Boppy Pregnancy Bolster

Boppy Pregnancy Bolster

The Boppy Pregnancy Bolster helps mom get more comfortable sitting or sleeping both before and after baby arrives. Perfectly sized and easily portable for wherever mom needs a little support for the knees, belly, lower back, neck, or anywhere. Included hot/cold pack provides for additional relief. Use the TheraPearls pack for additional hot or cold therapy Multiple Uses as Your Pregnancy Belly Grows The Boppy Pregnancy Bolster is a comfy prop for neck, knees, belly, lower back, or anywhere. Tuck the extra-large TheraPearls pack (included) into the pocket for additional hot or cold therapy. Machine-Washable Pillow The Boppy Pregnancy Bolster is covered in a durable fabric made from polyester and cotton in a sweet print that protects the pillow and extends its life. For easy cleaning, the pillow is machine washable. Measurements The Boppy Pregnancy Bolster measures 6-1/2 by 15 by 7 inches (H x W x D). About Boppy: Essential Items for Parents and Babies The Boppy brand started 25 years ago with a young mom who designed the C-shaped Boppy Pillow to prop and support babies at her daughter’s day care center. The pillow became a staple for new parents as a comfortable way to bottle- or breast-feed babies. The Boppy brand has expanded to include indispensable items like the two-sided nursing pillow, prenatal pillows, head supports, nursing covers, shopping cart covers, activity mats, and changing pads as well as a wide variety of slipcovers for the Boppy Pillow. What’s in the Box The Boppy Pregnancy Bolster TheraPearls hot/cold pack Boppy Prenatal Collection Slipcovered Body Pillow Cuddle Pillow Contoured Pregnancy Wedge Bolster

Main features

  • Comfy prop for neck, knees, belly, lower back
  • Thera pearl pack included provides hot or cold therapy
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • portable size

Verified reviews


“Pregnancy” gimmick.

I am about 6 moths pregnant as of this writing and have a fair share of aches and pains. From swollen feet and ankles to lower back pains and chronic pelvic pains. Comfort and relief are high on my list so I thought I would give this a try.There are a couple problems with the design of this bolster:-It is understuffed to the point of extreme softness and little to no support.-While the pocket for the gel pack seems like a good idea, it is difficult to keep the gel pack on your body because gel pack, being heavy (and the bolster being very light) always rolls under the bolster and thus is not in contact with your body unless you are physically holding it on yourself (which is not conducive to relaxing or relief).Boppy makes a lower back/ belly support with the gel insert that looks like a good idea, but this bolster is a flop.Thanks for reading! I hope this review was helpful.

Julie Bricelyn, MN

Not just for pregnancy

The Boppy Pregnancy Bolster is not just good while pregnant. It’s been a LONG time since I did that. I’m using it for arthritis and back spasms. I like to heat the gel pack and place it on my lower back in a chair. It feels good and supports at the same time. Right now I’m using it at my desk while typing. It’s in front of my tummy against the desk so that I can comfortably lean against the desk. I even like the zip up packaging to keep it in when not in use. I’m planning on using it between my arthritic knees at night, too.

Laurel Deal Island, MD

Much needed relief!

My little one is lodged some where between my bladder and my sciatic nerve, so I have been experiencing some discomfort in my back and legs recently. I have the large boppy pillow for sleeping, but its too bulky to carry around the house to use on the couch. And it gets in the way of a fast break to the bathroom. That is why I love the bolster!It is compact enough to carry around the house and even in the car. It is full of foam that stands up to extended use. And the pocket for heating/cooling pack is so convenient. The cool pack takes a couple of hours in the freezer, but depending on your personal comfort level that may be too much. Microwave the pack for a heating agent.It is compact, well made, versatile, and extremely helpful, I highly recommend it!

Claudine Bridgton, ME

Boppy Pregnancy Bolster

Great for the pregnancy hot flashes. Since being pregnant I’ve been sleeping way hotter than I have previously. Where I use to be cold and looking for more covers I’m now waking up with a sweat. Ugh!This has been pretty nice in helping me to stay cool. I freeze the cool pack and during the night when I start getting hot, I lay my neck on it.I really don’t think it has a lot of support as I can use it on my neck and it’s not really supporting my head so it’s a bit too soft for any real support but to keep the knees from chaffing and to provide some cooling relief it’s been good.It also can be heated up but I haven’t really needed it for that purpose.

