Boppy Prenatal Cuddle Pillow, Neutral

Boppy Prenatal Cuddle Pillow, Neutral

The Boppy Cuddle Pillow is a smaller sized body pillow that features a kidney shaped design. Supports belly, hips and legs. It offers the comfort mom needs without taking over the bed.

Main features

  • Polyester 50%/Cotton 50%
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • Our unique cuddle pillow makes sleeping more comfortable by conforming to your body throughout the night
  • Soft rich pima cotton slipcover is easy to wash
  • For use during and after pregnancy

Verified reviews


Great gift!

We purchased this pillow for when I was pregnant and struggling to sleep during the second trimester. I loved the product and it eased the uncomfortableness pregnancy creates. I recently purchased a second one for a friend for her baby shower. I cannot wait to give it to her. The only reason I gave this a 4 is because now I feel as though I became so accustomed to sleeping with this that I do struggle to fall asleep most nights because I don’t have a pillow between my legs and it drives my husband crazy 🙂 🙂 :). So be warned that this product will be used even after pregnancy some nights! LOL

Vilma Walker Springs, AL

It’s poorly made, just an ok shape.

Ordered this in the third trimester as sleeping became a little uncomfortable.The quality is poor – filler is already lumping and the cover was randomly enormous.The shape is just ok, it could be a little longer and slimmer. I am 5’8", so not super tall, but the pillow seems a little short when the small is end is placed between my legs. For a smaller sized maternity pillow, the large end of the pillow does not need to be as wide as it is. Not sure what it is supposed to support and it takes up more space than necessary in a queen bed.

Holly Tilden, NE

Needs a softer cover

I purchased this pillow at about 20 weeks into my pregnancy. I was no longer sleeping on my back or stomache and I needed some support for my legs to help aleviate hip & back pain while I slept. I also wanted something on which to prop my arm so help avoid the shoulder & upper back pain that came from side sleeping. This pillow does what it should to by providing support between my legs and a place to rest my arm. I wish the leg portion contained more filling and/or had a way to keep it from shifting toward the top. I feel like I’m squishing it down over time so the support will be diminshed. Additionally, I find the pillow cover to be a little scratchy. I want something soft & cuddly when I’m wrapped around it and this one irritates me a little bit. Overall, it’s a nice solution but there is room for improvement.

Ashleigh Ringwood, OK

Much more practical than the total body pillow

I got one of these with my first pregnancy, and loved it. It is cushy enough to be soft and cuddly, but still gives support where your aching body needs it. During my current pregnancy, I started having a lot more hip pain and thought I needed to try a full body support pillow. It was a total waste. Way too bulky, and not even uncomfortable. I needed more support for my back, hips, and belly, not something awkward for my neck with little to no support where I needed it most. I ended up ordering a second one of these cuddle pillows, and it was an amazing decision. I use one to support my belly and one for my back, and have been sleeping well that way for months (even still, while huge at 37 weeks). I am so glad I got these.As a side note, the other thing I remember using this for after my last pregnancy was to put under my arm when I was rocking my daughter. It made it perfectly comfortable to sit and hold her for (literally!) hours. Great pillow.

Dollie Harmonsburg, PA

Just ok

If all you need is support between your legs and for under your belly, this pillow will do the trick. It will wear out after a while (loose fullness), but will do for 3-4 months. I gave it 3 stars, because it won’t do anything for your lower back and ultimately towards the end of your pregnancy, you will need lower back support. It’s a little bulky, and not as comfortable as the picture shows (for the price). OK overall.

Ashlee Witter, AR

My second Boppy purchase!

Well, I guess technically it’s my first, since I was given mine as a gift, but I loved it so much I bought one for my friend who is currently pregnant. The material is a bit stiff at first but after a few weeks the pillow softens up perfectly and the cover gets really soft. It also works great as a nursing pillow – I would almost say better than the classic Boppy. I still sleep with mine, and baby is seven months old now! This is on my list of mvp baby items!

Leona Manti, UT

It’s alright

I like that the pillow doesn’t take up too much room in bed and that I’m able to use my regular pillow with it. I wish it were a little longer so that I had someplace to rest my arms. It isn’t too different from a regular pillow. I have used the Snoogle, Total U Comfort Body pillow, and now this one. This pillow doesn’t compare to the other two in terms of comfort but it’s much less expensive.

