Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner – Bare Naked

Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner – Bare Naked

The original, award-winning Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow and Positioner celebrates over 25 years of supporting moms, dads and babies! This versatile nursing pillow lifts baby to a more ergonomic position for comfortable breastfeeding and bottle feeding, giving relief to your arms and back. Bond with your new baby by using the Boppy Nursing Pillow while you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding. In addition to breastfeeding and bottle feeding, the Boppy Pillow transitions to the perfect support pillow for different stages of development including propping, tummy time and learning to sit. The Boppy Pillow supports baby as they grow and develop and this multi-use pillow can be used up to one year old. The Original Boppy Bare Naked Pillow is the famous Boppy Nursing Pillow without a Boppy Slipcover. Choose from a colorful array of Boppy Slipcovers, sold separately, to customize your Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow. The Boppy Pillow and Boppy Slipcovers are machine washable.

Main features

  • Polyester 90%/Cotton 10%
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • Boppy Bare Naked Now with Miracle Middle “Stretch Panel” to fit all waists
  • Product guaranteed for one year
  • Strengthens muscles and coordination
  • Completely machine washable

Verified reviews


Am I crazy for thinking this is overrated?!

I was thrilled to receive this at my baby shower but when the baby arrived and it was time to start using it, I was a bit let-down. I am tall and had to hunch over to nurse- after a short while this became extremely hard on my back. I had a C-section with my daughter and this pillow put more strain on my back and abdomen than I could take. My husband and I still use it, but we have to stuff pillows underneath it to prop up the sides. Also, the cover I wanted cost the same as the pillow- 25.00! I hate when companies exploit their customers by charging ridiculous sums of money for pretty basic goods. I know by now though that people- including my self- will spend any amount of money on anything having to do with babies.

Brandi Brant, MI

Not a nursing pillow.

This pillow is great for sitting your baby on your lap or for letting him nap on your lap. It’s even better to prop your baby up with for tummy time or to sit. It’s not great however for nursing. I talked to a lactation consultant and found that the Boppy was NEVER designed to be a nursing pillow. It was terrible for my back. I couldn’t get our baby aligned properly which was very stressful just starting out nursing. I had to prop pillows under both sides to try to get it right. At my lactation appointment they had a My Brest Friend pillow. This pillow is fantastic. It keeps the baby aligned properly with your breast. Which makes it so much easier to get your baby latched on correctly. I have a My Brest Friend at home and in my car for going out. I have been successfully nursing for going on 9 months now. I would never have gotten this far with the Boppy. Please, try the My Brest Friend instead.*For nursing I give this pillow a rating of 1 star. However, as a pillow to prop your baby for tummy time or to sit up I give this pillow a 4 star rating. All together a rating of 3 stars.*

Louisa Babylon, NY

I’d give it zero stars if I could!

I do NOT understand why anyone likes the Boppy for nursing. I am a pretty small woman (about a size 8) and I found that the donut-hole in the middle was so small it buckled in the front when I tried to put it around my waist. Not only that, but it really needs to sit around the hips in order to be low enough to rest the baby on — and that never worked, it just kept riding up to my waist. And because it’s so round and puffy, I had to use just as much muscle to keep my baby from rolling away from me as I would have to hold him up! I tossed it in the closet and used regular bed and couch pillows instead. Also, I couldn’t use it in any chair with arms (like a rocker or a dining-table chair because the big fat arms of the Boppy got in the way of the arms of the chair.

Lacy Bat Cave, NC

Terrible! Makes breastfeeding a hassle!