Adela Shiloh, NJ

What I was looking for…

I had been looking for something that would not only benefit me but would be good for my young children’s injuries and ailments. I have been balancing cold packs covered by thin towels on top of pillows so this has been an improvement over that method. I have found it to be reached for quite often already for one family member or another so I feel that I will be keeping this pillow around. The fact that the insert can be warmed or cooled really makes it versatile. I will say that in positioning the bolster for myself I have found that at times it is hard to keep it in the exact position that I need it to stay in. The smallish size makes it portable and convenient to store but can also make it a bit light for stability. I have put another bed pillow behind it at times to keep it in place so that issue could be frustrating for some.

Marianne Gates, TN

Great even if you’re not pregnant

I am 6 months pregnant and the lower back pain is bothering me day and night. So when I came home one day and this pillow was waiting for me, I put it to use right away. The TheraPearl pack that is included is easy to heat up in the microwave. The pocket on the pillow holds it secure, even when I move around. The warmth and support feel great on my lower back or on my neck while I watch tv on the couch. When I’m sitting up in bed, I use it for support under my knees. When I’m sleeping on my side, I use it between my knees. I had been using a regular pillow but it was bulky. This Boppy pillow was much more compact and the perfect thickness. I can see myself continuing to use this pillow even after the baby comes.And I know this has nothing to do with the functionality of the pillow but my 1 year old loved hugging it and playing with it too!

Malinda Boothville, LA

Nice big size

I was surprised when I got this bolster to see just how large it is. It is almost too big for me to use behind my back, but it is perfect under my knees when sitting on the couch or in bed.I’ve only been using the insert as a heating pack at this point (it’s been winter), but can see how nice it will be in the warmer months as a cold pack.And thank goodness for machine washable! That’s always been a concern of mine, though a regular pillowcase would probably do the job as well, if you do not want to sew your own additional cover.I have a handful of Boppy pillows, and also really like theBoppy Prenatal Cuddle Pillow, Neutral.

Verna Nordman, ID

Great back support

I love my boppy bolster. It’s great for the couch or any chair. The hot/cold pack that’s included is also very nice when needed.

Jenny Spruce, MI

Very Useful and Versatile Support!

I really wanted to get one of those pregnancy body snuggling pillows but never did because of how bulky they are. This is so nice. I love how versatile this thing has been. I thought it was going to be too small when received it but it was just what I needed.I now just use my regular pillows and tuck this where ever I need a little more support because as all you pregnant ladies out there know, what is comfortable today may not be comfortable tomorrow when your body is changing so much. I find myself rearranging my pillows every 2-3 days to accommodate my changing needs. This also has a warm and cool gel pack. I haven’t needed it yet but I leave the gel pack in the pillow anyway. It makes one side of the pillow firmer than the other–which I’ve also found to be very useful. When I need the support to be firmer, I flip the pillow firmer-side-up. When I need less support, I flip it back. I also like that the cover is removable and washable.I definitely recommend this to anyone interested especially since it is not an expensive item to just try. And if you don’t like using it in bed, it can be useful support in the car, on an airplane, on the couch. Even the hot/cold gel pack can be used separately for other needs. So don’t worry about wasting your money.

Karen Somerset, MI

I love this concept, even not pregnant

We keep cold packs in our freezer for headaches and injuries. I think having a pillow to put cold packs into is a great idea, especially for the neck or between the knees or to rest your ankle on.

Monique Adams, OR

Comfortable, gel pack totally rules for pain relief, nice product!

Great as a neck roll – insert the chilled gel pack into the velcro enclosure and put behind your neck… AHHHhh bliss.Put on your forehead/face for headache relief.Place behind your back for aching back and muscle relief.Love this thing for in bed relaxation or watching TV, nursing baby, etc.Great product but if you rip the tags off, you’ll leave a hole… I always do that to my poor products. Cut it vs. rip.

Phyllis Schenevus, NY