Boppy Travel Pillow, Mama Dot/Basket Green

Boppy Travel Pillow, Mama Dot/Basket Green

The product request we receive from moms, please design a Boppy Travel Pillow, moms asked, we answered. The award winning Boppy feeding and infant support pillow is now available for travel. The new Boppy Travel Pillow is designed so mom can feed baby comfortably anytime, anywhere. The innovative design zips open and closed in a snap. When zip closed, it’s an easy to carry bag with a shoulder strap and stroller straps for on the go. When opened, it’s a Boppy Pillow that’s ready for mom to use for feeding or for comfortably propping baby. It’s machine washable for easy cleaning.

Main features

  • Polyester 85%/Cotton 15%
  • Imported
  • Innovative design zips open and closed in a snap
  • When zipped closed, it’s an easy to carry bag with a shoulder strap for on the go
  • When opened, it’s a Boppy pillow that’s ready for mom to use for feeding or for comfortably propping baby
  • It’s machine washable for easy cleaning

Verified reviews


Handy but…

First, I really like the pillow itself – it is a little flatter and more loosely stuffed than my standard Boppy (probably so that it will fold better), but still very comfortable and high-quality. It’s washable as a whole (as far as I can tell there’s no way to get the cover off).However, the rest of it doesn’t work all that well for me. While it’s handy that it zips up into a crescent, the zippers and straps get in the way. My baby’s feet keep getting caught or tangled in the extra bits which is particularly annoying if she’s already asleep and I want to transfer her to a bed.This pillow tries to add easy portability. The trade-off is the excess straps and buckles and zippers. I think when my baby was much smaller and using a Boppy made nursing much easier, this would have been totally worth it (not that we left the house very often). But now that she’s bigger, I find that the hassle of the straps are not worth it. I’ll probably bring this pillow on long/overnight trips, but I won’t bother taking it to a friend’s house for the day.Short version: If you find the Boppy pillow really useful or rely on it for mutual comfort while nursing, this is a great pillow. It’s one more thing to carry, but it’s light, compact and has a shoulder strap.

Sydney Brookfield, WI

Works great but I don’t see the benefit of the “travel” version

In my opinion, the regular Boppy Pillow seems like the better alternative than the Boppy Travel Pillow for at least three reasons. First, I don’t see much difference in terms of functionality and usefulness between the regular Boppy pillow and the Boppy Travel pillow. In the past, when we traveled with our baby we just put the regular Boppy in a bag to keep it from getting dirty. Although you can zip the travel version and fit it into a smaller bag, you’re still going to have to put the travel version in a bag because you don’t want the underside to be dirty when you’re using it. Second, I dislike the zipper and additional/extra stuff (e.g., straps, hooks, extra cloth) that comes with the travel version. In my opinion, these make the pillow worse and could cause a problem in the future (e.g., getting scraped by the zipper). Third, I’m not sure whether you can use the Boppy slipcovers on these, so you may want to investigate that further if being able to change slipcovers is important to you.

Freida Bellows Falls, VT

The glorified pillow returns in a more compact yet more complicated design…

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again; a Boppy is kind of like a glorified pillow that you spend a little too much money on. I mean, the most we have ever used these for is a little `prop’ up for our children when they were too young to move around much. Used as a semi-seat of sorts, these Boppies are actually pretty convenient, but when it comes to `making nursing so much easier’, my wife certainly never saw the need or appeal. That being said, the idea of a travel version seemed interesting to say the least. I mean, when you take a long trip or are just in the car for a while, you could certainly use something like this for those unexpected (or, I should say expected since we all expect to stop for newborns) breaks in schedule.I think I’ll be keeping this in the car.As some have already mentioned, there is a downside to this travel buddy. The extra straps, zippers and buckles can be aggravating. They can scratch and get in the way and could even make nursing (if that is the purpose of this for you) a bit difficult. You also want to keep the underbelly of your Boppy clean and so despite the fact that this zips up and has a strap and is easy to transport, if you are traveling long distances and taking it places, you’re going to want to pack it up in a separate bag. That’s why I think this’ll stay in our car. If we use it, it’ll be while en-route, not actually at the destination (I’m not tossing this in the corner of a hotel room).The design is better than the original Boppy (less abrasively `stuffed’) and yet it is also worse (those darn straps) but overall I have the same sentiments…take it or leave it.It was free, so I took it.

