Boppy Prenatal Total Body Pillow

Boppy Prenatal Total Body Pillow

The Boppy Total Body Pillow is designed to provide complete head-to-toe support. Its unique contoured design follows the body line to support neck, belly, back and hips. The Pima Cotton slipcover is removable and machine washable.

Main features

  • Polyester 50%/Cotton 50%
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • provides head-to-toe support
  • unique contoured design follows the body line to support neck, belly, back and hips
  • machine washable
  • Pima Cotton
  • sleep solution

Verified reviews


Comfy, for a while.

I purchased this pillow at the end of December 2010 but did not begin using it on a nightly basis until mid-February 2011. It’s now April 2011…and the pillow is already flattening and losing its shape.That said, it is still useful, and I definitely still get some benefit from using it. The part that goes between the knees is still fluffy enough to provide support and I can wedge the middle bit beneath my belly to get some support there. Unfortunately, the portion for neck/head/shoulder support is just not holding up. The filling is becoming lumpy (no, I haven’t washed the pillow yet, so it’s not from washer/dryer) and it’s just not quite as comfortable as it was initially.I expect the pillow will last until the end of this pregnancy, but I won’t be saving it for the next one…I doubt it will be able to hold up through another. I’ll probably look for a different body pillow the next time.

Laura Littlefork, MN

After trying four different pillows this came out on top!

In my 5th month of my pregnancy, I went on a mad search for a maternity body pillow to help me sleep more comfortably on my side since I’m primarily a back sleeper. I tried the Snoozer, the Boppy Prenatal Cuddle Pillow, the Leachco Snoogle Loop and the Boppy Total Body Pillow. I’d have to say that the Leacho Snoogle Loop had the best design in terms of how it cradles your entire body but the pillow itself was very uncomfortable with really tightly sewn seams that cut into any part of your body that touched it. So that went back. The Snoozer was okay but didn’t really provide any flexibility if I needed to roll onto my other side and it was too big to move with me in the middle of the night. The Boppy Prenatal cuddle pillow was just too small.So at the end of all my tests, the Boppy Total Body Pillow came out on top as it was the most comfortable and versatile out of all the pillows I tried. It’s definitely much softer than the other pillows and makes you really want to hug it during the night. I sleep with it on my left side, using one end as my head pillow, the other end tucked between my knees and my regular pillow to support my back on my other side. If I switch to my right side, the curve of the pillow still allows me to use the bottom end between my knees. This pillow has also been great during the daytime. I just flip the two ends on top of each other and it’s perfect for supporting my back when I sit on the sofa. It’s gotten to the point where my husband tries to steal it from me during the day when he watches TV.I can also see how this will be great once the baby comes as a nursing pillow.

Shari Oxford, GA

Not at all what I was expecting

I bought this pillow when I was about 5 months pregnant and I started getting uncomfortable in bed. In the picture that is on the package it looks plump and like it holds its shape…neither is true. This pillow is very flat so it does not provide enough spacing (like between the knees or under your head) to make it comfortable. Also, it does not hold its shape at all. I was very dissapointed that I wasted $40 in this pillow that was not useful at all. Honestly, a couple of regular extra pillows would have done the job for a lot less. Don’t waste your money on this!

Gayle Ballwin, MO

A waste of money

This pillow is not worth the money! It’s not as well padded as I expected it to be. It’s just as comfortable as using two regular pillows. I got it because I’m pregnant and I really don’t find it very comforting. With my last pregnancy, I had one of those straight body pillows and that worked just fine. I shouldn’t have wasted my money on this one.

Beverly Maumelle, AR

Love everything except the cover

I love this pillow. It helps me get comfortable with my horrible hip pains. I’ve been using it since I was about three months pregnant (8 now,) and I wish I’d had one during my last pregnancy. My one complaint is that the cover is not very soft. I wish they sold others so I could trade it out. Other than that, it has stayed fluffy, the cover is easy to wash, and it helps pain immensely. I intend to keep it on as a reading pillow after I give birth.

Dolly Columbia, VA

My wife loves it

This was exactly what my wife was looking for. We are only 13 weeks into our pregnancy, but she already thinks it is the greatest thing to come along. Based on her reaction, even if it turns soft in a few months I think it is worth it. I will just buy her another one. I don’t think I can put a price tag on her comfort and her sleep. If this $50 pillow only lasts 6 months, I will definitely buy another one if it makes her happy.

Betsy Grapeview, WA

maybe it’s becouse i was to big when pregnant but …

maybe it’s becouse i was to big when pregnant but this pillow was no help for me, my comforter provided a relieve instead.

Ola Prospect, KY

Not for me

I am sure for other mothers this is great but I just can’t get comfortable with a pillow wrapped around me. It arrived on time and it is just as ordered so I really have no complaints about this product beside the fact that a body pillow was not a necessity for me. If you didn’t sleep with a body pillow before pregnancy maybe it would be best to save the $50 and spend it on something else!

