Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support, Brown Wheels

Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support, Brown Wheels

Today’s babies spend more time on their backs, yet young infants cannot hold up their heavy little noggins. So, until he can do it himself, help him relieve the pressure by elevating and cradling his head in comfy support with the unique, patented cut-out design of the Boppy® Noggin Nest® Head Support. Use it when baby is on-the-go in the stroller, relaxing in the swing and bouncing in the bouncer. The generous padding in a fashionable print cradles baby’s head to provide all-over comfort.

Main features

  • Relieve the pressure on back of baby’s head with the unique, patented cut out design.
  • Use in the stroller, swing or bouncer.
  • Relieve the pressure on back of baby’s head with the unique, patented cut-out design.

Verified reviews


Tips for at home head shape assessment.

My son loves to sleep turning his head to the right and at 2 months old he developed flat spot (plagiocephaly head shape when one of the sides at the back of the head is flat-there are 2 more flat spot shapes: flat back and flat both sides of the head). I bought this head support because of the great reviews.At first I wasn’t happy because it says that it can not be used for sleep, but since he can’t change position by himself. Also I use it in a bouncer and car seat (works great in Chicco Keyfit 30), and for tummy time which is great for arms support. So during the night my son sleeps always on the back on Boppy head support, and during the day on the sides (I alternate sides to maintain good head shape). The boppy head support doesn’t bother my son at all.If you suspect that your baby’s head has a abnormal shape talk to your doctor or you can make assessment at home:1-from the bird’s eye view normal head shape is 1/3 longer than it is wide,2-both sides of the head should match and back of the head should be curved (my son’s flat spot on the side of the head one ear was closer to the shoulder and one side of the head looked higher),3- face should be symmetrical (look for narrow head, ears poking out at the top, one eye may appear smaller and one cheek fuller, bumps above the ears and forehead)4- very easy to measure, this is how I checked improvement in my son’s flat spot: put an index finger in each of the baby’s ears while she is still sitting on someone’s lap, then stand over the baby and look to see if your fingers line up.At the beginning the line between fingers was quite big and I was skeptical if the Boppy head support will help, but here we are about 5 weeks later and his ears are almost even. The improvement is great and I highly recommend this product. I wish I could use it from the day one!

Helga Cayuga, NY

Too small

Before I even opened this product, I read the reviews that some babies that used it had weird shaped heads. I didn’t want to take that chance, plus my son’s head was too big for it anyway.

Dawn Plevna, MO

My daughter’s ears now permanently stick out!!?!?!

I hate this product. I used this for two months when my daughter was a month and a half. Then I noticed that her ears started to stick out, so I stopped using it. But it was too late. She looks like a hobbit now. I tried using hats to flatten back, but nothing works. No one in my family or my husbnd’s family have ears like this. I even looked at all photos taken before I was using the noggin nest and her ears were fine. The problem is that is your baby, like mine, moves her heads around a lot, the round pillow part pushes their ears forward. And bc she kept sliding off the pillow it didn’t even help with her flat head. Instead it just put a weird indent in her head. I so regret using this!!

Morgan Westlake Village, CA

Never used it.

Was so excited about it, but never used it. Just didn’t seem like a good buy. It may work, but for me it was a totally unnecessary purchase.

Tania Rocky Ford, CO

Not recommended.

This made my baby sweat too much around her head and neck whenever she uses this even for the short period of time, and takes too long for it to dry every time I wash it. I gave it to my puppy. She seems to have fun with it.

Adelaide Henderson, CO


I read the instructions on the product, and its not meant to be used on a crib, co-sleeper, pack and play(SID hazard) or a car seat(Not recommended by manufacturers and car seat safety experts). The only place you can use it is on a stroller, which you wont use much with a new born or a bouncer, swing, many of which come with head support built in. So basically you dont need it. Its a waste. That said if you do need it to solve a problem talk to your pediatrician first.

Allene Pritchett, CO

Don’t buy the INFANT version unless your baby is less than 6 lbs

The infant version should be labeled "preemie" version as it will not fit most babies. Most newborns are 6-8 lbs when they are born….so this product is perfect. The infant version will not fit properly for babies 6-8 lbs. If your baby is not a preemie and is not less than 6lbs, buy this

Leah Springerton, IL

It’s ok

This is an ok product. It doesn’t provide as much support as I thought it would. I ended up getting rid of this and just used some rolled up receiving blankets. The blankets are approved for car seat use, unlike after market products like this one. I didn’t know that at the time I bought it, but after reading about car seat safety, I learned that using after market products can/will void your car seats warranty in the event of a crash.

