Boppy Pillow with Luxe Slipcover, Teddy Bears

Boppy Pillow with Luxe Slipcover, Teddy Bears

This Boppy Pillow with Slipcover comes with a soft creme top with embroidered bears, chocolate and striped piping and a striped cotton back. The perfect complement to any nursery, boy or girl. The Boppy Infant Support and Feeding Pillow has been voted America’s favorite baby product by moms for five years in a row. And now this beloved product is even better with a new Miracle Middle stretch panel to fit every waist size. So now every mom and dad can feed their baby in an ergonomically correct position, with support for tired arms and necks. And it’s still the best spot for babies lying, playing and learning to sit.

Main features

  • Boppy pillow comes dressed with one cotton-polyester blended slipcover
  • Machine washable
  • It is made of super soft and luxurious fabric that’s always in style
  • It is a great pillow option for the guest in a hurry and wants to “grab and go”

Verified reviews


Soft and comfortable

We (my wife especially) love this pillow. It’s firm and soft and she cannot imagine feeding our baby without it.

Rosanne Booneville, AR

Worst thing EVER!!

This is by far the worst thing ever. I think it’s part of the reason why I am having such an issue feeding my son and getting a proper latch. It shifts and then the baby rolls right into the crevice between pillow and mom. Breastfeeding is challenging enough for a first time mother without having to mess around with the pillow while holding the baby in place and hoping that you do not get chewed up in the process. Do yourself a favor and get a Brest Friend. It is flat and you fasten it to you, so it does not shift.It’s so important to have the right tools for the job…aside from the boobies, of course! 🙂

Tanya Tieton, WA

Like the pillow but NOT for breastfeeding

I thought this was supposed to be a good pillow for breastfeeding but it’s not. Because it is rounded and not connected to me it slips out from under my baby while feeding. He ends up in a hole and I need to have a towel or blanket over the pillow to stop him from sinking.It is very cute and the cover is very soft but it really isn’t functional for breastfeeding.

Janis Reeves, LA


I am definitely getting my moneys worth out of this pillow. Breastfeeding is so frequent, I use this pillow MANY times a day. I can’t imagine feeding without it. I haven’t tried other products to compare it with though. My back does get a little sore, but I have underlying back problems. So far she is comfy, and generally I am too. We are using it now that she is 2 months to help her with tummy time which is nice. We will continue to use it while she learns to sit up as well. Worth the money for sure. A pillow like this is a must-have.

Jami La Salle, MN

A very useful baby basic

When I started getting ready for our first baby, I ran into the word “boppy” everywhere. I wasn’t sure how I would use it, but I went ahead and registered for one.We love this luxe version because of its soft, velvet front material and neutral stripes on the back. The cover fits snuggly and matches well with any decor.At first, I tried using it for breastfeeding but found that the rounded edge made it difficult to get the baby to the right position. I would recommend MyBrestfriend for this use. (Boppy now sells a wedge for breastfeeding but I haven’t tried it.)The Boppy has many wonderful uses over the course of a baby’s development.- prop up baby for playing and bottle feeding- use to create overhang/support for head during tummy time- place around baby when learning to sit as head cushion when they fall over- good lap cushion for nap time rocking and bottle feeding- adult pillow for napping on floor next to babyWe’ve really loved having this around. The regular covers are fine and more colorful, but if you want to splurge, get this softer one. I highly recommend getting a second cover so that you have another to put on after the baby spits up on the cover in use.Also, when I received this as a gift, I noticed the price changed every couple of days. Definitely don’t pay the full retail price listed if you can wait.

Shelby Tuntutuliak, AK

I will never use anything else. My baby is 9 months old and we still use it. What a great product. Very practical and has many uses.

Maricela Paola, KS


This is something I purchased before my son was born – wasn’t sure if I really needed it or how much I would use it.I have since discovered that it’s a MUST HAVE!!!1) can be used for various breastfeeding positions, extremely comfortable for both Mom & Baby2) this slipcover is SO soft and washes well (have washed mine 4-5 times so far and it’s still soft/like new)3) can be used to sit baby in for playtime or when bottle feeding (I also use it for a different take on tummy time)Top quality product – definitely recommend!

Helene Somerset, CO

great pillow and my favorite cover (so soft!)

I wasn’t sure if I wanted a Boppy pillow or a My Breast Friend or both, but I decided on the Boppy only and think that was a good decision. In the early weeks, we used the Boppy while breastfeeding all the time and sometimes just when holding our son. The sides of the Boppy could wedge between my sides and the arms of the glider or of my desk chair, letting me nurse mostly hands free. When my son got to be around six weeks old, he was big enough that it seemed easier to nurse him and hold him without the Boppy. (He’s big, though — 90th percentile in length and 82nd in weight — so smaller babies can probably get longer use out of the Boppy as a nursing pillow.Since we really didn’t use the Boppy for very long while nursing, I was glad I hadn’t gotten the My Breast Friend pillow, too, and I kind of wondered if the Boppy was worth it. I decided it was since we used it ALL the time early on. It turns out, though, that even though we stopped using it for nursing, we use it for all kinds of other things. I still use it to set my son in by me before and after nursing (so I guess in that way we sort of still use it for nursing). At three months, my son likes to use it to help him sit up. He also likes to recline in it and sometimes falls asleep (closely supervised; it says not to use it for sleeping). When I nap with my son on my chest in an armchair, I use the Boppy to wrap around him to stabilize him so he won’t slide off me. (I think I’d wake up, but it gives me peace of mind. Again, I’m sure this is not an officially approved use either.)That covers the Boppy pillow, but the best thing about this specific Boppy is the slipcover. I have four covers, and this one is my favorite by far. In fact, I don’t think we’d use the pillow as much without this cover. It is SO soft. The brown edging helps the cover keep its shape and the material is thick enough that you don’t see wrinkles under it like you do under two of my other covers. The zipper is in a line across the back rather than around the curve of the pillow. This means the zipper on the main cover lines up with the zipper on the waterproof liner that I use underneath. On one of my other covers (a relatively expensive organic cotton jersey one with a single pea pod design), the zipper is around the curve and you can see the outline of the other zipper on the slipcover, which looks really ugly.I was a little surprised at first because I expected the stripes on the back of this cover to be wine colored, but they are sort of pinkish, and I was having a boy. I decided I didn’t care and kept it anyway. I still think it’s gender neutral. Since you mainly just see the top anyway, it matches everything and looks good in photos. It also washes and dries well, at least if you follow the directions on the tag.Overall, I love this pillow and cover and would certainly buy it again.

Diane Northridge, CA