Valarie Lyndonville, VT

Bought this as a gift

My sister is pregnant and I bought this for her as a gift after she complained that she was having trouble sleeping. She said it was the best sleep she’d had in all her months of being pregnant and the gift was much appreciated!

Jocelyn Akron, AL

It’s ok

I’m really not a huge fan. The picture is deceiving because it is missing the middle stuffing. I wish it was more cushioned and thicker.

Nadine Gibson, TN

A must have!!

Very helpful for me during the last 2 months of my pregnancy! It irritated my husband though when I flailed from side to side with it at night though 🙂

Dorothy Cove, AR

Decent product

I got this for my wife. Although this is a half pillow, it serves the purpose. You might want to consider buying a full one.

Jasmin Holyoke, CO


a good night sleep is priceless, ESP when pregnant. This pillow helps, but it is pretty bulky. I am not 100% sure it is worth the $$$$$$$$$, but it works.

Nancy Little Ferry, NJ

Pillow review

Package arrived on time. Was exactly as featured in the photo. My only complaint is that I wish the part which supports the legs was a little thicker. However, I am 6 months now and it is very comfortable. I guess as I get bigger, I will be more dependent on the middle section which will support my stomach. Will definitely recommend this item.

Lorna Bland, VA

Couldn’t live without

This was my BFF during pregnancy. I once left it at my sister’s house 2 hours away and had to have it overnighted back to me because I literally couldn’t sleep without it. It does start to get a little thin over time, but in my opinion all pillows except memory foam pillows do this.My husband like this pillow because it cut down from us having about 14 billion pillows in our bed to having one regular pillow for my head, the boppy, and one regular pillow for behind my back. It just supported me in the way I needed with my weird, new, pregnant body.There are a couple of items I’d call "A Necessity of Pregnancy" and this is one of them.

Eliza Peck, KS

Great for sleeping on one side

This pillow was fantastic if you’re really into sleeping on one side throughout the night. If you light flipping over however, it’s quite cumbersome to roll over and readjust the pillow to the other side.

Lorene West Tremont, ME

a little too soft and less support that I imagined

It served its purpose but I was expecting something with more support. It also took up half the bed and my poor husband was pushed on the edge of his "half" of the bed – no cuddling allowed when this baby was being used. Its bulkiness seemed really awkward at first but it was nice to be able to have enough material to mold to whatever shape I needed throughout the various stages of pregnancy. NOT useful for nursing postpartum as it’s way too soft.

Lolita New Prague, MN

Very comfy – washes well

I bought this while pregnant because of the awful side/hip pain I was having from all of the extra weight. It helped some, but didn’t help completely…I’m still rating it 5 stars though because I’m convinced that there wasn’t anything that would have helped me at that point.I used it after I had the baby to nurse with. I would sit on the couch with the pillow around me, so that each of my arms would have some pillow to sit them on. Since I’m on the shorter side, it was enough leverage to bring the baby up to the breast to nurse.After the pregnancy, I still use it as a regular pillow sometimes. I fold the thing in half, and it props you up without putting any strain anywhere…great for when you are sick and need to be propped some…and great for the couch.I washed the outside cover without any problems, and it really wasn’t that hard to put the pillow back in the cover like I thought it would be.

Leslie Manheim, PA

i dont know how i lived with out this

so perfect! the neck part is the perfect size and the knee part is just big enough! its so soft, even my 5 year old likes it. any pregnant lady would LOVE this pillow!!! totally worth the money

Deann Harrison, GA

Must have for pregnant moms!

My husband bought me this pillow when I was pregnant and having trouble getting comfortable. It really made a huge difference! It’s a nice size but not too big (we have a queen sized bed). There are lots of different ways you can fold it up to make it work nicely for you. I even found my husband using it a few times!

Cassie Queens Village, NY

A tremendous help!

This pillow is perfect for any side sleeper! Obviously sleep is a little more difficult and uncomfortable now, but the Boppy total body pillow is perfect.The pillow came in a plastic zippered bag with handles. Yes, the tags are exposed, but you can cut them off. I found the outside cover to be firm and cool. It is not as soft as my hotel sheets, but I cannot really complain, since I cannot sleep without the Boppy! The pillow is firm and stays firm throughout the night.I use the pillow to alleviate back and neck pain caused by side sleeping. Even though I toss and turn more now due to pregnancy discomfort, I sleep better now than before I was pregnant because of this pillow. I do not have much of belly to support at this time, so I will get back to you as that grows.It is difficult to move from side to side, or to get up in the night, but it’s not impossible. And it does not take up as much space as I thought it would. It has actually given my husband more room, as I stay close to the pillow rather than tossing and turning him to the edge of the bed.And I also like to bunch up the pillow to sit upright in bed and read or watch TV. It is very supportive and firm. I highly recommend this to anyone having trouble sleeping.

Deena Quitman, AR

Better than an actual human partner

If being pregnant screws with your internal thermostat and with your hips, and you find yourself lying alone at night giving off steam while your joints loosen and your loved one fetches you Dairy Queen, then you might consider this pillow. It supports, doesn’t make you sweat, and makes relatively few demands on your cartilage.