Ethel Bainbridge, IN

works just like the regular…but do you need it?

I have a regular Boppy and I have a LeachCo Mini pregnancy pillow that doubles as a feeding pillow. When I first started breastfeeding, I NEEDED to use one of those. I had to have a whole setup, and that included the Boppy (or Leach-co). They were nice in that they helped me support the baby’s head without having to hold it, and also helped support my arms. Now, my little one is 2.5 months old, 23 inches long, and almost 11 lbs. I sometimes use these pillows, but not every time. I find myself propping my feet on the Boppy (it lives on the glider’s footstool) more often than using it. It’s still nice, but I don’t NEED it to comfortably hold the baby while feeding her, plus if I do need to get up for any reason (to answer the phone or something), the Boppy is one more thing to reposition, which can be annoying. I do use both the Boppy and LeachCo to prop baby up to chill on our bed while I’m getting dressed or watching TV in there.THAT SAID…the Travel Boppy is really just as good as the regular. It’s a bit less ‘firm’, which is to be expected since it needs to be foldable. But it still provides plenty of support and is comfortable. It’s pretty easy to figure out how to use (though the instructions for undoing the silver clasp made no sense, we figured it out). You basically unzip it, so it is no longer folded in half, then unhook the part that makes the strap.While the regular pillow works just as well, it’s kind of annoying to have all the straps all over the place. I could see a bigger baby finding and playing with them, but that may or may not be a problem. I really like that there is a pocket on the front flap (this flap isn’t really functional, but makes the whole thing look more like a bag than a weird thing). I don’t like that when the flap is open, the scratchy side of the velcro is in your lap – could be a problem if you’re wearing certain kinds of clothing like pantyhose.So it works well despite some annoyances. But do you need it? Well, at this point, I feel like *I* don’t really need a Boppy at all. It’s nice to have, but not 100% necessary, and I could have gotten by with pillows even in those early weeks. As far as the travel Boppy, I wonder when you’d need it. It has straps to hook on a stroller, but it’s still really big and you have other crap to hook on your stroller. Plus, are you really going to bring this into Target with you in case you need to feed? Prob not. If you’re going to a friend’s house or something, again you can get by just fine with pillows, but this might make things a little more comfortable. Of course, if you’re going to a friend’s house or on vacation or something, this one isn’t significantly smaller than the original, so you could also just as easily toss your regular Boppy in the car to take. I guess if you feel you do need a Boppy, you might as well get this one, just in case you do need the traveliness? Except the straps are kind of annoying.

Rita Upper Fairmount, MD

Great for travel!!

I love this thing! I recently traveled out of the country with my 5 month old baby and this was really helpful. I always find it awkward to find a comfy position while feeding my baby. This helped a lot on the plane. It’s really light and easy to carry. I saw some people complained abou the straps, but they did not bother me at all. I also liked that it’s the perfect size, it did not spill over to my neighbor’s chair. I did put it in the wash and on delicate it came out just fine. One time I washed it on regular and it came out a little lumpy.

Shauna Scranton, IA

Great for the plane

I have to admit I’m a breast friend user at home and I still prefer it over the boppy but this thing has been around the world with us three times. I like that I can carry it around the airports and it doesn’t scream, "hey I’m a breastfeeding pillow!" I usually put it on before takeoff and let my baby nurse during takeoff and she naps on it. I have purchased the baby her own seat on most plane rides but lately I haven’t because she ends up sleeping on this thing in my lap most of the way. I wish it were a little more rigid like the breast friend, but it works fine.

Tracey Wagarville, AL

I love this!

