Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow

Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow

The Boppy slipcovered body pillow is designed to provide complete head-to-toe support. Its unique contoured design follows the body line to support neck, belly, back, and hips. The pima cotton slipcover is removable and machine washable.

Main features

  • Designed to provide complete head-to-toe support
  • Supports neck, belly, back and hips
  • Pima cotton slipcover is removable and machine washable

Verified reviews


Don’t care for the shape

Comfortable yet is a bit awkward. As far as the shape in concerned. I own another boppy and prefer that one to this. That one also is a different shape but it’s not as big as this one. To me just looks strange sitting there but it’s semi comfortable and may do the job. If you’re looking for just comfort I’d possibly say buy it but I’ve slept on better. There are real thin parts in it so it doesn’t have much support in certain areas, but in others it does. ( the thicker parts)- Overall pretty good quality but I prefer the smaller boppy to this.

Polly Haines City, FL

very comfortable body pillow

I really like this pillow, I am a side sleeper and I love how this pillow snuggles to you supporting head, neck, and body as well as supports between knees. Very comfortable, doesn’t get warm at night.The only thing I wish is it would be possible to have a pillow case to fit the entire pillow. Its like two C shaped pillows sewn together. stays supportive throughout the night.

Shari Crystal Bay, NV

design flaw inhibits proper function

I got this for my petite DIL who is pregnant and had existing back problems.We had heard that boppy body pillows provided good support.The pillow case is a thin fabric in an old-fashioned print, but is neutral and well made.The pillow itself is an odd design. It is two nice fluffy pillows connected by a strange pillow-less section of fabric. This floppy unstuffed portion of the body pillow is a mystery to us–what is it’s purpose and why is it this way?The picture with the woman using the boppy on amazon shows a pillow that is stuffed all the way throughout, which provides SUPPORT throughout.I see from other reviews that other people received the same two-part pillow with the fabric void in the middle.As others have noted, the other challenge with this design is that it is cumbersome to flip over to your other side when you change positions (because of the floppy void in the middle). The fact that it is a pain to change positions with is what caused DIL to quit using after one week and give to her dog :>(We’re going to contact MFG and find out if we received defective product since photo shows a fully stuffed pillow.

Alyssa Ethel, MO

Too Soft For Me and Pillow Case is Annoying to Put On.

The Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow costs $55 with PRIME membership mailing. Overall, an attractive pillow. I found it too soft for my body needs firmer support. Also, the slipcover could have been eliminated since it’s challenging to get the pillow back into it after washing, which you must due to the chemical smell. A firmer, washable pillow with a durable fabric would be more appealing to me. Also, I do not believe this pillow is worth $55. I would not pay for this. I’ve had regular body pillows that cost less and work just as well.

Renae Albion, NE

Worked for us

Partner is pregnant and she had been experiencing discomfort at night at around 5 months and it was getting worse and worse. She was only able to sleep on the same side, night after night, and she needed some relief. The Boppy to the rescue with immediate relief. She’s been using it for weeks now and has had no serious complaints. Don’t know why, but it works better than just putting a pillow between her legs. Can’t really comment about how it might work for someone who’s not pregnant.UPDATE: Partner found this to be very helpful up until about 7 1/2 or so. After that she found that there just wasn’t enough fluff at either end to relieve hip pain when she put the pillow between her legs. She moved on to a firmer/thicker pillow. Still give this pillow five stars, but be aware that it’s likely that this will probably not be useful throughout a woman’s pregnancy. And that should be expected given the obvious increase in size over the 9 months and how it increases pain/pressure to different parts of the mother’s body.

Rosetta North Babylon, NY

Unique shape is great for pregnant mothers

My wife is pregnant and has joint problems in her hips. The unique shape allows her to sleep on top of the pillow with her hip nested inside of the gap. The pillow can be used in a variety of ways to get comfortable. It can fold up under your legs, be placed across your lap to hold up a book, or be tucked between your knees for more support. The material is very soft, and my wife likes the soothing blue and white pattern. The stuffing has in general stayed in place but has separated slightly in places where she sleeps on top of it every night. She has been using this pillow for about three weeks.

