Boppy Pregnancy Wedge with Cotton Slipcover

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge with Cotton Slipcover

As the size of the pregnant belly increases, the quality of sleep often decreases—until now. This innovative pregnancy comfort wedge by Boppy offers expectant mothers the extra belly support they need to sleep comfortably through the night. The lightweight yet dense design is easy to maneuver when rolling over. The luxurious, 360-thread-count cover is made of 100% cotton for extra softness and is easy to remove and machine washable. Makes a wonderful shower gift for new moms. Imported. 3-1/2Hx14-1/2Wx11-1/2D”.

Main features

  • Position pillow
  • Luxurious soft pima cotton slipcover
  • Cover removes for easy washing
  • It can be used for a back support
  • Takes up less room than other full-sized body pillows

Verified reviews


Sleeping on my left side isn’t a problem anymore

I’m now 36 weeks into my pregnancy and have been using this wedge since about my 27th week. Before I broke down and bought the Boppy wedge, I absolutely could NOT get comfortable sleeping on my left side, as all the pregnancy books/sites/experts tell you you’re supposed to do. No matter how many regular pillows, folded or wadded-up blankets or towels I tried to jam in around me, I just couldn’t get comfortable enough to spend more than maybe an hour on my left side.From the very first night with the Boppy wedge, I was able to get comfortable almost immediately on my left side and stay that way for several hours — usually at least until I had to get up to visit the bathroom. I’m not saying I can stay on my left all night now — I don’t think it’s possible or healthy to spend all night in one position, at least not for me. But this wedge definitely made a huge difference.Cons of this item are so insignificant to me that they didn’t merit giving it four stars instead of five; the only recurring issue I have with it is that when you take the cover off to wash it, it’s a teensy bit of a pain to get it back on correctly. The wedge itself has gotten slightly flatter with use, but it is definitely not flat enough to reduce its effectiveness in the least, and I am not a small woman (even when I’m not pregnant!).Lastly, unlike some of the other pregnancy pillows/supports out there (I’m also going to review the Snoogle, which did absolutely nothing for me), this one takes up hardly any extra bed space, is easy to “adjust” to your comfort requirements, and is easy to move around if you want to switch it from one side to the other.Bottom line: Don’t wait till you’re at your wits’ end, like I did, to buy this wedge! Get it early and use it often. Boppy wedge: $14.99. Getting comfortable enough during pregnancy to achieve restful sleep: PRICELESS!

Callie Posen, IL

Better for back support

I bought this despite hearing that it is too hard, and now I wish I would have listened. I am in the last half of my 2nd trimester, so maybe I’ll use it more later, but for now it works best for back support when I’m sitting on the couch. When I have used it for sleeping I wake up with a sore abdomen, because the wedge is hard. I also have a snoogle pillow, and find that it works better alone, instead combined with the wedge. I hope the manufacturer will improve upon this wedge by making it with a material more like memory foam, which would make it softer, but still supportive. I am only 5’2″, with a very short abdomen, so maybe the wedge made me sore because it went under my ribs, which were the most tender when I woke up.

Erma Ojai, CA

Compact pillow solution

My pregnant wife uses a standard pillow as her “wedge”. We have a queen size bed and between her extra ‘size’ and the extra pillow between us there wasn’t much room on the bed left for me. I got her this small pillow that takes up almost no extra room, and I slept well thereafter! Enough said.

Juana Wakefield, OH

great belly pillow

This is a great pillow to support the growing belly. Not too big yet not too small. Also not to hard yet not too soft. I love it!

Paulette Carroll, OH

I would say Ok

The wedge is nice if I am sitting on the couch for my back, but not that great for side sleeping. I found a simple pillow does best.

Consuelo Williamsfield, OH

Excellent addition to my team of pillows

I received this wedge as a gift, and I’m glad I did. It’s more useful than I thought it would be, for something so small, and makes a big difference in my sleeping so far.I am halfway through my second trimester. I definitely don’t have a huge belly just yet, but what I have so far is enough to make sleeping on my side even more uncomfortable. This pillow is good under my belly, and it’s also good under the small of my back. I wake up with backaches these days if I don’t sleep with support both under my belly and under/behind my back, which obviously means that I need more than one pillow. I have a pretty good set-up going these days sleeping with this wedge on one side of me (the side closest to my husband), and various regular bed pillows on the other side. The pregnancy wedge is by far the smallest I’m using, and considering that my husband and I are sharing a queen bed, the wedge’s small size makes it a better value for me than one of the huge body pillows.As my pregnancy continues, I expect my sleep support needs to change on a very regular basis. The wedge is a huge help right now, and it’s small and simple enough that I expect it will continue to be useful at later stages of pregnancy, too. I’ll update if this is not the case.The pillow seems well made enough for my purposes. It’s just a wedge of foam on the inside, so none of the trouble with bad stuffing that I see in the reviews of larger Boppy pillows. I haven’t tried washing the pillow or the cover. Some of the wedge reviews mentioned a smell to the pillow, which I have not noticed, and I’m pretty sensitive to smells these days.