The Boppy pillow sucks for breastfeeding! I was constantly fighting with this pillow. It’s too soft, it’s rounded, and it’s too low. Too soft: offers no support to keep baby’s body in proper alignment. Rounded: the baby rolls toward your belly and eventually slips inbetween you and the pillow, so then what’s the point of having the pillow? Too low: unless your nipples are around your belly button, you’ll keep straining your back and neck to reach your baby–it’s impossible to “bring your baby to your breast” instead of the other way around with this pillow. You can try to put another pillow underneath the Boppy, but it will eventually slip off your lap. Then you can try to cross your leg under the Boppy, until it goes numb, yay. Breastfeeding isn’t always easy, and the Boppy pillow makes it SUCH a hassle! My lactation nurse has “My Brest Friend” pillows and they are SO much better!My Brest Friend Pillow, SunburstNice flat top, a firmer pillow, and a velcro belt to keep the pillow in place. Get My Brest Friend instead of Boppy! BTW, I saw pillow forms at Joann Fabric that are the exact same thing as a Boppy […]

Cherry Pacific Junction, IA

Just OK … definitely not awesome

I registered for a Boppy when I was pregnant with my first son … but I was quite disappointed when it actually came time to use it. It just didn’t feel wide enough or supportive enough for my taste, and as a tall person (I’m 5’10”), it just didn’t get my baby close enough to me to make it completely comfortable to nurse.In addition, the covers aren’t waterproof, and as any nursing mom knows, you WILL leak … or your kid will drool or spit up milk all over! After I washed my Boppy (according to the manufacturer’s instructions), it was never the same … it felt lumpy.That was pretty much the end of the Boppy — it’s sitting in a closet somewhere. For my next baby, I’m going to try the My Brest Friend and see if that’s an improvement.

Julianne New Offenburg, MO


Do not get this for nursing, the My Brest Friend is the best nursing pillow. The boopy is a horrible nursing pillow. The people who love it clearly never tried the My Brest Friend pillow.

Olive Stephens, AR

It’s not what you think…

Despite the raves, I totally understand the detractors here and the buying public should be made aware that a Boppy is not as essential to parenthood as so many try and make you believe it is. In fact, we’ve had one since the birth of our first child and have never used it for the intended purpose; to feed. The pillow itself, while designed for comfort, is at times more of a nuisance. It really needs a specific body type to work as intended, and while it sports with expandable middle pillow that is supposed to accommodate other body sizes, it really doesn’t do anything special. The pillow is what it is, a pillow that wraps around your waist for you to set your baby on while you either nurse or bottle feed. The most use we got out of this thing was as a stable pillow to set our daughters in while we did others things in the house. It’s great for naps too; a place to set your child down after you’ve rocked them to sleep but are afraid that lying flat in the crib will jolt them awake. But, for a product that screams “NECESSITY!”, this product just isn’t all that pertinent. You can still be a great parent without one. Oh, and the fact that you have to buy a cover separately (so expect to pay nearly double what you expect when you’re through) is a letdown. Sure, you have more to choose from, but this company really wanted to milk it. The slipcovers are nice and stylish (at least the one we got was) but the fact that they aren’t waterproof is a hassle since they basically are useless window-coverings so-to-speak. If you want an expensive infant chair, this is the way to go. You’re better off getting this as a baby-shower gift (they are popular in that arena, beings that everyone has been brainwashed to think they are the best thing since sliced bread) than to bother spending the money on them yourself.

Jeannette Stevens Point, WI

Overrated and saggy after short use

The miracle middle is nothing special, so if you are a plus size mom on the larger side of plus, don’t buy this thinking the pillow will stretch and wrap around you. I’m very short and this pillow was in a awkward position while breastfeeding, and wasn’t long enough to offer the ever important elbow support. This applies when using the bottle with a heavier baby as well.The pillow is painfully missing back support, and the middle dips and sags. I only used this pillow for 3-4 months before using one of my regular pillows with a waterproof pad under because it was cumbersome and already losing shape.Use of this as a baby support is okay, better than a regular pillow, though in a pinch rolled up blankets work fine. While having the ability to customize your pillow style is nice, the added expense for an average product almost negates the pros.The pillow is said to be machine washable, but given the poor quality of the stuffing inside, do so at your own risk!