Delia Armagh, PA

Worked For Me, But Not My Pregnant Daughter …

“Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow” is light, compact, and works reasonably well for more petite individuals. It is also a good choice for individuals who have trouble side-sleeping when using a standard pillow. The pillow is not so large as to require a king-sized bed. One does not risk having one’s partner clinging to the edge on their own side of the bed due to an overly large body pillow.The “Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow’s” slipcover is thin polished-cotton fabric. The fabric is an old-fashioned white floral print on a sea-foam green background. It is less than attractive, and Boppy should replace it with a more cheerful, more up-to-date print. All seams are stitched once at the seam-line; the edges are then finished with reinforced edge stitch. This technique demonstrates a thoughtful approach to the construction process and concern for the durability of the product.Polyester fiber batting fills all segments of the pillow; a thin white fabric – encases the batting. The pillow’s top section is shaped like a comma and has a seam dividing the lower portion of its comma shape. The entire leg support section is divided in two by seam stitched down its middle. These two sections of the “Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow” are joined together by using a seam that has no raw edges. This technique should help prevent fraying.I found this pillow somewhat lumpy, but useable. As a side sleeper, I found it was quite comfortable as a pillow on which to rest my head. Because I did not need to have my hips supported, I allowed the pillow’s lower section to dangle over the edge of the bed. When my pregnant daughter visited and borrowed the pillow, she hated it. She felt there was little support for her legs and that she was unable to position her hips comfortably. She also complained about the uneven filling that made the pillow seem lumpy. Based on other reviews, my spouse who has neck and back problems tried the “Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow”. He pronounced it only average and of no more value than a standard pillow.Were I rating the “Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow” on construction, I would give it five stars. However, because I am rating it as a body pillow that must be functional for its target audience of expectant mothers, I am giving it four stars. Boppy products are usually some of the best for expectant and nursing mothers. If they re-engineer and make some improvements to the “Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow”, others may rate it more highly.

Shawn Farmersville, TX


This pillow is really comfy!! I love the support between the legs, under the belly, and behind the head. But it’s super awkward when you want to turn over in the middle of the night. You literally have to get up and bring the whole thing over. But that’s the price to pay for comfort! Still highly recommend this for those with that growing belly! 🙂

Loretta Shawnee On Delaware, PA

More versatile than you might think.

This is a seemingly very purpose driven item, and for its purpose it is well conceived, but it’s also pretty flexible. The shape of the pillow does have some give and it can be adapted to a comfortable position for most folks. If you or a loved one has a large belly due to pregnancy and need the support to be comfortable, this soft pillow will work well for you.The pillowcase is a dull, drab color, but it does wash easily and is comfortable. Good luck finding a replacement that fits! It doesn’t get too hot and I was satisfied with it.It’s a good supporting firmness while remaining pillow-soft. It’s also quite long. For the money, you’re getting good value that will make a pregnant woman (or someone in need of an oddly shaped big pillow) more comfortable.

Mai Robbins, IL

Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow

I’m not pregnant, but I do have something called fibromyalgia. It’s practically impossible for me to get comfortable so that I can get a decent night’s sleep. I have problems with my hips, knees and neck and shoulders hurting when I lay in bed. This pillow allows me to keep my hips aligned rather than having them pulling and also helps keep my neck supported and allows me to hug it in order to keep my shoulders from pulling.It’s not overly bulky and I like the softness that allows me to manipulate and mold it to my body.I can see how this pillow would be very comfortable for a pregnant person.

Lindsey Barksdale Afb, LA

So excited to need this!