Nellie Nelson, MO

Should have had it since day one…

Wow–I wish I had known about this product earlier. My son is 3 1/2 months old and had developed an assymetrical head from always looking to one side while in his bed. We started turning him around so that the flatter side would fill back out again but we weren’t seeing quick results. After using the Noggin Nest for 2 or 3 weeks, we can already see a difference. It’s not completely round again but it’s so much better! If I had known about this product, I would have used it from day one. We use it in his carseat (fits perfectly in the Chicco Keyfit), swing, bouncy seat, and while he’s on his play mat. I’ve washed it once and it held up well. Great product!

Kitty Waverly, GA

Thank you, Boppy!

My first son did just fine in the Rock n Play Sleeper. It was the only place he would sleep for awhile, and he was totally fine. Our new baby also prefers to sleep in the Rock n Play or the swing and hates being flat on his back, unfortunately he’s a bit "floppier" than his brother was, and at around 11 weeks I did start to notice he was developing a slight flat spot and a mild case of torticollis, which I had heard was a slight risk of using that (otherwise wonderful) product. As a massage therapist, I immediately started doing stretches with him, massaging him, giving him lots of tummy time and sling time, and looking for products to help reverse these positional maladies before they became problematic. I bought the Tortle cap, but he doesn’t have much tolerance for it and it comes off too easily. The Noggin Nest, however, works beautifully! I took another reviewers advice and slipped it under the padding on the Rock n Play. His head is now nice and round again. To help with the torticollis I also bought the Boppy Infant and Toddler head support (which is pretty much the same thing as the Noggin Nest, but with a detachable neck pillow). I use that one in the swing. Really helps to keep his neck from bending to the side so much! At 16 weeks, the slight tilt of his head to the right is barely noticeable anymore.I highly recommend both of these Boppy products! In fact, I almost think it would be wise for Boppy and Fisher Price to partner up and market the Noggin Nest and the Rock n Play together!

Cara Albion, RI


I washed it yesterday before use so that i can give it to my baby today , also i washed it as per the instructions. however, what i see is the fill-in came out , Poor quality. Read so much good reviews about the pillow but i am not happy with my purchase might be my item was defective or i got some wrong piece. Not happy with this purchase.

Darlene Mc Dougal, AR

Don’t want to give a star rating but…

Ok so my baby was getting a flat head as everyone else on here has already mentioned. I read all the glowing reviews and quickly bought one of these headrests for a quick fix. As soon as I put it under my baby, I noticed he couldn’t turn his head to the side. He has horrible reflux and spits up regularly. If he couldn’t turn his head to get the spit up out of his mouth, he could choke on it. I quickly removed the headrest and shipped it back. I guess if he was sitting up more (he’s only 8 weeks and his neck strength isn’t there yet) or I was only going to use it while I was sitting in front of him and watching him, I guess it would be ok. I would NOT feel comfortable leaving him or letting him sleep with this under him. I didn’t want to give this a rating since I didn’t actually use it, but Amazon makes you and I wanted to warm other parents who have babies with the same spit up/reflux problem. btw-it took me 3 days of coercing him to turn his head to the other side for him to do it on his own and even sleep that way. A much cheaper alternative to this pillow.

Emma Georgetown, CA

Very good for head support. Not a sleep positioner.

This is great for swings, bouncers, etc… It’s a pillow support for baby’s head that happens to have a hole cut out to help prevent a flat spot from forming. If you are concerned about flat spots (which one of my children wore a band for) and your child spends a decent amount of time seated, then this is a good buy.My only complaint is that the pillow is kind of big, so when I put my daughter in her bouncer, her head was pushed forward a bit. I had to put a couple of towels under her shoulders to make the transition up to the pillow a bit more gradual.Of note… if you are following the FDA rulings on sleep positioners; this is NOT a sleep positioner and is not sold as such. Boppy specifically says NOT to use this in a crib/bassinet and is not intended for sleeping. Use it with supervision.

Marjorie Robson, WV

Great for the Rock N Play Sleeper

I purchased this item to go along with the Rock N Play sleeper. It slid between the fabric of the sleeper and the plastic part, eliminating the risk of a flat spot that some people had experienced with the RnP. We had it in there for 9.5 months and it never shifted position or fell down. My daughter seemed very comfortable with it in there.

Loraine Alexandria Bay, NY

Good size and quality

Our baby keeps sleeping with her head on one side and this has potential to have flat spots on the head. Bought this after researching many different baby pillows and we are pretty happy with it. It even has seat belt holes so that we can use in the car seat. Baby seems comfortable.

Juliana Sutton, NE

It color my daughter’s head RED!

I really regret of putting my daughter napping on this one. It works as a support, but it was made of cheap synthetic material and the color continue to fade after washes. After just spent 2 hours napping on this one, the back of my daughter’s head turned red because of the color fading issue.