My daycare is next door to my work, and I go over a few times/day to feed my newborn, so I thought this would be handy to have. I love this thing! It zips up easily and provides as much support as a regular Boppy, except it’s portable and discreet. It looks like a regular bag when it’s zipped, and the colors are neutral, so it doesn’t scream BABY, which was important to me, as I am carrying it through my place of work. I will also use it when I travel with her to visit family. It’s a bit pricey but so worth it for moms on the go who like the support a Boppy can give, both for feedings and for play.

Estelle Walshville, IL

Fine. . .but really necessary?

I got this for free through the Amazon Vine program. I currently breastfeed a 9 month old.I like the colors of this pillow, and it zips up and travels well. I could see myself storing this in the car, for long car trips where I may have to breastfeed along the way. It’s also a bit more comfortable than the regular boppy — it’s flatter and fits more easily under his (15lb) body. However, the opening isn’t quite as wide, so if you’re on the heavier side, I’m not sure it would be comfortable. I’m about 145, and it fits snug, but comfortably.But, at the end of the day, this is one of those do I really need this? baby products. Again, if you love your boppy, and are planning a car trip (I wouldn’t bring this on a plane — it does not collapse well) then maybe it’d be worth it. Or, skip the regular boppy and just buy this one for use on both ends.

Crystal Rose Hill, IA

Not well constructed

It fell apart on me after 1 wash on the delicate cycle as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. I also didn’t dry it per their instructions. I took it out of the washer and the seam was completely ripped open where the zipper meets the fabric. I would NEVER use something without washing it first before using it on my infant, so I’m not sure why Boppy would make a product that can’t handle a simple wash in the delicate cycle. Would not recommend.

Essie Macfarlan, WV

Best Purchase Ever

I love this travel pillow. It was honestly my best investment to date. I can now breastfeed while on the go COMFORTABLY. Not to mention the fact that it is softer than the original boppy. All you need is this. Use it at home and on the go and get your money worth. It is the almost the same size as the original one. So worth the money spent!!!

Myrtle Lindale, GA

Made flying a breeze

my little one gets too hot to sit in a carrier during the flight. This worked perfectly for us. As soon as we were above 10,00 feet, we pulled down the tray-table, and placed him in it. He was comfortable, I had my hands free. ITs a little tricky when your flying alone, but definitely manageable.

Adele Saint Clair, MO

Not practical to tote around for us

We have 2 Boppy’s and had high hopes for this Boppy travel pillow, but ultimately, it just wasn’t practical for us to tote around.We still give this 4-stars because the quality and thoughtfulness is top-notch, as we are very happy with our 2 regular Boppys. This travel Boppy is slightly more compact and zips itself together into its own carrying bag.Now when you’re armed with a diaper bag and or a stroller, this is just another, rather bulky item that you really don’t need. In various road trips, etc, we stopped taking it after the first outing and we realized we never missed it.The usefulness might be 5 stars for someone else, just not a 5-star item for us.One thing we noticed about the travel Boppy right off the bat is that the cover does not come’s all sewn together. Sure, the tag says you can wash this, but we’ve always just taken the regular cover off our regular Boppys, I’m not sure what it would be like if the actual pillow got wet too… so that may have been a bad design. We have not yet washed our travel one, only wiped it down. Something to keep in mind if your baby ever spits up… 😛

Tia Marion, PA

Flat but better than nothing

My friend raved about this so I really wanted one. Once I started using it I was more frustrated than happy. It was so flat I had to hold my son up with my arm so he could reach. Not the point of the pillow! I’m only 4’9″ so my height shouldn’t be the issue! It was also too much work to lug around. Now it sits in the closet for regifting.

Leola Mineral Wells, WV

Great for on-the-go!

I bought this for myself and promptly forgot about it for a few weeks after my son was born. Upon discovering it in his closet, I took it with us on a short road trip. It made feeding him in our backseat so much easier! I then took it with us on a cross-country flight and was impressed again at how much more comfortable we both were with it. Even my in-laws and family loved using it! It washed up well and kept its fullness and shape the two times I washed it on vacation. I now pop it in my truck when we’re headed out and I know we’ll need a feed. It isn’t a must-have, but I have found this is very nice to have!

