Boppy – Tummy Play

Boppy – Tummy Play

Tummy time is lots of fun for Baby and you with Boppy Tummy Play. Winner of the Dr. Toy Winner: Best Vacation Children’s Products, the Tummy Play is identical in design but about half the size of original Boppy. Featuring a cheerful, brightly colored cow print, the Tummy Play encourages your little one to spend more time on her tummy which helps develop arm and neck strength. Also includes 2 Sassy toys for developmental stimulation. 100% cotton cover with polyester fill. Machine wash. Made in USA of imported materials.

Main features

  • About half the size of traditional Boppy, this innovative design encourages baby to spend more time on her tummy
  • Helps develop arm and neck strength; simple plastic toys keep senses stimulated
  • 100% cotton cover; polyester fill
  • Winner of the Dr. Toy Winner: Best Vacation Children’s Products
  • Cover is machine washable

Verified reviews


Waste of Money particularly if you have the Big Boppy

I got this for my son and he wasn’t too fond of it as he’s not fond of tummy time already. And I found this to be unnecessary as I already have a boppy pillow as a nursing pillow and that works just the same. In fact, it works a bit better because the small boppy seems to be too small as it closes too tightly on him in the ends. So I returned it as you can use the Boppy nursing pillow to do the same and just use whatever toy you have to entice your little one to be on his tummy.

Rosalinda Bath, MI

Older, bigger Boppy tummy play is better

I saw this in the store and almost bought it. Then I looked online and saw the older version of this toy. It is a longer mat and comes with 3 toys, not 2. It is much better for encouraging tummy time than this one. This is just boppy with toys on the front. If you have a regular boppy, you could do that yourself. The older one is only available used, which is how I bought mine on ebay. I washed it and santizied the toys and it was good as new.

Millicent Chidester, AR

It works

I bought this to help with my daughter’s “tummy time”. It’s not as high as my regular Boppy and I hoped she would enjoy it. She still doesn’t love “tummy time”, but the pillow does make it easier.

Marisa Virginia, MN

tummy time must have

Some boppy pillows are a bit to big so this tummy time boppy is a great choice!! Highly recommend it!

Maria Sabine Pass, TX

Eh, not excited about it

My first son hated tummy time, which doesn’t effect the rating I gave this item because every child is different and my second son just looked really uncomfortable. He didn’t fuss, but his back was arched in a way that just didn’t look… well, right. He did fine on his belly on a gym or a blanket on the floor. The item is just as nice as a nursing Boppy, I just don’t find it useful.

Antonia Golconda, IL

A pretty good item

We got this in an attempt to get our little girl to play on her tummy and gain head control. She perfers her back, but we knew we had to get her to her tummy to play if we ever want her to crawl. So we looked around and found this. We love our Boppy pillows and decided to give it a try. So does ok in it but only for a few minutes. She seems to get bored with the toys and we have to have other things within her reach or she wants out. But it has gotten her to where she will lay on her tummy more and she has gained great head control in just a few weeks nd is already working on scooting!

Camilla Palm Harbor, FL

Great toy for tummy time!

This is a great take-off on the normal boppy (which is also a wonderful invention!). I like that it’s smaller, which is better for propping baby up for tummy time. I also like that toys attach to the boppy. I usually add a few more links on, for variety … but this is not necessary. Tummy time is such an important part of baby’s day, especially because of doctors’ suggestions of keeping baby on his back to sleep. This is a great way to keep tummy time easy and fun!

Mona Lafitte, LA