Boppy Prenatal Sleep Wedge

Boppy Prenatal Sleep Wedge

The Boppy Pregnancy Wedge is a firm, versatile cushion for back and belly support. Its compact and portable design means mom can put it where she wants it. The Pima Cotton slipcover is removable and machine washable.

Main features

  • 50% Cotton/50% Polyurethane Foam
  • Imported
  • Removable, machine-washable slipcover.
  • 2 contoured sides help keep baby safe from rolling
  • Durable quilted vinyl resists moisture

Verified reviews


seems comfortable but has overpowering chemical odor so never used

The pillow seems like it would be comfortable, but I wouldn’t know because I never used it. Once I took it out of the package, I noticed an overpowering chemically odor. I realize my sense of smell is heightened with pregnancy, but the odor reminded me of the smell of just-varnished floors, a smell I came across pre-pregnancy as I looked for low-VOC hardwood stain and topcoat products. This makes sense, because the tag on the pillow lists the foam insert as being made of 100% polyurethane. Yes, polyurethane is also used as the clear topcoat on floors and is known to emit toxic fumes in both its liquid and foam forms.While I didn’t have time to look extensively into the science of PU emissions, a quick search came up with this statement from a seemingly reliable source: “the levels of PBDEs in polyurethane foam pillows are among the highest in your house and the direct exposure can lead to liver damage and affect thyroid function.” Further investigation wasn’t necessary to decide that the pillow had to go back – the odor was repellant enough.Also, the cotton cover is low quality, fairly flimsy and rough. The weave definitely didn’t contain the odor/fumes.

Lucinda Deep River, IA

Like laying on a rock

Not sure how this product is so popular. I’m 5.7″ 140 pre pregnancy and now about 165 week 35. Laying my belly on this pillow makes it hurt more, the baby hates it because it squishes her and starts punching it violently. If it was like memory foam or softer foam maybe it’d be better. Another thing that’s wrong with it is that the incline on the wedge is too steep, it should be gradual for better comfort. I tried it behind my back for back support and it’s even worse, it actually makes my back hurt more. Between the knees it’s useless because it’s hard and wedge shaped. It’s just like a brick. Just didn’t work at all for me.

Mavis Offerman, GA

Compact Support

Around my fifth month of pregnancy my belly just seemed to be pulling on my back muscles when I lay on my side. I didn’t want to spend fifty-plus dollars for a full-on maternity pillow that would take up a lot of room in bed; I just needed support for my abdomen. This little pillow provides that support without taking up a ton of space. The easily removable cover is washable, and so far I haven’t noticed any shrinking. My only issue with this is that I think the foam insert could be a little firmer, as with nightly use it seems to have lost some of its loft. I did write to Boppy about this and they replied that if I wanted to send it in to them, they’d replace it if found defective. It didn’t seem worth the hassle to go through that process, but I do appreciate that they were open to feedback. I don’t know if this would last through another pregnancy, but for the price I wouldn’t mind buying a new one at that time. Overall it has definitely improved my quality of sleep and decreased my back pain.

Lora Harrisburg, AR

A welcome addition to my pillow arsenal!

I bought this pillow early in my second trimester. At the time I did not find it as useful as a regular pillow, so I threw it in a closet and forgot about it. Fast forward to my third trimester, and I can now see that the pillow definitely has a purpose. I didn’t appreciate it in my second trimester simply because my belly wasn’t big enough. Now that my stomach has expanded to epic proportions, I find that this wedge is very useful. It’s no longer comfortable to use a regular pillow to support my stomach when I lay on my side (too big), but the wedge works perfectly. This pillow is definitely worth buying!

Tabitha Moosup, CT

The Perfect Pregnancy Pillow

I needed a pillow early on in my pregnancy to support my growing stomach. While we had expected to purchase a full body pillow, we initially purchased this wedge to support the early pregnancy needs. Eventually my husband bought me the full body pillow which worked great to provide support behind my head as I have had to sleep propped up for much of the time. That said, the wedge has been my constant companion (much to my husband’s chagrin). It goes everywhere I go, is easy to pack, supports me better than a normal pillow and tucks in just where I need it unlike the body pillow. I like that I can easily hug it and roll to my other side in the middle of the night with minimal sleep interruption. I can also use it to angle me off my right side providing the closest position I can come to laying on my back which provides great relief to my aching hips.This pillow has lasted very well and I suspect it will continue to be my constant companion as there are so many nify uses. It is worth it’s weight in gold.