Corine Willisville, AR

Extremely helpful for shaping

We purchased this for a preemie who needed help rounding out his head at 6 months old. A cranial specialist suggested a donut but didn’t know where to get one. We got this and used it in the car seat, swing, and during floor play. In just 2 weeks of use, he went from looking like the creature in Alien to having a much more normal head shape. He is close to 15lbs now and does not fit it as well. I would recommend this for all newborns, regardless of head shape. It has great neck support and will help keep baby’s head round, regardless of the direction baby prefers their head when sleeping (in swing or car seat).

Tania Pocahontas, IL

much smaller than I thought

I’m not really sure what I was expecting, but the pillow looked so much bigger in the picture. It’s tiny in real life. I’ve been using the pillow for almost 2 months now, and while my baby’s head hasn’t gotten worse, it also hasn’t gotten better, not from the pillow at least (her torticollis and flat spot are improving through physical therapy) The product information says, “do not use this pillow in carseats, beds, cribs, on the floor,…and about 10 other places” Where are you supposed to use the pillow? I use it everywhere, mostly in the car seat and even in her bed. I don’t see how she could choke herself with it. She rolls off the pillow a lot though, so that her head only ever stays in the hole for a few minutes. Overall it’s an ok product, but don’t expect any miracles.

Eleanor Owen, WI

Baby didn’t like it

For some reason my 2 month old hates it 🙁 Wish he liked it as he has a small flat spot… It’s now collecting dust unfortunately. And secondly, the company says not to use it in the crib which is exactly where I wanted to use it, so had he liked it, I wouldn’t have been able to use in the crib (Of course I could do whatever I wanted but I would never risk anything )

Pamala Cove, AR

Great For Flat Spots

Around 8-9 weeks we noticed that our daughter had a pretty decent flat spot. I did some looking around and decided to try the noggin nest. Our daughter is now 12 weeks old and my husband and I have noticed a slight improvement and are happy with the results thus far. We put the noggin nest in her swing, in her car seat, on her play mat, etc.; pretty much any time we could aside from when we were holding her. I like that it’s not just the neck pillow because the flat part that goes under her back helps hold it in place. There are slits on the sides under the head part that let’s you slip straps through it so it’s very easy to put in car seats and other things with belts/straps. I definitely recommend buying this if your child needs helps getting rid of, improving, or preventing a flat spot.

Dee Mackay, ID


There has never been a Boppy product that I did not find useful. I feel that Boppy is truly inovative in producing the most simple, yet effective pillow products for babies. This Boppy Noggin Nest is no exception.My baby daughter loves it! She used to prefer to hold her head to one side and with much prodding and position changing, still did not wish to change her head’s direction. Arrives the Noggin Support–guess what? My little princess is now turning her head to both sides about equally–after only two weeks of usage!I also feel that this is a safe item for baby to sleep on in the crip; Now, I know that it is not recommended, however, I feel safe for my daughter to sleep in it, as long as she is below 3 mo. old or until she can turn on her own; For now, being only 6 weeks old, she is very snug and safe overnight. Of course, she sleeps near me, and I am able to keep an eye on her at all times.My baby girl was also starting to develop flat spots on the back of her head (from all that back sleeping) and on the side (from strongly favoring her right side). With this pillow, her head is not developing any more flat spots and it is starting to round out. In addition, she loves it! She enjoys the support of the pillow, and let’s face it–we all sleep with pillows, imagine how uncomfortable it is to sleep without one in most cases! I’ve used this in her sleeper, swing, bouncer, playpan, bassinet and crib with great reults! Easily washable on delicate cycle. My baby sleeps a lot better with this pillow underneath her. Additionally, her reflux and breathing problems are almost eliminated when she sleeps on this pillow, as her head reaches just the right amount of elevation. She also spits up a lot less and thus has less gas.I love the unisex brown color, very chique and fun, and can be used for both, girls and boys! I wish there was such a product for adults! Highly recommended!

Essie Spruce Pine, AL


It’s nice to be able to lay my baby down guilt free with this supporting her head so it’s off the flat ground. It’s been helpful in keeping a nice head shape! I wish more mommy’s knew about this product!