Sheryl Scottsburg, VA

Does its job

I bought this for my wife. She is currently about 20 months pregnant, and I didn’t want to get her a giant pillow that takes over the bed. This one seems to make her a lot more comfortable, but I’m a little concerned that it will be flat by the time the baby is due. 5 stars for how it is working now, we’ve had it for about a month.

Lashonda Statesboro, GA

could be thicker

I like the idea of this smaller prenatal pillow for those of us who do not want a huge one. however, i feel it needs more filling in it….I seem to get more out of an overstuffed king sized pillow.

Kristen Cumberland Gap, TN

Perfect size and shape

I am so happy with this pillow. I got it pretty early in my pregnancy and had it on standby. When I noticed myself waking up throughout the night and struggling to find a comfortable position I started sleeping with the pillow and immediately I was more relaxed and able to sleep for longer stretches. It fits comfortably in front and between my legs, or behind me as a way to keep me from rolling on to my back. Very soft so no problem putting it between my legs. The unique shape allow sfor lots of options. The cover zips off for washing. I imagine this will be good as a support pillow when nursing!

Tracy Kihei, HI

Allowed Me to Sleep During Pregnancy & Beyond

This pillow was awesome during my pregnancy. It really provided the comfort I needed to sleep at night without taking up the whole bed like some other pregnancy pillows. I had my baby 3 months ago, and I still use this pillow every night. My body is still changing back to normal after giving birth and this helps make me comfortable.

Lizzie Cresco, PA

Awesome pillow

I just got this pillow, but already it has helped me sleep better. I am 4 months pregnant and was having trouble sleeping, and wanted something that wouldn’t take up the whole bed but would offer support. I use it on the couch, and would definitely take it with me traveling. I like that it has the removable cover for washing as well. I did notice it does not look completely full of stuffing and will probably wear down eventually (which is why I gave it 4 stars).

Lizzie Reagan, TX

Soooo amazing

I love this pillow. I bought it when my body pillow wasnt comfy anymore.Being pregnant with twins its hard to get comfy in bed. And now I cant sleep without it. Im sure ill be useing it way after my boys get here too.

Carrie Maben, WV

Good fit but could use more fluff

I’ve owned this for a month now. I’m so far 18 weeks along and started needed something to help my hips at night. The shape is wonderful, makes it really easy to tuck it up against you in all the right spots without excess pillow getting in the way of covers. However, the filling in this pillow is less than ideal. It goes floppy after about a month’s use. I really would have preferred something more sturdy/thicker but it’s good enough and worth the price for pain relief during pregnancy.

Tamra Bunola, PA

Great Product

Great Product helped improve my wife’s sleeping immediately.Offers excellent support and comfort for the pregnant woman.An excellent purchase for any pregnant woman.

Julianne Lyman, WY

Great before and after baby!

I needed something to support my legs while pregnant and sleeping and this pillow did the trick. Since having my baby, I actually prefer this over the my breast friend pillow. It’s soft and I can rest my baby on it and go hands free.

Verna Lake, WV

This will work … for a very short time

I’ve always been a side sleeper, and toss and turn in my sleep throughout the night, from side to back to side, etc. In my 17th week of pregnancy I began having serious low back/hip pain that was much worse upon waking. I tried sleeping with a regular pillow (down-filled) between my legs to keep my hips parallel at night, which just turned out to be a pain because I woke up every time my body would try to turn to my back or other side. Not quite ready for a kick-the-husband-out-of-bed preggo body pillow, I opted for this smaller Boppy thinking it would have more loft than my normal pillow, and might prevent me from waking up while tossing and turning.Pros:- Small pillow, lightweight, was able to sleep more soundly.- Removable pillow case for washing (unlike most pregnancy pillows out there).- Good loft (much better than a down pillow), keeps my hips parallel.- Comfortable.- Doesn’t feel like an extra person in the bed.- Seems like it will be a good nursing pillow as well.Cons:- SMALL pillow; I’m only 5′-0", and sometimes I like to sleep with my my legs near-straight but that is impossible with this pillow; you have to be curled up with it. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable this must be for anyone taller than me.Some of the other reviewers mention using a king-size pillow – if you have one with a lightweight poly fill I say save the money and use that instead.I’m definitely going to end up with one of those ginormous body pillows, probably in the next month – should have saved the money and just went for one of those to begin with. Fortunately, it seems like this pillow also has potential as a nursing pillow so all is not completely lost. (The body pillow also has the added perk of supporting my back as well, and hopefully preventing me from tossing-and-turning).

