Boppy Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover, City Squares Black and White

Boppy Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover, City Squares Black and White

The Boppy Shopping Cart Cover features our exclusive SlideLine system to keep toys within baby’s reach (and off the ground). Extra large sizing for 360⁰ coverage on all shopping carts. Plush crinkle toy included. Integrated safety strap keeps baby secure. Also can be used on restaurant high chairs. Machine washable.

Main features

  • Extra large size for full coverage on shopping carts or high chairs
  • Patented Slideline system attaches toys for baby
  • Safety strap keeps baby secure
  • Machine Washable

Verified reviews


Won’t stay put!

I purchased this Boppy Shopping Cart Cover to replace a lostFloppy Seat Ez Carry Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover, Blue ABC. I didn’t want to spend another forty-something dollars to get another Floppy Cover, so I opted for the Boppy brand, which was substantially cheaper. Unfortunately, this turned out to be another case of “you get what you pay for.” The back side of this shopping cart cover is made of a smooth, nylon rip-stop fabric that’s extremely slippery; plus, there’s no snug-fitting elastic or fabric ties to secure the cover to the shopping cart. As a result, it’s extremely easy for my 2 year-old to pull the cover off the shopping cart handle and sides, exposing the germy surfaces I don’t want her to touch. The only thing attaching the cover to the shopping cart seat is the child safety belt, but that only takes care of 1 of the 4 sides of the cover. The other 3 sides of the cover easily slide off the shopping cart seat on their own, or with the “help” of the curious hands of a toddler/preschooler. Since the purpose of a shopping cart cover is to serve as a barrier between your child and the dirty surfaces of a shopping cart seat, this product is virtually useless. I’m going to return this Boppy cart cover and pony up the extra $$ for another Floppy cover.Grade: D-

Melanie Anita, PA

Adorable, Works well, Would buy again

I just wanted a cover to keep my 5 month old from chewing the shopping cart handle and high chair front in restaurants. This works.It is cute, it is soft, and I like the fact that the backing is waterproof so if a cart is slightly damp from rain, she is unaffected.Cons? It’s not stuffed like some covers, so a tiny baby or one who is not sitting independently won’t have a ton of padding. That’s really all.I haven’t tried it in huge carts, like at BJs, but I try to make those trips alone anyway if I can, so that’s not an issue for me. It fits fine in the carts at Wal-mart, Target, Wegman’s, Price Chopper, Best Buy, Petco, etc.

Donna Lamartine, PA


The elastic to attach to the cart seat is not very strong. It then fell apart after the first time I washed it.

Kaitlyn Marion, NC

Its so fluffy, I’m gonna die!

Very nice item. Good colors, very soft and fluffy. Comes with a seat belt. Does not fall apart in the wash. A very good buy.

Maricela Abiquiu, NM

Boppy Shopping Cart Cover

I was very pleased withthis items as it was all I needed it to be to protect my granddaughter when she’s in the shooping cart and also provide cushion so that she doesn’t hurt herself. I liked it so much I ordered one for my niece’s daughter.

Nadine Tuscola, IL

Really cute and has more padding than most covers.

I haven’t used this much yet, but I am still confused about how to use the straps and secure the baby to the cart safely.

Cornelia Bird City, KS

Too Small, does not fit into regular or large size carts

Everything good except that this could have been a little larger in size to fit all carts. this fits only small carts.

Maribel Ward Cove, AK

Perfect cover!!

It is a perfect shopping cart and high chair cover. It’s pretty, cute, and comfortable.It covers all shopping carts and restaurant high chairs and the safety strap keeps baby secure.We bought this cover six months ago and still love it!! My 14 month baby girl loves it too.This cover is very eye-catching. When we used this cover in the store and restaurant, a lot of parents came to us because they wanted to know where to get this!!

Hannah Moorcroft, WY