Naomi Newport, WA

Have no words to thank the people who invented this…

I wud really recommend this pillow to babies who have flat head,my baby head was getting conical in the back as she was sleeping to her both sides of her and never at her back,at her 2nd month visit doctor asked us to visit the craniofacial center for more diagnosis,we were so worried ,i researched online and bought this pillow and made her sleep during the night next to us in bed in this pillow,ours was a very firm bed as well,we booked an appmt for 3.5 months to the craniofacial center and they her head had rounded out by then ,at the visit they said we have nothing to worry and she is absolutely fine…we are so happy …our doctor said not use any of these kind of pillows ,so we never told him we used this,he was surprised in her next visit as well that how round her head was,he even asked us wihtout doing anything her head rounded off so much ???we just smiled and said yes…but be careful about the suffocation hazard this pillow might cause so put baby in it only if you are nearby ….i thank so so much th people who invented this magical pillow…

Leanne Rock, WV


We bought this in pink and brown. We were using this in our daughter’s bassinet to help keep her flat head from getting flatter, and we’re also using it in her rock n’ play for the same reason.It was cheap and serves its purpose.

Lottie Furman, SC


My son is 4 months old and at his 4 mos check up our MD told us he is starting to get a “gumby” head, his head was flat on one side and begining to push one of his ears forward. We are doing tummy time etc but he sleeps a solid 10+ hours at night and favors one side of his head (probably because it was flat on that side).We bought this for his crib, and we use it in his bouncy chair. Within 2 weeks we saw a noticeable difference and i’m sure it will get better! Phew we will avoid having to go down the helmet route for positional plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome). Love this item! We purchased 2 (I bought another one a week later for his daycare use).My only wish is that I knew about this sooner. We would have used this from the start!! A great gift for any new family who will be as paranoid about SIDS as we are due to the “back” to sleep campaign. Wish this qualified for free shipping…can’t find this locally at any BRU or box stores.

Traci Marvin, SD

Great, but not for carseat??

This is a great purchase, but I was surprised to find that written on the box it warns not to use it in the infant car seat. This product is really just for swings, bouncers, or in a bassinet. I am still glad I purchased it, but I wish I knew that part before.

Traci Edmore, ND

Peace of mind…

I have been reading a lot about ways to prevent flat spots. You cannot obviously keep a newborn off of their back unless you hold them all day. Lets face it… They sleep a lot, you cannot hold the all day, and we know putting them on their tummies to rest is a no-no. This works well in my baby’s swing and boppy newborn lounger. I have a similar boppy head support in his car seat. This item gives me some peace of mind knowing I am doing all I can (paired with tummy time, holding him,etc.) to prevent flat spots!

Robbie Allyn, WA

Boppy Noggin Review

We love our Boppy Pillow and wanted to check out another product by this company that helps to reduce the dreaded `flat head syndrome’ with babies sleeping on their backs. This product is amazing since it seamlessly fits into car seats, bouncers and swings and you can even use it when you have the baby on a play mat. No one wants to have to go through a medical correction device if your baby develops flat head syndrome and this is one awesome product to help combat it. I recommend it to all new moms!

Joni Union City, NJ

Not sure if it is working….

So, a friend noticed a difference after using it for her baby after only a few days!We use this in the car seat (it is where other parents seem to use it as well). And my husband is against us using it while she is sleeping because we cannot supervise her while we are sleeping ourselves… although I would really like to try it out in her crib since it seems most of the reviewers use it in the crib as well.Now, even though the product states that it can be used in strollers but not car seats, we use it in the car seat (at least for now, since the baby isn’t old enough to sit up in the stroller). The slots for the straps need are not ideal. Their location is too high/low?! In any case, the car seat straps are located at the lowest setting and the location of the hole (for the baby’s head) sits too high/low for my baby. The hole opening ends up sitting half way between her head and neck. I can adjust it so that it is in place but I think the boppy shifts down due to the pull of the car seat straps after a while. Maybe when she’s a bit taller and I can adjust the car seat straps to the next setting… it will enable her head to be centered with the hole in this boppy?!?I’m not sure if it is working because our baby’s head is just slightly flatter on one side so I bought this to prevent it from getting even flatter. The one good thing that I’ve noticed is that when she falls asleep, her head doesn’t flop all the way to one side against the car seat. She’s too big for the infant insert and the padding/pillow on this is a nice barrier to prevent her head from flopping over too much to the side. Then again, because the pillow sits in the center of her head (remember how I said the hole opening sits between her head and neck? Well, this causes the upper part of the pillow to sit behind her head instead of surrounding her head) and I think this sometimes forces her to flop her head forward when she falls asleep. When I’m driving, I’m a bit worried about this because her head is flopped forward so much that I worry about her ability to breath.I like the idea of this product but wished it came with a few different slots for the straps… it should be a bit more adjustable… not one size fits all!

Mollie Garrison, ND

Great product for a newborn

My daughter uses this in her rock n’ play. I love that it supports her head and neck while sleeping. I do not use it at night, just during the day. Cute pattern and well made.

Rosalie Krakow, WI