Boppy Tummy Support Band, Small/Medium

Boppy Tummy Support Band, Small/Medium

The Boppy Tummy Support Band with TheraPearl Technology provides comfortable support for lower back and belly. One extra-large TheraPearl pack is included to provide hot or cold therapy for lower back. The TheraPearl pack can be chilled for soothing relief and warmed to relax stiff back muscles. Size measurements: Small/medium 26″-35″, Medium/large 34″-43″

Main features

  • 92% Polyester 8% spandex
  • Provides comfortable support for lower back and belly.
  • One extra-large TheraPearl pack is included.
  • The TheraPearl pack can be chilled for soothing relief and warmed to relax stiff back muscles.

Verified reviews


Ice Pack Thaws Too Fast

The material is nice, the size is good, the support is good too, but man, that ice pack just doesn’t last long enough. It’s maybe 8 minutes tops, before it’s no longer cold enough for me and has become simply cool. The ice pack itself recommends a 20 minute application. 20 minutes would be perfect, but it doesn’t last that long.

Marisa Fairview, MT

How nice is this?!

If you want to pamper and protect the pregnant, this is an excellent step in the right direction. The tummy support is a welcome help, especially in the last few months, but omigosh the lower back inserts that can be heated or cooled feel amazing. This is an item that will be used with relief by any pregnant woman!

Juliana Thornton, TX


Bought this from Buy buy baby but looked up the reviews on Amazon before buying. Brought it home and really wanted to love it. I don’t like how they have a Small/Med and a Med/Large. Wait…where’s the Med? The small/med was way too small for me and super uncomfortable. The Med/Large gave me no support as it was too large. I love how they include the cold/heat pack, great idea and I could see that coming in handy at some point but I would like to see Boppy have a Small, Medium & Large and not in between sizes.

Michael Cornland, IL

Great support and love the ice/ heat pack

Even though I’m fit and strong, and work out regularly, I found that as my body adjusts to pregnancy, there are certain parts of me that feel unstable or need a little extra support during this time. In particular, when I’m lifting things or trying to move quickly, the area right under my tummy and my lower back could both use a little extra stabilization.So I’ve been delighted to get to test out this tummy support band. While I’ve been avoiding lifting anything heavy, I definitely experienced some round ligament pain under my belly when doing chores, gardening, or reorganizing my home in preparation for the baby. This tummy support band has a soft, silky feel and a very sturdy Velcro closure which lets me tighten or loosen it as needed.I also love that I can microwave or freeze the little gel pack when my back gets sore, and give it either icy or hot relief. While the pearls only hold their temperature for a short time, about 20 minutes, it certainly helps and is a wonderful way to unwind. The only issue I’ve found is that the gel pack and the support band are both so slippery that the gel pack will often slip out of the little pocket. This isn’t a really big deal, as by the time I’m wanting a hot or cold pack on my lower back I’m usually not moving around too much, but it’s worth noting. If that’s a real pain for you, you could always sew a tiny button on the pocket. Note that while the product description says you get two gel packs, my package only came with one.Now that I’m pregnant, I’m running about a size 6 or medium in pants, and I found that this medium to large size is a little too big for me. I’d recommend that ladies who are size 8 or below get the small to medium size, and ladies who are size 10 and up get the medium to large size. When I fasten the tummy support band as tightly as it will go, I still have about 10 inches of leeway on the velcro as well as some stretch in the fabric, so I expect it would go up to about a size 16 or 18.

Deanne Porthill, ID


This was an OK support band for running in early pregnancy, but once the belly gets bigger it doesn’t give much support. I had to switch to a sturdier band.

Edith Ruffs Dale, PA

Not Wide/Supportive Enough

This “Tummy Support Band” does not work for me. The material is silky like a scarf, only a heavier gauge of material. Like a silky scarf, it shifts and slides, especially when I’m walking. When I sit down, it bunches and cuts tight across my belly. It works slightly better for me if placed OVER my clothes (no velcro scratches), but there’s no elastic effect to speak of. I am surprised at the lack of real support.I do like the TheraPearl Pillow Pack. I can take the pack right out of the freezer and put it directly on my skin, since it remains pliable and not overly cold when frozen. When I try to put the pack in the Boppy band it just doesn’t do much. You slip it into the pocket on the band without anything to secure it closed. When I try using the band according to directions, I can barely feel it when it lays in the pocket, let alone get some relief from the dull aching.As a result, I had to take the pack off and put it directly on my skin and try to twist and velcro the front of the band closed, pressing the cold pack on my back with one hand. Very awkward with a belly…I could do the same thing with a long strip of cloth-probably better if it’s wide enough.This band isn’t wide enough or substantial enough to provide any real kind of belly support. It’s useless for cold/heat therapy when I can hardly feel it through the material. The back is wider than the front, which is only about 4 1/2 inches wide.The photo of product by itself does not show how narrow it gets in the front. Additionally, the current photo with woman wearing the Boppy Support Band shows her wearing it incorrectly-the wider back part is towards her front (you can see the faint black-on-black vertical seams). This band is not wide enough for adequate belly support. The recommended belly support for pregnant women is WIDE.The TheraPearl Pillow Pack is worth buying separately, however, I would look elsewhere for a good support band.

Charity Morganville, KS

Back saver for a reasonable price

I got this when I was about 3-4 months pregnant (2nd time around) and for the first month or so used it minus the hot/cold pack just for support at work as I’m on my feet 6-8 hours a day. Basically this thing has gotten a lot of use. Other reviews have had issues with the velcro ripping or at least separating from the belt and I did as well but 2 minutes with my sewing machine and some heavy duty thread fixed that. Considering how much I use it I’m not surprised it happened as it is I’ve worn out the ‘hook’ side of the velcro with use and am considering replacing it.Hot/cold pack: Since I use it for multiple hours at a time the cold doesn’t last that long but while it does it’s great, I have another ice pack I switch out with it, one of the thermos cooler ones, so when the gel pack isn’t cold that one is and visa versa. I haven’t tried heating it so I can’t comment on it’s effectiveness there, I’d guess about the same as the cold retention.Use: Easy to use, study belt material, not so high quality velcro but more than payed for itself for me. Nice bonus too is that minus the ice pack it doesn’t really show under clothing and if you happen to be wearing a sweater it doesn’t show even with the ice pack. The velcro meeting spot isn’t perfectly flush but by the time you hit 7 months (or sooner) if you’re bigger your stomach hides it anyhow.

Hollie Freer, TX

A bit of relief

My wife is eight months pregnant and has, understandably, had some lower back tension. While I did not know what to expect, I jumped at the chance to pick her up the Boppy Tummy Support Band. After she used it for a couple of weeks I asked her to give me her thoughts so that I might be able to fill in other dads-to-be on the product’s effectiveness.The first point that she was very clear about was that it does not provide anything close to complete relief, but neither has anything else that she has tried. However, she did say that it does provide a bit of relief, and every little bit helps.While she wishes that it provided a little more support, it does provide some support. She claims that the touch of support from the adjustable band combined with the option of a hot or cold pack does make the product worthwhile, and stressed that the option of hot or cold was a big deal.The one big issue she has with the Boppy Tummy is that the hot/cold pack tends to slip out relatively easily, particularly when seated.Overall, she believes that the Boppy Tummy band is worth the reasonable price of the product.

Gwendolyn Feasterville Trevose, PA