Boppy Simply Stylish Slipcover, Grass Green

Boppy Simply Stylish Slipcover, Grass Green

Simply Stylish slipcover designed to fit any Boppy Infant Feeding and Support Pillow (sold separately). The fashionable slipcover keeps the Boppy pillow fresh. Zips on and off easily for machine washing. The award-winning Boppy pillow has brought comfort and support to millions of moms; make sure yours is always fresh and clean by having a few slipcovers on hand.

Main features

  • fits any Boppy Infant Feeding and Support Pillow
  • keeps the Boppy pillow fresh
  • Machine washable for easy care

Verified reviews


Great Quality

This cover is so plush and soft plus it has retained its’ quality through multiple washes. It also has amazing color! Worth every penny paid.

Terry Carnesville, GA


Love this Boppy cover. It is nice and soft, very comfortable for my daughter. The color green is bright but still nice.

Myrna Dutch Flat, CA

Highly recommend

Super easy to wash. Soft and comfortable for nursing and playing. The color is great. I did have to cut off the many tags though.

Mallory Sprott, AL

Great cover for great price

This Boppy cover is a great, vibrant color. It washed well, and came out the exact same size and color. The feel is also very soft. I’m glad I found it on here since my local baby store had maybe two covers from which to choose.

Mia Shaw Island, WA

Boppy cover

Great boppy cover. The color is really bright! This cover is really durable and machine washable. It’s also easy to put on and take off.

Consuelo Highland, IL

Great slip cover

I would recommend this to any parents out there. This was amazing for breastfeeding and really kept our daughter comfortable. The materiel was really nice and it washes easily.

Angelina Wellman, TX


I bought this cover because it looked soft…and it is! I just don’t really like the bright green color. It doesn’t really go with anything in my house. But it works fine!

Audrey Linwood, KS


Very soft and good quality cover. It’s is one of my favorites of all the Boppy covers I have gotten for my 2 kids.

Gayle Monroe, UT

Soft and pretty

Love the bobby for so many things…and this cover is very soft and goes on easily. Would recommend to a friend

Bernadette Midway, AL

it’s furry…

If your looking for cotton this is not for you. Synthetic and soft. Not great for hot summer weather. The color is nice.

Ava Muddy, IL

Cute bright color and SO soft!

I bought this not even realizing it was plush and soft! The cover that came on my boppy was well used by the time baby was a few months old. I ordered this one looking for a cheap new cover and I was pleasantly surprised! Most of the plush covers I had seen in other stores were twice the amount I paid on Amazon! This is the cutest green color and my baby seems to love the soft feel.Also, it’s been through a few washes now, and has held up much better than the original cover. Still looks new to me, and the pretty bright color hasn’t faded or dulled.

Lynnette Jeannette, PA

OH so soft!

Makes multitasking when feeding much easier. The cover is so soft and washes up nicely. Easy to take off and put back on.

Juliette Emmitsburg, MD

Much softer than other Boppy covers! Highly recommend!

Nice bright pop of color and it is super soft. Love this so much more than the normal Bobby covers!

Deborah Breckenridge, TX

Awesome color for a little girl (hot pink) and very cozy…

We bought this for our existing boppy so I was a little worried if it would fit. The good news is it fits pretty near perfect. The fabric is soft and cozy, perfect for the cooler days we’re having now. (We washed it first before letting our baby lay against it.) The color is gorgeous, it’s like a deep, hot pink–not neon though. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is in the market for a cover. It looks to be of good quality and should last for the time we need it. Should that change, I’ll update my review. 🙂

Gertrude Chaplin, KY