Boppy Rock In Comfort Travel Swing

Boppy Rock In Comfort Travel Swing

Oversized, plush deep cradle seat with integrated infant bolster, removable head support and 5-point adjustable harness. Removable toy bar with two detachable toys.

Main features

  • Unique two-position recline combines with luxurious fabrics to cradle baby in supreme comfort
  • Six speeds utilize patent pending TrueSpeed Controltechnology to automatically maintain specified speed as baby grows
  • Cradle shaped seat with removable head support and integrated bolster provide plush support for newborns.
  • 6-25 pounds
  • Five gentle melodies with volume control

Verified reviews


BPA free but doesn’t last — only good a few months — loud constant squeak

When my child was a newborn this was my review: I contacted Kids 2 and this model is the only one so far that is BPA free. I thought I would like it as BPA free is important to me. It took my husband no time to put it together and it is so tiny and compact that it fits perfectly in the closet when not in use.NOW— I would strongly urge not to buy this product. It is hard to take the toy bar on and off as well and I am pleasantly surprised it has not been recalled yet as I feel it is unsafe. Also if you have pets this is so low to the ground a dog and or cat could easily be with your baby in no time! This I felt is unsafe too as it was short and not like a normal baby swing I have ever seen before.At first I thought this was the greatest swing. It played music and had a timer so the music would quit playing after 5 or 10 minutes, whatever the caregiver wanted to. Then it started to squeak and squeak all the time. It was annoying once child weighed 9 pounds.At four months of age: child no longer can use it. After having him in it the back of his head had marks from the swing from the bar. My child was long enough to hit the back bar and there was no padding for his little head. It looked painful for him to be in this swing and he disliked it at this point. We sold it because there is not enough cushion in it and he was in pain.I never got a different baby swing for him.Instead I bought a baby bjorn babysitter that was much better! The baby bjorn babysitter does not require batteries and no metal bar hitting my childs head. The Baby bjorn babysitter a child can use well past this swing as well. I am updating my review as my child is two and can use the baby bjorn babysitter still.

Sonia Henderson, MD


Before this swing my son only slept well when he co-slept with me. Now I have this swing next to my bed and he sleeps in this swing every night. It rocks him to sleep and he’ll stay comfortably asleep in it for most of the night. Recently we traveled and I dissembled it (an easy process) and packed it in a suitcase with the rest of his stuff. He was able to sleep comfortably, just the same as usual, while we were away from home. That alone is priceless! I like the ability to set the timer for it to turn off and I like that the music isn’t obnoxious. Also, it seems like when you are on the lowest levels the swing is hardly moving. This is a great transition for the swing stopping and can help baby sleep in it longer. The portability of this swing in great — I’ve taken it into the bathroom to have him close while I get ready for the day and I’ve taken it to our backyard so that I can watch our older child play. We have a full sized cradle swing we keep in the living room for during the day, but I wouldn’t want to live without this as our nighttime and traveling swing.

Christy Potts Camp, MS

Whats up with the automatic shut off?

I didn’t know that this swing had a timer on it. It has 8, 15, and 30 minutes and even if you don’t chose any of those it still shuts off after 45 minutes, which then causes my son to wake up again. After he wakes up for his middle of the night feeding the only way to put him back to sleep is a swing. He also takes a big nap for about four hours during the day. I have the fisher price papasan swing and he sleeps in that for hours and hours at a tim. My parents decided to buy this swing to take less room but he does not like this swing at all. Even when I do manage to get him to sleep in it, he wakes up after the swing automatically stops. I also think another reason he doesn’t sleep well in it is that its very exposed. It doesn’t cuddle him in. He’s even preffered to sleep in his car seat over the swing. Honestly I wish my parents would have never wasted their money on this swing, but maybe I can figure out a way to make him feel more cuddled in this swing. The one huge plus for this swing is that it is practically silent.

Noreen Millville, DE

great choice

Batteries last forever in this swing, it folds up, swings strongly, and is comfy for the baby!

Lesley Batson, TX

Great Swing!

When we had our daghter we didn’t realize how essential a swing is for a new baby. Fortunately, that meant we got to try many different swings before we made a decision. We opted for the Boppy rock in comfort swing. It cradles the baby very comfortably, is super portable, has 6 swinging speeds, has two-positon recline, plays 5 different tunes (if it only plays one you get really sick of it, and looks better than most swings. The only thing I wish this swing would have is an A/C adapter, so that it doesn’t have to run on battery. However, I used rechargables, so I didn’t have to pay to replace them. I would recomend these batteries:Sanyo 277265 Eneloop Power Pack with Battery Charger, 8 AA & 2 AAA Batteries Plus 4 C & 4 D Size Adapter ([…] Kit #2)THEY ARE AWESOME! I would encourage you to get this rather than a bouncer, or any other swing.

Krista Stormville, NY

Great swing, but….

This swing is well designed in every way. The seat is soft and baby-shaped, the different speeds are great, the music is not annoying at all, the toy bar is cute, the fabric is cozy and attractive, the fold-up legs are so helpful, the small size stays out of the way, the recline is perfect for newborns and sleeping babies, and the battery life is great. I liked the idea of taking it from room to room like others have said, but I’m finding that in reality, with a baby in one arm, I just can’t. It’s a little bit awkward to carry one-handed, and the legs, when open, are too wide to fit through the doorways of my 1850’s apartment so I’d need to put the baby down to fold it– too many steps! I love, love, love this swing, and I’ll continue to use it, but I’m back here to buy a really light, cheap bouncy seat to easily travel with us from bathroom to kitchen to den etc.

Sasha Lamartine, PA

Very Cute

We purchased this for our newborn son and have used it everday for the last month. I like that it is compact, easy to move from room to room, low to the ground(making me feel safer about putting him in it.), and very sturdy. The colors are adorable and we bought the Boppy Playard in this print as well. We get so many compliments! The swing takes a few seconds to get going, but once it does its good to go. The timer is great! I love that I can set it for 8 min and by the time it turns off he is usually asleep, which saves batteries! We have not had to put new ones in it yet. After reading a few other reviews I worry that the motor might not last. He is 10 lbs and it does seem like its a little bit of a struggle to get moving already. We will have to see, but hopefully it holds up because we love this swing!

Tanisha Sterling, CT

Not for larger babies

My son was 8.6 lbs at birth and loved the swing, he fit really comfortable in it since we used a body pillow insert. The swing takes up little room and has really soft material. The six speed option is great. And that it turns off on it’s own.However, that didn’t last long. The price is way too much for the month of use we got out of the swing. He grew out of it so fast. He couldn’t have been more than ten pounds when this happened. The seat is very uncomfortable for him already. I wouldn’t recommend this to someone with a larger baby because they won’t be able to use it for a long period of time.

Nicole Marquette, IA