Josefa Atkins, IA


A friend gave me both the boppy, and the Brest friend pillow, and I felt compelled to review the boppy in comparison to the other. Granted, this boppy I have is used and two years old but so is the Brest friend.This must be the poorest product designed for a specific task. The pillow is too soft to really prop up the baby even a couple of inches. So it fails right there. If it had been a bit firmer, it would prop the baby up higher and maybe the waist would fit more snugly and stay in place. This is especially troublesome if you’re tall or long waisted. I was constantly hunching which hurt my neck an back, and had to prop up my baby with my easily tired arms. How this is better than the ordinary pillow eludes me.My lactation consultant had a thicker, firmer boppy – the one specifically marketed as a nursing pillow. If you’re set on buying the boppy, at least get that one. At similar prices, the Brest friend is a no-brainer. Alternatively for good support, try the JJCole Paisley pillow – it is a contoured pillow without the back strap, but is made of a defined and firm foam. This was one I tried at the lactation consultant and has a smaller footprint, so it fits well if you’re sitting in a glider or chair that has arms.

Kenya Gordon, TX

Overrated IMO

I bought one of these when I had my baby. I don’t nurse, but I thought it would be helpful for feeding him after my planned c-section. He’s almost 6 months old now, and I never have really used it around my waist for feedings. I do use it under my elbow, but I could have done that with any pillow and it wouldn’t have cost $25! It would even be more worth it if the covers didn’t cost another $10! Maybe they’re more useful to nursing moms.

Kay Garrison, UT

I Dont Care for this Product

I never felt comfortable nursing my baby… physically comfortable. I always felt like he was sitting too high or too low to be comfortable. I thought there was just no happy medium and that maybe I was doing something wrong. After visiting my lactation specialist she had a nursing wedge that I used and suddenly it felt so much more relaxing. I wasn’t straining to hold his head in position like I did with the boppy. It was firm and not pillowey where he would sink into it. But I didn’t want to ditch the boppy so quickly after just buying it so I stuck it out for a few more months then eventually just started propping him up with pillows until it felt comfortable. Next baby I am getting the nursing wedge!

Geneva Cypress, TX

Get a cover!

I don’t love this product as much as some people do, but it’s nice to have. One thing- if you get this model, GET A CASE! I didn’t realize that was the “bare naked” part. It’s like snuggleing a new pillow without a case. This isn’t a bad product, but I don’t see it as essential as some do.3 month update: little one likes to sit in it like a recliner when we play also.

Lindsey Mancos, CO

Boppy is OK. Check out the Brest Friend too!

I am updating this review as my baby is older now (7 weeks). The boppy works a little better for us now that he weighs about 12 pounds. We use it as a back up nursing pillow and grandma uses it for support while holding baby. He is starting to like lounging in the boppy too. I am giving this a 3 star rating because it didn’t work nearly as well for nursing as I anticipated based on how popular it is, etc.For nursing, I purchased the Brest Friend, which came highly recommended by friends and the staff at a local maternity store. They were right! For us, it works so much better. It positions baby perfectly and also adds back support. Baby seems happier using the Brest Friend too.

Faith Pomeroy, OH

Bad for bigger bellies

I am a bit thicker around the middle and so this “springs” off of my waist and leaves a gap where the baby falls in. It’s also sort of wavy and can make positioning your baby’s head actually more difficult. I haven’t tried it, but I would suggest looking into the Brest Friend for nursing instead. Otherwise it was helpful for a little while when she was first learning to sit up and it helped keep her upright and cushion her falls. And I will probably keep it around for a neck pillow…

Deanna Midway City, CA


If you plan on breastfeeding your baby I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend purchasing a My Brest Friend nursing pillow. There is no support with a boppy pillow and if you are new to breastfeeding it can be quite a challenge. My baby often times would slip through and i’d have to hunch over to hold him up. Its extremely uncomfortable and hard on your back and shoulders etc etc. Get the My brest won’t regret it!

Benita Farmersville, OH

Didn’t like for breastfeeding, loved for recovery

I bought this as I was told it was must for breastfeeding moms. I actually hated using it while breastfeeding. I found it super uncomfortable and unnatural. The concept is on the mark, but each individual would need a boppy tailored for their body build (width, length, etc) and their baby’s needs. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a waste for breastfeeding.I’d give it a lower review, if it weren’t for the comfort it afforded me while I was recovering from a rather large tear during labor. As I left the hospital the nurse told me to sit on a lot of pillows for the next couple of weeks. She told me a donut cushion would work best (so I put this to use). I’m shocked that I needed a comfy couch (really my couch is very soft), a folded blanket, a pillow, and this boppy (in that order) all under my derriere for about two weeks before I could sit without horrid pain.Yup, that was this things best use.