Jacquelyn Hammond, OR

Fits Well, Probably Not Worth the $

This pillow is a perfect fit for under the bump. I’ve been using it for months now off and on and I’m glad I have it.With that said, as other reviewers have pointed out, you could easily use a small and flexible pillow or even a blanket or towel and you’d get the same effect. So I don’t really think that this product is worth the money.

Lelia Drewsey, OR

The only way I was able to sleep for most of my pregnancy

The wife’s review – After I “popped”, I had a hard transition from being a stomach sleeper to being a side sleeper. I tried regular bed pillows and two different kinds of full body pillows, without any success. After chatting with a friend of mine, she suggested the wedge as that was the only thing that worked for her. She lent me hers to try out so I didn’t have to buy yet another pillow. I cannot tell you how blissfully I slept from then on. It helped to prop me up and “taught” me to sleep on my side. After I got used to side sleeping, it helped provide support under my belly without pushing it up too much. I ended up purchasing two (one for each side) so that I wouldn’t have to grab it and bring it with me when I turned sides. They’re also small which made it easy to bring with us on the few trips we made while I was pregnant. Ultimately, it made a huge difference in my ability to sleep even right up to the end. I would recommend this pillow to stomach sleepers or anyone who doesn’t care for the full body pillows.

Violet Mikado, MI

Pregnancy wedge that has multiple uses

I got this wedge to support my tummy when sleeping on my side while pregnant. I already had the Boppy full support body pillow which I loved, but still did not get the adequate support for my baby belly when using the body pillow alone. The wedge is small and worked well with my body pillow. I would tuck this wedge in under my belly and it did make a difference, making me more comfortable. The slipcover zips off, washes nicely, and easily zips back on. The wedge is made of a firm foam. The only nuisance was when I had to switch sides due to my hips going numb, I would have to readjust my wedge every time, but it only took a few seconds as it is a good compact size.I continued to use this wedge after my baby was born for a few different uses. We used it in his bassinet, underneath the top part of the mattress to raise my baby’s head as the rounded part of the wedge fit perfectly in it. My baby could not lay flat due to spit up and acid reflux issues, so the wedge provided the perfect rise. I also used it during nursing to provide an added boost to baby’s head. I placed it underneath my baby’s head, on top of the regular Boppy pillow to raise his head closer for nursing. We also used it to raise my baby’s head when he was lying down next to us. We monitored him at all times whenever we used it this way.Overall this wedge has been used a lot, more than we originally thought when purchasing it. I would recommend it.

Sheryl Green Pond, SC

My back does not hurt anymore!

I ordered this boppy sleep wedge at 4 1/2 months after being unable to get comfortable at night due to pack pain. I am now 7 1/2 months along and still use this pillow every night. My nightly back pain decreased significantly in the first week and disappeared after that. I can get comfortable now and am staying asleep longer. When I want to shift to my other side this pillow is much easier to move compared to a large body pillow. I will get good use out of this pillow after my pregnancy as well as I have discovered that it works great to prop a book up on and I have read other reviews where moms use it for keep infant propped up during tummy time. If you are having back pain or trouble sleeping at night you should give this boppy sleep wedge a try!

Roseann Saginaw, OR

Great at first

I got this pillow about half way through my pregnancy and love it! I first tried the huge leachco pregnancy pillow but it was too big and I found myself wrestling with it in my sleep and waking up in uncomfortable positions anyway. So I returned it and got this wedge. SO much better! I still had to put a regular pillow under my legs, but this helped support my stomach. I am now 30 weeks and am sad to say the wedge has lost some of it’s thickness and shape. I feel like I need something bigger now that I am bigger. BUT for the price, it was worth the 10 weeks of help I got from it. I also liked to use it behind my back if if tried to sleep on my back but propped up with a pile of pillows, this was a great ramp up to that 🙂

Pam Osage Beach, MO

helps some

I was thinking I was going to get a lot more relief from this wedge than I actually did. It does support your belly, but it makes it alittle hard for me to breathe, and I don’t get the relief I thought I was going to get. It might work for others, but its not as helpful as I was hoping for.