Alta Van, TX

i got this for my wife

i got this for my wife, she loves it so much and she is sleeping much better during her pregnancy.GREAT PRODUCT

Polly King George, VA

Life Saver!

I purchased this pillow pretty much right in the beginning of my pregnancy because i wanted to stop sleeping on my stomach and switch to side sleeping. It definitely helped me in that department, and i didnt think i could ever sleep in any position other than my stomach.I dont really see how this pillow can be used to go all away around the body, quite honestly. Its just not long enough, and the part that I assume goes between your legs is FLAT and has no stuffing in it so i was confused at first and could never figure out how they made it look this way in the image they advertise on amazon. Instead i just use the top part of it (the smaller “leaf” as a pillow under my head, and the lower portion between my legs. The flat part ends up being just about under my belly and provides it slight support. I am now almost 6 months and sleeping quite comfortably with this pillow. I have miserable sleep without it because I find i need that support between the legs. Btw if this helps, i am 5’9, pre pregnancy weight about 145.I have to say turning from one side to the other with this pillow is quite cumbersome, but i imagine thats the case with any body pillow, its just part of it. Otherwise i love this pillow, and cant imagine going through my pregnancy without it.Update 4/24/13Even after pregnancy I still use this pillow every night to sleep, because I don’t wanna go back to stomach sleeping. It’s a life saver and I Still can’t imagine having to go through pregnancy without it, it’s a must have!

Loretta Grafton, NH


I am 7 months pregnant with twins and my mom bought this for me. It is deffinately helpful, although I use it with a wedge.

Johanna Hagerstown, MD

Worth the investment

SO WORTH THE MONEY!!! At only $50, it was still cheaper than buying a new pillow to put between my knees or behind my back. At one point in my pregnancy, I would have paid $50 A NIGHT to get a good night’s sleep. This pillow was so much better than the other ones on the market, it wasn’t too big so that my husband was able to share our queen size bed. The cover is easy to pull off and put on. Only con is that the “head” part got a little flat after the 3 months of use. Even when not using for pregnancy, it folds in half nicely for propping up in bed.

Lacey New Bloomington, OH

THE must have item for pregnancy comfort.

Just what I need to sleep through the night!!! I am 7 mos pregnant with twins and this pillow is an absolute GODSEND! It may be getting a little flat, but I would be lost without this thing and have not noticed any less comfort! The only time I am truly comfortable right now is when I am sleeping with this pillow!!!

Chandra Vadito, NM

Makes sleeping a little more comfortable.

In a couple days I’ll be starting my third trimester, and I’ve been using this body pillow for a couple months now.I feel like I can’t figure out the “right” way to use this.It’s definitely better than nothing. Without the body pillow I can’t get comfortable at all. But, I feel like I need an instruction page or something. When I try to sleep like the girl in the picture, my arm that’s under the pillow falls asleep. I feel like I’m not quite sure where my legs are supposed to go, and it seems not as comfortable as it could be. It also doesn’t support my belly at all, which may be the whole point, but it seems like something there would be comfortable. (I guess that’s why they sell a wedge separately?)I think this basically works about the same as sleeping with two pillows. I think the same thing would be accomplished with a pillow for my head and a pillow between my legs. And that would be cheaper, and less awkward to keep on the bed when we’re not sleeping. I’m not really sure how you’re supposed to store body pillows during the daytime, but I fold this in half and put it behind my regular pillow. (This system is not very pretty, but it looks better than making the bed on top of the pillow, which looks like something a kid would try to do to trick his parents into believing he was in bed even though he wasn’t.)I have washed the pillow cover. Although the cover is quite fitted to the pillow, the zipper makes it fairly easy to remove for washing.If I were to buy another body pillow, I would probably get a Snoogle instead. The Boppy pillow is kind of flatter than I would have liked, and the Snoogle looks somewhat more comfortable.So, overall, if you’re considering this pillow, it’s not a bad option. It is definitely better than not having a pregnancy body pillow. I’m glad I have mine. But it isn’t amazing-amazing, and it seems like getting comfortable with it should be more intuitive than it has been for me.

Coleen West Hartland, CT

Sleeps comfortably

I am 23 weeks pregnant and have been having trouble staying comfortable while I sleep. I had asked some previously pregnant friends what they did and I was told that they would put a pillow between their legs and one under their stomach. I did that for a while, but found it a pain to switch sleeping positions in the night.I got this, and I barely move when I am sleeping at night now. It cuddles perfectly. Its soft, while staying firm enough to be support between your knees and under your head. I love it. I have been recommending it to my other pregnant friends.

Priscilla Rockton, IL

Mediocre quality, but helpful nonetheless…

This pillow helped me during my pregnancy, but I must say it does lose its density rather quickly. After a couple weeks, the pillow was not as full and fluffy as it initially was when I bought it. It also takes up quite a bit of space in the bed (we have a queen size bed)

Diana Allen, TX