Melody De Lancey, PA

must have

I couldn’t have breastfed without this those first few weeks! (well, I wouldn’t have wanted to anyway) Now that the baby and I are more experienced at breastfeeding, I don’t NEED my boppy, but I definitely prefer to have it.

Iva Cee Vee, TX

Use it constantly

I got this pillow as a baby shower gift, and I have used it constantly since my baby was born. I use it for nursing, to prop the baby up in a reclining position on the sofa or bed and for tummy time. My husband also uses it when holding the baby on his lap. It is one of the most useful baby shower gifts I received.

Nan Hartville, OH

Love the Boppy!

This is a must have for any mom! I brought it to the hospital when my daughter was born for use with breastfeeding, and I still use it when I’m home. I LOVE it! I plan on buying a travel boppy for a trip this fall. My baby also liked to sleep on the boppy when she was a newborn, and will still fall asleep on it after nursing at 3 months. My husband even uses it when he is holding my daughter in his lap. I wish it had a waterproof cover though, because it’s gotten spit up on quite a bit and I wish I could just wipe clean! The cover helps, but those aren’t waterproof either.

Sheena Port Salerno, FL

Makes breastfeeding a breeze!

I don’t know what I’d do without my boppy. I use it constantly to breastfeed and to lay my son in when he wants to watch tv. This is by far one of the main things I use and if I could recommend to any new moms or any soon-to-be moms, I would say to get a boppy! It makes everything so much easier, I don’t know what I’d do with out it 🙂

Katy Highwood, MT

Still have it and use it 3 yrs. later!

Ok, when I first heard about it, I hated it and thought,” why do I need to spend so much money for a stupid “c” pillow with cover? IT IS SOOOO comfortable 3 yrs. later! When I 1st had it with my 1st boy, I was scared to use it for breast-feeding…thought I would get dependent on it and wouldn’t know what to do if it wasn’t around…BUT, it made breast-feeding sooo much easier, and then the sitting up stage, and well, now I use it for myself, instead of a pillow. It is worth it! Very comfortable for breast or bottle feeding and as a pillow for and adult! You are not wasting your money!

Edythe Ingomar, MT

useless if you are tall…

I found this overrated pillow actually rather useless. I am 5 ft 8 hence my torso was too long to comfortably nurse my little one (born at 9 lbs) as I had to slouch to breastfeed or somehow prop up the boppy with something else. Anyways, not useful for infants….maybe +6 month olds but definitely not infants.

Lara California, KY

Awkward and Uncofortable

I found the boppy pillow awkward and uncomfortable for nursing. I am an average sized person and slimmed up fairly fast after giving birth, and I found the boppy difficult to get around my midsection. I even watched a YouTube video thinking I was missing something. For me, it was easier to use a couple of normal pillows for breastfeeding. My daughter was too small to enjoy it in the first few months, it would swallow her. By the time she was two months, she would squirm or roll out of it. The best use I did find for it was to sit on it, like a donut, to relieve pressure after I gave birth.

Aida Glencoe, IL

Have used it for 9 months now, love it

I’ve been using this for 9 months. From nursing to learning to sit, this has been awesome. I’ve literally dragged it with us everywhere because it has so many uses. It worked great for me as a nursing pillow. Then it became the official baby recliner when my newborn couldn’t sit up yet. I’d put it next to me on the sofa and he’d sleep or look around and play. It was key to tummy time. When he was learning to sit I’d put it around him so that he wouldn’t hit his head if he fell over and to give extra support/balance. Now that he can sit up and hold his own bottle, I use it as a baby recliner again for when he drinks his bottle to help keep him from choking on his milk (he’s not the most coordinated baby). I’ve also used it as a pillow for me when I was playing with him on the floor and while sleeping in the car.

Deanne Stigler, OK

Way overrated.