Lesley Sunnyvale, CA

Definitely helpful for lap babies on flights and for in hotel room

I recently purchased this and flew alone with my 3 month old baby for a 2-day trip. I checked everything and just kept this our for 4 legs of 1-hour flights. It made holding her in my arms the whole trip so much easier! It created a cozy little bed for her to lie on while we snuggled on the plane. Its easy to carry, and you can even slide thin items like a small wallet in it if you prefer to keep them on you.

Maureen Cottondale, FL

Well worth it

I bought this because I was traveling alone with my 3-month old for the first time, and I was nervous about holding him in my lap the whole time on a 4 hour flight.I hesitated because I was tired of spending $40ish a pop on 10,000 baby things, and because I also thought I might not like a Boppy (I have been using a Brest Friend and considered getting the inflatable version, but the thought of having to blow up a pillow while holding a 3-month old one handed kind of stressed me out).I also read some reviews that said it was really squishy and didn’t provide enough support, and that the straps were annoying.I’m really glad I spent the money because:-It was like a little nest for him. He was comfortable, and I got a break. Mission accomplished.- I like that it zips shut, so the part that he’s going to lay on doesn’t brush up against everything.-You can fit a rolled up nursing cover in the zipper compartment.-There’s also a sturdy flap that goes over your lap (baby rests on it). You are going to love this when baby has a blowout 10 minutes into the flight, and you brought a change of clothes for him … but not you.-Yes, the straps are annoying – but they also made it possible for me to walk on the plane carrying him in a carrier, with this thrown over my shoulder – and that’s it. (I also attached a Skip Hop travel change pad and a JJ Cole bottle cooler to the straps – both of those have a way to clip them on/around other things, I think a bunch of traveling baby stuff probably does – this came in handy.)-I thought the support was fine. I think nursing pillow support is just a matter of personal preference, so not much I can say that’s useful on this front.-It fit in the ridiculously small airplane seat fine. That said, I suggest wearing light clothing (and having baby wear light clothing) – I was sweating up a storm while breastfeeding. I also suggest that if you are traveling alone, do everything you can to get an open middle seat next to you or even your own row (talk to the gate agent) – it is so worth it. Visualize nursing while an enormous snoring man keeps falling on your shoulder and you will know what I mean.-This has just become my full time nursing pillow (I took the cover off my Brest Friend recently and the state of the foam inside grossed me out).

Kim Johnson City, TX

Great item to have if you travel a lot!

This makes life easier. Although, you should be aware that its nothing more then a folded in half regular Boppy that maybe is a tad smaller/less stuffed feeling. I also think that you could just purchase this one and it’d meet all needs.It folds in half, and zips – creating a relatively bulky/large purse shaped pillow that you can then either attach to the stroller using the provided short straps, or sling over your arm with the long strap. I have never found a use for my Boppy when out and about in general, but I DID miss my Boppy when I went on vacation and had to use a pillow instead. The regular pillow was awkward and kept slipping – it also didn’t provide the support I had become used to by using the Boppy.I use a regular boppy at home minimum of four times a day, so I was excited to receive this travel Boppy since I had an upcoming trip.It has a small pocket for storage, but for a plane I unzipped it and smashed it into my checked luggage. It worked out great, and I have no complaints.Aside from the straps and it zipping in half, I don’t think size wise it is much different from the normal Boppy.I recommend if you anticipate a lot of traveling, or you want something more compact for your car.

Dessie Holdingford, MN


I bought this to take with my on the plane for a 17 hour flight with my son. I love that it folds up into a purse type deal. It has one pocket on the side with a zipper which will be used for a couple burp cloths. It is not to small and not too big. I will use it lay on my lap for my son to sleep on too while on the flight. The only reason I give it a 4 star is that it is hard to zip up. I am trying to zip it up and get it "use to" being zipped. Other than that I love it.