When I was pregnant with my first child I always entertained buying this but I couldn’t justify the price. Frankly the second time around I know the value of a good night’s sleep is priceless! I didn’t hesitate to buy this the second time around and the minute I get big I can’t wait to bust this out.

Yesenia Stockholm, ME


I may sleep weird or something but it feels like its too big for me. I messed with and it still feels weird sleeping on it, but hey it kinda helps me sleep.

Pamala Chignik Lake, AK

I had my doubts, but they have been put to rest

I had my doubts about this product when I saw it. I wasn’t sold on “pregnancy pillows” being any better than a regular ol’ body pillow. So I carried on with my Walmart body pillow until I had the opportunity to get this one and try it out.Man, was I wrong. I have slept so much better since beginning to use this pillow. I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant, so I’m past the point where I can sleep on my stomach (my normal position). I was afraid that the head portion of the pillow wouldn’t be sufficient, but it’s even better than my regular pillow.It’s much easier to roll over with this pillow than with the body pillow I was using. I can pull the head portion up, roll over my lower body, and put the head portion back without having to remove the pillow from between my legs.The first couple of nights I used it the pillow seemed a little short, even though I’m only 5’5″. But after a few nights, it loosened up and now fits easily both under my head and between my legs.

Wilda Wilder, VT

Not Only for Pregnant Women!

Years ago during pregnancy I used pillows to support the loosening muscles, joints and bones. After tiring of arranging the pillows into comfortable configurations, I used body pillows. I’ve used body pillows in the many years since to support my back, hips and neck. I looked forward to testing this Boppy Body Pillow for comfortable, restful sleep. I’m pleased with it!The pillow…+ configuration is flexible and you can manipulate it to find your own sleep sweet spots.+ reduces the need for bunches of pillows+ has a soft custom-made pima cotton slip cover that can be laundered.+ has no right or wrong way to use this, take the time to find the configuration that works for your needs.Sometimes I need more support for my hips than neck OR the reverse is true. Just flipping the pillow from the head to the foot makes ALL the difference for my personal comfort. All in all this Boppy is a good product for ANYONE that needs a body pillow for restful, comfortable sleep NOT just pregnant and nursing women its usual market!For my personal use, I’ve rolled it to prop myself up in the bed and watch TV. Stretched it out to for a restful sleep and have slept with it every night since I’ve had it. Here a few issues I’ve encountered with its zippers:*Slip Cover: had problems with the slipcover zipper separating and not easily self-healing from the beginning. After the third night I was bit annoyed and afraid of the post-laundering durability.*Storage Bag: zipper on the storage bag was separating from the plastic when it arrived. It was difficult to unzip to so I could remove the body pillow for use.THE GOOD NEWS …* Boppy Customer Service was attentive and resolved ALL issues to my satisfaction!

Staci Flatwoods, WV

Not pregnant

But I am post-natal….24 years post natal but this item is great for anyone. The configuration makes it possible to use as a full body snuggled, a sit-up reading pillow or just an addition to the pillow mountain I adore. The only problem is that I can’t figure out how to put a case on it.

Socorro Burnwell, AL


Let me say that I am not pregnant. I ordered this because I am a side sleeper and sometimes I wake up and my arm and leg are numb. This pillow is so-very-comfy! I slept like a baby with no tossing and turning. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it is a little lumpy*, and I can only see that getting worse. I will check back with an update next month. I hope I am wrong.* I wanted to check back in an say that the “lumps” must have been from the way the item was packed. After sleeping on it for a week, I can say the pillow has flattened out and become softer. But also after sleeping on it for a week, I can tell you it takes up the whole bed.

Hannah Pearce, AZ

Not a big as pictures make you beleive

This is a really good product, but the picture with the lady sleeping on it makes it look a lot bigger.That being said, it’s a very good product. The cushion quality is very good. And it aligns legs so that they are in good position when sleeping on the side.The part that connects the to pillows is minimal but that is where the pregnant belly goes…

Nanette New Madison, OH