Blanca Standard, IL

Great little pillow

I love this pillow. I didn’t want to order a big body pillow. I am a back sleeper and switch sides a lot at night. I ended up buying two of these little pillows. I put one under my belly and the other one behind my back. This allows me to switch from my left side to my ride side without adjusting the pillows. It also allows me to sleep on my back and get the little side lift which you need. The Carex Knee Pillow goes great with the wedge pillow and saved from buying an enormous sleeping pillow.

Lydia Creston, IL

only way i can sleep on my left side

I am so glad i got this pillow. I hate to sleep on my left side. But i can put this pillow between my knees and it’s much better. it’s just the right firmness and angle, unlike my regular pillows.I have not tried it under the tummy yet.

Alfreda Cottonwood, CA

Wish I’d bought this sooner – better than a full body pillow

I actually bought the Snoggle before this. When the Snoggle arrived, I was so excited to use it as I was having a hard time getting comfortable in bed sleeping. BUT as it turns out, the Snoggle’s cover was extremely itchy and warm (It was already the ‘soft jersey’ kind) and huge and lumpy.I then bought the Boppy wedge since it was cheap anyways…. and I love it! I now just use my normal pillows and the Boppy wedge which has a soft, smooth and cool PIMA cotton cover and when I flip over at night to change sides (since I can only sleep a maximum of 2 hours per side before my hips start to hurt) I just take the Boppy wedge and tuck it under me on the other side. Easy! Not like having a huge maternity pillow which is such a production to move around when you change sides!!

Felecia Miles, TX

A pillow is better

This only provides basic to support to the very side of the belly, nothing to help with the rest or the top.

Kaitlyn Attica, NY

Blessing for a huge belly!!

This pillow I awesome! I use it in addition to the boppy cuddle pillow. I have one on each side so it is easier to flip and have on on each side. It offers the support needed to allow the belly to feel supported, not strained, and relaxed. Easy to travel with if traveling late in the pregnancy and nice to take to lay on the couch at night etc!

Doris South Beloit, IL

Multi purpose little pillow

My husband bought this for me and I thought what a waste of money! HOWEVER, after the baby was born I end up using it all of the time for random situations. Mostly to prop up my elbow when feeding (breast and bottle) the baby, or I use it to put under a side of the Boppy Newborn Lounger (which is AWESOME). I recommend all of the Boppy products. I love them and use them everyday.

Iva Pine Bush, NY

Best pregnancy item I’ve purchased in the last month!

This little pillow is a life-saver! I didn’t get it until late into my third trimester, but boy has it made sleep easier for me. I already had a U-shaped pregnancy pillow which has been wonderful to have as well, but the boppy sealed the deal. Great for when your belly is just big enough that it kinda “hangs” a little unnaturally when you lie on your side. Seems like a silly little purchase, but trust me, it is NOT!

Vicki Port Mansfield, TX

Great pregnancy pillow for belly support!

This has been one of my best purchases during pregnancy. I’m 8 months along, and have been using this since my belly really popped at 4 months. It provides great support, and doesn’t take up a lot of room in bed. Normally, when I lay on my side, the baby shifts to that side, making it very uncomfortable, and this is the perfect solution.

Gwen Dittmer, MO

Great at the end

I was previously using the Boppy cuddle pillow, which I received as a gift. The farther along in my pregnancy, it became more uncomfortable, because of how high it was. I picked this up, around 34 weeks and have been sleeping much better. Before, I would end up sleeping with my stomach flat on my bed, so my back was twisted and would hurt throughout the day. Now I find it makes sleeping much easier.

Barbra Rockholds, KY

too hard!

I was going to order one of these but ended up finding one still in the package at the thrift store. I’m really glad I didn’t pay full price for it because it’s way too hard to sleep with. I’ve had it since about 5 months and now I’m 8 months and having major sleep issues again. The only way it’s of any use is to put it under your back if you have another pillow under your tummy. It’s just not comfortable though and I end up ditching it for a regular pillow after about 10 minutes. It’s not a pillow it’s a hunk of very firm foam.

Lacy Fruitport, MI

Not sure yet…

Reviews were so good that I decided to order this pillow. I’m used to sleeping on my back so I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping on my side since the 4th month when they recommend you do. I didn’t want to buy a body pillow because we have a queen size bed and my husband is tall so the three of us wouldn’t have fit in the same bed. I got this one last week, I’m 7 months pregnant now and I just don’t know if I like it yet, the first night I hated it and I’ve been using it for 4 nights now and every night is less bad, but still I can’t seem to have a good night sleep on my side. I get a lot of pain on my hips and this is not doing the trick entirely. I think its better than other pillows only because it’s so small but you will need additional pillows to be comfortable.

Josie Winona, OH

Just what I needed!

