned. My 16 month old “kissed” the baby and got chocolate milk on the cover that I had to clean up immediately (and I just received it today). :o)Other than the minor issue with the cover, I absolutely love it. My 3 month old is very tall for his age, so I’m sure I will no longer be able to use this in 2 months, but it will have been worth it.

Charlotte Stratford, NJ

Excellent for a Newborn

I feel this is one of those special things – most people haven’t found yet, or don’t know about. We used this lounger sooo much with our son. It helped keep him propped up, so that he wasn’t lying down flat. It was so cozy for him. We placed it inside our co-sleeper, initially, and later took it with us when visiting Grandma. You can set it on the bed or sofa and it creates an instant bed for any newborn. Of course, we always kept an eye on our son, too. He wasn’t left on the sofa. One of us would be sitting next to him. But, it was an alternative and it also kept him from lying down flat. We then had our lap free for a moment to read or relax. We consider it a “must-have.”

Sierra Graham, TX

Our Baby Boy Loves It!

I have to admit: one of the best items we got!Our baby boy (4 weeks now) simply loves it! Every time he is alert, we put him in and “interaction” time begins! He seems to be sooo comfortable in it! Plus, my husband loves to take quality pictures of Junior and there is no place where he looks happier…I can only recommend it!

Ollie Nocatee, FL

Love this Lounger!!

I requested this item on my baby registry and loved it imediately. I used it from the time I brought my daughter home from the hospital until she was about 15 pounds. There are warning labels (like 5) attached to the pillow and at first I was concerned, but my daughter slept so soundly in her lounger and it allowed me to sit down next to her without being worried that she would fall or be uncomfortable. She loved her lounger, it was soft and easy to transport. We also used her bouncer when she was awake, but she seemed to be more rested if she slept in her lounger. I did not bring her basinet from room to room, so I left this in the living room and was so pleased. I highly recomend this to all new parents and urge you not to fear all of the labels.

Jeanette Clements, MN

I wish they made these for grown-ups!

At first I thought I was being a tad frivolous by registering for this, but I’m so glad I did! We have hard wood floors. We use this on top of our daughters play mat so that she can lie on something padded while she bats at the hanging toys on her gym. She loves lying in it and looking around the room, and it slightly elevates her head so she’s not flat on her back. Not a must-have, but it’s certainly a nice to have!

Yolanda Ceres, NY

Adore this product!

I love this product and honestly couldn’t live without it. It fit my newborn son perfectly and we still use it for a pre-nursing seat now and my son is a big 5 month old! I would recommend either purchasing a cover for it – I didn’t know they had covers until about a week ago – or covering it with a blanket as the lounger is “spot wash only.”

Gay Milton, IN