The idea behind this thing is to put it around your waist and rest your arms on it so that it isn’t too much effort to hold your infant to your breast for a long time. In what planet is the waist of a woman who just had a baby 18″ around??? I hardly gained any weight with my pregnancy and, 2 months later, I’ve lost all but 3 lbs. I wasn’t very big to start out with, either. This thing would not stay around my midsection for love or money after I had my son, so I resorted to using regular pillows to support my elbows. I would get it on and as soon as I would shift to pull him to me, it would pop off. I am pretty petite, so I can’t imagine what a pain in the rear this pillow would be for someone who is a bit larger than me. Now that my son is a bit older (2.5 months) I can use it to prop him up in a reclined position, or to give him some tummy time, but it is not useful as a nursing pillow at all. Honestly, the best pillow I had for nursing was a the nap foam-bead filled pillows that brookstone stores sell. They mold well to the baby’s shape and don’t deflate with weight placed on them, so they are supportive to your baby and fit nicely in your lap.

Effie Spring Valley, NY

Short Lived-better products out there

When this was first out, you needed it as you didnt have other options, now you do. Boppy’s are small, low which causes mommy upper back/neck issues and its use is very short lived. Plus if you have any chest at all they are not that practical. We researched them after I had a boppy for a week, because I hated them, I thought they were outdated for nursing moms/bottle moms and moms in general. We ended up getting the Natural Boost Adjustable Nursing Pillow by Leachco, which was FANTASTIC! My son is now 2yrs old and we STILL can use it for so many things! It lets you adjust the height! Yep, wether you are tall or short, thin or larger it fits because it isnt meant to go around you, its meant to bring baby to a comfy position for mommy AND baby. It has a bolster pillow that is also velcro’d on and you can flip it to either side, or move it under you or you can take it off. This was a lifesaver for breast feeding, bottle feeding, reading books or just holding eachother while they are studying mommy (or daddy’s) face. I have heard bad comments because it doesnt have a cover-so what, I throw it in with my darks and its been fine. Plus even with a cover babys spit up and you have to wash the covers and I would still wash the pillow-yuck otherwise. I wash it 1X a week and for 2yrs there is no rips, tears or anything. Because you can put the baby higher leaning, it takes away a bunch of gas in the tummy and spitting up since you shouldnt have a baby flat to begin with. Yes we used the boppy for things like holding sitting baby up, using it for a tummy time holder, but that was it. I just wish they came in more colors!Leachco Natural Boost – Adjustable Nursing Pillow – Denim

Ophelia Dubois, ID

more versatile than most nursing pillows

this isn’t my favorite pillow for nursing (that’s My Brest Friend, even given its awful name). BUT I really have liked this pillow for its versatility. It works ok for nursing (my biggest complaint: it slides out away from my body, and baby falls in crack).It also is good for playing with baby– propping baby in different positions, depending on his development.

June Melrose, MA


I have not been impressed with Either of my two Boppy’s. They go flat after about a month. I contacted the manufacturer and was advised to "try washing it then putting it in the dryer with a tennis ball". I have done this several times and it is definitely a temporary fix. The pillow usually goes flat again after a few uses.I will try something different next time. These are not worth the price you pay for them

Eunice Tilden, TX

Good Purchase

This is a must have for any parent. This was really comfortable for out daughter when she was nursing and also helped for things like tummy time. I would recommend this to anyone.

Lacy Tipton, IN

Extremely Useful

This is an essential item for feeding! (Bottle feeding, as well as breast feeding.) My husband and I both use this to help position our new baby. It’s saved our shoulders and backs from pain and keeps our baby comfy so he’ll drift off to sleep after he eats. It also makes it easy to keep hold of him if he tries to squirm!When mealtime is over, I’ve even used it as a comfy pillow for my neck and head while I sleep on the couch if my newborn decides he wants to sleep in his infant seat rather than his crib!The cover comes off for washing and we’ve had no trouble with the pillow getting dirty at all. If it did, the pillow is washable, too.Inside the pillow’s package was an offer for a magazine that we didn’t want. I opted to take the $7.00 rebate check. I also was able to get a $15.00 rebate check for the Amazon magazine offer promotion they were running when I bought this pillow. The Boppy pillow was an excellent buy for $3.00!

Hillary Hartford, KS