Hollie Outing, MN

Not travel friendly

This is the actual pillow but with zippers that can make it fold somehow. It is not really very convenient for traveling! Super bulky! If you are thinking of going on an airplane with this forget your carry on or your personal item. This is not convenient at all! I returned it and got the Breastfriend inflatable pillow instead and it works like a charm!

Patty Wadesboro, NC

Must Have

I’ve used this boppy all over the place. It is so hard to get comfortable when you are not home in your chair, but this thing makes it possible. I’m a "My Brest Friend" person at home, but this is the best when out. It’s not small by any means, but the strap is great. Also since it folds closed, the top is protected from getting dirty, which is nice for both baby and breast.

Letha Benham, KY


This travel pillow got me! I love to use it! Very handy when you have to go and breatfeed. I take plane with that and use it to breatfeed and as a pillow for my baby. And is small when you fold it.I so loved it that I gave it to a very dear friend with a newborn baby.AMAZING! Very cute! A must have! Wonderful gift!

Bettie Porter, MN

Bigger than expected

I bought this for the purpose of taking with me so I can comfortably nurse my son. When it’s unzipped, it’s the same size as any bobby you would buy at the store. It works, but it’s much bigger than I would have liked

Tracy Tyner, IN

Please buy this instead of the regular boppy..

This boppy is washable, folds up, has a carrying strap, and is the SAME SIZE as the regular boppy. Save yourself the money and get this one instead.

Sabrina Mendon, UT

Interesting Concept.

I love the Boppy pillows. I think they make feeding so much easier. This is an interesting concept but not really the best follow through. The pillow zips up (in half) and has straps so that you can carry it around. Having a million things to carry, one more, really isn’t that exciting to me. Also, it isn’t that small. Even zipped in half it is pretty big. One of my biggest complaints is that the straps get in the way (in the middle of the pillow). My little girls butt is always resting on buckles and straps. Maybe if I put a cover on this it would work better. But, if I’m going to do that I would just use the regular Boppy and not the travel one.Not sure if I would recommend buying this.

Dawn Glen Arbor, MI


It works fine and folds up great for travel but i wish the loose parts when it is open can be secured away better. Right now when it is open the strap gets in the way.

Lawanda Denmark, IA

Purchased for airplane travel

I purchased to take on a 5 hour plane ride with us. It wasn’t necessary. It was a little smaller than my actual boppy but for the price I went without.

Cara Allison Park, PA

wonderful product!!!!

I BF my first daughter and only wished I had something like this to keep in the car at all times!!!! It is a wonderful product that can be taken anywhere. The only draw backs are that it is not quite as fluffy as the original and that the straps get in the way sometimes. Both issues are not too bad . . . I love it anyway for the freedom it gives me. I am one of those mothers who cannot BF without my Boppy . . . and now I don’t have to! 🙂

Faith Petrey, AL

Great for on the road

This is a great little pillow. It’s definitely handy to leave in the car so we have a boppy while on the road. It’s not something that my wife would use around the house to nurse the baby, there are far better options, but to have something she can use while out and about is really handy. It also has a pocket where she can stuff some nursing pads. We have washed it several times (on gentle) and it cleans up nicely.

Mildred Lemoyne, NE

Great Boppy for a little baby

My wife gets more use out of this than I do, but I can tell you it’s a great product. We’ve been using Boppies since the birth of our oldest child, so we know a thing or two about Boppies.Basically, this is the traditional Boppy nursing pillow optimized for travel. It’s a welcome innovation, since Boppies are great, and, for a while, almost necessary to help the baby nurse, and they are also pretty bulky. Tossing a full-size Boppy into a backpack/diaper bag takes up an incredible amount of room. So it’s wonderful that they are now making a Boppy that’s easier to travel with.We like the color, too, which is stylish without trying to hard. The baby seems to think it’s comfortable, so everyone is a winner here.

Lorrie Ludell, KS

Five Stars

awesome for on the go or out of town feedings

Megan Springview, NE