Boppy Slipcovered Pollow – Backyard Bloom

Boppy Slipcovered Pollow – Backyard Bloom

It’s the absolute, must-have item in breastfeeding comfort! The stretch panel stretches to fit most waists and comes in a variety of colors to suit your own personal style, nursery, or color scheme! This infant pillow support is uniquely designed with a recessed interior perfect for baby’s bottom allowing for a completely safe feeding. Finally mom can have her hands free! Giftwrap not available for this item.

Main features

  • Cotton/polyester; machine wash
  • 20″ x 16″
  • imported

Verified reviews


Not that good for our newborn son

My wife just delivered our first kid. With her tummy still relatively large and will remain so for the next few weeks, our son rests on the inside edge of the Boppy pillow. Because of the curved shape, he keeps slipping down in between my wife and the pillow while nursing. This can be rather painful when he falls out of position, which is very often.Our pediatrician recommended MyBrestFriend pillow to us. We’ve used that for a few days now, and that one is much better for us because of the square edge vs the round edge on Boppy.

Carolyn Rockholds, KY

Why the boppy wasn’t my favorite – From the Mom who’s tried lots of nursing pillows.

As a first time Mom who really wanted to breast feed I’ve tried almost every nursing pillow out there. There are certainly pros and cons to all of them. In the end I found that nursing pillows are certainly not “one size fits all”. Tons of positive reviews from others do not necessarily mean that a particular pillow will work for you. I tried everything from the boppy, to My Brest Friend, to different shaped regular bed pillows, before finding the Bosom Baby from Luna Lullaby which worked best for me.Here’s what I like about he boppy..-No doubt about it, its certainly a multi-tasker. As other reviewers here have mentioned, it can be used for many things as baby ages and even beyond.-It comes with an EASILY removable and washable cover. Surprisingly, not every nursing pillow does.Here’s what I didn’t like.-For me the bobby did not elevate baby enough to make nursing comfortable. I still felt I needed to lean forward when nursing which wasn’t comfortable at all.-The C shape isn’t easy to put around you unless you have a pretty small waste.

Daisy Wolford, ND

Love the colors!

I bought this pillow as all my friends who have babies recommended it to me! I picked this one because I love the colors. They are just the right shade, not to bright and not to dull. The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 is because I haven’t gotten to use it yet as I have not had my child yet, very soon though I will have him.

Margo Maysville, NC

First impressions.

I don’t actually have the baby so I can’t speak to its usefulness yet. What I can speak to is quality.First of all the Oasis slipcover. It is super cute but the material is not soft. It feels like the cheap low thread count sheets I purchased for our rarely used guest bed. After a lot of washing I’m sure it will soften up.Second, the pillow itself. The quality looks fine until you get to the part where the fabric was closed after stuffing. The seam is like when I hastily make a home made pillow and after stuffing just quickly sew it shut. There is a spot where a stitch was dropped and a lot of bunched up thread. You can clearly see the 6 inch spot where the fabric was closed instead of having a seam that hides where this opening was. Because of the dropped stitch I’m hanging on to the receipt it case it falls apart after washing.Finally the terrible smell! I’m sure this will air out but the annoying thing is if they had packaged it differently it would never have smelled so bad. It comes in a clear vinyl bag made out of the same kind of vinyl that shower curtains are made out of and it has the same terrible chemical smell. I’m not scared it is going to harm me, it is just nauseating and giving me a headache. The pillow is washable along with the slipcover if the vinyl smell does not go away before my baby arrives.

Lakesha Dimondale, MI

Great as an “activity” pillow; Better options for breastfeeding

The boppy is a well known baby item that is great to have around the house. However, we and the other moms in our Mommy-and-me group have found that there are better alternatives for breastfeeding pillows.We really like this pillow for breastfeeding:Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow – Brown and Chocolate DotThe Boppy is however still really great to have around the house. One great thing to do is to use it for tummy time — especially if your little one doesnt like tummy timy. You can prop them up a little bit in the boppy to make tummy time more enjoyable for them. Just make sure their back isnt arched in a funny way. Obviously you cant do tummy time in the boppy forever but in the beginning months it is nice to do and most babies seem to like it better than the hard floor.Another good use it to use it as a support for when baby is learning to sit. It wraps around their bum and protects them if they start to tip. Obviously the parent should always be supervising but its nice to know even if the little tips over they will just be stopped by the big squishy boppy.