Mabel California, KY

Pretty good pregnancy wedge

I purchased this pillow because I am 12 weeks along, and my belly droops uncomfortably to the side when I sleep, and my couch’s throw pillows were too bulky. The picture on amazon only gives one view, under a woman, so let me stress that this is a WEDGE in every sense of the word, not an actual pillow. That being said, it is a pretty good wedge. It’s small enough to not take up so much space, but provides enough support to my belly. I can see how other reviewers say that it doesn’t work after 32 or so weeks, it will be just too small. Overall, you get what you pay for.

Carmen Bayside, TX

sometimes it was comfortable sometimes not

This was useful on helping me get comfortable at night during the midle part of my pregnancy. I don’t think there is much that can help once you get towards the end.

Lea West Decatur, PA

I can finally sleep at night!

I’m 25 weeks along and was having difficulty sleeping through the night. A full body pillow was too hot and a regular pillow was too soft and big. I just needed something that would support my tummy area. This is exactly what I was looking for. Some reviewers have commented that the size is small, yes, that’s true because it’s big enough to just support your tummy area. This is so comfortable that I have been able to sleep through the night (mostly, except for the occasional bathroom break), and has decreased my tossing and turning as well. I highly recommend it!

Ivy Stetsonville, WI

Really stiff

I started with a snoogle for my 2nd trimester and found it a bit bulky. This boppy sleep wedge makes sense as I fall asleep, but gets lost when I flip over. It’s super stiff and more practical than comfortable. If you feel like your belly needs more support as you fall asleep it could work for you.

Renae Beaver, WV

I’ve seen bigger wedges of cheese in my grocery store…

In theory this is a great item. However, if you are over 100 pounds and 4 feet, this thing is useless. I wasn’t huge, but come on! This needs to be double the size to support a pregnant belly or back. Don’t waste your money.

Laurie Hastings On Hudson, NY

supported 7 month pregnant belly

Made sleeping more comfortable. I would either wedge this pillow under my belly or behind my back while I was sleeping.

Claudine Rydal, GA

Decent belly support

I couldn’t get myself to buy one of those large full body pregnancy pillows for $100+ that wraps around your body that I would use for just a few months, and then have to store until I am pregnant again. So I purchased this at a more reasonable price. With a little bump at 20- ish weeks I wished the foam was a bit firmer. However I’m at 32 weeks and I am pleased with the density of the foam. I can adjust the wedge to determine how much is under me at a time. However, if you are finding it difficult to sleep in pregnancy and flip around a lot and are not use to sleeping on just a side all night this might not be the pillow for you. I am currently struggling to get comfortable at night, and I wished I invested in another pillow sooner. Now it’s really hard for me to justify buying one of those pillows with only 8 weeks left in my pregnancy.

Edythe Glen Fork, WV

Such a wonderful relief.

I bought this wedge pillow to help me stay on my side while sleeping. I am now 36 weeks 4 days pregnant and I use it every night either under my belly or my back to help me sleep better. It also helps keep my nostrils clear so I can breathe good during the night. Without it, one side of my nose gets stopped up and I can’t sleep for a long period of time. That plus going to the bathroom every hour or so is so not fun. Highly recommend this sleep wedge!

Ronda Careywood, ID

great bump support

I didn’t use it much until I got to about 34 weeks but then it really made a difference. Definitely recommended for the final month or so (or earlier if you have a big bump)

Melinda Three Oaks, MI

great help

Great support and helps from rolling over … only wish it was a little less of an angle. Almost bought two …

Angela Tyndall, SD

Great, compact support

Love that this doesn’t take up much room in bed, but gives alot of support for your belly. If you want total body support, I would highly recc’ the full body size by Boppy.

Elena Montpelier, ND

Couldn’t sleep without this.

During the second trimester I used this to support my belly. Now that my belly hits the bed when lying on my side I use it to support my back and to keep me from rolling backwards as sleeping on my back has become uncomfortable. I don’t think I could sleep without it. I unintentionally washed it, even with hot water, with the rest of my bed linens and I was shocked that it survived without degrading. I fortunately found out before I put it in the dryer. I had seen reviews where they said it was too hard; that must have been an old version because the foam is definitely supportive but in no way is it a hard foam.

