Boppy Noggin Next Head Support, Denim

Boppy Noggin Next Head Support, Denim

Keep the newest love in your life comfortable and content with the Boppy Noggin Nest. The unique design aids in the prevention of “Flat Head Syndrome,” with a center cutout hole that elevates and relieves pressure from the back of Baby’s head. When inserted into a reclining bouncer, stroller or swing, the Noggin Nest slightly elevates an infant’s head so that it doesn’t lie flat on a hard surface, which may help in preserving its natural roundness. 100% cotton chambray cover with polyester fill. Machine wash. Imported.

Main features

  • New moms and dads are following the “back to sleep” program by putting their babies to sleep on their backs.
  • While this is safest for baby, it can result in positional plagiocelphaly, a condition that results in the flattening of the baby’s head.
  • Using the Boppy Noggin Nest in stroller, bouncer or swing can counteract this condition.
  • Product guaranteed for one year. See for customer service

Verified reviews


Useless for infants

Okay, I got this for newborn. It’s CLEARLY stated it can NOT be used for sleeping, remember that. In fact, my baby distinctly disliked it. Now, if you have any good car-seats, etc. they come with quite good head-rests, etc. Thus, I really didn’t have a need for this. Also, infants really don’t “travel” much for this to be useful, as it’s only supposed to be used in strollers, car-seats, bouncers, etc. This is CLEARLY stated in their product tag on the product. Now, as the child grows older and the need rises for these products, i.e. strollers, car-seats, etc., does this product is still needed? NO! Why? As I see it, it’s during the 1st. 6 months, that there’s an urgent need to have something in place, helping the child’s head in developing to a correct shape. Thus: I am not sure of the product’s usefulness.

Enid Maryus, VA

Comfort and prevention

I put this under my baby’s head when he is playing with his play gyms on the floor. It provides extra cushion and I like that it helps keep my son from having a flat spot.

Maryellen Bapchule, AZ

Good for preventing flat head syndrome and as a head support system!

We use this in the bouncer and in the swing and I feel it definitely helps! My newborn daughter used to tend to turn her head to one side when she fell asleep in both the swing and the bouncer and now she seems to automatically keep her head face forward. I can actually feel comfortable with her head to the side or face forward because she’s supported by the cushion. I think she actually rests better all together when using it. It also fits in her car seat – we have a Laura Ashley Travel System – but since it comes with two headrest pads that pretty much cradle her head and being that she’s not in the carseat that often, we just stick with those. Otherwise, we also tried it in a Metrolite carseat and it fit fine. If you have a brand new newborn and you are using a carseat – even one that has a built in head rest, you will want one of these anyway – or The Snuzzler – because baby’s head and neck will be slumped all over the place… While I haven’t tried it in the crib, I would think that if you’re putting baby to sleep on her back, it will still serve the same purpose and cushion baby’s head just fine. Now, I’m not sure if it will correct an existing problem but I’m pretty confident that it would prevent flat head syndrome if used early on. Since it’s only a couple bucks, it’s worth putting it on your registry because someone will definitely buy it for you!

Delores Zaleski, OH

Do yourself a favor & get this early!

Just get one of these (actually, I got two so I wouldn’t have to keep moving it around so much.) At 2 months, our baby’s head was getting awfully flat. Enough so that the pediatrician scheduled an appt at 3 months to look at it & possibly talk about “the helmet.” I freaked & ran to our local BRU that same day. I used it in the swing, the activity rocker, the bouncer & in her stroller, but not her car seat. I also let her (danger danger!!) sleep on it at occassional naps. If I was sitting in my bed reading, I’d lay her next to me on her noggin nest for a nap. (Nothing dangerous there.) I wouldn’t let her sleep on it at night, or anytime she wouldn’t be constantly supervised. At any rate, by 3 months, the doctor said she had improved immensely, we’d just keep an eye on it. We kept using it & at 4 months, he said we didn’t even need to worry about it anymore. I used it for a few more weeks after that, until she started turning her head a lot more at night & started sitting up. Now I only use it in her activity rocker as a pillow because she likes. She’s 5 1/2 months now and has a beautiful round head! I can not recommend this highly enough!

Saundra Iona, ID

great head support

I really like this item. I put in our stroller to stop my 6month old son’s head from drooping when he sleeps. It also helps keep him supported when he’s awake. Occasionally he droops out of it, but overall it works great. I especially like that we can leave it in the stroller even when it’s folded.

Adrienne Liberty, WV

Noggin nest is grrreat!

This actually came with my boppy and I actually had a few similar already made by other companies. I went with this one. The little extra donut can be removed once baby gets a little bigger, its soft, easy to use and I just liked it better than the ones I’ve used. I wouln’t use something like this in the crib though, but carseat or playtime is perfect.

Katy Cochecton, NY

Very good product!

I couldn’t tell you if this is the reason my son’s head is round in the back (smile). But I can certainly say that this is excellent for keeping the baby’s head in a straight and comfortable position, specially when they are newborns and they spend a lot of time in their carrier, bouncy chairs or swings. This is not intended for use while sleeping in their crib.I would not recommend using this product in lieu of the standard car seat headrest while transporting the baby in a car. After-market headrests that have not been crashed-tested could cause serious injury in the event of a collision.

Jo Gallitzin, PA