Adrian Deer Lodge, MT


I am using this as we speak! I love this. Perfect for nursing and the cover comes off easily for washing and goes back on easily. The color is really cute too!

Eileen Beccaria, PA

Great pillow, not very pretty slipcover

The boppy itself is awesome and a must have…it’s great for not only nursing but tummy time as well….there were not too many of these that came with slip covers and I wanted to do something unisex so I got this…when it came, the fabric just looked ok…it’s not adorable or anything exciting…but again, the pillow itself is awesome…just wished I got the pillow separate from the cover and got a prettier cover.

Ester Garland City, AR


I had thus far avoided buying a Boppy because I figured it was just one of those gimmicky things that marketers had convinced all new parents they needed to buy. But I recently visited a friend who had a newborn, and used the Boppy as support while I fed the baby…and then came home to order my own Boppy.The Boppy is big, and it is a tight squeeze in ourStork Craft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman, Oak/Sage. However, it is secure, and the size of the Boppy seems to place baby perfectly.I also love the pattern we chose (Scrapbook)…cuter in person. We have used the pillow daily since getting it…it has many uses. As a converted Boppy believer, I am very pleased that we sprung for the pillow.

Heidi Clifton Forge, VA

useless don’t waste your money

This is completely useless for breastfeeding, or anything else. The opening is really small so it didn’t fit around my waist. (Maybe if i was a size 0 right after giving birth it would have!) Also the curves along the length of the pillow put a baby at the wrong angle for nursing. I have nursed 2 babies through one year and have never used it once! I tried the first day at the hospital until a nurse suggested I use something else. If you are pregnant, don’t waste your money! I use a pillow and blanket, or try a product called my breast friend.

Antonia Fort Lyon, CO


I love this pillow for the fact that it’s so comfortable for my daughter! It’s so easy to use and wonderful to put her down in when we’re hanging out in the living room. Such a space saver!

Irma Barrington, IL


I loved this nursing aid when my son was born. It was so convenient. Unfortunately, after only a couple of months the pillow was very flat. Boppy pillows are so highly recommended that I was disappointed that it didn’t last. I ended up just using a regular pillow. I won’t be buying another.

Nadine Wellington, MO

a must buy

This is a must buy for any newborn. I didn’t think so before having one but getting one convinced me. It makes holding a baby so much easier. Your arms don’t get tired and it’s more comfortable for the baby too. My wife tells me it’s fantastic for nursing and I don’t know how I’d bottle feed without it. We also use it when our baby occasionally sleeps in our bed or in our recliner with us because it creates a more secure hold for the child.

Whitney Garfield, MN

boppy better than my brest friend

I’ve used both the my brest friend and the boppy, and find the boppy to be overall better – smaller/takes up less room, more multipurpose – other than for breastfeeding, good for propping up baby at different ages, cover easier to come off and wash

Michelle Gurley, NE

Very hard to use

I ordered it because it’s suppose to be No. 1 popular etc. But after working with my lactation consultant after birth, I find a simple thick pillow works much better than this one.

Donna Cantua Creek, CA

Too Fluffy

Everyone raved about the Boppy pillow but I found it too fluffy. I do like the cover that this one came with and wished I was able to keep just that. I ended up returning this product because it didn’t make breastfeeding easier but more difficult. I did find a less fluffier one at Babies R Us which was more expensive. I prefer to buy everything from Amazon but I guess it was something I needed to actually touch and try first.

Jewell Folsom, NM

top 5 baby purchases.

To any breastfeeding mother, I recommend the boppy. When my son was very young, I still had to hold him while I fed him, and use the boppy to rest my arm on. When I didn’t use it my arm would frequently fall asleep, moving your baby when you can’t feel your arm is nearly impossible. At 2 months he was big enough for me to be sitting with the boppy on my lap and I could feed him hands free, which allowed me to be able to feed myself (something that I had found little time to do since my husband is out of the home for extended periods of time) or rub his back and hold his hand while he eats without having the other arm fall asleep. I love this. He also likes to sit in it when I am not feeding him and he even spends some tummy time with the boppy. I love this product and it has made my top five baby purchases, which are (in no particular order):1. nursing cover2. a nice breast pump- makes all the difference in the world!3. muslin swaddling wraps, perfect for summer babies.4. quality baby swing- mine has a mobile with a mirror on the bottom, 5 speeds, it can operate on batteries but it also into the wall so we have saved a fortune on batteries, it plays 5 different sounds and several different songs, it has 3 different swinging positions, and it is perfect for newborns. It was a little expensive but needless to say some of the best baby money we have spent.5. boppy- of course.I’d recommend this to all of my friends or family.