Bernadine Cedar Valley, UT

Life Saver!!!!!

I absolutely love this pillow. It has been a life saver for me. I find that it keeps me on my side so that I don’t roll over onto my back or too much onto my belly. It stays in place all night. I’ll probably continue to use it when I am no longer pregnant. My dogs even like to snuggle in it when I’m not using it. The cover is really easy to take off and wash. It doesn’t take up a lot of bed space.

Kimberly Bee Branch, AR

Best Sleeping Buddy

I’ve taken my boppy on my summer road trips and any place in my house where I want to feel comfortable. It’s comfy between my knees, on my lap, and behind my back. I’d consider getting a second one to keep on the couch for naps. It’s starting to get a little bit of a shallow spot on the neck, but I still love it.

Kim Gheens, LA

Comfy and does the trick

I’ve been pleased with the pillow so far. I purchased it because I didn’t want a pillow that took up the entire bed, and I wanted to use my regular sleep pillow. This prodcut does the trick. It’s easy to maneuver the pillow around while you’re sleeping and it’s size doesn’t kick your partner out of the bed. The fabric pattern is nice too.

Josie Fort Payne, AL

Very poor loft

For the past few weeks, I have had to sleep with a pillow between my knees to relieve pregnancy-related hip pain. A regular pillow doesn’t always stay in place, and with my growing belly I thought some extra belly support would also be nice. However, this pillow was not helpful at all.The part that goes between the legs is small and too high–I need it more between my knees to help relieve my hip pain. Also, the loft is very poor. The pillow flatted so that there was only about once inch between my legs. (not after a lot of use, but right out of the package)Despite it’s price, it feels like a very cheap pillow. Not supportive at all. I gave it two starts (instead of one) because if I was looking for only a little extra belly support it would probably be fine.

Latoya El Sobrante, CA

Love it

I did not think I would have a use for this but during my seventh month of pregnancy with twins I could not sleep without this pillow. This is a must purchase for pregnant women

Patty Silverton, TX

Nice size!

I know I am echoing some other reviewers thoughts here, but it’s worth saying again. This is a great pillow. I love the size. The thought of some of those big, giant ones taking up my bed space just wasn’t appealing. This one fits perfectly between knees and under belly.However, the reason for my three star rating is the speed at which the pillow wears and feels likes its stuffing is being rearranged and flattened. The part that goes between my knees is feeling flatter every night. The rest of it is still fine, but I actually really want the support between my knees!I don’t know if this will last me for the rest of my pregnancy although I really wish it would!

Adelaide Hickory Valley, TN

Omg! This is so amazing…

I chose this pillow bc I didn’t like the looks of the other ‘body’ pillows. They looked so massive and invasive. This pillow’s the perfect size for my body, legs and the best of all, the bed. This way I can have comfort and somewhat snuggle with my hubby. My dog likes to sleep by the curve too…

Leigh Ward, AL

Prenatal Pillow

I love this pillow, it’s very comfy to put between your legs, it doesn’t feel heavy or make you feel hot, and it’s very light too.

Sasha West Pawlet, VT

Better options out there

I am a petite, 5’3″ person, and was looking for a smaller body pillow that wont take up half the space on my queen bed. After comparing reviews for this and theLeachco Snoogle Total Body PillowI decided to give this one a try. At the same time, i also bought the leachco from a local store for comparison. Immediately after it arrived, i noticed that the color was too dull for my liking. Once i took it out the package, i also noticed that the cloth was kind of rough. The filling also seemed to be of poor quality. Most importantly, sleeping with this wasnt any more comfortable than sleeping with a regular pillow.Bottom line, if you are looking for a real body pillow, this might not be the answer. Yes its cheaper than other versions, but you might be better off just using your regular pillow rather than spending money on this one. I ended up returning this one and keeping the leachco.

Nita Patton, PA