Paula Blue Mountain Lake, NY

Many uses!

This was a great pillow during pregnancy, but I still use it with the baby to prop her head while she is leaning on my knees. I also still use it to sleep and while traveling. It’s a great size to take and travel with. I tried the big mammoth pregnancy pillows and it wasn’t worth hurdling over multiple times in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Also, I didn’t like the idea that it kinda pushed my husband to the side and off the bed. This little pillow is well worth it and great price!

Sierra Lagrange, WY

So simple, so helpful!

When I first saw this pillow I couldn’t figure out what all the hype was about. It’s just a little foam wedge, but boy was I wrong. I’m only 15 weeks pregnant, but I have noticed that when I sleep on my side it feels like my belly weight is pulling down to the side, even though it’s not that much belly. I started using the pillow and it works great at keeping me in the position I’m trying to be in without unknowingly rolling onto my belly in the middle of the night. I love the gently support it gives keeping my back straight instead of all twisted and no more hanging belly feeling. I love the color of the cover as every room in my house has some green in it somewhere. It’s a great cover that zips off for washing. My doctor informed me that it is ok to sleep on your back (which I love) as long as you are not flat on your back so I’m going to try sleeping with this under one side of my back for a little bit of angle.

Olga Floweree, MT

Not really necessary.

I do use this product, but think it is a waste of money, as any pillow could do the same exact thing. Its much smaller than I thought it would be upon ordering. Also, its made of cheap materials. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Charmaine Encampment, WY

Finally… some decent sleep!

I was a bit skeptical when I received this product. The sleep wedge is a pretty firm material, which appeared as though it might be uncomfortable for my ever-growing tummy. I was SO wrong! I credit this invention with my ability to sleep at night. It helps align my body in such a way that I am able to sleep just as well as before I was pregnant. One of the best things about this is its rather small size. My husband and I have a queen-sized bed, which just isn’t large enough for a sizeable pregnancy pillow. All in all, I’d recommend this to any of my pregnant friends!

Trudy O Neals, CA

My 2nd one!

I loved it so much during my first pregnancy so I passed it on to my sister and bought couple more for friends. This little thing is light and small enough to bring it with you when you turn in sleep. Simply stuff the thinner part under your belly. Works very well when your belly is BIG, so big that you feel your belly needs some lift when sleeping on your sides. Best of all, it’s inexpensive.

Bethany Hallsville, OH

Works great

Was a little uncomfortable at first but as my belly got bigger and bigger it was a great support. Now it is too big and doesn’t fit under my belly but I still use it between my knees. Overall a great product and it shipped fast.

Daisy Montezuma Creek, UT

Helpful but not a miracle

I started having trouble sleeping comfortably on my side early in my twin pregnancy. By about 16 weeks, my expanding tummy was already making sleep elusive. Based on other reviews, I picked up the Boppy Prenatal Sleep Wedge. I’ve used it almost every night until now (34 weeks) and find it to be helpful, but not a miracle cure.Pros:–Inexpensive. Many other maternity pillows cost several times more, but this is inexpensive enough to try as an experiment. If you don’t like it, you’re not out much.–Easily rearranged in bed. When I flip from side to side half-asleep, it’s easy to grab the wedge and move it, too.–Not too big. Our king-size is getting crowded with my huge belly, so having a small pillow is certainly an advantage for leaving my husband some room to sleep.–Works also as a bit of lumbar support when I’m sitting up reading in bed.Cons:–It’s a little hard, so it doesn’t always conform quite right to my belly when side-sleeping. This is especially true now with two large babies who love to kick & rearrange their bodies at night. There are some positions that our twins get into where the Boppy Wedge actually makes things feel worse by adding unnecessary pressure.–Hard to fit a pillow case to it (unless you want to sew something yourself), but at least the outer case is removable/washable.–Sometimes, the height of the wedge is just a bit too much, causing me to want to roll onto my back.Overall, if you’re having a hard time sleeping, the Boppy Wedge is worth trying. It isn’t perfect, but I still use it every night. And, I can imagine it may come in handy even after our twins are born.

Winnie Delray, WV