Gracie San Juan, TX

Great as a secondary Boppy

I purchased this as a back-up to my largerBoppy Classic Nursing Pillow with Soft Boa Slipcover, Teddy Bears. TheBoppy Nursing Pillow with Slipcover, Lots of Dotsis smaller, so it’s great to use if you are holding your little one in a chair. I found the largerBoppy Classic Nursing Pillow with Soft Boa Slipcover, Teddy Bearsto be more useful when holding my little guy in bed or on the floor. I used either of them for laying baby in and for tummy time once he was able to hold his head up.

Dollie Chokio, MN

LOVE this product

This product is awesome, great quality and very versatile in use… Have used it all the time within the first 7 months – if you are on the fence about this product – try it you will be surprised how versatile and useful it is.

Maria Lock Haven, PA

So cute

I love this hoppy and cover. It’s great for a boy or a girl. Just wished my little monkey man would’ve used hoppy s more.

Lakesha Fairhope, AL

Can’t live without it.

Baby hated tummy time until we got this. Now he’s happy to play for half an hour or so without squawking or rolling over. Soft but firm enough to be good support, and with a washable cover. Also a cute, not-gender-specific pattern.

Darla Arbovale, WV

Didn’t work for me. Total waste of money

Read all the rave reviews and decided to get this since I planned on breastfeeding my daughter and also because I was having a classical c-section and thought that this would help alleviate the pain on my abdomen when holding my newborn. Not sure who these boppy pillows were made for but if you’re a larger person these do not fit comfortably around you. I was much more comfortable sitting in the glider with the baby propped on a pillow in my lap. Even now after 3 weeks I’ve given it another try and they still aren’t comfortable for me and I’ve lost most of my baby weight.Amazon has a 365 return day policy so if you don’t mind spending the money and giving it a try then go ahead but for me it was a waste of money.

Georgette Troxelville, PA

Expectant Daughter very pleased

My daughter who is majoring in maternal and child care at George Washington U has been a nanny to two mothers and they both highly recommended this for my daughter when she became pregnant. It is great for Dad and breastfeeding momma and continues on as baby ages for other helpful uses. We’re very happy with the Bobby Pillow and the Sweet Pea cover is adorable. I’m very happy with this purchases.

Darlene Midland, SD

Love Boppy pillows

You can’t go wrong with a Boppy. I love them. I have one from 2.5 years ago that I use every day on my couch. It’s just so comfy. My MIL just bought me a new one, since I’m expecting again in June.

Ramona Tripoli, IA

Helpful when feeding baby

So far I have only used this for feeding but it helps to provide support to my arms when feeding. Cannot wait to start using it to prop up baby.

Stacy Kyle, SD

Love it!

I don’t know what I would do without my boppy. I use it for both nursing and bottle feeding. It’s much more comfortable than using a throw pillow to prop an arm or the baby up while feeding. I would recommend this to any new mother.

Sofia Hazard, KY

Love It

I absolutely love this pillow!! It is super adorable I have a few months to go, but I cant wait to get to use it!!

Florence Ruston, LA

Boppy Pillow with Slipcover, Sports Star

Boppy Pillow with Slipcover, Sports Star is better idea. Thanks. My wife loves it and my son too. Love it.

Rosanna Wolf Lake, MN

Does the job.

I was between the Boppy and the Brest friend when deciding on a nursing pillow. I chose the Boppy because it wasn’t made of chemical laden foam. The Boppy is by no means perfect, it tends to ride up and can be awkward with some nursing positions. It did however do the job, and saved my back while breastfeeding in the early days. Later on it was great to place behind baby when she was learning to sit on her own. Overall, a worthwhile investment.

Kristin Farmington, NY

Love it!

I love the boppy! My son likes sleeping cradled in it, in fact he will rarely get to sleep anywhere else. We had to wedge it into his basinet to get him to sleep at night! It is also great support for my arms while nursing.

Ashlee Farmer, OH

Faded Drastically after 1 wash.

Love Boppy pillows and this one was great as is standard for Boppys.My only qualm was that the lovely bright pattern on the cover faded nearly completely with just one run through the washing machine. So disappointed. some of the flowers you cant even see the petals anymore now that I’ve washed it a few times. Really not impressed with the integrity of the fabric.

Kristina Sheffield, VT