Boppy Total Body Pillow with Slipcover, Natural

Boppy Total Body Pillow with Slipcover, Natural

Boppy Total Body Pillow Sleeping on your side is the recommended position for prenatal women. However, the bigger your belly grows, the more uncomfortable that position can become. The Boppy Total Body Pillow will support your body in several different positions helping give you a good night’s rest. The head, belly, and legs are all raised by the pillow, promoting proper back alignment. If you’d like to sleep on your back, it can be rolled into the coordinated bolster bag and used for back support. Smaller than average body pillows, the Boppy Total Body Pillow takes up less room in bed. The pima cotton slipcover is snuggle-soft, and removable for easy washing. Get all the restful sleep while you can, order the Boppy Total Body Pillow today!

Main features

  • Removeable slipcover in soft pima cotton
  • Stitched channels help keep stuffing in place
  • Provides total body support in many different sleeping positions during pregnancy
  • Pillow can be used under the head and between the legs while sleeping, or it can be used for a back support
  • Guaranteed for one year

Verified reviews


Useless, saggy, and expensive

I don’t even know what to say. This pillow is so bad! It’s too flat to align hips. Awkward under my head, probably too flat there. There is no stuffing where the pillow lies at my stomach so it is useless to support my belly. Quite honestly, I’m not sure what Boppy is thinking on this one.I ended up with a snoogle and LOVE it!

Tommie Tecumseh, OK

Bulky, but so comfy!

This is a must-have item if you’re pregnant and having trouble sleeping through the night. I loved how it kept my head, spine, and legs in alignment–and relieved the pressure from my back when I rested my belly on it. For moms-to-be who are having difficulty getting comfortable on the couch, you can prop the pillow behind your back–and even bring one half onto your lap as a make-shift cushion for a laptop or magazine.

Hillary Alvo, NE

Not Great

I have a few issues with this pillow. First, it is really expensive for a body pillow, but I figured Boppy would not steer me wrong. Like other reviewers, I feel that it is not firm enough to support the hips and I just don’t find it comfortable enough to use as a neck pillow. Also, there is no cushion for supporting the belly whatsoever, so if that is what you are looking for do not buy this item.I’ve been sleeping with it for about 2 months now and what I have found helpful is that it prevents me from rolling on my back if I use it with the “belly support” on my back side.

Kimberley Newtonsville, OH

Bobby Total Body Pillow

Boppy Total Body Pillow is very comfortable for pregnant women who need all around support. The only problem I had with the pillow is that it’s bulky and sometimes if I rolled around in bed, I would get caught up in the pillow and you would have to reposition the pillow (It’s a BIG pillow). Moving around that much in bed wakes you up, but what is the differnce when you have to get up in the middle of the night (multiple times…) to pee anyway!:) Great productPS: No need to purchase slipcover…it has a nice breathable, machine-washable cover on it to begin with.

Liza Fair Haven, VT

Did the trick for me

I love this pillow and have had a great experience with it. My first pregnancy pillow try was a snoogle, very firm and u-shaped. I had an awful time with it and returned it. I wish I had started with this pillow! I am seven months along and have had it for two months. I am five nine, and it is long enough for me (the snoogle was not). It’s definitely not as firm or stuffed as the snoogle, but that ended up being a good thing to me. It’s not overly hot, the cover is much higher in quality (not the scratchy, polyester feel the snoogle cover had), and is more manageable. If the snoogle had worked for me, it would have been worth the fact that it was so big it was like another person in the bed. This pillow is works really well, is easy to move with as I roll over (I barely wake up now to roll over), isn’t too hot or stuffy, yet provides the support I need.

Velma Twin Lakes, MN