This amazingly simple product helped with my back pain by supporting my belly throughout the nights, in addition to the LeachCo Snoogle. Even though it has its own cover, I put the Boppy in a fleece pillowcase anyway, which helps keep the wedge from sliding anywhere.

May Saint Marys, AK

Good for a variety of uses-none of which were intended

This pillow has become surprisingly handy, so I gave it four stars. However, none of them were really what was advertised or what I initially purchased it for. I bought it to help support my ever-growing belly during pregnancy since I had some back issues. In that capacity, it was a failure. It’s small, the foam isn’t that supportive and I could never quite wedge it in such a way that it felt comfortable. (For awhile it was too big, then suddenly it was too small; just never quite right.) For that purpose I’d recommend just getting a regular old body pillow. So I have to deduct a star for not really meeting the original purpose.BUT…this pillow has turned out to be extremely valuable nonetheless. I herniated a disc in my back at week 18. Not a great time for a back injury since you are just getting bigger and bigger. Add to that a rotating hip and sitting upright was difficult and painful for the remainder of my pregnancy. This pillow allowed me to leave the house! It was small enough I could stuff it in a large purse and then use it to wedge my lower back into the variety of uncomfortable seats I was in from work to dinners out. As an added plus, it was cheap enough that when I accidentally left it in a restaurant I didn’t feel terrible about ordering a new one.As it turns out it got a second life post-baby too. Our daughter has reflux and throws up when laid flat on her back. We use this little wedge any time we need to change her diaper or on her playmat so she can look up at her toys. (I would never leave a baby unattended on this by the way…it’s not designed for that and narrow enough they could slide off and be injured or smothered. Supervise your child if you use this please!)So despite not serving it’s initial purpose, this pillow has become quite handy. Highly recommend it for back support during your final trimester even if you aren’t injured and useful for babies who spit up.

Tori Abington, MA

Very Practical

This wedge really helps me get comfortable at night. It adds just the right amout of support where you need it.

Adela Pleasant Garden, NC

Pillow for Early Pregnancy

For the price, this is a good pillow. I bought mine at 8 weeks pregnant and found it useful until the end of my second trimester. It’s great for belly support, putting behind your back, or between your legs. After 25 weeks, those bigger support pillows are really necessary. Though I’m purchasing a more expensive body pillow for my third trimester, I know I’ll continue to use this between my legs or behind my back.

Veronica Folsom, NM

Don’t know what I’d do without it!

I am 35 weeks pregnant and I got this wedge when I was about 20 weeks along. It is amazing, it’s small enough to have in the bed, the car or to take to the couch…it’s perfect. I also sleep with a body pillow and I put the wedge either under my belly, or I will put it under my back to keep from rolling over. It’s small and doesn’t take up a lot of room. I would highly recommend this wedge to any woman who is having problems sleeping and wants to add a little more support under their belly!

Lauren Websterville, VT

Wish I’d gotten this sooner!

I’m now 26 weeks pregnant and been starting to have a very difficult time getting comfortable. (I hate being forced to sleep on my side all night.) I looked into buying a body pillow, but all the body pillows I looked at that had gotten good reviews cost $100 or more.Originally, I bought this to keep between my knees, to replace the pillow I’d been using which is too soft and flattens out and really doesn’t offer any support. However, as one other reviewer said – it IS really small. So instead of tucking it between my knees, I tried what other reviewers had said and wedged it underneath my stomach.Oh WOW. I had no idea my stomach was pulling me down & forward so much. Tucking this in only a couple inches under my stomach kept me better aligned and made a huge difference in comfort. It’s only been one night, so time will tell if it helps with my hip pain – I still had a little bit of hip pain last night, but nearly as bad as it’s been previous nights. But just having the extra support under my stomach helped me fall asleep quicker.

Hazel Shelby, IN

Great Product for 3rd Trimester

The Boppy Wedge is a lifesaver in the 3rd trimester when your tummy feels really heavy and its hard to sleep. It really helped reduce the pain below my waist from sleeping on my side. Just prop it under your tummy and it holds your tummy up. I’ve noticed that the baby doesn’t wake up as much or try to adjust her positioning in my tummy when I switch sides anymore.It also works well for the back. When I watch TV in bed I like to prop several pillows behind me for support the wedge works real well to support my lower back while laying on my back in bed.This is a really good product and the price is right too. I’ve been thinking about buying another one to use at work to use as a back cushion.

Vicky Stella, MO


this pillow is ok. it gives some support but it is really small and pretty thin. Before buying I recommend looking carefully at the dimensions (it’s basically the size of a small throw pillow)

Lashonda Sealevel, NC

Incredible Help!

I cant say enough good things about this pillow. It helped me so so much during my last 2-3 months of pregnancy. When your belly is getting so big it really helps to wedge it under and it really relieves all the muscles in your core and back that are trying to hold the baby when laying on your side. It was so much better than trying to wedge a blanket.

Sydney Enosburg Falls, VT